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Jordan Visa

Jordan, officially known as the Hashemite, is a country located in Western Asia. The country is on every traveller’s Middle Eastern bucket list. Jordan immerses travellers in a world of wonders and offers world-class hospitality. The country has abundant UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What’s more? While you are in Jordan, do not forget to spend a few days in the crown jewel of the country, Petra. But Jordan is not just about exploring the past glory.

There are many beautiful places in Jordan, like the hilly city of Amman, that promise you a glimpse into modern-day Jordan with bustling cafes and restaurants, stunning art galleries, and swanky shopping places. Also, after you are done with all the travel, unwind at one of the luxury waterfront resorts near the Dead Sea. A visit to Jordan is a must to witness some of the stunning natural and man-made marvels.

If you are already imagining yourself in the middle of the picturesque country of Jordan, it is essential that you get a Jordan visa for Indians. To enter Jordan, you need a valid Jordan visa for Indians. You need to fulfil all the Jordan visa requirements so that you can get the visa of your choice. There is a provision for a Jordan visa on arrival for Indians, so if you are travelling to Jordan as a tourist, the Jordan tourist visa on arrival is valid for a period of 30 days. One of the things that you must get before your trip to Jordan is an overseas travel insurance plan.

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Considering these details, let us get into the details of the Jordan visa for Indians, the process for visa application, the documents needed for a Jordan visa and the Jordan visa requirements for Indians.

Jordan Pass – The Details

A Jordan pass is a single entry and single fee tourism package that has been introduced by the Jordan Tourism department to make it easier for visitors to travel to Jordan. The Jordan pass offers you various advantages like:

  • Free entry to over 40 attractions without paying any fee

  • Jordan visa on arrival fee for Indians is waived off if the stay in the country is for at least a period of 3 nights and 4 days

  • Visiting Petra for three consecutive days

  • This pass allows you to stay for up to 30 days in Jordan

With the Jordan pass, you will save money while you visit the various beautiful tourist places in the country. You can get the pass with a valid credit or debit card and a passport with at least 6 months of validity.

Once you have the pass, you only need to show your tickets on arrival to Jordan. But, you need to get a valid Jordan visa on arrival for Indians when you enter the country. You need to remember that this pass is not a Jordan visa, and you still need to get a valid Jordan visa on arrival when you enter the country, but the fee will be waived if you stay in the country for at least 3 nights and 4 days.

Jordan Visa on Arrival for Indians - The Complete Process

Jordan provides a visa on arrival for Indians. It is a hassle-free way to get a Jordan tourist visa. Moreover, if you have a Jordan pass, you will not be asked too many questions at the time of your application for a visa on arrival. If you plan to visit Jordan for a trip and enjoy the stunning scenery, a visa on arrival is a suitable option for you.

Here are the steps for getting a Jordan visa on arrival for Indians:

  • Book your tickets for your travel to and back from Jordan.

  • Collect the documents that are required before your travel to Jordan.

  • Once you arrive in Jordan, look for the Immigration office at the airport.

  • Provide your passport and all the other necessary documents.

  • Once the documents have been checked and approved, the Jordan tourist visa will be issued to you.

With a visa on arrival for Jordan, you can stay for up to 15 days on a single trip to the country, and the visa is valid for a period of 30 days. The visa on arrival is applicable only for a Jordan tourist visa and not for any other visa type.

Pre-Approved Jordan Visa for Indians - The Complete Process

Although there is a Jordan visa on arrival for Indians, one can get a pre-approved visa before one flies to Jordan. The Jordan visa requirements need to be fulfilled so that you can get your visa on time and your visa does not get rejected. Your Jordan visa should be approved in a few days without hassles if you fulfil all the requirements and submit the correct documents. Here are the steps you need to take to get a Jordan tourist visa before you fly to Jordan:

  • Start by choosing the type of visa that you need for your visit.

  • Download the visa application form available on the embassy of Jordan website.

  • Fill in all the details accurately in the visa application form.

  • Now, check the list of documents that you need to get your visa approved.

  • Submit all the required documents to the Jordan consulate/embassy.

  • The documents will be approved by the embassy.

  • If the embassy requires more documents, they will contact you.

  • Pay the applicable Jordan visa fee and get your visa approved.

After the documents have been submitted, the visa will be stamped on your passport. If any additional documents are needed, the embassy will keep you updated. Always ensure that you fill out an accurate visa application and submit all required documents. Otherwise, the visa might get rejected.

Jordan Visa for Indians - Types of Jordan Visa

Indians require a Jordan visa to visit the country. There are different types of Jordan visas that you can apply for. The type of visa that you have to apply for depends on the objective of the visit and the duration of your stay in Jordan. The Jordan visa for Indians requirements also differs according to the type of visa that you apply for.

The Jordan visa categories you can apply for are as follows

Jordan tourist visa

A Jordan tourist visa is issued to travellers who wish to travel to Jordan as a tourist. Indians can get Jordan tourist visas on arrival to the country. The Jordan visa on arrival for Indians is valid for 30 days, and you can stay up to 15 days on a single trip with this visa. You can also get a pre-approved Jordan visa for Indians for travelling purposes.

Jordan work visa

If you want to work in Jordan, you need a valid Jordan work visa. The rising Jordanian economy offers many opportunities for non-skilled and skilled workers from India. If you have the right skills, work experience, and qualifications, you can look for a job in Jordan. Once you have a job offer in hand, the employer has the responsibility to get a Jordan work visa for you to work in Jordan. After the employer has submitted all the necessary documents and fulfilled the Jordan visa requirements for Indians, the Jordan work visa will be issued to you.

Jordan business visa

The country of Jordan is located at the crossroads of the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe, so there are a lot of opportunities for trade and export in the region. So, if you have a knack for business and are looking for ample opportunities, Jordan is the country for you. There are many upcoming business opportunities in the country, and for conducting business there, you will need a valid Jordan business visa.

Jordan student visa

The Kingdom of Jordan has become a favoured destination for students who wish to pursue their higher education. To study in Jordan, you need a valid Jordan visa for students. To get a Jordan visa for Indians, you must submit an application at the university of your choice. Once you submit the application documents, the university will provide you with an acceptance letter. This letter of acceptance will be the basis of your student visa application to Jordan.

Jordan transit visa

The Kingdom of Jordan is packed with socio-economic activities. The country is a gateway to three continents** Europe, Asia, and Africa. If you are flying from India to another country via Jordan, take advantage of a transit visa and enjoy the country's beauty.

Who Has to Apply for a Jordan Visa for Indian Nationals?

Any Indian who wants to visit Jordan has to get a valid Jordanian visa. You can get a Jordan visa on arrival for Indians if you visit Jordan for a trip. After you have fulfiled all the Jordan visa requirements for Indians, the visa on arrival will be issued to you. Before you travel to Jordan, you need to get all the required documents so that you can get a visa when you arrive in the country. For any other reasons for travelling to Jordan, like studying or employment, you need to apply for a visa before you go to Jordan.

Getting a Jordan visa requires you to submit all the necessary documents with your passport that has at least 6 months of validity. You also need to pay the Jordan visa fee to get a visa. If you have a Jordan pass and you are staying in the country for a period of 3 nights and 4 days, the VOA fee will be waived.

The ideal time taken to get a visa to Jordan is usually a few days if you have applied for a pre-approved visa. If you are wanting to get a visa on arrival, it might take a few minutes or hours, depending on the visa application centre in the country. Also, before your travel, do not forget to get overseas travel insurance to secure your trip and have a stress-free vacation in Jordan.

Jordan Visa Requirements - The Documents that You Need

The list of documents that you need for a Jordan tourist visa on arrival is:

  • Confirmed tickets to and from Jordan

  • Passport that has at least 6 months validity

  • Proof of your accommodation in the country, such as invitation letter, hotel reservation, etc.

  • Proof that you have sufficient funds for your trip to Jordan

  • The list of documents for getting a pre-approved Jordan visa includes:

  • A valid passport

  • One photograph

  • A cover letter stating the reason for your visit

  • A duly filled application form

  • Reservation of your hotel

  • Tickets for the round-trip

  • Itinerary of your stay in Jordan

  • Detailed travel plan

  • Proof stating the purpose of your trip, example, invitation letter

  • Proof that you have sufficient funds - last 6 months’ statement of your bank account

Jordan Visa Fee for Indians

The Jordan visa fee for Indians depends on the type of visa that you apply for. The fee for a Jordan tourist visa is:

Type of Visa Visa Fee
Single entry tourist visa with 1-month validity 40 JDs(approx. US$56)
Double entry visa with 3-month validity 60 JDs(approx. US$85)
Multiple entry tourist visa with 6-month validity 120 JDs(approx. US$170)

If you have a Jordan Pass and you plan to stay in Jordan for 3 nights and 4 days, you will not have to pay a fee for Jordan visa on arrival for Indians.

What is the Processing Time for Jordan Visa for Indians?

The processing time for a Jordan visa for Indians depends on the type of visa that you have applied for. If you are applying for a short-term Jordan tourist visa, you can apply two to four weeks prior to your trip to Jordan. The processing time for a Jordan tourist visa is approximately 3 to 5 working days.

If you are applying for a Jordan work visa or student visa, the visa application should be submitted a few months before your intended date of travel so that you can get the visa on time. Long-term visas have a longer processing time than short-term visas.

While you submit your application, you can ask the visa centre about the time taken for the visa issuance. The Jordan visa on arrival for Indians is issued in a few minutes when you arrive in Jordan if you have all the necessary documentation.

Tata AIG Overseas Travel Insurance Plan for Jordan

Although travelling can be a great way to break the monotony and visit a new country, it can also make you worried because of the distance. Most of us prefer to stay close to the people we know and can approach if anything unexpected happens. But, travelling to a far-off country can be stressful as things might go wrong. With a travel insurance plan, you can secure your trip and ensure that you are financially protected if anything unexpected happens on your trip.

A travel insurance plan provides coverage for risks that you might encounter while travelling to Jordan. It provides coverage for risks like hospitalisation due to illnesses like Covid-19, baggage loss or delay, flight cancellation, etc.

Before your trip to Jordan, you can get an overseas travel insurance plan from Jordan in a few steps. Different travel insurance plans are available, and you can also customise the plan per your requirements. And if anything goes wrong, you can simply file a travel insurance claim in a simple and efficient manner.

Top Reasons for Visa Rejection for Jordan

Here are some of the reasons that you need to understand that might lead to a rejection of your Jordan tourist visa:

  • If the visa application details are not filled accurately, there are chances of your visa getting rejected.

  • If the information provided by you is inaccurate or false, your visa might get rejected.

  • If you do not submit accurate documentation, your visa might get rejected.

  • If the funds in your bank account are insufficient for the trip, the visa will get rejected.

  • In case you are an immigration law offender, the visa will get rejected.

  • If the embassy feels that your intentions for entering Jordan are wrong, your visa will get rejected.

Top Things That You Must Know Regarding Jordan

If you are planning to travel to Jordan, it is essential that you gather all the necessary information about the country. When you understand the facts about the country, you will feel closer to the country and its people. You will feel like you belong there, and that feeling of alienation will be lost. Also, you will be able to capture the country in different ways, which will make your trip worthwhile.

  • Despite being in a chaotic neighbourhood, the country is itself very safe, and you will hardly ever experience security issues while you are there.

  • The culture of the country redefines the phrase ‘Hospitality is the king’. You might encounter some furrowed eyebrows and a tough exterior, but beneath all that lies a deep sense of hospitality and a fun-filled attitude.

  • Physical touch for greetings might not be the best way in the country. So, while greeting someone, say hello to them, smile and allow them to take the lead.

  • Jordan is not always hot and dry. The country of Jordan has a winter season that lies in the months between November and February.

  • Jordan is a Muslim-dominated country, and although there is no compulsion to wear a Hijab, you must dress respectfully while you are there.

  • Are you looking for sundowners? There are plenty of places in Jordan that offer alcohol, and drinking is legal in the country.

  • If sheesha is your thing, Jordan is the right place for you. Here people’s favourite pastime is smoking shisha.

  • Tap water is not fit for drinking in Jordan. So, carry a water bottle wherever you go.

  • Before you take photographs of the locals, ensure that you ask for their permission.

  • If you are vegetarian, you might be left with limited options when it comes to local Jordanian food. Most of the local food has meat in it.

Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most captivating places in the world, and it is full of photogenic areas. There are so many places in the country that give you a glimpse into the remnants of the past and the glorious civilisations of the country. You can cover most of the famous attractions on your trip to Jordan.

Here are the top things that you can do and places that you can visit when you are in Jordan:

  • Float in the stunning waters of the dead sea and coat yourself with the mud that is known to heal various skin infections and allergies.

  • Spend a night in the majestic city of Petra. Explore the jewel of Jordan and take in the bewitching beauty of the place.

  • Looking for some watersports? Aqaba is one of the most picturesque and stunning places in the country to try some snorkelling.

  • Shopping? Jordan has the market of Amman, known as the mecca of shopping, where you can get ornaments, spices, and some of the most fantastic local items.

  • Visit the site where Jesus was baptised.

  • If you are an adventure enthusiast, hiking at the trails of Petra might just be one of the best things you can do on the trip.

  • Indulge in the desert safari at Wadi Rum and take in the entrancing beauty of the desert.

  • For relaxation, enjoy the enchanting sunset at Tala Bay.

  • Looking for some local delicacies? Aqaba has some of the best restaurants in the country to try local Jordanian food.

  • Visit the stunning mosques located in the country.

  • Explore the remains of the lost city of Petra.

  • Wake up early and see the sunrise at the Amman Citadel.

  • Explore the various castles that are scattered around the country.


Information last updated Sep 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is there a visa on arrival for Indians travelling to Jordan?

Is there a visa on arrival for Indians travelling to Jordan?


Yes, Jordan offers a Jordan visa on arrival for Indians travelling to the country. You can submit all the relevant documents and get your visa once you arrive in Jordan.

What is a Jordan Pass?


A Jordan pass is a single-entry package that allows you to enter over 40 Jordanian tourist sites without a fee. Also, if you plan to stay in the country for 3 days and 4 nights or more, the visa-on-arrival fee is waived.

Do I need a visa if I have a Jordan pass?


Yes, you still need a Jordan tourist visa if you have a Jordan pass. You can get the Jordan visa on arrival, and the fee will be waived if you stay in the country for 3 days and 4 nights with a Jordan Pass.

How much time does it take to get a visa for Jordan?


The time taken for processing the Jordan visa depends on the type of visa. The Jordan tourist visa usually takes 3 to 5 business days, while the other types of visas might take longer.

How much do I have to pay for a visa on arrival to Jordan?


The cost of visa-on-arrival to Jordan is JDs 40, which is approximately US$56. In Indian currency, that amounts to ₹4500 approximately.

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