EV Bike Insurance

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EV Bike Insurance

With pollution and environmental responsibilities weighing on us, buying an electric bike is a monumental step in the right direction. However, while an electric bike helps us protect the environment, having comprehensive bike insurance helps us extend this care to ourselves as well as our electric bike.

Tata AIG provides electric bike insurance to the below EV models.

  • OLA
  • TVS

Electric Bike Insurance in India

Although an electric bike or an e-bike comes with several unique features, it also comes with a greater risk potential owing to limitations such as the inability to undertake longer journeys, controlled speed and performance, and lack of charging points. Considering these, it is important to have electric bike insurance that will secure you against possible damages occurring from unpredictable mishaps. If you are looking to maximise your savings on insurance, buying online insurance of a two-wheeler is a valuable tip.

There are essentially two types of bike insurance policies for e-bikes:

Third-party liability insurance: Regardless of the kind of vehicle you ride, third-party insurance for a bike is a mandatory insurance policy in India as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. With a third-party insurance cover, the insurer is secured against financial liabilities for the loss or damage to the third-party individual, their property, or their vehicle. Unfortunately, however, the third-party liability bike insurance policy does not pay for any damages to the policyholder’s vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance for the bike: A comprehensive electric bike insurance provides a greater scope of coverage. Aside from covering third-party liabilities, it also covers own damage. Additionally, it secures the insured two-wheeler against miscellaneous natural as well as man-made disasters.

Usually, insurance renewal for a bike needs to be done yearly. However, policyholders can also opt for long-term electric bike insurance policies. Opting for the latter can save you from the hassle of looking into the insurance renewal for the bike every year. Additionally, purchasing online insurance of a two-wheeler can help you save time and cost.

Benefits of Getting Electric Bike Insurance

If you are contemplating buying insurance for a bike online, here are a few benefits that will convince you of the importance of buying insurance for your electric bike:

It is cost-efficient: Contrary to popular belief, insurance is a cost-efficient investment as it provides a significant financial cover at a negligible premium cost. Additionally, you can maximise your savings if you purchase insurance for a bike online instead of in-person as you get a higher sum assured at a low premium amount.

E-bikes require greater maintenance: Electric bikes are an expensive investment owing to the complex mechanism involved in their make and model. Considering this, it is important to pay due attention to get comprehensive electric bike insurance.

Greater susceptibility to risk: The higher-end models for e-bikes that offer better speed and efficiency employ complex computer-driven technologies. The cost of repairing or replacement of these parts in the event of an accident would become costly in the absence of comprehensive insurance for the bike.

Electric Bike Insurance by Tata AIG

As electric scooters are exempted from registration, finding insurance for them can be slightly challenging. However, Tata AIG believes in providing complete protection through comprehensive bike insurance so you can rid yourself of worries while on the road. Tata AIG bike insurance for e-bikes covers third-party liabilities as well as loss or damage to the vehicle insured and a personal accident cover for owner-driver. Tata AIG bike insurance also covers the pillion against any accident-related risks.

Considering the diverse insurance needs, we enable customisation with the option of seven unique riders for all-inclusive protection. With easy-to-understand procedures and hassle-free claim settlement processes, Tata AIG bike insurance priorities the needs of the customers.

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 states that every Indian bike owner must have a valid third-party liability bike insurance policy, and heavy penalties are levied if this rule is ignored. However, with electric bikes still being in their nascent stage, concrete rules regarding their use are yet to be established and enforced. Electric bikes with power less than 250W and the inability to speed over 25 kilometres per hour are exempted from this rule as they are not categorised as motor vehicles.

However, with the rising number of road mishaps owing to reckless riding, having comprehensive insurance is an essential requirement and not a luxury. Moreover, to enhance road discipline, there is a demand to bring e-bikes under the ambit of the law.

In conclusion, as maintenance of e-bikes is comparatively costlier, it is recommended to secure it with the right insurance policy. Additionally, purchasing online insurance of a two-wheeler makes it easier to protect your beloved electric bike - from the comfort of your home.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which is the best electric bike in India?

Which is the best electric bike in India?


As electric bikes are a new concept in India, there are certain questions associated with their purchase and maintenance. To help you understand e-bikes and their insurance, we have enlisted some commonly asked questions:

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**Does the electric bike need insurance in India?**


If your e-bike has a power of less than 250W and a speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour, then it doesn’t require otherwise mandatory third-party insurance. However, electric bikes are expensive, require greater care, and are not immune to road accidents and so, having comprehensive electric bike insurance is highly recommended.

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As e-bikes do not require registration, finding insurance for them can be slightly challenging; however, you can get comprehensive electric bike insurance with Tata AIG.

Does an electric bike need a helmet in India**?


Currently, e-bikes with power less than 250W and a speed limit of 25 kmph are not considered motor vehicles and so, wearing a helmet while riding them is not mandatory.