Triumph Speed 400

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Triumph Speed 400

In the thrilling dawn of the 20th century, a majestic presence emerged on the cobbled streets of Britain — Triumph Motors, a brand revered by all motorcycle enthusiasts. Born in 1902, this British motorcycle marvel embarked on a captivating journey, leaving an indelible mark on the motoring world.

From Triumph's enigmatic adventure bikes beckoning courageous souls to conquer uncharted territories and forge unforgettable memories, each ride echoes the symphony of nostalgia.

But it doesn't end there; for the charismatic roadsters, where the essence of freedom intertwines with the thrill of the ride, the Triumph Speed 400 emerges with a roar. It is a new offering by the international motorcycle brand to the Indian market.

With its features and brand value, Triumph Speed 400 has the potential to disrupt the 400cc category in the Indian bike segment. So, congratulations if you're embracing the untamed spirit of the Triumph Speed 400!

Now, with all that said, owning a Triumph bike can be expensive, making it necessary to get Triumph bike insurance. A long-term two-wheeler insurance policy from Tata AIG can save you from financial losses in case of an accident. Like a steadfast guardian, this bike insurance plan embraces your prized possession, safeguarding you against the uncertainties of the road and ensuring your peace of mind knows no bounds.

Purchasing or Renewing Your Triumph Speed 400 Insurance with Tata AIG Online

Securing comprehensive two-wheeler insurance becomes paramount for all bike owners. Comprehensive bike insurance ensures that in case your prized machine gets into an accident, the repair costs do not dent your savings.

Also, with Tata AIG's seamless and user-friendly online platform, renewing or purchasing your Triumph Speed 400 insurance has never been easier.

  • Head to our official website,, and navigate to the All Products section, where you will find the Bike Insurance option — click on it.

  • Carefully input your Triumph Speed 400's registration number. Whether you seek to purchase a new policy or do a Triumph insurance renewal, we have got you covered. Remember that the validity spans 1 to 5 years for insurance renewal.

  • A swift and straightforward insurance form will grace your screen. Provide your KYC details, including your name, phone number, email address, PAN number, Aadhar number, and more — ensuring a seamless process.

  • To obtain a new policy, furnish essential information about your bike, such as its cost, model, and IDV (Insured Declared Value). If opting for renewal, share details like the policy expiration date, claim history (if applicable), and other pertinent bike insurance information.

  • Those who have never claimed in the past can take advantage of No Claim Bonus (NCB) of up to 50%. It's our way of appreciating your responsible riding and rewarding you with added benefits.

  • To further enhance your insurance coverage, you can choose from seven rider add-on alternatives. Choose wisely, and fortify your policy with the best-suited options.

  • With the information complete, it's time to seal the deal. Pay for the policy online quickly, and rest assured that the process is swift and secure. Upon receipt of your payment, a PDF copy of your insurance plan will gracefully land in your registered email address.

  • And just like that, you have achieved financial protection and peace of mind for your cherished Triumph Speed 400! So, ride confidently, knowing that Tata AIG's reliable insurance covers you at every twist and turn of your extraordinary journey.

Triumph Speed 400 Insurance Price – Your Payable Premium Amount

At Tata AIG, transparency is at the core of our principles, and we take pride in providing a clear breakdown of your payable premium amount. To simplify things for you, our bike insurance calculator considers essential factors like your vehicle's make and model, age, and driving history to calculate your premium accurately.

The premium cost of insurance for bikes depends on a variety of factors. Opting for a mandatory third-party bike insurance plan means the premium amounts are decided yearly by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) based on the cubic capacity (CC) of your motorcycle's engine.

However, more variables are at play when you choose comprehensive bike insurance. Our experts consider your bike's IDV (Insured Declared Value), age, driving history, variant, location, and engine's cubic capacity to determine the premium. Additionally, any modifications made to your bike may impact the premium amount.

Choosing the correct IDV for your Triumph bike is crucial, as it represents the current market value of your bike and the total insurance payout you would receive if it were declared a total loss. Obtaining the IDV is an easy process at your dealership.

While a third-party bike insurance plan is mandatory, it only covers damages to third-party property or injuries. A comprehensive Triumph insurance online plan from Tata AIG offers much more. It provides extensive coverage for your bike, including protection against theft, accidents, and natural disasters, granting you peace of mind and unmatched financial security.

Additional Rider Plans for Your Triumph Speed 400 Insurance

Unlocking an additional layer of protection and peace of mind, Tata AIG presents a range of comprehensive rider plans that go above and beyond the standard Triumph Speed 400 insurance policy. These riders are meticulously designed to safeguard you and your prized machine from the unforeseen, ensuring you ride with unwavering confidence on every adventure.

Personal Accident Cover: With this rider, you gain invaluable protection against the uncertainties of life. It provides coverage for accidental death or permanent disability of the policyholder, offering a safety net for you and your loved ones.

Pillion Rider Cover: Extend care to your pillion rider with this thoughtful rider plan. In case of an unfortunate event resulting in accidental death or permanent disability, this cover shields your co-passenger with the same level of protection as the policyholder.

Zero Depreciation Cover: Embrace the assurance of complete coverage without worrying about depreciation. This rider ensures that the cost of bike repairs or replacement parts is fully covered, allowing you to restore your Triumph Speed 400 to its pristine glory without any depreciation deduction.

Return-to-Invoice Cover: Financial security takes centre stage with this rider, assuring you that the total value of your bike will be covered in case of total loss or theft. Rest easy, knowing you won't bear the brunt of the loss in such unfortunate circumstances.

Consumable Cover: Small yet essential components play a vital role in repairs. This rider takes care of the cost of consumables like oil, nuts, and bolts, ensuring that no detail is overlooked when restoring your bike after an accident.

Engine Protect Cover: Your bike's engine, the heart of its power, deserves special attention. With this rider, you gain coverage for damages caused by water ingression or oil leakage, safeguarding the core of your Triumph Speed 400.

Roadside Assistance Cover: Empower yourself with 24/7 assistance, ready to aid you during breakdowns or accidents. This rider ensures you're never stranded, from towing services to fuel delivery and other emergency assistance.

Remember: The Triumph insurance price slightly increases with each valuable add-on you select. However, rest assured that with each incremental addition, the benefits far outweigh the modest increase.

Things Included/Excluded Under Tata AIG’s Triumph Speed 400 Bike Insurance Policy

Understanding the specific inclusions and exclusions is crucial to make an informed and well-protected insurance policy purchase. Below is a comprehensive table to help you know what Tata AIG Triumph Speed 400 covers and does not.

Things Included under Tata AIG’s Triumph Speed 400 Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG’s Triumph Speed 400 Insurance
This policy shields you from many potential risks and uncertainties by offering personal damage cover. In the event of accidents, fires, man-made disasters, and other hazards. Our insurance policy does not cover regular depreciation, mechanical and electrical malfunctions, or age-related problems.
Total Loss Cover is a pivotal feature within our comprehensive bike insurance plan, offering a vital safety net in distress. If your beloved Triumph Speed 400 experiences severe damage or loss beyond repair, this coverage ensures you receive a reimbursement equivalent to the bike's current market value. The policy does not cover losses sustained if the bike is used for racing, reliability testing, speed testing, or other high-risk activities. These activities are considered outside the scope of the standard insurance coverage.
Any liabilities arising from third-party property damage or bodily injury caused by your Triumph Speed 400 to others are covered. Our insurance policy will not provide compensation or coverage if any loss or damage occurs while riding without a helmet or the necessary credentials.
In the unfortunate event of an accident involving your Triumph Speed 400, this coverage extends a protective umbrella with a substantial Personal Accident coverage amount of ₹15 lakhs. Please be aware that our bike insurance policy does not extend coverage to bikes used for commercial reasons. The insurance is intended to protect the personal use of the bike.
Designed to complement your existing policy, our add-ons offer various benefits, empowering you to tailor your insurance coverage to suit your unique needs.
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Pillion Rider Cover
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Return-to-Invoice Cover
  • Consumable Cover
  • Engine Protect Cover
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Our policy does not cover losses caused by breaking and trespassing in the unfortunate event of bike theft. If the theft occurs under such circumstances, any resulting losses or damages will not be compensable under the insurance policy.

    Why Should You Get Tata AIG Triumph Speed 400 Insurance Policy?

    Imagine yourself cruising down a picturesque winding road on your Triumph two-wheeler, embracing the liberating sensation of the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open road. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, a reckless driver abruptly cuts in front of you, leading to a collision that damages your beloved bike and injures you.

    Thankfully, you possess the reliable protection of Tata AIG Triumph Speed 400 insurance, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind in such critical situations. Here are some remarkable benefits that set our bike insurance plan apart:**

    Comprehensive Coverage: With Tata AIG, you enjoy extensive coverage against many risks and perils. We have you covered from accidents and theft to natural disasters and third-party liabilities.

    Tailored Add-on Riders: Enhance your protection with our array of add-on riders tailored to meet your unique needs. These include personal accident cover, zero depreciation cover, and roadside assistance cover.

    Effortless Claim Settlement: At Tata AIG, we understand the urgency of claim settlements. Our hassle-free process ensures swift and efficient resolution so you can get back on the road quickly. Moreover, benefit from our extensive network of cashless garages for added convenience.

    Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Your peace of mind is our priority, so our 24/7 customer support is at your service whenever you require assistance with your policy, claims, or any other queries.

    Trusted Brand Reputation: Tata AIG is a reliable and trustworthy brand in the insurance sector. Count on us to provide top-notch assistance and support during challenging times.

    Affordable Premiums with Attractive Discounts: We understand the value of your hard-earned money. Our bike insurance plans come with affordable premiums and various discounts, helping you save while receiving quality coverage.

    Triumph Speed 400: A Brief Overview of the Bike and Its USPs

    Triumph's latest addition to its lineup, the Triumph Speed 400, marks an exciting venture into small-capacity bikes. True to its name, the Speed 400 has an all-new 398.15cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, showcasing an impressive performance. With a power output of 40PS at 8000rpm and a torque of 37.5Nm at 6500rpm, this bike delivers a spirited ride harmoniously mated to a 6-speed transmission featuring a slip-and-assist clutch for seamless gear changes.

    One standout feature of the Speed 400 is Triumph's commitment to rider convenience and affordability. The bike boasts an extended service interval of 16,000km, allowing riders to enjoy extended smooth riding before requiring maintenance. In addition to its low-cost ownership, the claimed mileage of 28.3kmpl further solidifies the Speed 400's reputation as an economical choice.

    With its attractive pricing, the Speed 400 is set to become the most affordable Triumph bike in India and worldwide. This move aims to attract budget-conscious riders to Triumph, allowing them to experience the brand's legendary engineering and craftsmanship without compromising performance.

    Listed below are some of the unique selling points of the bike:

    • The Triumph Speed 400 boasts a quintessential design that seamlessly integrates with its modern classic range, exuding timeless appeal that stands proudly alongside its counterparts.

    • The bike's build quality, fit, and finish are unparalleled, making it a clear standout in its broad segment. Triumph's commitment to excellence is evident, offering riders a premium and durable motorcycle.

    • Practicality is a strong suit of the Speed 400, as it exhibits excellent ground clearance for real-world riding conditions. The bike's suspension setup provides a reasonably plush and comfortable ride, ensuring a pleasant journey on various terrains.

    • The Speed 400 strikes the right balance between excitement and approachability, making it an excellent choice for new riders and those returning after a hiatus. Its user-friendly characteristics and forgiving handling will win over riders of all experience levels.

    Triumph Speed 400 Bike Variants and Prices

    The Triumph Speed 400 currently offers an enticing option in the form of the "Triumph Speed 400 STD" variant. Priced at an attractive ex-showroom rate of ₹2,33,000, this model showcases an impressive combination of features and performance that sets it apart in the market.

    Top 5 Competitors of the Triumph Speed 400

    Harley Davidson X440

    BMW 310R

    Royal Enfield Classic 350

    Yezdi Roadster

    TVS Apache 310 RR

    Disclaimer / TnC

    Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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    In August 2017, Bajaj Auto announced a strategic partnership with Triumph Motorcycles. The collaboration aimed to jointly develop and market mid-size motorcycles, though it was a non-equity partnership. Furthermore, Bajaj has recently taken over the sales and marketing operations of Triumph India.

    How does the claim settlement process work for the bike insurance policy?


    To file a claim with Tata AIG, promptly inform them about the incident via their customer care number or online portal. Follow the steps to initiate the process and submit essential documents, including the bike's RC, FIR, insurance policy copy, and other required paperwork.

    After receiving the documentation, Tata AIG will thoroughly verify the claim's validity and extent. Once confirmed, the claim amount will be directly settled into your designated bank account, ensuring a smooth and efficient claims settlement experience.

    Is obtaining Roadside Assistance cover-wise for my Triumph Speed 400 bike?


    Indeed, adding roadside assistance cover to your Triumph Speed 400 bike is a prudent and valuable decision. This coverage offers peace of mind by providing round-the-clock service in the unfortunate event of a breakdown or emergency.

    Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.