Echallan Vijaywada

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Echallan Vijaywada

Vijayawada, which was earlier known as Bezawada, is the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It is known for its rich heritage, history, natural beauty and temples. People from all around go to visit some of the most famous temples in Vijayawada, like the Kanaka Durga temple.

However, as the population in the city has increased, so has the number of vehicles. The traffic jams in the city and the highway that connects it face major traffic jams. This has been a major problem and a huge challenge for the city’s RTO to maintain road safety and smooth traffic flow.

The city has implemented the E-Challan system to instil a sense of road discipline and minimise traffic violations. It helps the Vijayawada traffic police catch violators and encourages citizens to follow traffic rules and regulations.

So, if you are visiting Vijayawada or living in the city and have received an E-Challan Vijayawada, read this article to learn all about E-Challans, how to check them, and how to pay them.

What is a Vijayawada Police E-Challan?

If you are found violating any traffic rules in Vijayawada, you will receive an E-Challan as a penalty for the same. This system is implemented to digitise the challan system and ease the Vijayawada traffic police officers’ job in catching the violators.

This system also promotes the importance of following traffic laws and maintaining road safety. These challans are issued using automated systems and integrated databases, and the authority to issue them lies with the Vijayawada traffic police officers.

The E-Challans can be issued for any of the offences and the fines charged will depend on your offence. For example, if you were caught driving without a driver’s licence, your E-Challan will charge you with a fine of ₹5,000.

What is the Information Present in an E-Challan Vijayawada?

Offence Details: Your E-Challan Vijayawada will display the reason for the fine by giving the information about your offence.

Information About Your Vehicle: It will also have information about the vehicle you were driving, such as its colour, registration number, make, etc.

Unique Identification Number (UIN): It will have a UIN, which is unique for every challan and helps you during payments and tracking its status.

Challan Date: Your E-Challan Vijayawada will have a date of issue. You will have to clear your fine by referring to the issue date so that you do not exceed the validity.

Location and Time: It will also have information on where and when you received a challan, such as timestamps.

Fine Amount: Based on your offence, your E-Challan will have the amount you need to pay.

State: The challan will also mention the name of the state where you were issued with it.

Contact Information: In case you face issues while completing the payment process, your E-Challan Vijayawada will have a contact number to help you with the resolution.

How Does a Vijayawada Police E-Challan Work?

  • The E-Challan system was implemented to help the Vijayawada traffic police officers maintain road safety standards and other RTO functionalities. It is an automated system, which is integrated with Sarathi and Parivahan databases.

  • The police officers can issue a challan automatically using this system. It works using the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras via the installed CCTV cameras. Once the camera captures a violator, it fetches the vehicle’s information with the help of the integrated databases.

  • If you receive an E-Challan, you will receive a notification via SMS on your registered mobile number. You may also receive a copy of your challan from a Vijayawada traffic police officer on duty.

How to Perform an Online Vijayawada Challan Status Check?

Via the Parivahan Website

  • Go to the official Parivahan website.

  • You can find all of its services under the “Online Services” tab.

  • Next, visit the portal by clicking on the “eChallan” tab.

  • Click on “Get Challan Details” on the login page.

  • Enter your Challan Number along with Captcha and Submit.

  • You can now check your E-Challan Parivahan Vijayawada status.

Via the Vijayawada Traffic Police Website

  • Go to the official Vijayawada police website.

  • Go to the “Services” tab on the homepage.

  • You will find the “Traffic Challan Status” in the dropdown menu.

  • You will be taken to a status check page where you can also find the contact numbers of police officers.

  • Simply enter your vehicle number and click on “Get Details.”

  • You can now check your online challan in Vijayawada.

How to Perform a Vehicle Challan Online Payment in Vijayawada?

You can pay your E-Challans using any one of the following methods:

  • Via the official state/city police website

  • Via the official state police app

  • Via Parivahan website

  • Via the Paytm app.

Via the Vijayawada Traffic Police Department Website

  • Visit the official Vijayawada Traffic Police portal.

  • Click on AP Police under Police E-Challans.

  • Enter your vehicle’s registration number along with the Captcha.

  • Click on Show Details.

  • Select the challan and select your mode of payment.

  • Complete the payment and download the receipt.

Via the E-Challan Parivahan Vijayawada Portal

  • Visit the E-Challan Parivahan portal.

  • Go to 'Pay Online'.

  • Enter either of three: Challan Number, Vehicle Number or Driver's Licence Number.

  • Enter Captcha and click on 'Get Details'.

  • Choose the E-Challan(s) to proceed with its payment.

  • Complete your payment via your preferred mode of payment.

  • Download the receipt and save it for future reference and as proof of payment.

Via Paytm App

  • Download the Paytm app via the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • You can also visit their website and sign in.

  • Go to “All Payment Services” and click on “Challans”.

  • Select the traffic authority as Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police.

  • Next, enter your challan number/ RC number/ driving licence number.

  • Verify the details of your active challan and pay using your preferred payment mode.

Where Can I Complete My E-Challan Payment in Vijayawada Offline?

Via a Traffic Police Officer

  • If you have a pending E-Challan Vijayawada and are not able to pay via online payment methods, you can clear them with a traffic police officer, too. You can simply go to a traffic police officer with an E-Challan electronic machine and inform them about your challan.

  • Ensure that you carry your necessary documents with you before going to the officer. You will need to enter your challan number or your vehicle registration number. Once the officer inputs the details, verify them and proceed with the payment. You can pay via online payment modes or cash.

Visit Your Nearest Vijayawada Traffic Police Station

  • Alternatively, you can pay your dues by visiting the nearest Vijayawada traffic police station. Carry all your necessary documents, such as a driving licence, insurance, registration certificate (RC), PUC, etc.

  • Once you go to the station, you will need to hand over the documents along with the challan number. Verify the input details and the appropriate RTO challan Vijayawada details, and complete the payment.

Vijayawada Challan Status Check: How to Know My Payment Status for Pending/Failed Transactions?

  • Go to the official Parivahan website.

  • Next, click on E-Challan, listed under Online Services.

  • To check the status, click on Get Challan Details.

  • Click on “Check Pending Transaction” or “Check Failed Transaction,” which appears on the left panel.

  • Enter your Challan number or vehicle number and Captcha.

  • Click on “Get Details”.

  • The status of your payment of challan will appear here.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued a Wrong E-Challan Vijayawada?

Since most Vijayawada traffic challans are issued via automated systems that capture and identify the vehicles that violate the rules, there is a chance that you may receive the wrong RTO Challan Vijayawada. If you face such a situation, here is what you can do:

  • Raise a formal complaint with the Parivahan website’s Grievance System. Once you go to this portal, you can enter the details that explain the error in the challan.

  • The ticket will also require you to fill in some more details about you and your vehicle.

  • If you have already registered a complaint with them, you can check its status on the same webpage.

Additionally, you can contact them if there are any more queries using their helpline number, 0120-4925505 or via email to

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Avoid Vijayawada Police E-Challans

If you do not want to receive any Vijayawada traffic challans and avoid paying hefty fines, you must follow all the traffic rules meticulously. These are some of the rules you must follow while driving on the roads of Vijayawada:**

  • Wear a helmet while riding a bike.

  • Carry important vehicle-related documents.

  • Wear a seatbelt while driving or riding in a car.

  • Avoid overspeeding

  • Always park in a parking zone only.

  • Follow traffic lights

Now, let us understand them in detail:

Wear a Helmet While Riding a Bike: You are legally required for every bike driver and pillion rider to wear a helmet while riding a bike. While its violation will result in an E-Challan, it can pose an even greater risk to your life while driving through busy roads.

Carry Important Vehicle-Related Documents: No matter where you are driving in the country, it is mandatory that you carry all the necessary documents with you. This includes a valid driver’s licence, RC, PUC, permits (for certain types of vehicles), and insurance.

Wear a Seatbelt While Driving or Riding in a Car: You must wear a seatbelt to keep yourself safe in cases of motor accidents. It is also a mandatory traffic rule for the driver and passengers to wear a seatbelt to avoid an E-Challan.

Avoid Overspeeding: If you are caught driving over the speed limit on the streets of Vijayawada, the traffic police will issue a Vijayawada traffic challan. So, always be aware of the speed limit while driving.

Park in Permitted Parking Spaces Only: There are designated parking spaces in Vijayawada. Parking in a no-parking zone is an offence, and you will be fined if your vehicle is found parked in the wrong spot.

Follow Traffic Lights: Skipping traffic lights can disrupt the flow of traffic, cause congestion and, in severe cases, result in major accidents. Moreover, if your vehicle jumps a red light, you will get issued a challan. So, always adhere to traffic signals, even when traffic is sparse.

Validity of the Vijayawada Police E-Challans

Vijayawada police E-Challan fines need to be paid within the due date. You are expected to pay the penalty within 60 days of the issue date. If you fail to do so within the stipulated time, you will have to pay an additional fine as compensation for the delay.

Moreover, if you do not pay the fine even after 60 days, a traffic police officer will visit your house and collect the fine themselves. You may also receive a court summons for the same, where you will be asked to clear the fine, or it may lead to suspension of your driving licence.

What are the Vijayawada Police E-Challan Fines and Penalties?

Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle In Vijayawada Without Being Fined?

  • Driver's Licence

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Four-wheeler or Two-wheeler Insurance

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Permit (For Commercial Vehicles)

Let us understand why these documents are needed in detail below:

Driver’s Licence: A driver’s licence is required for every driver to carry while driving in Vijayawada. If a person does not have one, they can be fined and receive an E-Challan.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): Every new vehicle in Vijayawada must be registered with the city’s RTO. Once registered, your vehicle will receive a unique number that acts as identification.

Four-wheeler or Two-wheeler Insurance: Third-party insurance for any vehicle is mandatory by law. This protects your vehicle from financial damages caused by any third-party damage or vice versa.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: A PUC certificate is issued after checking the vehicle’s carbon emissions. This is to ensure that the vehicle does not harm the environment and is safe to drive around the city.

Permit (For Commercial Vehicles): Commercial vehicles such as taxis or cabs require a specific permit which proves the driver’s and the vehicle’s capability to operate for the specified purpose.

Why Should You Have a Valid Bike Insurance Policy to Be on the Safe Side?

A valid 2-wheeler third-party insurance policy protects you from unexpected financial losses incurred due to damages caused by a third party. Since the city faces a lot of traffic jams, riding a bike through a busy street can be stressful. Having a bike insurance policy in place is necessary to minimise the stress and financial burden that may occur with road accidents.

At Tata AIG, a comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance policy safeguards you from perils like theft, accidental damage, own damage, third-party liabilities, damages caused due to natural disasters, and so much more.

Additionally, you can benefit from value-adding features like roadside assistance, cashless repairs, offers on premium rates, easy claim initiation, and access to other multiple add-ons. These are designed to maximise your safety and minimise the financial burden.


An E-Challan system instils discipline and promotes following traffic rules and regulations. It helps the city’s traffic police maintain road safety and catch violators easily.

If you receive an RTO Challan Vijayawada, you can pay them via online or offline methods by following the mentioned steps. Additionally, this blog will guide you through the entire process and help you understand ways by which you can avoid E-Challan Vijayawada.


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