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Honda Livo Insurance

The Honda Livo is a 110cc bike from the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) lineup. This bike has a sporty and stylish design and is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers reliable performance. The Livo comes with features such as a digital instrument cluster, a spacious seat, and an efficient suspension system. With its fuel efficiency, attractive design, and comfortable ride, the Honda Livo is a great option for daily commuting and short trips.

Comprehensive insurance for 2 wheeler policy is important for any bike owner in India. It provides coverage against various risks and unexpected events, such as theft, accidents, fire, natural disasters, and third-party liabilities. By buying comprehensive bike insurance, you can protect your valuable investment and secure your finances in case of an unexpected event. Moreover, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to have at least third-party liability insurance for any registered vehicle in India. So, buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy not only protects your finances but also ensures compliance with the law. If you are planning to buy a Honda Livo, then make sure that you look for Livo bike insurance from a reputed provider.

Choosing the right bike insurance company is crucial for ensuring that you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Not all insurance companies are created equal, and each company has its strengths and weaknesses. By taking the time to research and compare two-wheeler insurance companies, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and helps you secure the best possible protection for your bike. TATA AIG is a reputed two-wheeler insurance company offering a range of plans to offer the best coverage for your bike. With TATA AIG, you can be assured of a feature-rich plan, hassle-free settlement of claims, and proactive customer support.

Purchase or Renew Honda Livo Insurance Online with Tata AIG

One of the best ways of identifying the customer-centricity of an insurance provider is to look at the ease with which you can buy or renew policies. With TATA AIG, the entire process is very simple allowing you to buy or renew Honda Livo insurance in no time. Here is a quick look at the steps that you can follow to buy or renew Honda Livo bike insurance from TATA AIG:

  • Visit TATA AIG’s official website

  • You will have to navigate to the Bike Insurance page for buying/renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can either click here or navigate to the page by scrolling to the top menu and clicking on All Products >> Bike Insurance

  • On this page, enter the registration number of your Honda Livo and click on one of these options:

Get Price: to purchase a new TATA AIG Honda bike insurance policy for your Livo

Renew: to renew your existing Honda insurance policy

  • We will need some personal information and details of your bike on the next page

  • We will display a list of IDVs and ask you to choose the best one as per your needs. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the estimated market price of a Honda Livo and we use it to determine the sum insured by the policy. This also determines its premium amount. Make sure that you don’t choose a very high or very low IDV as it can impact the coverage amount and/or premium adversely.

  • Comprehensive policies allow you to customize the coverage as per your needs. On the next page, you will find a list of add-on covers that you can choose to tailor the policy to your requirements. Each add-on cover will increase the premium. Therefore, choose wisely.

  • We also allow you to reduce the premium without compromising on the features by opting for a voluntary deductible. This is the amount that you agree to pay at the time of claim settlement before we start offering coverage. We offer a discount on the premium based on the voluntary deductible amount. Make sure to choose a reasonable amount and avoid agreeing to a high voluntary deductible without thinking about the impact at the time of claim settlement.

  • Once we have all the information, we will calculate the premium and make an offer

  • If you are comfortable with the terms and the premium of the policy, you can pay the premium using any of the listed digital payment methods

  • On receiving the payment, we will email a soft copy of the policy documents to you

Honda Livo Insurance Cost – Your Premium Amount

The Honda bike insurance price is determined by a lot of factors including:

Age of the Bike: Older bikes typically carry a lower insurance premium compared to newer models. This is because they are considered to be of lower value and less susceptible to theft.

Engine Capacity: Larger engine capacity bikes generally have a higher insurance premium compared to smaller engines. This is because larger engines are considered to be more powerful and more prone to accidents.

Location: The location where the bike is kept and used can impact the insurance premium. Bikes kept in high-crime areas or areas with a higher frequency of natural disasters will carry a higher premium.

Type of Bike: Different types of bikes carry different insurance premiums, depending on the perceived level of risk. For example, sports bikes are typically considered to be more dangerous than commuter bikes, and therefore carry a higher premium.

Claim History: Insurance companies look at the policyholder's claim history when determining the premium. A history of frequent claims can increase the premium, while a clean claim history can result in a lower premium.

Add-on Covers: Policyholders have the option of purchasing additional coverage, such as personal accident cover or pillion passenger cover. The addition of these covers can impact the premium.

Policy Term: The length of the policy term can impact the premium. Shorter policy terms generally result in a higher premium, while longer policy terms can result in a lower premium.

Voluntary Deductible: The policyholder has the option of choosing a higher deductible, which can lower the premium. However, it is important to consider the trade-off between lower premiums and the increased out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim.

Discounts: Insurance companies may offer discounts for a variety of reasons, such as good driving records, membership in certain organizations, and bundling multiple policies. Taking advantage of these discounts can lower the premium.

Choose from these Add-on Covers with Your Tata AIG Honda Livo Insurance Policy

Tata AIG offers seven add-on covers that you can include in your Honda Livo two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • Zero depreciation cover

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Consumables cover

  • Personal accident cover

  • Emergency medical cost cover

  • Additional third-party damage cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Honda Livo Insurance

Here is a list of things covered and not covered under a Honda Livo bike insurance policy:

Things covered under Tata AIG Honda Livo Insurance Things not covered under Tata AIG Honda Livo Insurance
Third-Party Liability: This coverage provides protection for damages or injury caused to a third party in the event of an accident. This coverage is mandatory as per Indian motor vehicle law. Wear and Tear: Normal wear and tear of the bike and its components, such as tire wear and battery degradation, are not covered.
Own Damage: This coverage provides protection for damages to the insured bike in the event of an accident, theft, or natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Intentional Damage: Damages or losses caused by the intentional acts of the policyholder are not covered.
Personal Accident Cover: This coverage provides financial protection in the event of death or permanent disability resulting from an accident involving the insured bike. Driving Under the Influence: Losses or damages caused while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not covered.
Add-on covers: TATA AIG offers a wide range of add-on covers including:
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Pillion Passenger Cover
  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover
  • Engine Protection Cover
  • Driving Without a Valid License: Losses or damages incurred while driving with an expired or invalid license are not covered.
    Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike that is not caused by an accident is not covered.
    Political Risks and War: Losses or damages caused by war, riots, or political unrest are not covered.

    Why Is It Important to Have a Honda Livo Insurance Plan from Tata AIG?

    Comprehensive Coverage: TATA AIG offers comprehensive bike insurance policies that provide coverage for third-party liability, as well as losses or damages to the policyholder's bike. Policyholders can choose from a range of coverage options to find the right policy for their needs.

    Financial Protection: Bike insurance from TATA AIG protects policyholders from financial losses in case of accidents, theft, or any other covered events. This peace of mind is especially important in case of costly repairs or replacement of the bike.

    Network of Garages: TATA AIG has a wide network of garages across India, which makes it easier for policyholders to get their bikes serviced in case of a claim.

    24/7 Assistance: TATA AIG provides round-the-clock assistance to policyholders in case of emergencies. Policyholders can call the TATA AIG customer support hotline at any time to report a claim or get assistance.

    Customizable Coverage: TATA AIG allows policyholders to customise their bike insurance policies to suit their specific needs and budget. Policyholders can add or remove coverage options as per their requirements.

    Online Policy Purchase and Renewal:** Policyholders can purchase and renew their TATA AIG bike insurance policies online, which is a convenient and time-saving option.

    Claims Support: TATA AIG has a dedicated claims support team that helps policyholders in the process of making a claim. The team provides prompt and efficient assistance to ensure a smooth claims experience.

    Overview: Honda Livo

    Honda Livo is a 110 cc commuter motorcycle from Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). The bike is designed to cater to the needs of daily commuters who are looking for a stylish and fuel-efficient motorcycle.

    Engine: Honda Livo comes with a 109.19 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that delivers 8.31 bhp of power and 9 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a 4-speed gearbox.

    Design: The bike has a stylish design with a sleek fuel tank, a sporty headlamp, and a muscular tank shroud. It is available in several colour options.

    Suspension and Brakes: The bike is equipped with a telescopic front suspension and a spring-loaded hydraulic suspension at the rear. The bike has drum brakes at both front and rear, with the option of front disc brakes in select models.

    Fuel-Efficiency: Honda Livo is one of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles in its segment, with an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 74 kmpl.

    Features: Honda Livo comes with several features, including a full-digital instrument console, a maintenance-free battery, and spacious under-seat storage.

    Price: Honda Livo is competitively priced, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

    Honda Livo is a well-rounded motorcycle that offers a combination of style, performance, and efficiency. The bike is ideal for daily commuters who are looking for a reliable and practical motorcycle.

    Honda Livo Variants and Prices

    Unique Selling Points: Honda Livo Features

    The Honda Livo has several unique selling points. These include:**

    Stylish Design: Honda Livo has a modern design with sleek lines and a sporty appearance, making it an attractive option for style-conscious buyers.

    Fuel-Efficiency: The bike is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine that delivers impressive fuel efficiency, with an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 74 kmpl.

    Low Maintenance: Honda Livo comes with a maintenance-free battery, reducing the cost of ownership for the buyer.

    Spacious Storage: The bike features a large, under-seat storage compartment, providing ample space for storing personal items.

    Riding Experience: Honda Livo comes equipped with a comfortable seat and a well-cushioned suspension system, making for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

    Reliable Performance: Honda is a well-known brand with a reputation for producing reliable and durable vehicles, and the Honda Livo is no exception.

    Competitive Pricing: Honda Livo is priced competitively, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious buyers who want a stylish and reliable bike with low maintenance costs.

    Top 3 Rivals of Honda Livo

    • Hero Passion Pro

    • TVS Star City Plus

    • Hero Splendor iSmart

    Disclaimer / TnC

    Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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    How to Claim Honda Activa Insurance?

    How to Claim Honda Activa Insurance?


    Follow this easy Tata AIG claim process for your Honda Activa Insurance:

    • Go to our Claims page and click on ‘Initiate Claim’.

    • Login to your account by providing the authorised mobile number and clicking on Confirm.

    • Register your claim by providing your vehicle insurance policy number, FIR details, and other basic personal details as required on the form available on the Tata AIG website.

    • We will assess the claim, review the damages and send the vehicle for repair at the closest network garage.

    • Meanwhile, Tata AIG will initiate the claim settlement process.

    • Once the claim process is completed, the vehicle is repaired and returned to you.

    How To Renew Honda Activa Insurance?


    Tata AIG allows easy and quick renewal for your Honda Activa insurance policy:

    • Go to the Bike Insurance page and input the bike registration number in the given calculator. Click on ‘Renew’

    • The calculator will automatically fetch the necessary details. Input any other details as requested.

    • Add any previous claims history or opt for the NCB discount. Make any changes you wish to the add-ons included.

    • The calculator will display the exact Honda Activa insurance premium cost. Make the payment, and your Honda Activa policy is renewed.

    What is the price of the Honda Activa?


    Honda Activa comes in two models – 6G and 125 BS-VI. Both models have different variants. The base variant of the Honda Activa 6G is priced at ₹69,080. The base variant of the Honda Activa 125 BS-VI is priced at ₹72,637.

    What are the available variants in Honda Activa?


    Honda Activa is available in two different models:

    • Honda Activa 6G
    • Honda Activa 125 BS-VI

    Each model offers different variants and colours. The engine capacity, features, mileage, features, etc., of both models, vary significantly. Irrespective of the variant you choose, it is important you buy Honda Activa Insurance for your vehicle for a safe and secure ride.

    Is an inspection required to renew my Honda Livo bike's expired insurance plan?


    If your current insurance has expired, the examination may be necessary. Before determining the insurance cost, the insurance company will send a surveyor to examine any damages. The insurance policy can be renewed without penalty within 30 days of expiration. After 30 days, the insurer may levy a penalty or impose a fee to renew the policy. Any No Claim Bonus received may be valid for up to 90 days after the expiration date, depending on the insurer.

    What exactly is a cashless claim, and how does it work?


    The insurance firm is associated with various garages around the country, referred to as "network garages". If your bike sustains unintentional damage, you can have it repaired at any network garage with whom the insurance has partnered. The insurance pays the repair fee directly to the garage, providing a cashless experience. This is referred to as a cashless claim.

    Can I get Third-Party insurance to lower the cost of my insurance plan?


    Third-Party insurance is less expensive than Comprehensive insurance. It does not, however, cover the insured bike. In the event of an accident that causes damage to the covered bike, the insurance company will not cover the cost, and you will have to pay out of pocket. In addition, with the Comprehensive cover, you can choose from several add-on covers to supplement your Honda Livo coverage.

    Is it possible to get Honda Livo insurance online, and how reliable is it?


    Yes. Tata AIG, a new-age digital insurance company, provides a paperless and hassle-free experience while browsing for bike insurance coverage. Not only when purchasing but also when renewing or registering a claim. A heavy-duty bike, such as the Honda Livo, needs two-wheeler insurance. You may easily transact online by visiting our website or using the mobile app.

    How can I lower the cost of my Honda Livo bike insurance?


    In contrast to typical insurance businesses, digital-first organisations interact directly with the consumer. It has reduced the insurer's operational costs, and the discounts have been passed on to the client. You may also safeguard your bike by installing security gadgets such as anti-theft devices. Insurance carriers will take your priority for protecting your bike into account and may give a reduced rate on a bike insurance policy. You can also join organisations such as the Automobile Association of India or the Western Automobile Association.

    Variants Ex-showroom Price Delhi
    Livo Drum Rs. 75,820
    Livo Disc Rs. 79,820