Driving License Application Status in Thiruvananthapuram

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Driving License Application Status in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, located in the southern state of Kerala, is a thriving centre of culture, history, and modernity. This coastal city, known for its lush green surroundings, magnificent beaches, and rich past, combines tradition with progress. Many Thiruvananthapuram residents consider obtaining a driver's licence as a significant turning point in their search for mobility, especially in the midst of the city's everyday chaos.

For Thiruvananthapuram residents, obtaining a driver's licence requires going through government procedures and following specified rules. Once the necessary documentation is submitted, applicants often find themselves eager to track the progress of their application.

Fortunately, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has embraced digitalisation, providing applicants with simple online platforms to check DL application status in Thiruvananthapuram and the status of their driving licence application. These technologies provide applicants with real-time updates, increasing transparency and lowering the anxiety associated with the waiting period.

Here is everything you need to know about driving licence check online in Thiruvananthapuram.

When is the Right Time to Check Driving Licence Status in Thiruvananthapuram?

After submitting the application and passing a driving test, it usually takes 30 days for all driving licence applications to be delivered. As a result, you cannot check the status of your driving licence in Thiruvananthapuram until at least two weeks after finishing your driving test.

This is a list of applications relating to driving licences that you need to keep an eye on:

  • When applying for a new driver's licence.

  • When you submit an application for an international driving licence.

  • When applying to renew your driver's licence.

  • When requesting a duplicate driver's licence

Processes to Check Thiruvananthapuram Licence Status Online and Offline

How to Check Driving Licence Application Status Thiruvananthapuram Online on Parivahan Sewa?

  • Visit the Parivahan portal.

  • Locate "Online Services" under the top tab on the webpage, then select "Driving License-Related Services" from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter "Kerala" as your state in the following step.

  • There will be a new webpage launch. Locate and select the "Application Status" option located on the top tab's right side.

  • In the designated space, enter your date of birth and application number (found on the application form and payment receipt).

  • After entering the provided captcha code, select "Submit."

  • You may now see the status of your Thiruvananthapuram driving licence application on your screen.

Offline Process of Driving Licence Tracking in Thiruvananthapuram

  • Bring the required paperwork and visit the local Regional Transport Office. This covers documents such as a learner's permit and proof of birthdate.

  • Ask the authorised officer in charge at the reception counter if they are available.

  • Give the officer your application reference number when you meet with him. The officer has the right to request more data and paperwork.

  • Following the completion of all the paperwork and information, the officer will log into the system to provide you with an update on your Thiruvananthapuram DL status.

How to Check the Status of Your Renewal Or Duplicate Driving Licence Application Status in Thiruvananthapuram?

With the help of Parivahan portal, you may not only check the DL status Thiruvananthapuram status but also the status of your applications for duplicate or renewal licences.

To view the updated status, you must take the same actions as described above and enter the right application reference number and birthdate.

To obtain the most recent status for offline tracking, you must visit the Thiruvananthapuram RTO and present your application number.

How to Apply for a Driving Licence In Thiruvananthapuram?

Process to Apply for Driving Licence Online

  • You must first visit the Parivahan website in order to submit an online driving licence application.

  • Locate and choose "Online Services" from the homepage's drop-down menu, then choose "Driving Licence-Related Services."

  • Choose "Kerala" as your state from the list of choices on the following page.

  • You will now be redirected to the services page, where all services pertaining to driving licences are displayed on the screen.

  • Find the "Apply for Driving Licence" option and click on it.

  • A new pop-up window containing instructions will appear on your screen before you continue. After giving them a thorough read, select "Continue."

  • You will now be sent the new driver's licence application form. Carefully fill it out and attach all necessary documents, including a clear photo of yourself, to the form.

  • Once the form is filled out, submit it online along with the application fee. Do not forget to get your payment receipt.

  • Making an appointment for a driving test is the next step. Return to the services page and choose "Appointments" to continue in order to accomplish this.

  • Locate the "DL Test Slot Booking" option under "Slot Booking" in the top bar of the main page.

  • View the available dates and time slots for a driving test by entering your application number and birthdate in the designated field.

  • Pay the required amount, and receive the payment receipt to use as proof before taking your driving test.

  • After your test, a final examination will be performed, and if approved, your new driver's licence will be issued and delivered to your home address.

Process to Apply for Driving Licence Offline

  • Along with the required documents, visit the Regional Transport Office.

  • Ask for a driving licence application form at the front desk. As an alternative, you can get the forms from the Government of Kerala Transport web or the "Downloadable Forms" section of the Parivahan web.

  • Once you have the form, thoroughly fill it out and make sure it has all the required attachments before submitting it. The list of documentation includes three clear photos of you, your learner’s licence, proof of address, and proof of identification and age.

  • Send the documents and the completed form to the designated RTO officer.

  • Pay the application fee with cash or any other accepted form of payment, then have a look at the receipt.

  • After finishing, make a request to schedule a driving test time, as this is a required step in the application process.

  • Make an appointment to take the exam at the RTO, then wait for the official confirmation.

  • After being authorised, you have 30 days to have your new driver's licence delivered to you or pick it up from the RTO.

How to Apply for Other Licence-Related Services in Thiruvananthapuram?

  • Go to the Parivahan website.

  • After choosing "Online Services," pick "Driving Licence-Related Services" from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose "Kerala" as your state.

  • This will take you to a website with services. You can select from a range of driving licence-related services here, such as international permits, fee payment status, test slot scheduling, and DL renewal.

  • Select the one you want to go for, then complete the application that is attached.

  • In addition, upload and submit all the documentation needed for the service you have selected, together with the requisite payment.

  • You can select the "File Your Grievance" option from the services page in order to make a complaint for any sort of convenience.

Things to Keep in Mind While You Track Thiruvananthapuram Driving Licence Check Online or Offline

  • The most crucial piece of information needed to check your DL status in Thiruvananthapuram is your application number. This is applicable to both offline and online procedures.

  • In addition to the application number, your date of birth is needed to check the status of your driving licence in Thiruvananthapuram using the Parivahan portal.

  • In order to be eligible for a driver's licence, you have to finish the required exam and follow up on your application.

  • Be careful to include accurate information and supporting documentation when submitting the application, both online and offline, to prevent delays and rejections during the tracking process.

  • In order to track your DL status offline in Thiruvananthapuram, you may need to provide verification in the form of a list of extra documents. To guarantee a smooth experience, make sure you are aware of the requirements and have the necessary paperwork on hand, including a learner's permit, proof of age and identity, photos, and other documentation.

Essential Facts About Driving Licence Status in India

Renewal Period: All licence holders have 30 days to complete the renewal process once their licence expires. The application for renewal must be turned in either soon after the expiration date or a few days early. To prevent any penalties, the application for a duplicate licence must be submitted right away.

Online Verification: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) provides an online portal where drivers can verify the status of their driving licences. This portal allows users to check the validity, renewal status, and any endorsements or penalties associated with their licences.

Driving Licence Validity: In India, your driver's licence is valid for 20 years or until you reach the age of 40, whichever comes first. Following that, mandatory 10-year and 5-year renewals must be fulfilled to avoid fines.

Application Processes: Everyone in India goes through the same driving licence application process. To qualify, everyone must fill out an application form, either online or offline, and pass a driving test. Your application will not be processed unless you complete the exam or fill out the form.

Information Office: The Regional Transport Office in Thiruvananthapuram is the place to go if you have any questions about your driving licence, renewals, foreign permits, application status, etc.

List of District Transport Offices in Thiruvananthapuram

RTO Thiruvananthapuram operates in 7 key sites. Below is a list of RTO offices in Thiruvananthapuram, along with their individual RTO codes.

RTO City  RTO Address  RTO Code RTO Pincode RTO Phone No
RTO, thiruvananthapuram Trivandrum Regional Transport Office (RTO), 5th Floor, Ksrtc Terminal, Thampanoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala  KL-01 695023 0471-2339223
Peroorkada RTO Office Transport Bhavan, Near Attukal Shopping Complex, Thiruvananthapuram KL-15 695023 -2471391
Attingal RTO Office Ansar Complex, T B Junction, Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram KL - 16 695101 -2626779
Parassala RTO Office Mini Civil Station, Parassala, Thiruvananthapuram KL-19 695502 -2626780
Neyyattinkara RTO Office Mini Civil Station, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram KL-20 695121 -2224023
Nedumangad RTO Office Nedumangad Town Rd, Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram KL-21 695541 -2813558
Kazhakuttom RTO Office 2nd Floor, Alathara Complex, KP III/17, Kazhakkoottam, Thiruvananthapuram  KL-22 695582 -2412780

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What should I do if my driving licence application status shows as "Pending" for a long time?

What should I do if my driving licence application status shows as "Pending" for a long time?


If your driving licence application status remains pending for an extended period, it is advisable to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Thiruvananthapuram, where you submitted your application, to inquire about the delay and seek assistance.

Can I make corrections to my driving licence application after submission in Thiruvananthapuram?


Yes, if you notice any errors or discrepancies in your driving licence application after submission, you can usually request corrections at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where you applied. However, it is essential to rectify any mistakes promptly to avoid delays in processing.

Can I authorise someone else to check the status of my driving licence application on my behalf in Thiruvananthapuram?


Yes, you can authorise someone else to check the status of your driving licence application on your behalf. Ensure that the authorised person has the necessary details, such as your application number, date of birth, or any other required information.