Echallan Gandhinagar

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Echallan Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, also known as the capital city of Gujarat, India, is renowned for its planned infrastructure and efficient governance. In line with its commitment to modernisation and effective administration, Gandhinagar has adopted the E-Challan system as a cornerstone of its traffic management strategy.

This digital solution has significantly enhanced the city's ability to monitor, penalise, and deter traffic violations, thereby fostering safer roads and smoother traffic flow.

Understanding the Gandhinagar traffic challan system is essential for residents, commuters, and visitors alike. From the time a violation occurs to the issuance of fines and subsequent follow-ups, this electronic framework manages a streamlined procedure that reduces administrative responsibilities while increasing compliance with traffic regulations.

Continue reading to learn more about e-challan in Gandhinagar.

What is a Gandhinagar Police E-Challan?

The Gandhinagar Police E-Challan is a digital system used by the Gandhinagar police department to issue traffic penalties electronically. This system uses technology to detect and record offences such as speeding, jumping signals, and inappropriate parking, among others.

The elimination of manual ticketing systems lowers paperwork, errors, and streamlines the fine collecting process. Furthermore, E-Challan aids in the maintenance of better records of traffic offences, hence assisting in the enforcement of traffic laws and regulations. It also acts as a disincentive to risky driving behaviour, helping to improve road safety in Gandhinagar.

What is the Information Present in an E-Challan in Gandhinagar?

The information contained in an E-Challan in Gandhinagar typically includes several key details:

Location: The location where the violation took place is mentioned in the E-Challan. It could be an intersection, a specific street, or any other identifiable area within Gandhinagar.

Vehicle information: The e-challan includes details about the vehicle involved in the violation. This includes the registration number, vehicle make, model, and colour, enabling easy identification of the vehicle in question.

Fine amount: The e-challan specifies the amount of fine imposed for the particular violation. The fine depends on the nature and severity of the offence.

Challan number and unique ID: Each e-challan is assigned a unique identification number, which helps in tracking and managing the ticketing process efficiently.

Violation details: The e-challan specifies the nature of the traffic violation committed by the individual, such as overspeeding, running a red light, improper parking, or any other offence as per the Motor Vehicles Act and relevant state regulations.

How Does a Gandhinagar Police E-Challan Work?

  • In Gandhinagar, E-challans are given through the utilisation of CCTV cameras that have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology installed. The Parivahan portal, from which information on the owners of vehicles involved in traffic violations is retrieved in order to issue an e-challan, is connected to the ANPR system.

  • In the event that you are caught by a traffic police, you will either instantly obtain an e-challan or receive a notification via SMS.

  • An e-challan sweeping machine is given to the traffic police in Gandhinagar, which they use to issue e-challans. In order to maintain records in the database, the device additionally transmits a copy of the e-challan to the Parivahan portal.

  • There are further penalties or legal action if the Gandhinagar police e-challan is not paid within the deadline.

How to Perform an Online E-Challan Check Gandhinagar?

Via the Privahan Website

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan Website

Step 2: Next, enter your car number, DL number, or challan number information.

Step 3: After that, fill out the captcha that appears on the screen and click "Get Detail."

Step 4: Your Gandhinagar e-challan will then be displayed on the screen

Via the Gujarat Government's Online Challan Website**

Step 1: Visit the Gujarat Government's Online Challan website

Step 2: Input your registered vehicle number and click on "Search"

Step 3: The page will then display your challan information with the list of any pending fine payments to be paid.

How to Perform a Gandhinagar Traffic Fine Payment Online?

  • Official website

  • Gujarat Government's Online Challan website

  • Parivahan portal

  • Payment application for mobile users

  • Paytm app

Here are detailed instructions for using the websites and apps on the list to make your E-Challan payments in Gandhinagar.

Via the Gujarat Government's Online Challan Website

Step 1: Visit the Gujarat Government's Online Challan official website.

Step 2: Click 'Search' after entering the registration number of your car.

Step 3: A list of all the unpaid E-challans will be displayed to you.

Step 4: Scroll below and click on 'Proceed to Pay' after selecting the E-challan that needs to be paid off. There will be a message box visible. Press 'OK' to continue.

Step 5: Click 'Make Payment' after selecting your payment option and entering your details.

Step 6: You will be taken to a page showing your transaction status once the payment has been debited.

Step 7: Your payment receipt can be downloaded by selecting "Generate Invoice." Keep this paper handy in case you need it later as evidence of your payment.

Via the E-Challan Parivahan Gandhinagar Portal

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan portal

Step 2: Look for the “Pay Online” option.

Step 3: Select the preferred option like vehicle number, driver’s licence number or challan number

Step 4: Fill out all the necessary information with the correct captcha, then click on “Get Details”

Step 5: Select the e-challan you would like to pay for

Step 6: Choose a method of payment, enter the required information, and pay the fine.

Step 7: Once the transaction is done, you can quickly download and save the receipt for future reference.

Via the Paytm App

Step 1: Download and open the Paytm application on your mobile.

Step 2: On the home screen menu, look for the 'Show More' option and then 'Recharge and Pay Bills'.

Step 3: Select the “Challan” option

Step 4: Choose the traffic control authority for the city/state you stay in.

Step 5: Add your E-Challan (UIN), registration number, or driver's licence number.

Step 6: After that, add the fine amount and select a payment method (Paytm UPI, debit, credit, or net banking).

Step 7: Once the transaction is completed, download and keep the receipt.

Where Can I Complete My E-Challan Payment in Gandhinagar Offline?

Via a Traffic Police Officer

To pay for an e-challan in Gandhinagar, engaging with a traffic police officer is one of the easiest offline payment options. You can ask to pay for your e-challan right away if you happen to run into a traffic police officer during routine inspections or after being given a ticket for a moving offence.

Usually, the officer will have a mobile device or access to a system that allows them to look up your violation history before collecting the fine from you directly. To ensure a smooth payment process, make sure you have the required cash on hand or a payment option that the officer accepts.

Visit Your Nearest Traffic Police Station

You can also visit the closest traffic police station in Gandhinagar to finish your offline e-challan payments. Gujarat's capital city, Gandhinagar, has several traffic police stations dispersed around the area. You can pay for your e-challan in person by finding the traffic police station that is closest to your location.

When you get there, go to the desk or the officer who takes care of e-challan payments. Give them the information they need to properly handle the payment process, like the vehicle's licence number or challan number, in order to help them with your violation. Upon a successful settlement, the traffic police station staff will walk you through the procedure of payment and provide you with a receipt.

Gandhinagar RTO Fine Check: How to Know My Gandhinagar E-Challan Status for Pending/Failed Transactions?

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website and look for the “Pending transaction” option or “Check failed transaction” under the online service menu.

Step 2: Add the correct captcha code along with your Challan number or vehicle registration number. After that, select "Get Details.”

Step 3: Your payment status for the E-Challan will be displayed on your screen.

Step 4: If you would like additional help with any major problems pertaining to your payment processes, you can open a ticket via the Grievance Redressal option on the Parivahan portal.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued a Wrong E-Challan in Gandhinagar?

If you have received an erroneous e-challan in Gandhinagar, it is essential to take prompt action to rectify the situation.

First, carefully review the details of the e-challan to identify any discrepancies or errors. Once identified, gather evidence to support your claim, such as vehicle registration documents or GPS data, if applicable.

Contact the relevant authorities, such as the Gandhinagar traffic police department or the issuing agency, to inform them of the mistake and provide supporting evidence. Be polite yet firm in your communication, clearly explaining the situation and requesting the cancellation or correction of the e-challan.

Follow any instructions provided by the authorities to resolve the issue efficiently. Remember to keep records of all documentation and communication related to the incident for future reference. Prompt action and clear communication are key to resolving the issue of a wrong e-challan effectively.

For any kind of assistance or inquiries regarding e-challans in Gandhinagar, reach out to the following contact details:


Phone: 0120-4925505 (Timings: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM)

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Avoid Gandhinagar Police E-Challans

Gandhinagar comes in as a part of an urban city with significant traffic on its roads. To maintain traffic management in the city, the RTO department requires all vehicles to observe several basic traffic laws and regulations in order to avoid penalties and mishaps.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you stay compliant and steer clear of any fines or penalties:

  • Respect speed limits

  • Obey traffic signals

  • Wear seat belts

  • Avoid drunk driving

  • Use mobile phones responsibly

  • Maintain proper documentation

  • Park in designated areas

  • Follow lane discipline

  • Be aware of special zones

Let us take a closer look for a better understanding about these rules:

Respect speed limits: Gandhinagar, like every other city, has set speed restrictions on its roads. To prevent being penalised for exceeding the speed limit, make sure to follow these guidelines. Speed cameras mounted in various locations frequently capture traffic offences.

Obey traffic signals: Always obey traffic lights. Stop at red lights, yield at yellow lights, and continue through green lights. Not obeying traffic signals is a common cause of receiving e-challans.

Wear seatbelts: The driver and passengers in the front seats of a vehicle are required to wear seat belts. Failure to do so may result in heavy fines.

Avoid drunk driving: Driving under the effect of drugs or alcohol is a serious offence that can result in accidents and legal consequences. Always opt for a sober driver if you intend to drink.

Use mobile phones responsibly: Using mobile phones while driving is prohibited by law. Avoid making calls, texting, or engaging in any other distracting activities while driving.

Maintain proper documentation: Ensure that your vehicle's registration, insurance, and other necessary documents are up-to-date and accessible. Failing to produce these documents when requested by the authorities can result in fines.

Park in designated areas: Park your vehicle only in designated parking spots to avoid obstruction of traffic flow and subsequent fines.

Follow lane discipline: Always drive within your lane and avoid unnecessary lane changes. Swerving between lanes without indication can lead to penalties.

Be aware of special zones: Pay attention to special zones such as school zones, residential areas, and construction zones. Reduced speed limits and heightened vigilance are often required in these areas.

Validity of the Gandhinagar Police E-Challans

You must make your e-challan payment in Gandhinagar within 60 days of its issuing. Failing to do so may result in extra penalties and legal action, such as:

A police officer may pay a visit to your registered residential location to collect the traffic challan amount from you.

If you are not present at your home during the police visit, you will receive an official court summons letter. To resolve your challan case, you must appear on the date specified in your summons.

If you fail to appear at the court summons, the court has the authority to suspend your driver's licence temporarily or permanently.

What are the Gandhinagar Police E-Challan Fines and Penalties?

Traffic violation  Penalty 
Driving without a seatbelt ₹500
Driving without a helmet ₹500
Overloading Two-wheeler ₹100
Using a Phone While Driving/Riding First-time offenders are penalised ₹500, while subsequent offenders penalty ₹1000. 
Driving on the Wrong Side ₹1500 (three-wheelers) | ₹3000 (light motor vehicles) | ₹5000 (heavy vehicles)  *All rates are applicable for first-time offenders
Driving Without Licence ₹2000 for two-wheeled vehicles and ₹3000 for three- or four-wheeled vehicles 
Driving Unregistered Vehicles ₹1000 for a bike or scooter; ₹2000 for a three-wheeler; ₹3000 for a four-wheeler; ₹5000 for a larger vehicle, like a bus or truck, etc.
Obstructing Emergency Vehicles Such as Ambulance ₹1000
Drunk Driving ₹10,000 and 6 months prison; ₹15,000 and 2 years jail for repetitive violations

Also read: Gujarat Traffic Penalties.

Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle In Gandhinagar Without Being Fined?

  • Driving licence

  • Vehicle registration certificate (RC)

  • Motor Insurance

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC)

  • Permit documents (for commercial vehicles)

Let’s take a look at these documents for better understanding:

Driving licence: A valid driving licence issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is required to operate a vehicle legally in Gandhinagar. Make sure your driver's licence is up to date and covers the sort of car you intend to drive.

Vehicle registration certificate (RC): Your vehicle must be registered with the Gandhinagar RTO. The RC serves as confirmation of ownership and includes important information such as the vehicle's registration number, engine number, chassis number, and owner's name.

Motor Insurance: Driving legally in Gandhinagar requires valid motor insurance. At a minimum, the insurance policy should include third-party liability coverage. Make sure your insurance documents are easily accessible in case of inspection.

Pollution Under Control (PUC): Gandhinagar, like other Indian cities, requires that vehicles undergo monthly pollution checks. A valid PUC certificate certifies that your vehicle's emissions fall within allowable levels. To prevent paying fines, keep the most recent PUC certificate ready.

Permit documents (for commercial vehicles): Commercial vehicles require particular permissions based on the kind of operation (e.g., interstate transportation, contract carriage). If you are driving a commercial vehicle in Gandhinagar, be sure you have all of the proper permit documentation.\

Why Should You Have Valid Motor Insurance to Be on the Safe Side?

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Disclaimer / TnC

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