Drink and Drive Fine in Nagpur

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Drink and Drive Fine in Nagpur

Also known as Orange City, Nagpur is a major commercial and political hub in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is no surprise that the city has experienced some rapid urbanisation over the past few years. Connected to the country’s four major metropolitan areas by road, the population in Nagpur unnaturally relies heavily on its road transport.

With this, the need for a driver's licence is more paramount than ever, especially for residents who own a private vehicle. With the driving licence application process being streamlined through digital portals, it has now become easier to acquire a driving licence in Nagpur.

Here is a detailed outline of the updates and the specifications that will help you apply for a driving licence in Nagpur.

Types of Driving Licences in Nagpur

The driving licence application of an applicant entirely depends on the type of vehicle they wish to operate. The categories of vehicles for which a driving licence can be applied for in Nagpur are as follows:

Types of Vehicles Categories of Driving Licences
Geared Scooters, Geared Motorcycles, etc. Geared Two-wheelers
Vehicles with engine capacity exceeding 50cc Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs)
Large Transport Vehicles, Lorries and Trucks Commercial Vehicles
Gearless Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, etc Gearless Two-wheelers

Driving Licence Fees in Nagpur

Here is a detailed overview of the DL fees in Nagpur:

Driving Licence Services Fees Chargeable
1 Driving Licence Fees For 4-wheeler in Nagpur ₹716
2 Two-wheeler Driving Licence Fees in Nagpur ₹716
3 Driving Licence Renewal Charges in Nagpur ₹416 and a ₹ 1000/- fine if applied after grace period.
4 Issuance of Learner’s Licence in Nagpur ₹151 for each class
5 Driving Test in Nagpur ₹50
6 Issuance of duplicate licence to a Driving School ₹216

How to Apply For Driving Licence In Nagpur?

To make all licence-related services more accessible for the residents, the processes have now been streamlined using the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

Now, you can apply for any of these services from the comfort of your home. Here is how you can make a driving licence application online:**

Nagpur Driving Licence Application Process: Online

Step 1: Visit the official Sarathi Parivahan website.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Please select the state from where the service will be taken' dropbox.

Step 3: Select 'Maharashtra' from the list of states.

Step 4: Fill out the application form and ensure you add in all information correctly with the guidelines in mind.

Step 5: Upload original documents as instructed on the page.

Step 6: Upload the photograph and signature as required.

Step 7: In the 'DL Test Slot Booking 'section fill out the required details and select a slot.

Step 8: Pay the Nagpur driving licence fees online as per the options available on the portal.

Step 9: Verify the status of your payment.

Step 10: Save the receipt on the screen and print it for future use.

If you are uncomfortable with the digital approach, you can still apply for a driving licence offline. Here is what you can do:

Nagpur Driving Licence Application Process: Offline**

Step 1: Download the required application form, from the Maharashtra Transport Department’s website. The link to the forms portal is mentioned below.

Step 2: Print the application and fill out the form with all the required detailed information according to the guidelines.

Step 3: Apply along with the required documents to the RTO of the jurisdiction.

Step 4: An RLA clerk will verify the application and the documents.

Step 5: Once done, pay the required fees at the RTO.

Step 6: Book a slot for the driving test.

Step 7: Upon clearing the test, one should receive the licence by post.

Useful Links:**

Maharashtra Transport Department Forms

Documents Required for Driving Licence Application Process in Nagpur

The requirement of documents for an application will naturally vary depending on the type of licence you apply for. Here are type-specific checklists of documents for driving licence applications:

Checklist of Documents Needed for a Permanent Driving Licence
1 Learner’s licence
2 Form 4
3 Three copies of recent photographs
4 Proof of age and address
5 Driving school’s certificate in Form 5 for all transport vehicles
6 All valid documents of the vehicle on which the test is to be conducted.
Checklist of Documents Needed for Renewal of a Driving Licence
1 Expired DL
2 Form 9
3 Form 1 or 1 A (for transport vehicles only)
4 Passport-size Photograph
Checklist of Documents Needed for a Duplicate Driving Licence
1 Form LLD
2 Old licence if torn/defaced or a police report if lost
3 Two copies of recent passport-size photographs
Checklist of Documents Needed for an International Driving Permit
1 Valid Driving License along with certified copies
2 Photocopy of Valid Passport
3 Photocopy of Valid Visa
4 Medical Certificate in Form IA
5 Form 4-A

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Driving Licence in Nagpur

  • For a permanent driver’s licence, the applicant must have a learner's licence. Additionally, the applicant must be 18 or over the age of 18. With this licence, the applicant can drive all motor vehicles except large transport vehicles.

  • For commercial vehicles, the applicant must be at least 20 and must undergo related training at an authorised driving school.

  • Learning licences can be applied for by individuals between the ages of 16 to 18. However, they are only allowed to operate motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc during this period. The application for a permanent licence after the acquisition of a learning licence must be done within 180 days of the issuance of the learning licence.

How to Check the Status of Your Driving Licence Application Process?

Streamlining the process for application of various licence-related services also offers the benefit of being able to track the status of the application online.

This helps you stay updated and also prepare for any rejections or additional requirements that may arise. Here is how you can do it:**

Step 1: Visit the official Sarathi Parivahan website.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Please select the state from where the service will be taken' dropbox.

Step 3: Select 'Maharashtra ' from the list of states.

Step 4: Click on Apply Online.

Step 5: Select Application Status.

Step 6: Your application status will be available for your checking.

How is the Driving Licence Test Conducted in Nagpur?

Initially, the driving licence tests in Nagpur were conducted by the Regional Transport Office but with the new regulations introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), applicants can also take their driving tests at authorised private driving schools.

The patterns for the driving tests will remain the same and will revolve around testing the driving ability and road safety knowledge of the applicant. Here is what you can expect during a standard test:

Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers

The test for two and three-wheelers is carried out by having the applicant navigate a designated course. These course boundaries are marked by traffic cones which the applicant needs to avoid while navigating through the course safely.

Furthermore, the applicant is also required to drive in a figure 8 pattern while commanding adequate control over the vehicle and balance.

Four-Wheeler Test

Similarly, the test for four-wheelers involves a similar course with cones that they need to drive through without running into or knocking off any cones. The applicant needs to showcase adequate control over the vehicle during turns and ensure they drive within the given space carefully.

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Disclaimer / TnC

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