Bike Insurance in Sonipat

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Bike Insurance in Sonipat

Sonipat, located in Haryana, is famous for its rich culture and vibrant city life. The number of two-wheelers on the roads of Sonipat has significantly risen in the last few years, making commuting within the city easier. However, with this increase, the need for valid two-wheeler insurance in Sonipat is also increasing to ensure personal, vehicle and pedestrian safety.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, two-wheeler owners must have valid third-party insurance for their bikes to drive in Sonipat. Failure to comply can attract hefty fines and other consequences.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss the role of bike insurance in Sonipat, the different types of insurance for a two-wheeler, how to find the best bike insurance and the two-wheeler insurance rate in Sonipat.

All About Bike Insurance in Sonipat and Why You Need One

With the increasing number of two-wheelers in the city, especially bikes, a bike insurance policy is mandatory. With third-party bike insurance, bike owners receive financial assistance in case of unexpected damage or loss to their own bikes or third parties and their properties.

Many types of bike insurance policies are available in Sonipat to cater to bike owners' different needs. These include third-party bike insurance, standalone own-damage bike insurance, and comprehensive bike insurance plans.

Moreover, as electric vehicles are growing rapidly in India, EV insurance has also been introduced in the country to extend a financial safety net for everyone.

Some of the top reasons to invest in a bike insurance policy include -

  • Peace of mind

  • Financial assistance in times of need

  • Various options

  • Law Compliance

  • Vehicle protection

Problems Faced by Bike Owners in Sonipat

Sonipat is an industrial hub in Haryana that has been witnessing an increase in traffic, especially bikes, in the city streets. Due to this sudden rise in traffic, bike owners can face several issues while driving in Sonipat.

Let us look at some of them below.

Unpredictable Weather Conditions - One of the common problems faced by bike owners in Sonipat is the unpredictable weather. Even though the weather remains constant on most days, sudden rains are possible, which can cause significant damage to their bikes, requiring extensive repairs.

Traffic Congestion—Another issue for bike owners in Sonipat is the increasing traffic in the city. Along with the rise in the number of bikes in the city, other vehicles are also increasing, causing traffic congestion and a higher risk of accidents, which can damage the bikes.

Long Distance Driving - Bikes are more convenient when commuting around the city. However, taking long journeys on a bike can often expose it to harmful weather conditions and poor road infrastructure in neighbouring cities. This can lead to accidents, bike breakdowns, and other wear and tear.

Careless Driving from Others—Many times, bike accidents and damage happen due to the fault of other vehicle owners who drive rashly in the city. In such situations, even though the bike owner is not at fault, the repercussions, both monetary and otherwise, fall on them.

Shortage of Secure Parking - For bikes in Sonipat, finding secure parking spots is a hassle. This increases the risk of theft and damage to the bike as it is parked in areas with minimal safety, making it a significant issue for the bike owners in Sonipat.

Tata AIG Bike Insurance in Sonipat

Tata AIG Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy

Third-party bike insurance policy offers coverage for damages and losses incurred by third-party or their property due to your insured bike. In India, this type of bike insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. There is also no customisation flexibility with this insurance category.

Policy Type Third-party 
Inclusions Coverage for third-party damages, third-party property damages, and legal fees or charges.
Exclusions  No coverage for damage or loss incurred by the insured bike.
Ideal For  Bike owners who require basic coverage for a bike used occasionally.

Tata AIG Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy Tata AIG’s own damage bike insurance policy provides coverage for any loss or damage incurred by the insured bike. The list of coverage includes theft, accidental damage, fire and explosives, etc.

Policy Type Own Damage 
Inclusions Coverage for any loss or damage to insured bikes due to accidents, natural disasters or man-made disasters.
Exclusions  No coverage for third-party liabilities, negligent driving, driving under the influence, or general wear and tear of the bike. 
Ideal For  Bike owners who live in theft or accident-prone areas.

Tata AIG Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy Tata AIG also offers comprehensive two-wheeler insurance that provides extensive coverage for third-party liabilities and own damage to the insured bike. With this insurance category, bike owners have ample customisation flexibility to add as many riders as required.

Policy Type Comprehensive 
Inclusions Coverage for all damages and losses to the insured bike due to natural or man-made disasters and accidents. Additionally, coverage for third-party liabilities. 
Exclusions  There is no coverage for damage or loss incurred due to negligent driving, driving without the necessary documents, driving outside permitted geographical regions, or driving under the influence of any illegal substance. 
Ideal For  Bike owners who are looking for extensive coverage for their daily use bikes. 

Best Bike Insurance in Sonipat: Third-Party Vs Standalone Own Damage vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Parameters  Third-Party Bike Insurance Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Coverage  Limited coverage for third-party liabilities only. Limited coverage for damage and loss incurred by the insured vehicle. Extensive coverage for both third-party liabilities and own damage. 
Customisation Flexibility  No customisation flexibility. Limited customisation flexibility is available. Ample customisation flexibility is available.
Legal Requirement Mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. Not mandatory. Not mandatory.
Premiums  Economical as limited coverage. Little higher as insured bike coverage. The highest premium as it offers extensive coverage.

What is the Two-Wheeler Insurance Rate in Sonipat?

Whenever someone is on the lookout for the best bike insurance near me, an integral aspect of the final decision is the premium rates.

The two-wheeler insurance rate in Sonipat is calculated based on multiple factors, such as the bike insurance category, bike condition, and depreciation value.

Let us understand how the bike insurance rate is calculated for third-party insurance and other insurance categories below.

Third-Party Bike Insurance Premium Rates

For third-party bike insurance, the premium rates are decided by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The premium rates are finalised after assessing various factors like geographical location, engine capacity, and other factors of the bike. These rates are not fixed for a lifetime and change periodically after a thorough assessment.

Other Types of Bike Insurance Premium Rates

For other bike insurance policies, the insurance premium rates are decided based on a list of factors, and some of them include -

Policy Type - One of the factors that impact your bike insurance premium rate is the type of bike insurance you choose. If you choose own damage, the premium rate will be slightly lower as compared to comprehensive plans, as it offers limited coverage, as compared to comprehensive plans.

Add-ons Combined - Another factor is the number of add-ons. The premium value can increase based on the number of add-ons you combine with the base policy. This is because add-ons are additional coverage benefits above the base policy coverage.

Bike Make and Model - The make and model of the bike also impact the premium rates. For instance, a newer model of a two-wheeler will attract a higher premium as compared to the older variations.

Bike Engine Capacity- The engine capacity of a bike is also taken into account when deciding on the premium rates. For instance, a bike with a higher engine capacity will have a higher premium than a bike with a lower engine capacity.

Age of the Bike - The age of the bike is also an integral factor that helps determine the insurance premium rate. Older bikes will have lower premiums, and newer bikes will have higher premiums.

Insured Declared Value - The bike’s IDV also impacts its premium rate. Insured declared value is the maximum value a bike owner will receive in case the bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair. If the IDV is low, the premium will be low, and vice versa.

How to Choose the Best Bike Insurance Policy in Sonipat?

Assess your needs in terms of riding habits, budget constraints, locality, daily commute routes, etc.

  • Compare the premium rates of different policies. This will help you get an estimate of the premium rates for proper comparison. Alternatively, you can compare plans online using any bike insurance premium calculator.

  • Explore different types of bike insurance policies and providers available in the market to make fair comparisons and choose the best policy.

  • Review the coverage available with different bike insurance plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Check for market reviews and customer testimonials of different insurance providers to ensure you pick the one that promises a seamless customer and insurance experience.

  • Review the claim settlement ratios of different insurers and pick the one with promising results. This will ensure timely claim settlements in times of need.

  • When assessing different bike insurance policies, check for the availability and categories of add-ons provided by the insurer.

Why Should You Choose an Online Bike Insurance Policy?

The availability of online bike insurance policies is on the rise today all over India as part of digitisation. However, along with the online option, you can still opt for the in-person offline procedure to suit your needs.

Let us look at some of the top benefits of an online bike insurance policy below.

  • Maximum convenience

-Less time consuming

-Paperless policies

-Easy accessibility, as it can be accessed from any part of the world

-Ease of comparison between different policies

-Zero influence from any third-person

-Reduced pain points for policyholders as there is no requirement for long queues and delayed processes.

Why Choose Tata AIG’s Two-Wheeler Insurance in Sonipat?

An integral part of the final decision when choosing a bike insurance policy in Sonipat is the insurance provider.

Tata AIG is one of the country's popular insurance providers. It offers various types of two-wheeler insurance plans curated to meet the different needs of two-wheeler owners.

Let us look at the top reasons why you should choose Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance in Sonipat.

Varying Coverage - One of the top reasons to choose Tata AIG as your insurance provider is the availability of different types of bike insurance plans, with varying coverage to meet individual requirements with ease. This allows you to choose as per budget and requirements without compromising.

Customisation Flexibility - With Tata AIG’s comprehensive and own damage bike insurance policies, you benefit from ample customisation flexibility with a wide range of add-ons to increase the coverage of your base policy with necessary add-ons.

24/7 Customer Support - To ensure maximum customer support, Tata AIG has an extensive customer support team well-equipped to handle all customer queries and problems with prompt solutions.

Cashless Garages - To facilitate claim settlements with cashless claims, Tata AIG also offers policyholders a network of over 4,200 cashless garages around India.

Online Convenience - To provide customers with complete convenience, Tata AIG’s user-friendly website allows you to buy, renew, and compare different bike insurance plans online from the comfort of your home.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG’s Bike Insurance in Sonipat

Key Features and Benefits Details 
Scope of Coverage  You can choose the type of coverage you require for your bike based on individual needs and budgets to benefit from necessary bike protection.
Different Bike Insurance Plans  You can choose between own damage, third-party, and comprehensive bike insurance plans. 
Add-ons  With own damage and comprehensive plans, you get a range of add-ons to increase your base policy coverage as needed. 
Personal Accident Cover Tata AIG offers personal accident cover as an add-on with their bike insurance plans to extend maximum support in case the bike owner or driver meets with an accident. 
User-friendly Website  Our quick and efficient website allows you to buy and renew bike insurance policies online with just a few clicks. 
Easy Claims  Our team of 650+ claim experts help ensure quick and effective claim settlements for all policyholders.
Cashless Garages  For cashless claims with bike insurance plans, we offer 4200+ cashless garages. 

Best Bike Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Sonipat

With own damage and comprehensive bike insurance policies, you can customise the base policy with many different add-ons. The list includes -

Return to Invoice cover - With this cover, in case of damage beyond repair or theft, insurance providers pay you the on-road value of your bike.

Personal accident cover - In case of severe injuries or damage to the bike owner or driver, this add-on ensures that your family will receive a predetermined amount from the insurer.

Zero depreciation cover - With this cover, you can avail yourself of claim settlements without the deduction of the depreciation value of your bike.

Emergency medical expenses - In case of an accident, any emergency medical expenses incurred by you or the pillion rider are claimable under this add-on.

Roadside assistance - In case your bike breaks down in the middle of the road, this cover will provide you with immediate assistance for on-spot repairs.

How to Buy and Apply for Bike Insurance Renewal in Sonipat?

How to Buy Bike Insurance

  • Visit the official website of Tata AIG.

  • From the main page, find and select “All Products” from the top bar.

  • Next, from the dropdown menu, select “Bike Insurance” mentioned under the “Motor Insurance” category to proceed.

  • Now, add your bike registration number in the space provided and select the “Get Price” option.

  • On the next page, enter all the bike-related information and click on “Continue” once done.

  • A list of applicable bike insurance plans will appear on the screen. Choose the best bike insurance as required, and then select the insured declared value of your bike from the list of options to proceed.

  • Now, review the policy document and the information you have provided, combine as many add-ons as required, and check the final price.

  • Next, fill out the policy application form and upload the requested documents to finalise the purchase.

  • Once done, make the payment against the chosen premium and collect the receipt.

  • Your new bike insurance in Sonipat will be sent to your registered email address.

How to Renew Bike Insurance

  • To renew a bike insurance policy, go to the Tata AIG website.

  • From the homepage, go to “All Products” and select “Bike Insurance” from the dropdown menu under “Motor Insurance”.

  • Enter your bike registration number and click on “Renew”.

  • Your existing policy will open on the screen. Review the policy terms and conditions, and remove or combine as many add-ons as needed.

  • Choose an insured declared value from the list of options.

  • Once done, a new premium for your bike insurance will appear on the screen.

  • Now, fill out any additional information required and review the final policy to continue with payment.

  • Make the necessary payment using one of the payment options to renew your plan.

Upon successful payment completion, the renewed bike insurance policy will be shared on your email address,

How to File a Claim for Two-Wheeler Insurance in Sonipat with Tata AIG

To file a bike insurance claim with Tata AIG, you can choose between a cashless claim and a reimbursement claim. Let us understand each of these claims below.

Reimbursement Bike Insurance Claims

  • If you opt for a reimbursement claim, you are required to first settle the repair bill amount on your own at any garage of your choice and then request reimbursement after submitting the necessary documents.

  • All you need to do is register the claim, collect the claim registration number and then take your bike to any garage for repairs. Once the repairs are completed, pay the garage and collect all the bills.

  • Once you have the bills, submit them to us for further investigation. Upon successful verification, we reimburse the amount in your bank account.

Cashless Bike Insurance Claims

  • For a cashless claim, you are limited to no out-of-pocket expenses as we take care of the repair payment on your behalf, directly with the garage.

  • All you need to do is inform us about the damage your bike has incurred and then take it to any of the cashless garages in our network. Upon reaching the garage, a detailed surveyor report will be shared with us for evaluation.

  • Based on this report and your policy terms, we will approve the repair amount. Once we approve, the work is in process, and we pay the garage directly once it is completed.

Documents Needed for Bike Insurance Policy Claims in Sonipat

  • A duly filled and signed claim form.

  • Bike insurance policy document

  • Proof of address - Aadhaar card, utility bills, or PAN card

  • Proof of identity - Aadhaar card or PAN card

  • First Information Report (FIR), in case of an accident

  • All bike documents, as required. This includes a vehicle registration certificate.

  • Repair work bills, invoices, and other documents related to the expenses incurred.

Tata AIG Cashless Garages in Sonipat

To ease the process of claim settlements for policyholders, Tata AIG offers a network of 4200+ cashless garages around India to file cashless claims.

Cashless garages are garages that we authorise to provide top-notch repair and maintenance services in a timely manner. Moreover, with these cashless garages, the bill settlement responsibility is on us, on behalf of the policyholder.

How Do Cashless Claims Work?

  • Inform us about the damage.

  • Visit the nearest cashless garage.

  • Get the bike surveyed.

  • Wait for the final approved amount from us.

  • Get the repairs completed.

  • Leave the bill settlement to us. If the expenses are more than the approved claim amount, the policyholder will bear the balance.

  • To experience quality repair services at one of the network garages, you must know how to find one quickly in case of emergencies. Use our Garage Locator to find a Tata AIG cashless garage near you.

  • Please note that cashless garages are only available for comprehensive bike insurance policyholders. Moreover, certain services are limited to some cities, so always check with our customer care or directly with the network garage before taking your bike there.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What to do if my cashless claim gets rejected in Sonipat?

What to do if my cashless claim gets rejected in Sonipat?


In case your cashless claim is rejected, you must first assess the reasons behind the rejection. Simultaneously, you can file a reimbursement claim instead to get the necessary financial assistance in the form of amount reimbursement once the repair work is completed.

Is general wear and tear covered in a bike insurance policy?


No, general wear and tear repairs are not covered under any bike insurance policy. They happen with regular usage and are also based on the age of the bike. As the bike ages, the parts start to break down over time.