Driving Licence Status in Amritsar

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Driving Licence Status in Amritsar

The serene and spiritual sight of the Golden Temple makes Amritsar a renowned city in the State of Punjab. It is the second-largest city in Punjab and boasts a rich chivalric history of bravery. The city also consists of several temples and shrines of the Sikh community, making it a significant place of worship.

People visit the city for tourism, religious, and various other purposes, making it necessary to ensure the safety of citizens. The Punjab Transport Department is the authority that implements traffic and safety rules all across Punjab, including Amritsar, to ensure the safety of the citizens on the road.

Every motorist must have a DL, bike insurance policy, and other documents to drive in Amritsar. If you do not have a driving licence, you must apply. Once you apply for a DL, you may have to check the DL application status in Amritsar.

In this article, we shall guide you on how to apply for a DL, Amritsar driving licence check online, and much more.

When is the Right Time to Check Your Driving Licence Application Status Near Amritsar, Punjab?

You can benefit from the Ministry of Road Transport's online services and apply for various licence-related services, including duplicate licence applications, renewals, and international driving licence permits. After you have applied for the licence, you can check the status after two weeks.

Here are some cases in which you can benefit from a driving licence check online in Amritsar and find out the exact status of your application.

  • When you apply for a fresh driving licence.

  • After applying for licence renewal.

  • When you apply for a duplicate licence.

  • When you apply for an international driver’s permit to drive outside India.

Amritsar Driving Licence Check Online and Offline

How to Complete Driving Licence Check Online in Amritsar on Parivahan Sewa?

  • Open the Parivahan Website.

  • Find the “Online Services” tab on the left side of the page.

  • Click on the “Driving-Licence Related Services” option from the dropdown menu,

  • On the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways page, select the state “Punjab” from the options.

  • Click the “Application Status” tab on the right corner of the page.

  • Provide the application number, date of birth and captcha on the page. Then click “Submit.”

  • You will be able to see the driving licence status in Amritsar.

Offline Process of Driving Licence Tracking in Amritsar

  • Well, not everyone is familiar with using online services. In such cases, one can take the offline route to find out the DL status, Amritsar. Here are the steps that one must follow:

  • Visit the District Transport Office (DTO) in your locality in Amritsar.

  • Go to the enquiry counter and ask for assistance with driving licence tracking Amritsar.

  • You may provide the concerned officer with details such as application number, learner’s licence number, date of birth, etc.

  • The officer will feed the necessary details into the system and inform you of the status of your application in a few minutes.

How to Check the DL Status in Amritsar of Your Renewal or Duplicate Driving Licence Application?

A driving licence is a mandatory requirement in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Therefore, if your licence expires, is lost, or gets damaged, you must apply for a licence renewal or a duplicate licence, as the case may be. Once you apply for licence renewal or duplicate licence, you can check the status online or offline.

You must follow the same procedure as mentioned above for checking the Amritsar licence status by visiting the Parivahan Portal.

How to Apply for a Driving Licence in Amritsar?

Process to Apply for Driving Licence Online

  • Navigate to the Parivahan website.

  • Find the “Online Services” tab. Then click on ‘Driving Licence Related Services.”

  • Locate the dropdown menu on the next page and select the state as “Punjab.”

  • On the next page, you must choose the option “Apply for Driving Licence.”

  • Read the instructions and click “Continue.”

  • Fill in the required details on the next page. Then click “OK.”

  • Upload the required documents on the portal and pay the application fees online. Once the fee is paid, download and preserve the receipt.

  • Next, you must book an appointment for a DL test. Click on the ”Slot Booking” option, and from the dropdown menu, select “DL test slot booking.” Follow the instructions and book a slot at your convenience.

  • On the appointed day, visit the RTO and complete the driving skill test.

  • If you clear the test, your driving licence will be sent to your registered address.

Process to Apply for Driving Licence Offline

  • Visit the nearest District Transport Office(DTO) in your locality.

  • Carry the necessary documents, such as a learner's licence, photograph, and application form. You can fill out the form at the office or download it online.

  • Submit the application form with the required documents and pay the fees.

  • Book a slot for the driving skill test.

  • Appear for the test on the appointed day.

  • Once you clear the test successfully, your DL will be sent to your address.

How to Apply for Other Licence-Related Services in Amritsar?

You can benefit from the online services of the Ministry of Road Transport and apply for various licence-related services including application for duplicate licence, renewal, and international driving licence permit.

  • Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Look for the “Online Services” tab. Then, click “Driving Licence-Related Services.”

  • On the next page, scroll down to the dropdown menu and select the state as “Punjab.”

  • You will see various options on the screen out of which you must select the desired service you require.

  • Fill out the application form and pay the required fees for the application.

  • Remember to download the payment receipt.

  • You can later use the application number to track the status of your application online.

Things to Keep in Mind While You Check DL Application Status in Amritsar Online or Offline

  • The average time it takes for a driving licence to arrive is usually 30 days. Therefore, you must check the DL status after a week or two has passed since you appeared for the skill test.

  • For your driving licence to get successfully processed, you must clear the driving skill test conducted by the RTO.

  • Only those applicants are eligible to apply for a driving licence, who have a learner’s licence.

  • Remember to provide accurate and correct information while filling out the application form.

  • When you apply for a renewal of your licence, the expired licence will be confiscated by the RTO.

  • You must preserve the application number as it is helpful in tracking the Amritsar licence status.

  • In India, your driving licence is valid for 20 years or until you reach the age of 50, whichever is earlier.

  • While checking the Amritsar licence status, enter the date of birth correctly, as it is essentially required to verify your identity and track your application.

  • It is very convenient to track the status of your DL application using the online method, as you are saved from the hassle of travelling to the RTO, waiting in long queues, etc.

  • If you opt for the offline method to check the status of your licence, you must carry all documents, such as ID proof, address proof, birth proof, learner's licence, etc.

Essential Facts About Driving Licence in India

  • Types of Licence- Various types of driving licences are issued in India. These include:

    • Motorcycle licence (less than 50CC)

    • Motorcycle licence (more than 50CC)

    • Light motor vehicle licence for personal purpose

    • Light motor vehicle licence for commercial purposes

    • Heavy goods motor vehicle

  • Eligibility- Individuals can apply for a driving licence after 18 years of age. Additionally, individuals who are 16 years old can apply for a licence for a motorcycle below 50CC.

  • Documents- The documents required for DL application include birth proof, address proof, application forms, photographs, etc. It is necessary to submit all the documents for your application to be accepted.

  • Convenient Application- Applying for a driving licence in India has become convenient and time-**saving with the Parivahan website. The online service can be accessed from all parts of India and can be used for applying for various licence-**related services.

  • **Offline Services— If you want to access offline licence services, you can visit the RTO/DTO in your area for complete assistance.

  • **Renewal— It is mandatory to renew a licence after it has expired. All drivers must renew their licence within 30 days after the expiry date. Failure to renew the licence can attract additional charges and penalties if caught driving without a licence.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Amritsar

Address Opp. Fort, Goal Bagh, Amritsar, Punjab-143001
Phone Number -2565336
Office Timings 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
State  Punjab

Need For Bike Insurance Policy in Amritsar

Just as a driving licence is mandatory to drive in public places, you must also possess other documents as per the law. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, one must have at least a valid third-party four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance.

Third-party insurance protects the policyholder in case of third-party liabilities. However, it is beneficial to opt for comprehensive insurance, as it protects the policyholders against their own damage along with third-party damage.

Tata AIG offers two-wheeler insurance policies to cover unforeseen damages. Our policies offer plenty of benefits, such as 24/7 assistance, the option to include add-ons, third-party as well as own damage cover, and so on.

Another benefit we offer policyholders is the personal accident cover in bike insurance. By adding this add-on to the insurance, the policyholder or his dependents can get financial support in case of accidental injury or death. You can get coverage for expenses such as hospitalisation, treatment, etc.


It is very convenient to check the status of your driving licence in Amritsar using the online method. If you need to become more familiar with the online interface, you can visit the DTP in Amritsar and find out the status of your application.

One must be careful while providing personal information and ensure that all the details are correct. Apart from the DL application, you can also apply for renewal, duplicate, international driver's licence permit, etc. Once you have applied, you can also track the status of the application by providing some basic information.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Do I have to pay a fee to check the DL status in Amritsar?


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