Driving License Renewal Mangalore

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Driving Licence Renewal Mangalore

Mangalore is a major industrial port and commercial centre connected to other cities via highways such as NH-66, NH-48, and NH-13. Significant development has also been made in the city's roads and infrastructure to reduce congestion and make it safer.

In addition to developing the road infrastructure, the authorities also emphasise that motorists follow the traffic rules. One mandatory requirement for a motorist is a Mangalore driving licence. All vehicle owners in Mangalore must have a DL to prove their driving capabilities.

If your driving licence has expired, you must apply for RTO Mangalore licence renewal either online or offline. If you have questions regarding driving licences in Mangalore, the renewal process, etc., then read this guide until the end.

Driving Licence Validity in Mangalore

If you hold a driving licence in Mangalore, it is essential to know the validity of the document so you can renew it on time and safeguard yourself from getting any fines and penalties.

A DL validity in Mangalore and all across India lasts 20 years from the date it is issued or till the date the holder turns 40 years old, whichever is earlier. After 40 years of age, a driver’s licence is valid for 10 years and after that, 5 years.

Here is a closer look at the DL validity in Mangalore and all over India:

  • For individuals less than 30 years old, validity is when they turn 40.

  • For individuals between 30-50 years old, the validity period is 10 years.

  • For individuals between 50-55 years old, the licence is valid till they attain the age of 60 years.

  • If an individual is more than 55 years old, the driving licence is valid for 5 years only.

Step-By-Step Process for Renewal of Driving Licence After Expiry in Mangalore

Individuals who hold a driving licence must be aware of the expiry date of their licences and apply for renewal in time. There are two ways to renew the driving licence in Mangalore:

  • Online

  • Offline

Online Renewal of Driving Licence After Expiry in Mangalore

  • Open the Parivahan Sewa website on your computer to start the driving licence renewal online in mangalore.

  • Navigate to the “Online Services” tab and choose “Driving Licence-Related Services.”

  • On the Parivahan Sarathi page, scroll down and select the State Karnataka from the dropdown menu.

  • Select “Apply for DL Renewal” from the various options that are available on the screen.

  • Read the instructions provided on the next page. Then, click “Continue.”

  • Provide your personal information, such as birth date and DL number.

  • Input the captcha code correctly, tick the terms and conditions box and click “Proceed.”

  • Next, you must fill out the necessary forms and upload documents as required. Then, click “Submit.” (Note: If you are over 40 years old, it is mandatory to get a certificate from a medical practitioner stating your physical fitness)

  • Make the payment using the methods available.

  • You must download and save the acknowledgement receipt and preserve the application number. You will require it at a later stage as proof of payment.

  • Book an appointment at the nearest RTO to your location and visit it on the designated date and time. Carry your documents and acknowledgement receipt.

  • Complete the proceedings at the RTO as instructed.

  • After the RTO verifies your application and document, you will receive your renewed Mangalore driving licence.

  • Useful Link: Karnataka State Transport Department Portal

Offline Renewal of Driving Licence After Expiry in Mangalore

  • An application for DL renewal can also be done offline at the RTO in the city by following these steps:

  • Visit an RTO in close vicinity and collect the DL renewal form, Form 2, for driving licence renewal. You can also download the form from the Parivahan website.

  • Go through the application form and fill out all the requested details accurately.

  • Submit all the required documents for licence renewal along with the application form.

  • Go to the cash counter and pay the licence renewal fees. Then, collect the acknowledgement receipt and preserve it carefully.

  • The RTO will verify your details and documents. After successful verification, your DL will be sent to your address via post.

Useful Links For Forms:

  • Form-2 - DL application form

  • Form 1-A - Medical certificate for applicants over 40 years old

Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal Procedure in Mangalore

Here is the list of documents that you must submit for renewing your driving licence.

  • Application form-2 duly filled and signed by the applicant.

  • Original driving licence

  • Form-1A (Medical certificate for those over 40 years)

  • Address proof (Aadhaar card, ID proof, or any other document that contains the address)

  • Age proof (Birth certificate, voter ID, Aadhaar card)

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Fees as prescribed

How to Schedule an Online Appointment for Driving Licence Renewal in Mangalore?

Here is how to schedule an appointment for renewing the driving licence in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan website

Step 2: Under the “Online Services” tab, click on “Driving Licence Related Services.”

Step 3: Choose your state as Karnataka from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Choose the option “Appointments” from multiple options.

Step 5: Provide the application number and birth date. Enter the captcha correctly.

Step 6: Click “Submit.”

Step 7: Choose a time and slot as per your convenience and book a DL renewal in Mangalore appointment at an RTO near you.

How to Check Your Driving Licence Renewal Status in Mangalore?

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan website to utilise the RTO services.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Online Services” tab and click on “DL-Related Services.”

Step 3: Click the drop-down menu. Then, select the state as “Karnataka.” Then, click on the “Application Status” tab.

Step 4: Provide details such as application number and birth date.

Step 5: Enter the captcha code carefully. Then, click “Submit.” You can view the status of your licence renewal.

Driving Licence Renewal Fees in Mangalore

Renewal Service Fees
Renewing driving licence ₹200
Renewing DL after expiry of grace period ₹300
Fees for renewal after a year of expiry ₹1000
Renewal for hazardous goods vehicles ₹1000

(Note: The grace period for renewing DL is 30 days. If one fails to renew the licence within the grace period, an additional fee must be paid.)

Why is it Important to Renew Your Driving Licence?

Compliance with the Law: According to the Motor Vehicles Act, having a Mangalore driving licence is compulsory. Therefore, every individual who wants to drive a vehicle must have a valid driving licence.

If you do not hold a driving licence, you will have to pay a penalty of ₹5000. Therefore, holding a DL helps you to comply with the laws. Similarly, it is also essential to renew the DL to continue law compliance.

May Lead to Licence Lapse: Failure to renew the driving licence can cause it to lapse and you may not be able to drive around in the city. If the driving licence is not renewed for 5 years or more, you will not be able to renew it. In such cases, you will have to apply for a fresh licence and undergo all the tests once more.

Identity Proof: A driving licence forms an individual's identification document as it contains primary information such as name, birth date, photo, etc. Therefore, it serves as identity proof in many instances, such as opening a bank account, entering into contracts, or carrying out transactions.

Ensures Road Safety: Renewing a driving licence after a certain age requires an individual to undergo tests and produce proof of his physical fitness. It ensures that road safety is upheld and that the driver has the capability to drive safely.

Mangalore Driving Licence Renewal Helpline

If you have any issues or grievances regarding licence renewal in Mangalore, you can visit the official website of Parivaha Sewa and get your query resolved. You can also contact the officials on the following.

Helpline Number: +91-120-4925505(6.00 am - 12.00 midnight)

Email id: helpdesk-sarathi@gov.in

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One must ensure that their Mangalore driving licence is renewed on time so they can continue driving on the roads and meet the statutory requirements. A licence is issued the first time with a validity period of 20 years or until the holder turns 40, whichever comes first.

Mangalore residents can renew their licence either online or offline by paying the applicable fees and submitting the required documents.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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When can I check the status of my driving licence in Mangalore?

When can I check the status of my driving licence in Mangalore?


You can check the DL renewal status a week after applying for it. The entire process may take 20-30 days on average to complete.

Can one drive in Mangalore if the DL is in the grace period?


No, it is legally not allowed to drive a vehicle during the grace period. You must get it renewed at the earliest to avoid a penalty if caught driving during the grace period.