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Travel Insurance for Kashmir

Kashmir, also known as the heaven on Earth, is home to pristine valleys, floating markets on the stunning Dal Lake, and snow-clad mountains. The paradisiacal land will win your heart with its charming beauty and magnificence. Travelling to Kashmir for a holiday is one of the best things that you can do. The extraordinary beauty of this place will be etched in your memory forever. All these and more make Kashmir a must-visit destination in India.

If you are planning to visit Kashmir, it is essential that you start making your bucket list at the earliest. The place has a lot to offer, and you will be overwhelmed with the options that you have to choose from. You can visit the breathtaking Dal lake, walk in the apple gardens, or visit the markets of the city. The place is synonymous with paradise, and it will leave you mesmerised.

But, no matter where you plan to go, having a travel insurance policy is essential. From hospitalisation due to accidents , loosing passport to missing your flight, many trip-related emergencies may occur. To financially safeguard yourself and your family from any trip-related emergencies, having a family travel insurance plan for Kashmir is important.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For Kashmir?

There is uncertainty in life, which also applies to any travel plans that one might have. A travel medical insurance plan will help you take care of any emergencies related to health that may arise while you are on the trip. These emergencies include damage caused to a third party, missing your flight or train, and emergency hospitalisation due to accidents. Domestic travel insurance for Kashmir will ensure that you have a stress-free trip.

Therefore, it is essential to have a travel insurance plan that will help you safeguard yourself from any unplanned situations that may ruin your travel plans. With our domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plans, you can travel to Kashmir worry-free and make the most of your trip. To get the ideal plan compare travel insurance and use our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator to find the premium that fits in your pocket.

Here are the benefits that you can get with a travel insurance Kashmir plan:

  • Cover against medical emergencies due to Accident, if hospitalised
  • Coverage for the missed departure or lost rail or air tickets
  • Coverage for damage caused to a third party
  • With Tata AIG, you can buy a travel insurance policy online in a few clicks
  • Affordable Kashmir traveller insurance starting at just ₹26 per day*
  • Multi-trip annual policies for people who travel to Kashmir several times a year

Kashmir Travel: Safety And Precautionary Measures To Be Undertaken

When you visit Kashmir, you should always follow the local safety protocols to avoid any unnecessary incidents.

Some general safety measures are listed below -

  • Talk to the Jammu and Kashmir tourism officials to get the latest information on the security situation.
  • Always keep your documents safe and carry valid ID proof.
  • Do not participate in any demonstrations.
  • Keep your political views to yourself, and do not enter into a discussion with the locals.
  • If you find yourself in the middle of a large local gathering or protests, take shelter at one of the safe places nearby.
  • Do not engage in any unlawful activities or violate the dignity of public places.
  • Follow the local customs and traditions and do not mock the regional and religious practices.
  • Even if you are travelling during the summers, ensure that you have winter clothing. The weather there is quite unpredictable.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling To Kashmir

Here is the list of documents required when you travel to Kashmir:

  • Valid government IDs including passport, Aadhar card, PAN card
  • Flight tickets and proof of accommodation
  • Details of your travel itinerary
  • Any tickets that you have booked in advance for festivals, events, etc.
  • COVID-19 related travel documents like proof of negative report, vaccination proof, etc.
  • Details of the travel insurance policy and a soft copy of your traveller insurance plan

Why Tata AIG Travel Insurance?

Tata AIG is one of the top insurers that offer one of the best travel insurance in India. We are the first company to offer a travel insurance plan online. Our traveller insurance plans are comprehensive, and you can simply buy the plan from the comfort of your home. We have a hassle-free travel insurance claim process, and you can initiate a travel insurance claim quickly and easily from our website.

Kashmir Tourist Places

Kashmir is known for its culture and beauty. Besides the natural beauty, there are many amazing places that you can visit while you are there. Here are some of the famous places in Kashmir that you must visit:

  • Srinagar

Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Kashmir. From trekking to boating, water skiing, to bird watching, this place has something for everyone. The place is famously known as the mirror of the mountains, and this is the first stop for anyone who is travelling to Kashmir. It is home to the shimmering Dal Lake, where you can take a ride on the shikaras. You can also taste the authentic Kashmiri cuisine and indulge in the cultural activities of the place while you are there.

  • Gulmarg

Famously known as the meadow of flowers, Gulmarg is a visual treat due to its vibrant range of flowers blooming against the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. It is a heavenly place and is considered one of the best places to visit in Kashmir, and rightly so! You can also enjoy adventure sports like skiing which will make you feel amazing. Wear a lot of warm clothes so that you can enjoy the activities fully without feeling the cold.

  • Sonmarg

Famous as the meadow of Gold, Sonmarg is a gleaming place in Kashmir that you must visit. It has unparalleled trekking routes and beautiful flowers blooming all around. The place must be on your itinerary when you visit Kashmir. It has an incredible aura and breathtaking views of the land.

  • Kupwara****bold text

Located at a distance of about 90 km from Srinagar, Kupwara has some of the most stunning views that one can see. It has a stunning view of the alpine mountains, clear azure water, and thriving meadows. The epitome of beauty in Kashmir is a place that should be on your bucket list.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir

The best time to visit Kashmir is during the spring, summer, and autumn months. March to October is the best time when you can make the most of the pleasant weather and enjoy your trip. This is the time when the flowers are in full bloom, and the alpines are lush green. At these times, Kashmir can be a bit crowded as this is the peak season in the valley. The winters are harsh, and this might limit the activities that you can experience.

Myths About Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

There are some common myths about a domestic travel insurance policy. Here are some common myths debunked:

Myth 1: I don’t need a travel insurance policy because my travel time is less.

Many emergencies like hospitalisation due to accidents, missing departure flights, and losing tickets can occur at any time and are not dependent upon the duration of your trip. So, buying traveller insurance will provide coverage for these trip-related emergencies.

Myth 2: Buying a traveller insurance plan will burn a hole in my pocket.

This is one of the myths that need to be debunked. When you buy domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan, you pay a nominal premium for the extensive coverage that you get. If there is an emergency, the actual cost that you will have to bear will be much more than the premium of the travel insurance plan. Moreover, with Tata AIG, you can buy affordable Kashmir travel insurance starting at just ₹26 per day*.

Myth 3: Buying a travel insurance plan is quite complicated

The biggest myth of them all! With Tata AIG, you can buy a domestic travel insurance policy from the comfort of your home in a few clicks. You just have to go to our official website, choose the policy, fill in the information required, pay the premium, and you will receive a soft copy of the travel insurance plan in your mail.

Eligibility for Buying Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

The eligibility criteria for the domestic travel insurance policy is as follows:

  • The domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan covers individuals from 6 months to 70 years of age.
  • The policy can only be issued to anyone who is travelling with India.
  • There are some core benefits of the policy. You can include add-ons to the policy as per your needs.
  • The policy can be issued to an individual, family or employee of the organisation.
  • The policy can be issued to any Indian travelling by rail, bus, or air.
  • There are single trip and multi-trip policies available.
  • The maximum number of add-ons should not exceed the units of the core benefits mentioned in the policy.

How to Claim Domestic Travel Insurance?

The travel insurance claim process is hassle-free and quick with Tata AIG. However, the only thing you will need to have is the policy documents handy. Also, you have to inform the insurer if you face any kind of travel-related emergency when travelling.

The following steps need to be followed to file a travel insurance claim with Tata AIG.

  1. For filing a claim, you will first need to get in touch with the Claim Help Centre (details mentioned below).

For claims:

Contact Number(s) E-mail
In India from BSNL/MTNL Landline 24*7 Toll Free Number 1800 22 9966
All Lines 24*7 Toll Free Number 1800-266-7780
  1. Once you have registered your travel insurance claim, the Claim Service Centre will inform you about the documents that you need to submit for initiating the claim settlement process. The documents will be needed as per the nature and extent of the claim.

  2. Finally, the documents need to be sent to the following address for the initiation of the claim settlement process:

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited A-501, 5th Floor, Building No. 4, Infinity Park, Gen. A. K. Vaidya Marg, Dindoshi, Malad (E), Mumbai, India - 400 097.


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

How to buy a domestic travel insurance plan?

How to buy a domestic travel insurance plan?


With Tata AIG, buying domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan is a quick and easy process. You can directly visit our website and select the domestic insurance plan under the products section. Fill in the required information, including the place of travel and the dates of travel. Now, add information about all the passengers travelling with you. Then, select the right coverage options from the list of curated plans. If you wish to compare the plans before buying, you can use the ‘Compare option’. Now, add any other information needed and pay the premium online.

How much should I pay for domestic travel insurance for Kashmir?


The premium payment for your domestic travel insurance for Kashmir will depend upon various factors, including the duration of your trip to Kashmir and the chosen sum insured. It is advisable to select an appropriate sum assured so that you have sufficient coverage for your trip.

With the Tata AIG domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plans, you can avail of adequate coverage benefits at a cost that will not burn a hole in your pockets! You can calculate the premium of your domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan with our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator.

If I am travelling to another state within India, will this policy cover me?


A domestic insurance policy is valid if you are travelling within Indian boundaries. Before buying a policy, you need to provide the insurer information regarding the places that you are travelling to and for which you want the traveller insurance plan. There can be some restricted areas, as stated in the policy.

What are the exclusions in domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan?


Some of the exclusions in a domestic travel insurance plan are emergencies due to participation in adventure sports like skydiving, any loss due to a threat to national security like riots, and non-medical expenses that you incur will not be covered. Moreover, if a medical emergency is caused if you travel against the advice of your doctor and pre-existing disease-related emergencies will not be covered.

Does the domestic travel insurance for Kashmir plan have a free-look period?


We offer a 15-day free look period on annual and multi-trip policies. But if you are purchasing a single trip policy for your trip to Kashmir, no free look period is provided to you.

If there is a change in my travel dates to Kashmir, can I make the changes to the travel dates mentioned in the policy?


Yes, you can change the travel dates mentioned in the policy before the commencement of your travel insurance plan, which is the same as your date of travel.

When will my domestic travel insurance for Kashmir from Tata AIG end?


The end date of your domestic traveller insurance plan will be mentioned on your policy document. For single trip policies, the traveller insurance ends as soon as your trip ends and you return to your city of residence. For multi-trip policies, you can check the dates on your policy document.