Echallan Gurugram

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Echallan Gurugram

Gurugram is a city in Haryana and is known as Delhi’s major satellite city. It is also the second-largest I.T. hub and the financial and industrial centre of Haryana. Due to this, the influx of vehicles in Gurugram is very high, often leading to fatal accidents.

Traffic rule violations are one major cause of these road accidents. Therefore, to safeguard motorists and to ease the burden of the traffic authorities, the E-Challan in Gurugram was introduced.

If you own a vehicle in Gurugram and wish to find out details of the Gurugram traffic challan check, where to pay the challan, etc., this article can assist you!

What is a Gurugram Traffic Police E-Challan?

The system of E-Challans in Gurugram was introduced to penalise traffic rule violators via a computer-based system. An E-Challan is an electronically generated challan that replaces the traditional paper challan. Traffic police authorities generate E-Challans for motorists who break the traffic norms.

The Gurugram Police has a separate traffic police wing, which is responsible for managing traffic and issuing challans to violators. The traffic rules for all states in India are listed in the M.V. Act 1988.

Some of the common traffic violations that attract E-Challans include overspeeding, drunk driving, riding without a helmet and so on.

What is the Information Present in an E-Challan in Gurugram?

Reason for E-Challan - The E-Challan consists of the reason why the E-Challan was issued to the motorists. For instance, jumping the traffic signal, parking in no parking zone, not wearing a helmet, etc.

Vehicle Details - You will find vehicle information, such as the vehicle number, make and model, registration number, number plate, chassis number, etc., on the challan.

Location of the Violation -The exact location where the traffic rule was violated is also mentioned on the E-Challan. It mentions the street name, area, and the timing of violation as well.

Challan Amount - The E-Challans in Gurugram also specify the fine amount that the violator must pay.

Challan Number - Every E-Challan has a unique identification number, which helps the authorities keep track of the E-Challans issued and collected.

Challan Validity - Your challan also contains the validity period of the E-Challan, during which the fine amount must be paid to avoid further consequences.

How Does a Gurugram Police E-Challan Work?

  • The E-Challan system functions based on CCTV footage captured by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. ANPR technology assists in quickly reading the number plate.

  • The CCTV cameras continuously capture the footage of traffic on the road. When a motorist violates any rule, the car details are captured and automatically sent to the centralised server at the Traffic Control Room.

  • All the owner details are extracted, and an E-Challan in Gurugram containing the details of the offence, timing, date, and location is sent to the motorist via text.

  • Another way in which the E-Challan system works is through the machines given to the Gurugram traffic police. When motorists violate any rule, the traffic police will issue an electronic challan on the spot. The machines also generate a copy of the E-Challan on the police server for record purposes.

  • If you receive an E-Challan, you must pay it within 60 days of its issue. Failure to pay the dues can have further legal implications, such as an additional fine or summons to court.

How to Perform an Online Gurugram Traffic Challan Check?

** Via Parivahan Sewa Website**

  • Go to the official Parivahan E-Challan website.

  • Select the option “Check Online Services” in the left corner. Then, choose “Check Challan Status.”

  • On the next page, under thE-Challan details, enter thE-Challan number, vehicle number, or DL number.

  • Write the captcha correctly. Then press “Get Detail.”

  • The next page will display all the details of the existing E-Challan status in Gurugram for your vehicle.

How to Make an Online E-Challan Payment Gurugram?

You can pay the E-Challan via the following three ways:

  • Through the Parivahan Sewa portal

  • Through Haryana E Gras

  • Through Paytm App

** Through Parivahan Portal**

  • Go to the E-Challan Parivahan portal.

  • On the right side corner, locate the “Pay Online” option.

  • Under the section “Challan Details” enter the E-Challan number, vehicle number, or DL.

  • Write the captcha correctly. Click “Get Details.”

  • All details of your E-Challan on the Parivahan Gurugram portal will be displayed.

  • Select the E-Challan(s) that you want to pay for.

  • Choose the method through which you wish to make the payment, enter the details and pay.

  • Once the payment is complete, save the receipt/transaction ID for reference.

** Using Haryana Govt. E-Gras Portal**

  • Go to the official website of E-Gras Haryana.

  • If you are a new user, sign up and then log in to the account.

  • Navigate to the “Payment” category. Then choose “Police Fees.”

  • Select the option “Challaning of Vehicles” for payment purposes.

  • Choose the appropriate district, treasury office, amount, etc.

  • Provide the contact information.

  • Choose the preferred method of payment.

  • Make the payment and save the E-Challan receipt.

** Through Paytm App**

  • Go to the Paytm app on your phone or download it if you do not have it.

  • Under “My Bills and Recharges”, choose “Transit.”

  • Click the E-Challan option.

  • Choose Haryana Police from the list of traffic authorities.

  • Enter the E-Challan number. Click “Proceed.”

  • Choose the payment method and pay the amount.

Where Can I Complete My E-Challan Payment in Gurugram Offline?

If you wish to pay the Gurugram traffic police E-Challan offline, you can do it in a few simple steps in the following two ways:

  • Through the Police Headquarters

  • Through a Traffic Police Officer

** Payment Through Police Headquarters**

  • Locate the nearest police station in your area.

  • Carry the E-Challan copy, DL, etc.

  • Ask the front desk police officer where to pay the E-Challan.

  • Provide the E-Challan number to the concerned officer.

  • Make the payment in cash or online as you want.

  • Collect the payment receipt.

** Through Traffic Police Officer**

  • Look for a traffic police officer with a challan machine on the road.

  • Tell him that you want to pay the E-Challan in Gurugram.

  • Provide him with the E-Challan number, DL number, etc.

  • Once you make the payment, the officer will give you a payment receipt.

Gurugram Traffic Challan Check: How to Know My Payment Status for Pending/Failed Transactions?

  • Open the Parivahan E-Challan portal on your browser.

  • Click on the “Pay Online” option on the right side of the page.

  • On the following page, choose “Check Failed Transaction” or “Check Pending Transaction.”

  • Provide the E-Challan number or vehicle number.

  • Enter the captcha correctly. Click “Get Details.”

  • The status of your E-Challan payment in Gurugram will be shown.

  • If you require any further assistance with the E-Challan status, you can approach the authorities through the Grievance Redressal option on the Parivahan page.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued a Wrong E-Challan in Gurugram?

The E-Challan is issued according to the images captured by the CCTVs and ANPR cameras. Therefore, a technical glitch in the system may issue a challan to the wrong vehicle.

If you have received the wrong challan against your vehicle, you need not pay it. You can appeal against it and get it cancelled by filing a complaint through the Grievance Redressal option on the Parivahan page.

You can also connect with the authorities for any further issues on their email address or phone number.

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Avoid Gurugram Police E-Challans

Traffic rule violations often lead to road accidents and casualties. Besides, many roads in Gurugram are in poor condition due to potholes, which also lead to collisions. As responsible citizens, you must adhere to all the traffic rules and regulations to ensure road safety.

Following the basic road safety rules ensures you stay safe while driving. It also ensures the safety of other motorists on the road. Here is a list of some standard rules that you must follow to stay safe and also to avoid getting any E-Challan.

Do Not Use the Phone- Using the phone while driving can be the most dangerous thing to do as it distracts you from the road. When driving, one must put the phone away and keep the ringer off to reduce distractions. If you have to use the phone while on the road, always park your vehicle on the corner of the road and then attend to phone calls.

Always Wear the Seat Belt- The seat belt must always be fastened as it is the most basic yet the most crucial rule to follow. A seat belt plays the most critical role in case of an accident, keeping the passenger safe.

Do Not Overspeed- Overspeeding can be thrilling, but it is also the most common cause of road accidents. Driving at high speed can lead to loss of control or even cause the vehicle to skid on rainy days. Overspeeding is never the right thing to do, whether on the highway or in the city, no matter how empty the roads may be.

Use the Helmet while Riding a Two-Wheeler- If you are riding a two-wheeler, both the rider and pillion must use headgear. Two-wheeler accidents can be fatal. However, headgear can shield the user and reduce the chances of head injury.

Follow the Traffic Rules- Basic traffic rules like stopping at the red signal and slowing down at the zebra crossing may not seem very dangerous at first. However, not following them can be fatal and compromise the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Adhere to the Overtaking Rules- Overtaking another vehicle must always be done from the right. Before you overtake another vehicle, flash your headlights and also use the horn to alert the other driver.

Carry All the Necessary Documents- Another requirement for driving in Gurugram is to have all the required documents in your vehicle. You must always carry a valid driving licence, PUC certificate, car or bike insurance, registration certificate, and so on. Not possessing these documents at the time of driving can attract fines and penalties.

Validity of the Gurugram Police E-Challans

Every E-Challan in India comes with a validity period. The E-Challan payment Gurugram must be made within 60 days from the date of its issue. If you fail to pay the E-Challan within the timeline, the following takes place:

  • A police officer will visit your registered address to collect the E-Challan amount.

  • If, for any reason, you fail to pay the police officer, a court notice will be sent to you asking you to present yourself before the judge.

  • The non-payment of your E-Challan will be discussed, leading to suspension or cancellation of your driving licence.

What are the Gurugram Police E-Challan Fines and Penalties?

Offence Fine (₹) Subsequent Fine (₹)
Driving without a licence/expired licence ₹5,000 ₹5,000
Driving without RC ₹5,000 ₹10,000
Road Tax not paid ₹5,00 ₹1,500
Violating air pollution standards ₹10,000 ₹10,000
Dangerous driving  ₹5,000 ₹10,000
Violation of road signs ₹5,000 ₹10,000
Violating overtaking rules ₹5,000 ₹10,000
Wrong side driving ₹500 ₹1,500
Wrong parking ₹500 ₹1,500
Without helmet  ₹1,000 ₹1,000
Honking in silence zones ₹1,000 ₹2,000
Not using a seat belt ₹1,000 ₹1,000
Overspeeding  ₹2,000 ₹2,000
Allowing unauthorised persons to drive ₹5,000 ₹5,000
Driving without third-party insurance ₹2,000 ₹4,000
Using a mobile phone while driving ₹5,000 ₹10,000

Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle in Gurugram Without Being Fined?

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 requires every motorist to have the following documents at all times:

Driving Licence - A driving licence is a proof of identity for motorists and also establishes their eligibility to drive. Therefore, every motorist must have a driver’s licence and it must also be valid, i.e. it must not be expired.

Vehicle Registration Certificate - The M.V. The Act requires every vehicle (s) to be registered with the RTO in the city. Once the vehicle is registered, the RTO will provide a registration certificate. The RC proves the owner’s ownership, hence, you must carry it all the time on the road.

Vehicle Insurance - Having four-wheeler or two-wheeler insurance is compulsory as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Every motorist must at least have third-party insurance to avoid getting E-Challans in Gurugram from the traffic police

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate - A PUC certificate is a document certifying that your vehicle’s emission levels are within the permissible limits. You must be a responsible citizen and obtain the PUC certificate by getting your vehicle’s emission levels tested.

Vehicle Permit - Commercial and transport vehicles in India are required to have a permit, allowing them to drive the vehicles on the road.

Why Should You Have Valid Motor Insurance to Be on the Safe Side?

Having two-wheeler insurance protects you against financial and legal liabilities and also prevents fines and penalties. When looking to buy insurance for your vehicle, you can use a two-wheeler insurance calculator to find out your exact insurance premium.

If you are looking for insurance plans with affordable premiums, you can rely on Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance. Our insurance plans are cost-effective and also provide several benefits, such as comprehensive coverage, customisable add-ons, cashless claims, 24/7 customer assistance, and so on.

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E-Challans have made it easy for traffic authorities to levy penalties. It also provides citizens with a convenient way to pay their dues. With the online system in full force, you can check the E-Challan status in Gurugram at your fingertips.

Also, Gurugram is a developing city with a surge in population and vehicle numbers. In such a situation, the presence of a digital challan system is extremely beneficial for all.

If you want to avoid paying any challans in Gurugram, we recommend you follow the precautions listed on this page. Also, remember to always carry the documents required by law. As for insurance, you can rely on Tata AIG for the best plan!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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