Honda CB 350 RS Insurance

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Honda CB350 RS Insurance

The Honda CB350RS is regarded as one of the most current two-wheelers launched specifically for the Indian market in the cruiser-bike category. It is based on Honda's retro-styled two-wheeler with the best Japanese engineering and craftsmanship.

The bike's modern and classic body shape is not the only selling point; the quantity of features and specs it includes are a few of the primary reasons for the bike's rapid success. The Honda CB350RS is unique in its own right, and its smooth landing, sleek engine refinement, reliable mechanism, torque, and other features have made it a pure joy ride for India's cruiser-bike enthusiasts.

However, the Honda CB350RS, like any other bike or scooter, is prone to accidents. As a result, it is obligatory to have Honda CB350RS bike insurance in order to minimise financial hardship. Furthermore, the Indian government has made third-party insurance for bikes mandatory for all two-wheeler owners. To offer better financial security, some reputable insurance companies, such as Tata AIG, now put forward comprehensive or long-term two-wheeler insurance packages. We offer a range of Honda bike insurance policies at affordable rates for you to keep yourself as well as your loved two-wheeler protected against all sorts of legal and financial obligations.

Below is a quick explanation of a few Honda CB350RS features and pricing, how to buy a Honda bike insurance policy from Tata AIG online, and the advantages of selecting us as your preferred insurance provider.

Honda CB350RS Insurance Purchase or Renew via Tata AIG

The purchase of Honda two-wheeler insurance or the renewal of the Honda CB350RS two-wheeler insurance policy is a quick and uncomplicated procedure with Tata AIG. Whether you're purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy for the very first time or renewing your current Tata AIG bike policy, the procedures listed below will help you:

  • Go to the Tata AIG website and navigate to the "Two-Wheeler Insurance" section.
  • Enter the registration number of your Honda CB350RS.
  • Select the "Get Price" option to get a quote for new two-wheeler insurance, or click "Renew" if you wish to renew your current Honda CB350RS bike insurance policy.
  • The Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance calculator will automatically fill in the blanks with the required information.
  • A list of IDVs (Insured Declared Values) will be provided. Choose the best one. You may also get the current market value or IDV of your two-wheeler at your local Honda outlet.
  • If you have previously filed a claim, provide the details with your insurance application form. If you didn't submit an insurance claim before, you could simply make use of the No Claim Bonus (NCB).
  • To get better coverage, add appropriate riders to your insurance. You may choose from eight different riders.
  • The entire Honda bike insurance price, along with the premium amount, will be displayed on your device's screen. You may proceed with the payment using the various digital payment alternatives available.
  • Once your money is processed, you'll receive an email with a PDF copy of the Honda CB350RS insurance policy.
  • With our Honda insurance policy, you can finally enjoy comprehensive coverage for your priced motorcycle.

Honda CB350RS Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

The Honda CB350RS insurance cost is determined by the kind of policy selected, the city of residency, the registration date, the add-ons selected, and the No Claim Bonus discount.

If you choose third-party two-wheeler insurance for your Honda bike, the amount you pay will be determined by your bike's engine cubic capacity. The IRDAI publishes yearly premiums that are fixed for every insurance company.

The Insured Declared Value is considered while determining the premium amount for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and standalone Own Damage cover. You may find out the Insured Declared Value by contacting your local dealership or by going through the list of Insured Declared Values when buying the plan as described above.

You may even leverage our online two-wheeler insurance calculator to calculate the cost of a Honda CB350RS bike insurance policy.

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG's Honda CB350 Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG Honda CB350 Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG Honda CB350 Insurance
Damages to third-party property and third-party death/injury Normal wear and tear due to depreciation
Damages caused by accidents Damages caused during driving without a driving licence
Damages due to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. Mechanical or electrical breakdown and consequential loss
Damages due to riots, vandalism or strikes Damages caused by commercial usage of the bike
Theft, burglary or housebreaking damages Damages caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants
Damages caused by terrorist activities Damages due to racing activities, speed tests, and durability tests
Fire damages due to self-ignition, explosion or lightning. Damages due to war or nuclear threats
Damages caused during transit Damages caused outside the geographical location mentioned in the policy

Why Should You Pick Tata AIG for Honda CB350RS Bike Insurance Policy?

Many people harbour the desire to own a motorcycle. Securing your dream with a Tata AIG Honda two-wheeler insurance coverage may be the finest thing you can do for your Honda CB350RS bike.

Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire Tata AIG Honda CB350RS insurance for your cherished two-wheeler:

  • Tata AIG has more than 20 years of expertise, so you can expect nothing but the best.
  • The firm operates over 7500 network garages and serves over 5 crore clients across the country.
  • Tata AIG is a results-driven brand that provides rapid and easy claim settlement procedures for a better client experience.
  • Our network of 650 claim professionals is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Tata AIG provides personalised Honda bike insurance policies that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Honda CB350RS - A Brief Overview of the Bike

In September 2020, HMSI introduced the all-new Honda H'ness CB350 in India. The H'ness CB350 was an instant success. The Honda CB350RS was then introduced in February 2021, expanding the CB359 series.

This new two-wheeler from Honda has a stunning appearance. It shares many cycle parts with the H'ness CB350 because it is built on it, but it has its own distinct charm.

To begin, the Honda CB350RS receives new design features such as a ring around the circular LED headlamp, new LED turn indicators, new front fork boots, new pillion grab rails, a single-piece seat, as well as an under-seat LED tail lamp. The blacked-out parts on the Honda CB350RS include a revised underbelly bash plate, rear-set footpegs, restyled rear mudguard, and blacked-out exhaust. It is available in two colours: Radiant Red Metallic and Pearl Sports Yellow.

The Honda CB350RS, like the Honda H'ness CB350, is steered by a 348.3 cc BSVI compliant, air-cooled, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. This motor produces 21.07 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 30 Nm of maximum torque at 3,000 rpm. This new bike is a long-stroke engine that is wonderfully tuned even at high RPMs and provides good performance.

To sum up, the CB350RS is one of those two-wheelers that will catch the attention of everyone on the road. The two-wheeler itself has a high build quality, outstanding specs, reliable Honda engineering and craftsmanship, a hefty yet stylish appearance, and all the power you'd need for touring.

Honda CB350RS Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Honda CB350RS Mono Tone ₹2,03,179
Honda CB350RS Dual Tone ₹2,03,808

Honda CB350RS Features: Unique Selling Points

The bikes and scooters powered by Honda have remained bestsellers among Indian people, serving both the low-end and luxury markets. Its new addition to the "CB family" comes in two variants: Mono Tone as well as Dual Tone. Let us go over some of the unique selling points of this Honda bike.

  • The 350cc air-cooled four-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine powers the CB 350RS. A strong engine provides smooth acceleration and riding.
  • Honda has included Dual Channel ABS to offer maximum road safety. In addition, if you press the brakes in an emergency or on slick roads, the ABS will keep the wheels from locking up. As a result, you can preserve control of your bike.
  • Honda provided the CB 350RS with a ring around the LED headlamp, LED turn indicators, fork gaiters, an under-seat LED taillight, and other features to set it out from the competition. Its sportier appearance is also due to the flat handlebar and robust tail portion.
  • The instrument panel of the CB 350RS sports includes important information like HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control), Dual Channel ABS, gear position indicator, mileage indicator, and so forth. The display brightness may be adjusted manually up to 5 levels.

Honda CB 350 RS Insurance Overview

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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  • Choose a higher voluntary deductible. However, doing so will result in an increase in out-of-pocket expenses during repairs and maintenance.
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