Suzuki Swish Insurance

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Suzuki Swish Insurance

The Suzuki Swish is a scooter manufactured by Suzuki Motorcycles India Limited. It was first introduced in India in 2012. It comes with a variety of features, such as an electric start, alloy wheels, and a digital instrument cluster. The Suzuki Swish is targeted towards urban commuters and is known for its comfortable ride, good fuel efficiency, and low maintenance cost.

The Suzuki Swish has several safety features, including telescopic suspension, disc brakes, a combi-brake system, an automatic headlamp, and a CBS (Combined Braking System) that ensures a safe ride.

However, riding a two-wheeler is risky in India, and avoiding accidents or collisions is not always possible. Therefore, it is essential to look for a two-wheeler insurance policy that offers complete financial protection from damages due to such incidents.

In India, every bike/scooter needs to have third-party insurance for a two-wheeler policy that offers coverage for third-party liabilities that can arise due to an accident caused by it. However, since these policies do not offer coverage for damage to the insured bike, many people opt for a comprehensive policy. If you are looking for 360-degree protection for your Swish, then you must consider buying a comprehensive Tata AIG Suzuki Swish bike insurance policy.

Tata AIG offers comprehensive Suzuki bike insurance plans that cover third-party liabilities and damages to your bike. You can buy Suzuki bike insurance online or opt for Suzuki bike insurance renewal of an existing TATA AIG policy in a hassle-free manner.

Purchase or Renew Suzuki Swish Insurance Online with Tata AIG

With TATA AIG, you can buy Suzuki Swish insurance online or renew it without having to visit our branch/office. The process is simple and easy and allows you to compare policies using a free online bike insurance calculator to find the most cost-efficient policy for your needs. Here are the steps to buy/renew Suzuki Swish insurance from TATA AIG:

  • Visit to buy a new policy or Suzuki Swish insurance renewal
  • Go to the top menu, click on All Products, and then select “Bike Insurance” to visit the Bike Insurance Page
  • On the top of the page, enter the registration number of the bike in the form.
  • Get Price: If you want to buy a new policy, then click on the Get Price button
  • Renew: If you are looking for Suzuki two-wheeler insurance renewal, then click the Renew button
  • Provide the requested details on the next page like your personal information, details of your bike, and existing insurance policy (if applicable)
  • Once we get all the required information, we will display the premium amount for a basic Suzuki Swish comprehensive policy
  • On this page, we will also list IDVs or Insured Declared Values of a Swish bike. Make sure that you choose the IDV carefully as it will impact the sum insured by the policy and its premium
  • The next page will allow you to choose add-on covers to customize the policy as per your requirements. If you are renewing your policy, then you can remove existing covers and include new ones as per your needs
  • Also, for renewals, make sure that you provide details of any claims filed during the previous policy term or claim your No Claim Bonus discount
  • After we receive these details, we will offer a final premium for the policy
  • Pay the premium using one of the digital payment methods available
  • Receive the policy documents at your registered email address

Suzuki Swish Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

There are different types of bike insurance policies available for a Suzuki Swish bike. These policies have varying features and are available at different price ranges. Before buying a policy, make sure that you shop around and look at different providers and plans. Compare features and prices carefully to find the perfect protection for your bike. Here are some factors that can impact the premium of a comprehensive Suzuki Swish bike insurance policy:

  • Type of bike: The make, model, and engine size of the bike can affect the premium. High-end, expensive bikes will typically have higher premiums.
  • Age of the bike: The age of the bike can also affect the premium. Older bikes may be considered more likely to be involved in accidents, leading to higher premiums.
  • Usage of the bike: The intended usage of the bike, such as for personal or business use, can also affect the premium.
  • Coverage limits: The amount of coverage desired can affect the premium. Higher coverage limits will typically result in higher premiums.
  • Voluntary Deductible: The higher the voluntary deductible, the lower the premium will be.
  • Rider's age and experience: The age and experience of the rider can also affect the premium. Younger and less experienced riders may be considered more likely to be involved in accidents, leading to higher premiums.
  • Rider's location: The location where the bike will be primarily used can also affect the premium. Risks such as theft and accidents may be higher in certain areas, leading to higher premiums.
  • Discounts: Insurance companies may offer discounts for safety features on the bike, or if the rider takes a safety course.
  • Claims history: If the policyholder has a history of making claims, the premium may be higher.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Suzuki Swish Insurance

Every insurer will have a defined list of inclusions and exclusions for a comprehensive Suzuki Swish bike insurance policy. Make sure that you go through this list to understand the scope and extent of the coverage and avoid claim rejections in the future. Here are the things covered and not covered under a TATA AIG Suzuki Swish insurance policy:

<td>Personal accident cover: Coverage for death or permanent disability of the rider in case of an accident.</td>
    <td>Damage due to driving under the influence: Damage to the bike or injury to the rider or third party if the rider is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not covered.</td>
<td>Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred by the rider in case of an accident.</td>
<td>Damage due to racing or speed testing: Damage to the bike or injury to the rider or third party if the bike is being used for racing or speed testing is not covered.</td>
Things covered under Tata AIG Suzuki Swish Insurance Things not covered under Tata AIG Suzuki Swish Insurance
Damage to the bike: Coverage for damage to the bike due to an accident, theft, fire, natural disasters, or any other covered event. Damage due to wear and tear: Damage to the bike due to normal wear and tear, such as rust or corrosion, is not covered.
Third-party liability: Coverage for any damage or injury caused to a third party or their property. Damage due to mechanical or electrical breakdown: Damage to the bike due to mechanical or electrical breakdown is not covered.
Pillion passenger cover: Coverage for medical expenses of a pillion passenger in case of an accident. Damage to accessories: Damage to accessories such as helmets, riding gear, etc. is not covered.
Add-on covers: A wide range of optional covers including consumables cover, engine protector cover, zero depreciation cover, NCB protection cover, roadside assistance cover, and key replacement cover. Damage due to war or nuclear risks: Damage to the bike due to war or nuclear risks is not covered.

Overview: Suzuki Swish

The Suzuki Swish is a 125cc scooter produced by Suzuki Motorcycles India Private Limited. It was first introduced in India in 2012 and is known for its sporty design, comfortable ride, and fuel efficiency.

-Engine and Performance:

The Swish is powered by a 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 8.7 horsepower and 9.8 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a CVT transmission. The scooter has a top speed of around 90 km/h.

-Design and Features:

The Swish features a sporty design with sleek bodywork, an LED headlamp, and a stylish tail section. It comes with a fully digital instrument cluster that displays speed, fuel level, and other important information. The scooter also comes with a comfortable seat, wide handlebars, and a well-cushioned rear suspension.

  • Brakes and Suspension:

The Swish comes with disc brakes on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheel for efficient braking. The suspension system on the scooter consists of telescopic forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear.

  • Dimensions:

The Swish has a length of 1,945 mm, a width of 740 mm, and a height of 1,155 mm. It has a wheelbase of 1,275 mm and a ground clearance of 160 mm. The scooter has a fuel tank capacity of 6 liters.

  • Safety Features:

The Swish comes with standard safety features such as disc brakes at the front wheel and drum brakes at the rear. It also has a sturdy frame for stability. Overall, the Suzuki Swish is a fuel-efficient and sporty scooter that is well-suited for both city and highway riding. Its comfortable ride and fuel-efficient engine make it a popular choice among scooter enthusiasts in India.

Why Is It Important to Have a Suzuki Swish Insurance Plan from TATA AIG?

  • Wide Coverage: TATA AIG offers a wide range of coverage options for bike insurance, including comprehensive coverage and third-party liability coverage.
  • Customizable Policies: TATA AIG allows policyholders to customize their bike insurance policy to fit their specific needs and budget.
  • Discounts: TATA AIG offers discounts for policyholders who install safety features on their bike, or who take a safety course.
  • Cashless claim facility: TATA AIG offers cashless claim facility at more than 3,000 network garages across the country.
  • Online policy purchase and renewal: TATA AIG offers the convenience of buying and renewing the bike insurance policy online.
  • 24/7 customer support: TATA AIG offers 24/7 customer support to answer any questions and assist policyholders with their claims.

Suzuki Swish Variants and Prices

Variant Ex-showroom Price
Suzuki Swish ₹52,642

Unique Selling Points: Suzuki Swish Features

The Suzuki Swish is a scooter manufactured by Suzuki Motorcycles India Limited. Some of the unique selling points of the Suzuki Swish include:

  • Fuel efficiency: The Suzuki Swish is known for its fuel efficiency, with a claimed mileage of around 60 km/l.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: The Suzuki Swish is a lightweight scooter, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Sporty design: The Suzuki Swish has a sporty design, with sleek lines and a stylish look that sets it apart from other scooters in its class.
  • Comfortable ride: The Suzuki Swish has comfortable seating and a smooth ride, making it suitable for long-distance travel.
  • Automatic transmission: The Suzuki Swish is available in automatic transmission, which makes it easy to ride for riders of all experience levels.
  • Affordable price: The Suzuki Swish is considered as an affordable option in the scooter segment and offers a cost-effective way of transportation.
  • Low maintenance: The Suzuki Swish is known for its low maintenance cost, which makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious riders.
  • Good resale value: The Suzuki Swish is known for its good resale value, which makes it a good investment for riders who plan to sell their scooter in the future.
  • Good power and performance: The Suzuki Swish is equipped with a 124cc engine that offers good power and performance, making it a suitable option for city riding.

It's worth noting that the Suzuki Swish is no longer in production, so it's not available for purchase new, but it is still available in the used market.

Top 3 Rivals of Suzuki Swish

  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus
  • Hero Electric Optima
  • Hero Electric NYX

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Q1. How to Claim Suzuki Swish Insurance Policy Online with Tata AIG?

Q1. How to Claim Suzuki Swish Insurance Policy Online with Tata AIG?


The hallmark of a good bike insurance policy is a simple and hassle-free claims process. TATA AIG, one of the most popular names in two-wheeler insurance, has gained popularity for being a reliable name due to its high claim settlement ratio and user-friendly claim settlement process. If you are planning to buy a TATA AIG Suzuki Swish bike insurance policy, then here is a quick look at the steps you will have to follow to file a claim:

  • If you have a TATA AIG Suzuki Swish bike insurance policy and want to file a claim, then you can do it online by visiting the Claims Page on the official website
  • This page allows you to register a new claim via the Initiate Claim option and track the status of an existing claim via the Track Claim option
  • You will have to provide the registered mobile number to initiate the process
  • To file a claim, you will have to enter details of the insured bike, accident, the extent of damage to the bike, and the FIR filed with the police
  • We will inspect the bike to ascertain the damages and calculate the claim settlement amount
  • Once the amount is determined, we will send the bike to a network garage for repairs and return it to you once the repairs are done

Q2. How To Renew Your Tata AIG Suzuki Swish Insurance online?


Many people forget to renew their bike insurance policies and run the risk of riding an uninsured vehicle that is punishable under law. TATA AIG makes the process of bike insurance renewal easy so that you can complete the renewal process online within no time. Here are the steps to renew your Suzuki Swish bike insurance online:

  • Visit TATA AIG’s official website
  • Click on All Products on the top menu and select Bike Insurance to go to the Bike Insurance Page
  • Enter the registration number of your bike in the form at the top of the page and click “Renew”
  • Provide details of the insured bike, the existing policy, claims, and your personal information as requested by the site
  • Add and/or remove add-on covers as per your needs
  • Pay the premium using any of the available digital payment methods
  • Receive the policy documents at your registered email address

Q3. When was the Suzuki Swish discontinued in India?


The Suzuki Swish bike was launched in 2012 and discontinued in 2018 in India.