Echallan Anand

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Echallan Anand

Anand is a district in Gujarat and is lovingly called the ‘Milk capital of India’. Due to its fast industrialisation, the city has seen a steep rise in its population. Roadways are the most common form of transportation for the residents of Anand.

With the ever-increasing traffic on the roads, traffic violations are common in Anand. Hence, to handle such situations, Road and Transport Authorities in Anand have issued an e-challan system. Under this system, those who violate traffic laws will get an e-challan in Anand.

Individuals can easily make the vehicle challan online payment in Anand. In this guide, we will discuss more about the RTO challan in Anand.

What is an Anand Traffic Police E-challan?

Anand traffic challan is a fine issued by the RTO authorities for violating traffic rules and laws. These challans can be issued online or offline. An e-challan in Anand is a digital copy of the fine.

An automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera has been installed on the traffic signal. If an individual violates any traffic law, the device captures the number plate of the erring vehicle.

The traffic police operate the device and issue an e-challan, which is sent directly to the violator's registered number.

What is the Information Present in an E-challan in Anand?

The e-challan in Anand contains various information:

Vehicle Information: The very first detail the E-challan in Anand contains is the vehicle information. The vehicle information includes licence plate number, colour, vehicle name, model, etc.

Unique Identification Number (UIN): Another detail the challan contains is the unique identification number. The UIN number is used to track the Anand challan status.

Reason for E-Challan Issuance: In addition, the Anand traffic police also state the reason for the issuance of a challan and fine by stating the violation, such as rash driving, parking in a prohibited zone, and more.

Time and Location of Traffic Violation: The Anand traffic challan also contains the time and location of the traffic rule violation. It specifies the exact details of where and when the violation occurred.

Fine Amount: The RTO challan in Anand specifies the exact fine amount as decided by the authority based on the violation.

Fine Payment Instructions: Other than the fine amount, the challan also specifies the instructions for making a payment for challan online and offline.

Contact Information: Lastly, it contains the contact information of the authorities in case the vehicle owner has any doubts or queries regarding the challan.

How Does an Anand E-challan Work?

  • The traffic police in Anand have installed surveillance cameras, ANPR machines, etc., in the major traffic areas. These machines issue challans. In case of any traffic rules violation, the camera captures the vehicle details, and the traffic police issues challan against vehicle owners using ANPR.

  • The violator will receive a text or email about the traffic rules violation on their smartphone device.

  • After the traffic challan is issued, the violator must pay it on time. Failure to pay a challan on time can result in additional charges or a summons from the court. Individuals can pay using e-challan Parivahan in Anand.

How to Perform an Online Anand RTO Fine Check?

To check online challan in Anand, individuals have the following methods:**

Via the Parivahan Website

Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: Next, click on the "Online Services" option.

Step 3: Then select the "e-challan" option.

Step 4: Now, click on the "Get Challan Details" option.

Step 5: Enter the challan number and captcha, and then click on the "Get Details" options.

Step 6: The e-challan Parivhan Anand details will appear on the screen.

Via the Gujarat Government's Website

Step 1: Visit the official website of Gujarat e-challan Online Payment System.

Step 2: Enter the vehicle number and code on the required field.

Step 3: After entering the details, click the "Submit" button.

Step 4: The portal will display the challan information and due amount.

How to Perform an Anand Traffic Fine Payment Online?

To do the vehicle challan online payment in Anand, individuals have the following methods:**

Using Parivahan Sewa Website

Step 1: To do the Anand traffic challan payment, visit the official Parivahan Sewa e-challan webpage.

Step 2: Select the suitable option:** challan number, vehicle number, and driving licence number.

Step 3: Depending on the choice, enter the details and captcha code and then click on the "Get Details" button.

Step 4: The challan details will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Select the challan and click on the "Proceed to Pay" button.

Step 6: A message will be displayed on the screen; after reading it, double-click on the "OK" button.

Step 7: Next, make a payment using the preferred payment method.

Step 8: After a successful payment, a message will appear for the confirmation of payment.

Step 9: Download the payment receipt of the fine payment for future reference.

Using Gujarat Government's Website

Step 1: Visit the official Gujarat Government e-challan webpage.

Step 2: Next, enter the vehicle number and displayed code and then click on the "Submit" button.

Step 3: On the new page, the information of the due e-challan will appear.

Step 4: Select the challan and click on the "Make Payment" option.

Step 5: Next, make a payment for the challan using a preferred method of payment.

Step 6: Once the payment is received, a confirmation message will appear with a transaction ID.

Where Can I Complete My E-Challan Payment in Anand Offline?

To do the e-challan payment offline, follow the below-mentioned **Steps.

Step 1: Reach out to the traffic police inspector or visit the nearest RTO office.

Step 2: Show the issued traffic challan to the authority.

Step 3: The authority will verify the issued challan in their database.

Step 4: After the verification, they will ask individuals to pay the traffic challan payment using the preferred mode of payment.

Step 5: Once the payment is made, the individual will get the payment receipt for future reference.

Anand RTO Fine Check: How to Know My Payment Status for Pending/Failed Transactions?

Step 1: To find out whether an e-challan is pending or failed in Anand, visit the official Parivahan Sewa e-challan page.

Step 2: Next, click on the "Check Failed Transactions" or "Check Pending Transactions" option.

Step 3: Enter the challan or vehicle number and then enter the captcha code.

Step 4: After entering the details, click on the "Get Details" button.

Step 5: The portal will display the failed or pending translation status. If you need any assistance resolving the issue, you can reach out to the support staff.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued a Wrong E-challan in Anand?

The e-challan is issued online in Anand, and there is a possibility that the wrong challan has been issued to a person due to a technical error. In such a situation, individuals need not pay for the e-challan.

However, individuals need to carry out the procedure to cancel the issued challan by filing a request on the Grievance System.

Other than this, individuals can also reach out to the authorities via phone or email address.


Contact No: 0120-4925505

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Avoid Anand Police E-challans

Vehicle owners in Anand need to follow the traffic safety rules and protocols to avoid fines and penalties from the authorities. Some of the standard traffic safety rules are listed below:**

No Use of Gadgets While Driving or Riding: One of the essential road safety rules every vehicle owner needs to follow is to avoid using gadgets while driving or riding. It is best to keep the eyes on the road while driving and keep the phones on silent mode to avoid distraction.

Mobile phones can cause distraction which can lead to major or minor accidents. Further, if the vehicle owner is found using a mobile phone while driving, then authorities can issue a traffic challan.

Wear Helmet While Riding: Another safety protocol every two-wheeler rider needs to follow is wearing a helmet while riding. A helmet is the safety gear that protects the rider's head during an accident. Head injuries can be deadly, and hence, it is crucial to wear a helmet while riding.

However, most riders overlook this and ride their bike without a helmet. Thus, the government has issued a penalty for individuals who ride without wearing a helmet. Both riders and pillion riders need to wear a helmet to avoid a fine from the authorities.

Wear Seatbelt While Driving: In addition to a helmet, all four-wheeler drivers need to wear a seatbelt while driving. The seatbelt is a safety feature offered by the four-wheeler manufacturer to protect the driver or passenger in a collision. Many people overlook wearing seatbelts while driving, so the government made it mandatory. Drivers and passengers need to wear seatbelts while driving to avoid fines from the authorities.

Follow Traffic Signals: Another traffic rule to avoid fines and penalties is to follow all the traffic signal rules. These rules are put in place to avoid traffic congestion and for pedestrian safety. However, many times, in a hurry, people overlook the traffic signal and harm pedestrians.

Follow Speed Limit Protocol: Road and transport authorities have installed speed limit boards on state and national highways. These sign boards ensure the compliance of speed limits on the board.

Not obeying the traffic limit can lead to an accident. Further, authorities have the right to generate a challan against the speed limit violator.

Follow Parking Rules: Vehicle owners must park their vehicles in the designated spot. Many times, vehicle owners park their vehicles in prohibited areas or zones. In such cases, authorities can tow the vehicle and issue a challan against the violator.

Validity of the Anand Police E-challans

The e-challan payment in Anand needs to be made within 60 days of issuance. After the challan is issued, individuals can pay it online and offline. If an individual does not pay a fine on time, the authorities can impose additional fines and take legal action.

  • If an individual does not pay a fine within 60 days, the police inspector will contact the violator's address to collect the fine.

  • If an individual did not pay a fine to the inspector then a court summons is issued against the person. Failure to respond to a summons can lead to cancellation of a driving licence until all dues are paid.

What are the Anand Police E-challan Fines and Penalties?

Below is the revised list of penalties and fines for Gujarat traffic violations as per the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019:

Offence Penalty
Driving without a Seatbelt ₹500
Triple Riding on Two-wheeler ₹100
Driving without Helmet ₹500
Driving without a Valid Driving Licence ₹500 (First time offence)
₹1000 (Second time offence)
Blocking Emergency Vehicle Passage ₹1000
Road Regulations Violations ₹1000 - ₹5000 and 6 months to 1 year prison.
Rash Driving ₹1000
Traffic Signal Violations ₹1000
Drink and Drive ₹10000 or 6-month imprisonment
₹15000 or 2-year jail imprisonment.

Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle In Anand Without Being Fined?

Below is the list of documents individuals need to have before getting behind the wheel:

Driving Licence: Individuals need to have a valid driving licence while driving in Anand. This document specifies that the person possesses necessary driving skills. Traffic police inspectors can ask for the licence during inspection. In case of driving without a licence, the authority can issue a fine.

Vehicle Registration Certificate: In addition to a driving licence, vehicle owners must always carry the vehicle's registration certificate (RC). This is an ownership certificate that can be checked by an authority at the time of inspection. RC is generally issued at the time of vehicle registration.

Permit: If the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, the owner needs to have all the necessary permits issued by the authorities. These permits are essential for moving freely from one point to another. Failure to get a permit can invite a fine from the authorities.

Pollution Under Control Certificate: All vehicles on the road need a pollution under control certificate. The RTO authorities issue this certificate after the vehicle is inspected for environmental standards.

Motor Insurance: Another essential document vehicle owners need to have is a third-party motor insurance policy. Driving without motor insurance can invite a fine from the authorities.

Why Should You Have Valid Motor Insurance to Be on the Safe Side?

All vehicle owners must have a basic motor insurance policy for their vehicles, as it is mandatory by law. A third-party car or bike insurance policy offers financial safety to vehicle owners against third-party person and property damage caused by the insured vehicle.

Driving without basic four or two-wheeler insurance can result in fines from the authorities. However, the coverage in the basic car and bike insurance policy is limited.

Hence, it is best to opt for a comprehensive four or two-wheeler insurance plan. Tata AIG is a reputed insurance company that offers various car and bike insurance plans catered to individual needs.

Additionally, you can find a four and two-wheeler insurance calculator that provides information on the premium rates based on the selected coverage and add-ons.

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An e-challan system in Anand offers convenience to individuals who pay their traffic challan on time without any delay. It also helps the traffic police inspector issue the challan on time and curbs traffic rules violations.

After the e-challan is issued in Anand, individuals can pay it online and offline within the decided time frame. Failure to pay the challan on time can invite additional fines and legal actions from the authorities.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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