E-challan Mysuru

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E-challan Mysuru

With its rich heritage and vibrant culture, Mysuru is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. But navigating its busy streets can have a hidden cost: traffic violations.

The Mysuru traffic police, like many Indian cities, use a system called e-challan to enforce traffic rules. This electronic challan system streamlines the process of issuing and managing fines for traffic offences.

This article will cover everything you need to know about e-challan in Mysuru. We will cover how to check if you have any pending challans, the different ways to make payments, and the importance of settling your dues promptly.

By understanding the Mysuru traffic police challan system, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free driving experience in the beautiful city of Mysuru.

What is a Mysuru Traffic Challan?

Driving through Mysuru's pretty streets can be a breeze, but even the most cautious driver might unintentionally commit a traffic violation. Unlike the surprise of finding a paper ticket on your windshield, Mysuru uses a modern system called e-challan.

E-challan stands for electronic challan, a digital system that streamlines traffic violation fines. Here is how it works: strategically placed cameras capture traffic violations. Instead of a physical ticket, the fine is linked to your vehicle's registration number. This ensures you receive notification of the offence and the corresponding penalty.

Think of e-challans as a gentle nudge to be a responsible driver. Common violations like speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, or jumping a red light can trigger an e-challan. The collected fines play a crucial role in maintaining road safety and keeping traffic flowing smoothly in Mysuru.

By understanding the e-challan system, you can ensure a stress-free driving experience in this beautiful city. So, next time you are behind the wheel, remember - stay alert and drive smart to avoid those costly e-challans!

What is the Information Present in an E-Challan in Mysuru?

Ever wondered what details are included in that e-challan waiting for you online? Mysuru's e-challan system provides clear information to help you understand the violation and settle the fine.

Here is what you can typically expect to find:

Violation Details: This section clearly outlines the specific traffic rule you violated. Common examples include exceeding the speed limit, not wearing a seatbelt, or disobeying traffic signals.

Date, Time, and Location: The e-challan will pinpoint the exact date, time, and location of the offence. This information helps you recall the situation and understand why the fine was issued.

Challan Number: Consider this your unique identifier for the traffic violation. You will need this challan number for future reference, especially when making payments or contesting the challan, if applicable.

Fine Amount: This section displays the exact amount you owe for the violation. Traffic fines are pre-determined, so you will know precisely how much to pay to settle the challan.

Due Date: Do not miss this! The e-challan will clearly state the deadline for clearing the fine. Paying your dues promptly is crucial to avoid late fees and potential penalties.

How Does an RTO Challan in Mysuru Work?

Mysuru's traffic management system relies heavily on e-challans, ensuring a transparent and efficient way to handle traffic violations. Here is a breakdown of the steps involved in this process:

Violation Captured by Cameras: Strategic CCTV cameras are placed throughout Mysuru's road network. These cameras are equipped to detect traffic violations in real-time. Common offences like speeding, jumping red lights, or not wearing a seatbelt are automatically flagged.

Linking Violation to Vehicle: The camera system captures an image of your vehicle along with the violation details. Using advanced technology, the system automatically retrieves your vehicle registration information from the RTO (Regional Transport Office) database. This ensures the e-challan reaches the rightful owner.

E-Challan Issuance: Once the violation and vehicle details are matched, an e-challan is generated electronically. This digital challan contains all the crucial information about the offence, including the date, time, location, type of violation, and the corresponding fine amount.

Learning About the E-challan: An SMS message with the e-challan memo in Mysuru might be sent to the phone number registered with your vehicle. You can access the Karnataka One transport department's website or the Parivahan app and check for pending challans using your vehicle registration number.

Challan Payment: Once you receive notification of your e-challan, you have several options to settle the fine. Multiple online payment gateways are available through the Karnataka Transport Department website or the Parivahan app, allowing quick and convenient settlements. While less convenient, you can also visit the Mysuru RTO office and clear the challan in person.

How to Perform an Online Challan Check in Mysuru?

E-challan Status in Mysuru Through the Parivahan Website

  • Access the e-challan Parivahan Mysuru webpage.

  • Ensure you input the captcha code and your vehicle's licence plate number as required.

  • Navigate to the menu and choose the 'Get Information' option to inquire about your challan status.

  • Select either the challan number or driver's licence number for verification purposes.

  • View all pertinent information, such as offence details, fines, and any pending challans.

E-challan Status in Mysuru Through the Karnataka One Government Website

  • Go to the Karnataka One website.

  • Input your vehicle registration number.

  • Click on ‘Search’.

  • You will be able to see the status of your challan on the screen.

How to Perform a Mysuru Traffic Police Challan Online Payment?

Paying Vehicle Challan Online via Parivahan App in Mysuru:

  • Visit the Parivahan App on your smartphone.

  • Navigate to the section for online challan payment.

  • Enter your details, including Challan number, vehicle number, or Driving licence number, as prompted.

  • Choose your preferred payment method for the challan.

  • Complete the transaction, and note the transaction ID provided for future reference.

  • Upon successful payment verification, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Paying Vehicle Challan Online via Karnataka One Website in Mysuru:

  • Visit the Karnataka One website on your browser.

  • Locate the option for online traffic challan payment.

  • Provide the necessary details such as Challan number, vehicle number, or Driving licence number.

  • Select your desired payment method for the challan.

  • Finalise the transaction, ensuring all details are accurate.

  • Upon completion, make a note of the transaction ID for future use.

  • Expect to receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number once the payment is successfully processed and verified.

Where Can I Complete My E-Challan Payment in Mysuru Offline?

At Your Nearest Mysuru Traffic Police Station:

  • Locate a Karnataka traffic police officer equipped with an e-challan machine.

  • Present the officer with the necessary details and pay the fine using the e-challan machine.

  • Alternatively, if you prefer, visit the nearest police station in your area.

  • Ensure you bring along essential documents such as your Driving Licence, Address and Identity Proof, and a letter acknowledging the traffic violation.

  • Provide the required documents and settle the challan payment with the assistance of the police personnel.

Mysuru RTO Fine Check: How to Know My Payment Status for Pending/Failed Transactions?

  • Visit the Parivahan e-challan portal and access the 'Check Online Services' section.

  • Choose either 'Check Pending Transaction' or 'Check Failed Transaction'.

  • Enter your Challan number or vehicle registration number along with the captcha code, then click 'Get Details'.

  • Review the status of your payment transaction related to the E-Challan.

  • If you face any challenges with your payment or encounter technical issues, use the Grievance Redressal feature on the portal to submit a ticket for additional assistance.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued a Wrong E-Challan in Mysuru?

If you get an E-Challan in Mysuru by mistake, which can happen because of camera issues, you can fix it.

First, double-check all the details on the e-challan to ensure they are correct. Look at things like the vehicle information, where it happened, and the time to see if anything does not match up with your records.

To deal with a wrong e-challan, you can complain using the Grievance System on the Parivahan website. You do not have to pay the fine for the wrong e-challan to start the cancellation process.

Once you file a complaint, the authorities will check your case. If they see it was a mistake, they will cancel the e-challan and let you know on the same website.

If you have trouble using the website or need help with your complaint, you can email the helpdesk at helpdesk-echallan@gov.in or call 0120-4925505 for support.

Rules and Regulations to Follow to Avoid Mysuru Police E-Challans

In Mysuru, understanding traffic regulations not only helps you avoid e-challans but also contributes to a safer driving experience for yourself and others.

Here is a breakdown of key traffic rules to follow in Mysuru:**

Always Buckle Up: This golden rule applies to both drivers and passengers. Seatbelts are your first line of defence in case of an accident. A simple click can save lives, and neglecting to buckle up is a surefire way to get an e-challan if noticed.

Respect the Speed Limit: Mysuru has designated speed zones for a reason. Sticking to the posted speed limits ensures you have ample time to react to unexpected situations and avoids the risk of an unnecessary challan.

Follow Traffic Signals: Red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go. Disobeying traffic signals disrupts traffic flow and poses a safety hazard. Always adhere to traffic light signals to avoid a red light e-challan.

Two-Wheeler Regulations: Triple riding on a two-wheeler is strictly prohibited in Mysuru. Similarly, ensure you wear a proper helmet while riding. Missing either of these safety measures can lead to an e-challan.

Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions: Make sure to put down your phone! Using a mobile phone while driving is not only dangerous but also attracts an e-challan. Keep your focus on the road and avoid distractions.

Lane Discipline is Key: Mysuru roads have designated lanes. Changing lanes abruptly or weaving through traffic can cause accidents and lead to an e-challan. Maintain lane discipline and ensure smooth traffic flow.

Parking Etiquette Matters: Park only in designated areas. Parking in no-parking zones or obstructing traffic flow will result in an e-challan. Be mindful of parking regulations and avoid unnecessary fines.

Valid Documents are Essential: Always carry your valid driver's licence, vehicle registration certificate (RC), insurance copy, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate while driving. Not having these documents during a police check can lead to an e-challan.

Give way to emergency vehicles: Ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles with sirens and flashing lights require immediate passage. Pull over to the side of the road and allow them to proceed without hindrance.

Proper usage of lights: Use headlights at night and during low visibility conditions. Use turn signals appropriately to indicate lane changes or turns. Avoid using high beams unnecessarily, as they can blind oncoming drivers.

Don't drink and drive: Alcohol consumption significantly impairs driving ability. Drinking and driving is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous. Always choose a designated driver if you have consumed alcohol.

Accompany Learners: If you are a licensed driver, accompany learner drivers with a learner's permit and ensure they follow traffic rules. Provide guidance and ensure their safety on the road.

Wear Helmets and Seatbelts: For two-wheeler riders, wearing a properly fastened helmet is mandatory. It protects your head in case of an accident. Seatbelts are also life-saving devices. Ensure all passengers in your vehicle are buckled up before starting your journey.

Validity of the Mysuru Police E-Challans

Mysuru’s e-challans come with a validity period, usually lasting 60 days from the date of issuance. This timeframe gives you ample opportunity to review the violation details and settle the fine.

Remember, timely payment is crucial. Ignoring an e-challan can lead to late fees and potential penalties. In some cases, outstanding challans can even impact your vehicle registration renewal process.

To avoid these hassles, check for pending e-challans and clear them within the 60-day validity period. This ensures a smooth driving experience and keeps you compliant with city traffic regulations.

What are the Mysuru Police E-Challan Fines and Penalties?

Offence Details Penalties (in Rupees)
Driving without a valid licence Two-wheeler: ₹1,000 Four-wheelers or Light Motor Vehicles (LMV): ₹2,000  Others: ₹5,000
Driving/riding a vehicle without registration  Two and Three Wheelers - ₹2000 LMVs - ₹3000 MGV/MPV/HGV/HFV & Others - ₹5000
An ineligible person driving a vehicle in public  Two and Three Wheelers - ₹1000 LMVs - ₹2000 Others - ₹5000
Violation of safety rules for bikes and pillion riders ₹500
Failure to use safety belts and neglecting proper seating of children ₹500
Driving/riding a motor vehicle without a valid PUC certificate Two and Three-wheelers - ₹1500 LMVs & Heavy Vehicles & Others - ₹3000
Driving without Two-wheeler/Four-wheeler mandatory third-party insurance Two and Three-wheelers - ₹1,000 LMVs - ₹2,000 HGV & Others - ₹4,000

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Documents Needed to Drive a Vehicle in Mysuru Without Being Fined?

Cruising through Mysuru's streets is a joy, undoubtedly, but ensuring a smooth ride requires having the right documents at hand.

Here is a list of the essential documents you need to carry while driving in Mysuru to avoid getting fined by the traffic police:

Valid Driver's Licence: This is your official permit to operate a vehicle on Indian roads. Ensure your driver's licence is valid and corresponds to the type of vehicle you are driving (e.g., two-wheeler, car). Learner's permit holders should carry their valid learner's permit instead.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): This document serves as proof of ownership of your vehicle. It contains vital details like vehicle registration number, engine number, chassis number, and fuel type. Always keep the original RC or a certified copy in your vehicle.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: This certificate verifies that your vehicle's emissions comply with environmental regulations. A valid PUC certificate demonstrates your commitment to clean air and helps control pollution in Mysuru.

Valid Vehicle Insurance: Having valid vehicle insurance is not only mandatory but also protects you financially in case of accidents. Ensure your insurance policy covers third-party liability and consider comprehensive coverage for additional peace of mind.

Vehicle Permits (if applicable): In some cases, specific vehicle permits might be required. For example, auto rickshaws operating within Mysuru city limits need a special city permit issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA). If your vehicle falls under a category requiring a permit, ensure you have it readily available while driving.

Why Should You Have Valid Motor Insurance to Be on the Safe Side?

Having valid Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance or four-wheeler insurance is crucial for vehicle owners in Mysuru to stay protected. It acts as a safety net, shielding you from financial burdens in case of accidents, theft, or damage to your vehicle.

Tata AIG, a trusted insurance provider, offers comprehensive motor insurance plans tailored to meet your needs. With valid motor insurance from us, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that you are financially covered against unexpected events.

Your car or bike insurance policy will cover repair costs in the event of an accident, sparing you from hefty expenses. Moreover, if your vehicle is stolen, your insurance can compensate you for its loss, helping you recover quickly. In Mysuru's busy streets, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Having valid four and two-wheeler insurance ensures that you are prepared for such situations. It not only protects you but also other road users by covering third-party liabilities, including property damage and bodily injuries.

Furthermore, motor insurance is mandatory by law in India, including Mysuru. Driving without valid insurance can lead to legal consequences, fines, and even licence suspension. You can now use our two-wheeler insurance calculator online to pick the right policy in Mysuru.

By staying insured with Tata AIG, you comply with legal requirements while safeguarding your finances and ensuring your peace of mind on the roads of Mysuru.


The e-challan system in Mysuru represents a significant step towards improving road safety and traffic management. It streamlines the process of enforcing traffic regulations and promotes compliance among vehicle owners.

The system ensures fairness and transparency with the convenience of online payment options and the ability to contest wrongful e-challans.

Additionally, staying informed about traffic rules and regulations can help prevent e-challans altogether. Ultimately, by adhering to traffic laws and promptly addressing any issued E-Challans, individuals contribute to creating safer roads for everyone in Mysuru. —--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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