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A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

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Make changes to your policy & update your contact details.

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Print policy document and view renewal notice

Honda CB200X Insurance

Give your bike the coverage it deserves with Tata AIG’s insurance for bikes!

Honda CB200X Insurance

When it comes to bikes, you cannot go very far without hearing the name Honda. Honda has consistently produced some of the best bikes in the business for many years. Their brand is associated with safety and style. Honda has produced some great sports, touring and cruiser bikes over the years. With the Honda CB200X launched in 2021, Honda has yet again introduced a model which people approve of. It is an urban cruiser which is great for Indian roads and everyday travel, putting it on the radar of many working individuals and first-time bike drivers.

However, before you can go ahead and buy a Honda CB200X for yourself, two things are a must. First, you must get a bike licence and a Honda insurance policy. If you are found driving your bike without either, you could have to face severe penalties and could even face imprisonment. When it comes to a Honda insurance policy, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. You should opt for a policy with the best features at a cost-effective Honda bike insurance price.

Tata AIG’s two-wheeler insurance is regarded highly by customers in the market because of the advanced features we offer. You get complete coverage from us at rates that do not empty your pockets or become a burden to you in the long run. Our insurance for bike purchase and renewal process is very simple as well. You also get a network of over 3300 cashless garages nationwide when you buy insurance for your bike with us. So, when you are thinking about long-term two-wheeler insurance, Tata AIG should always be your carrier of choice.

Keeping all of this in mind, let us look into the CB200X insurance cost and purchase process with Tata AIG.

Honda Bike Insurance Renewal/Buy Honda Bike Insurance via Tata AIG

Whenever you buy a new bike, you need to get insurance for your bike. The Government requires all people to have long-term two-wheeler insurance. If you buy the wrong policy, you will have to stick with it for an extended period. You should, thus, be looking at a policy that offers you the best features while offering convenience.

Most people are looking for a policy that is easy to buy and maintain. This is why Tata AIG has developed a simple purchase and renewal system that can be completed in a few steps. You can complete your insurance for bike purchase and renewal system in two minutes with minimal documentation. Follow the simple steps below, and you can buy your Honda two-wheeler insurance easily.

The steps to buying a Honda insurance policy from Tata AIG are as follows;

  • Go to the Tata AIG website and click on "Bike Insurance."

  • You will then be asked to fill in your registration details, after which you need to select Get Price to view your Honda bike insurance price. However, if you wish to renew your existing Tata AIG policy, just click on the Renew button to see what the renewal will cost you.

  • In case you have an existing insurance policy, and want to switch to Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance, you will need to put in the expiry date of your current policy

  • You will then be asked to choose your bike's Insured Declared Value (IDV). The IDV is the current market price of your bike and has a part in determining your CB200X insurance cost.

  • Submit your prior insurance claim history. If you have not made a claim, you will automatically be eligible for ‘No Claim Bonus’.

  • You can also customize your honda CB 200x insurance by opting for add-on covers like Road Side Assistance or Zero-Depreciation. But, remember, choosing additional covers can substantially increase the honda CB 200x insurance cost.

  • Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to see the Honda CB 200x insurance price or renewal price on your screen.

  • If the CB 200X insurance cost is something that suits your budget, you can go ahead with the payment.

  • Post the payment, your Honda CB 200X insurance will be sent to you via email and Whatsapp.

Buying and renewing your Honda insurance policy is now easier than ever, making it the right choice for those who need to get insurance on the go.

CB200X Insurance Cost- Your Premium Amount

If you're curious about the variables that affect the cost of insurance for your Honda CB200X, you should consider the following.

  • You: A significant factor in calculating the premium is the person who purchases the insurance. The insurers will check your driving history. You can be eligible for a policy with lower insurance premiums if it is found that you are a cautious driver.

  • Security: If you purchase a security system that includes an anti-theft device, it could lower your premium. Investing in a good security system shows you are ready to go the extra mile to protect your bike.

  • Insurance Type: A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy will cost more but provide more coverage. Although two-wheeler third-party insurance is less expensive, it does not offer comprehensive coverage.

  • The Bike You Buy - Your Honda bike insurance price may be reduced if you buy a bike known for its security features. Accordingly, your insurance costs can be more if you purchase a sports bike, which is sometimes less secure. Additionally, insurance costs are greater for bikes with larger cubic capacities.

  • IDV – The Insured Declared Value, also known as IDV, is the bike's current market price. In the case of complete damage or theft, it decides the amount you get. Therefore, choosing a larger IDV gives you a better payout in the event of theft or total damage and vice versa.

Things Covered/Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

You should always make an effort to know what is included and excluded by your insurance provider so you are never caught unawares. Thus, here is a list of the inclusions and exclusions offered by Tata AIG for our comprehensive insurance for bikes.

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda CB200X Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Honda CB200X Insurance
Any harm rendered to the CB200X from explosions, self-ignition fires, lightning etc. Any harm caused when the bike was being used for commercial reasons. Also, if the damage results from adventure sports, racing, speed trials, etc.
Any customisations you make to your policy will be considered when making an insurance claim. Any damage was caused to the bike because of a robbery in your residence, but the bike was not stolen.
Any degree of damage caused to the bike because of natural disasters, including cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc. Any damage to the insured CB200X when it is outside the confines of the geographical location mentioned in the policy (i.e., outside India).
Any loss incurred to the bike due to theft or irreparable harm caused by a robbery. Any loss caused by use over time and normal wear and tear, including mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
Any losses incurred to the vehicle because of human acts of terrorism, vandalism, riots and more. Personal accidents or own damage will not be covered if the person is under a third-party bike insurance policy.
Suppose any damage was incurred by the insured bike during transportation by airways, waterways, railways, etc. Any damage caused when the vehicle was used in areas prone to damage, such as a flood or landslide-prone area.
Damage to the insured CB200X due to a collision involving a third-party vehicle and harm to someone else's assets or injury to a third-party person resulting in death or impairment. Destruction or loss of the insured bike if the rider is intoxicated, if they were not using a helmet at the time of the collision or if not carrying a valid driver's license.
Personal injury coverage of up to ₹15 lakhs for the bike policyholder in the event of an accident. If the owner-driver passes away in the accident, the policyholder's nominee will get the sum insured. Any war-like situation in the country or an attack caused damage to the insured bike.

Why Is It Important to Have a Honda Bike Insurance from Tata AIG?

  • CSR- Our claim process is made simple by our nationwide network of more than 650 specialists. We resolved 98 per cent of our claims in 2020–21, owing to this hard-working staff.

  • Compare Policies- We at Tata AIG advise you to make an extensive inquiry into your choices before choosing a bike insurance plan. If you need assistance selecting the best policy, if it is a third-party policy, standalone damage protection, or comprehensive coverage, you can get it all with us. You can browse our different plans before deciding or even get in touch with our support team to help you.

  • Cashless Support- As they can get their bikes examined or fixed without having to pay money, our clients prefer the cashless services offered at the garages in our network.

  • Customer Support- You'll never have to be concerned about the support you get from us. Over 5 crore patrons across the country have pledged their commitment to Tata AIG, and the company continues to live up to their expectations. Tata is now a symbol of assurance and trust in itself.

  • Online Purchase- With us, purchasing Honda CB200X insurance is simpler than ever because you can do it online in just a few simple clicks.

Overview: Honda CB200X

The Honda CB200X has been a popular choice among the Indian audience ever since its launch in 2021. The bike is being marketed as an ‘urban cruiser’, which means it has been made especially for daily commuting and use. It has also been advertised as a touring bike. It borrows stylistic ideas from the Honda CB500X, its larger counterpart. A new crash plate, a larger windscreen, and LED indicators positioned on the knuckle guards are just a few of the noteworthy additions made by Honda. Honda has put dual-purpose tyres on the bike to give it more off-road credibility.

Honda has significantly altered the CB200X's ergonomics to promote the idea of travelling with this motorcycle. This has been accomplished by adopting a handlebar that is somewhat broader and taller. This should make spending extended periods on the saddle more comfortable while also improving control.

Honda CB200X Prices and Variants

The Honda CB200X is a bike available in only one variant and at one price. The bike costs ₹1,44,500. It comes in 3 colours, the only basic difference you will find in the bikes. The bike has a cubic capacity of 184.4cc.

Unique Selling Points: Honda CB200X Features

The Honda CB200X is the ideal bike for a person who wishes to use a daily commuting bike in the city and wants to take it out on occasion for longer drives. It is a revamped version of earlier bikes by the brand and combines the best features of many bikes. Some features that make the bike unique are;

  • An engine capacity of 184.4cc with 16.1Nm of torque and 17 BHP of power.

  • 12 litres of tank capacity.

  • ABS with disc brakes in front and at the back.

  • Weight of 147 kg

  • 5-speed manual transmission

Top 3 Rivals of Honda CB200X

The main rivals of the Honda CB200X are;

  • Hero XPulse 200

  • Bajaj Pulsar RS200

  • Hero Xtreme 200S


All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the benefit of buying bike insurance online?


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What is the fine for driving my bike without bike insurance?


The fine for driving your bike without insurance as per the new rules is ₹2000 at the first instance and ₹4000 after that. You could even lose your licence or face imprisonment if you are a repeat offender.

What is the easiest way to calculate my bike insurance premium?


The easiest way to calculate your bike insurance premium is by using a bike insurance calculator. You will need to input the variables in question and click on ‘Get Price’. You will then be able to see an estimate of your insurance premium.

How to go about making my bike insurance claim online?


To claim your policy online,

  • Go to our website and select ‘Claims’. You will then be asked to fill in your mobile number and select ‘confirm’.

  • You will then have to fill in the details, like your personal information, registration details, FIR details, if applicable, policy number, etc. After you have filled these out, click ‘Submit’.

  • A surveyor will be sent from our end to check on your bike. After they check your bike for damages, it will go to a network garage for repairs.

Your bike will be sent back to you post repairs, and you will not have to make any repairs for the same.