Bgauss Scooter Insurance

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BGauss Scooter Insurance

BGauss is an EV manufacturing company offering a range of premium electric scooters at affordable prices. Its parent company, RR Global and RR Kabel, has been a prominent name in the electrical industry. BGauss was launched in 2020 to change mobility in India with life-enhancing solutions.

The company started with the launch of two electric scooters with a clear focus on manufacturing vehicles completely in India, in sync with the country’s “Make In India” initiative. BGauss scooters are designed with the latest technology to make long-distance and regular commutes better for people.

BGauss scooters are powerful and offer a good range and top speed. However, riding a two-wheeler is fraught with risks. An accident or a collision can damage your scooter, injure you, or cause damage to a third party. The financial liability of managing such incidents can dent your finances.

Hence, it is crucial to have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy that helps you easily manage these costs. While third-party bike insurance is mandatory in India, it does not cover damages to your scooter. Hence, opting for a comprehensive policy is a better option.

Tata AIG offers third-party and comprehensive bike insurance plans that can be purchased and renewed online hassle-free. While most policies have a standard term of one year, you can also opt for a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan to avoid the hassle of renewing it every year. Make sure that you assess your potential use of the scooter and choose the right insurance plan to enjoy the freedom of riding.

Keep reading to learn more about BGauss Scooter Insurance and how to purchase one through Tata AIG.

Purchasing or Renewing Your BGauss Scooter Insurance Online with Tata AIG

If you want to purchase new insurance for bikes or renew your existing Tata AIG bike insurance policy, then you can do it online by following some simple steps. You can choose the policy as per your needs, select add-on covers, compare prices, and complete the process in no time.

We also have a dedicated customer support team to help you with any queries you might have.

Here are the steps for buying or renewing a BGauss Scooter Insurance Policy with Tata AIG:

  • Visit This is our official website that offers the option of buying and renewing bike insurance policies

  • Start by clicking on “All Products” on the homepage

  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Bike Insurance” from the displayed options

  • This will take you to the page where you can buy or renew a bike insurance policy

  • Begin the process by providing your bike’s registration number

  • If you want to purchase a new policy, then click on “Get Price.”

  • If you already have a BGauss policy from Tata AIG and want to renew it, then click “Renew.”

  • Complete the form for new application/renewal. You will have to provide details of your bike like its make, model, and IDV or the Insured Declared Value, and some personal information

  • With a comprehensive policy, you also have the option of choosing add-on covers based on how and where you intend to use the bike

  • For policy renewals, keep these points in mind:

  • Provide complete details of your existing policy

  • Make sure that you declare any accidents or claims made in the past

  • If there are no claims made, then you can avail of a discount on policy premium called a No Claims Bonus

Once all the details are submitted, we will display the offered premium and terms of the policy

Pay the premium only if you agree with the terms and are comfortable with the premium

Once the payment is received, we process your application and send a soft copy of the policy to your email address registered with us

By following these steps, you can successfully ensure financial protection and insurance coverage for your BGauss Scooter.

BGauss Bike Insurance Price – Your Payable Premium Amount

At Tata AIG, we lay a lot of emphasis on transparency and make sure that you are aware of all costs and charges before buying the policy.

We also offer a free online bike insurance calculator to help you assess the potential cost of the policy before signing the dotted line.

The premium of a BGauss electric scooter insurance is based on many factors including:

Third-party BGauss electric bike insurance:

If you are planning to buy a third-party liability insurance policy for your BGauss scooter, then the premium will be determined by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) based on the cubic capacity (CC) or engine capacity of the scooter. The premium amount is the same across insurance providers since the IRDAI centrally controls it.

Comprehensive Electric scooter BGauss insurance:

If you are looking for complete protection and decide to opt for a comprehensive policy, then it is important to remember that the premium of such policies is affected by many factors, like the make and model of the bike, its age, location and IDV.

When you choose the IDV for your BGauss scooter, make sure that you stick as close to the market value as possible. The IDV is the estimated current market value of the policy. If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, then we reimburse the IDV as the claim settlement. The bike dealer can provide the IDV of your electric scooter.

In India, it is legally required for every bike owner to have a third-party bike insurance policy. These policies offer coverage from third-party liabilities arising due to an accident or mishap caused by the insured bike.

However, they do not cover damages to the insured bike itself. Hence, many bike owners opt for a comprehensive policy for complete coverage.

Additional Rider Plans for Your BGauss Scooter

When you purchase a comprehensive BGauss electric scooter insurance plan, you have the option of customizing the plan using add-on covers. Each add-on is available at an additional cost. Hence, make sure that you choose it only if it fits your requirements. We currently offer 7 add-on covers as described below:**

Zero Depreciation: Usually, when a claim is settled, we cover the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged part after factoring in depreciation. However, with a zero depreciation cover, you can get a claim settled of the complete amount without any deduction for depreciation.

Return-to-Invoice: While the IDV is the current market price of the scooter, the invoice value is the price you paid to purchase it. The IDV is usually lower than the invoice value. If the bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, then a regular comprehensive policy will reimburse the IDV of the bike. However, with this add-on, you can get the invoice value reimbursed.

Emergency Medical Support: If you and/or your pillion get injured during an accident while on the insured bike, then this add-on can offer coverage for the medical expenses incurred for the treatment.

Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver: This add-on offers additional protection to the owner-driver if an accident while riding the insured bike results in the death of the owner-driver.

Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover: While third-party liabilities are already covered in comprehensive bike insurance plans, this add-on offers additional cover for such liabilities.

Consumables Expenses: A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan usually does not cover the cost of consumables like nuts, bolts, oils, and lubricants. However, with this add-on, you can get coverage for these costs too.

Roadside Assistance: If your scooter breaks down or meets with an accident, then this cover will get you emergency assistance like battery jump-start, emergency fuel, etc. in no time.

Things Included/Excluded Under Tata AIG’s Scooter Insurance for BGauss

When you purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, it is important to go through the list of inclusions and exclusions as it will help you understand the scope of the policy. Here is a quick look at some of the common inclusions and exclusions of a Tata AIG comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan:

Why Should You Opt for a Tata AIG BGauss Two-wheeler Insurance?

Riding a two-wheeler is fun but also has several risks. A small mishap or collision can damage the bike and injure the rider too. If the accident is caused by your bike, then you are liable to pay for any damage to a third-party person or property. You also have to bear the costs of repairs to your bike or treatment costs of the injuries sustained by you. When you buy a comprehensive Tata AIG BGauss scooter insurance plan, you are financially protected in such situations. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a Tata AIG BGauss two-wheeler insurance policy:

Save on premiums: You can get up to 75% off on your premium payments for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Make sure to check the discounts offered while making the purchase.

Efficient claims process: With more than 650 claims experts across the country working tirelessly, we ensure that all claims are processed within the agreed timelines. This is evident in our high claim settlement ratio of 99% (FY 22-23).

Unique add-on covers: Every bike owner has a specific insurance requirement. With our seven unique add-on covers, you can tailor the policy to your needs.

Easy online processes: With Tata AIG, you can buy/renew your bike insurance policy online by following some simple steps.

Cashless services: We have an extensive network of around 4,000+ garages across India that help us offer cashless repair services to you

Quick query resolution: With a 24-hour customer support team, we ensure that all your questions and queries regarding your policy are answered in no time

BGauss Scooters – An Overview & USPs

BGauss offers three electric scooters in India. These are the BGauss B8, BGauss D15, and BGauss C12i Max. There are around 89 BGauss dealers across 72 cities in the country. Of the three scooters, the B8 is the most affordable one, followed by the C12i Max and D15. These scooters are designed using cutting-edge technology and research with the objective of boosting the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the scooter.

The core vision behind BGauss is to drive a smarter change in daily commute and lifestyle. BGauss scooters are designed smartly, stylishly, and with a customer-first approach.

Here are some of the unique selling points (USPs) of BGauss scooters you shouldn’t like to miss:

Design & Styling: BGauss scooters are beautifully styled with a straight body and no unnecessary protrusions. The scooters have LED lights that are functional and handy for night rides.

High Performance: BGauss packs a punch in the motor used for the scooters. While electric scooters have power limitations compared to petrol scooters, BGauss manages to offer good performance even on inclines. The scooters are available in three modes that can be chosen based on your need for zip and charge efficiency.

Good Range: BGauss scooters are designed to offer a good range on a single charge. The range varies according to the mode you ride in. Hence, they give the rider enough control over the range and when they want to charge it.

Balanced rides: Most electric scooters struggle with balance, especially at low speeds. However, BGauss scooters have an impeccable balance even at speeds as low as 5 km/hour.

CBS: BGauss scooters have a Combined Braking System (CBS), offering a better grip over the road and a better riding experience.

Easy Charging: BGauss scooters can be charged in a 5 amp socket with a regular 3-pin plug, making it easy to charge wherever you are.

BGauss Scooter Variants and Prices

Things included in Tata AIG BGauss Insurance Things not included in Tata AIG BGauss Insurance
Own Damage Cover: With a comprehensive BGauss scooter insurance policy, you get coverage for damage to your scooter and injuries sustained by you during an accident involving the insured scooter. The damages to the bike include those sustained due to accidents, collisions, natural calamities, man-made disasters, fires, and theft. Regular Depreciation: A comprehensive policy will not cover the costs of repair caused due to regular wear and tear of the scooter, electrical or mechanical failure, or any defect caused due to time.
Total Loss Cover: If your scooter is stolen and deemed untraceable by police or it is  damaged beyond repair, then it is termed as “total loss”. In such cases, a comprehensive policy reimburses the IDV of the scooter. Racing and Speed Tests: If you use your scooter for racing or testing speed and it suffers damages, then the policy will not offer coverage.
Third-party Cover: With a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, you get coverage for third-party liabilities arising due to an accident or collision caused by the insured scooter. Driving Without License: It is illegal to ride a scooter without a valid driving license. If your bike meets with an accident when you were driving without a valid driving license, then the policy will not cover the costs.
Personal Accident Cover: As mandated by law, the comprehensive policy includes a Personal Accident Cover of ₹15 lakhs. Commercial Usage: If you have purchased the scooter for personal use but deploy it for commercial reasons and it gets damaged, then the policy will not offer coverage.
Add-on Covers: When you purchase add-on covers, you extend the coverage on your policy. This will depend on the choice of add-ons.
BGauss Scooter Variants On-Road Pricing (ex-showroom New Delhi)
BGauss B8 ₹89,699
BGauss D15i ₹1,34,514
BGauss D15 Pro ₹1,45,651
BGauss C12i Max ₹1,26,153

Note: The prices may differ per the different Indian cities.

Top Competitors of BGauss Scooters

Ather Energy

Ampere Vehicles

Hero Electric

Ola Electric


Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which insurance is best for scooters in India?


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What is the use of scooter insurance?


The two primary reasons why every scooter owner should have a scooter insurance policy: It is mandatory to have a third-party liability insurance If you opt for a comprehensive policy, then it offers coverage for damages to your scooter, injuries to yourself, and third-party liabilities. Hence, you can ride without worrying about managing incidents and mishaps.

How do I check my scooter insurance details?


There are many ways to check the details of your scooter insurance policy. Through the insurance provider. If you have purchased a policy through Tata AIG, then you can visit our website, go to the Self-Service tab, enter your policy number and get the details of the policy. Through IIB. The IRDAI has developed a web portal called Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) that has information about all policies issued in the country. You can enter details of your bike and some personal information to get details of your scooter insurance Through VAHAN. This is the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Once you create an account with this portal, you can enter the registration number of your scooter and get the insurance details.

How much does the insurance of Scooty cost?


The cost of a Scooty insurance policy depends on a range of factors. If you are opting for a third-party liability-only policy, then the premium is determined based on the engine capacity of the Scooty. However, if you are opting for a comprehensive policy, then the premium will depend on Scooty’s model, age, location, and various other details.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.