Honda Shine 100 Insurance

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Honda Shine 100 Insurance

Honda Shine 100 is one of the favourite bikes for people belonging to different age groups in India. The 100cc refined fuel-efficient engine, simple and constructive features, accessible seat height, and the long single-seat design are some of the important factors that have increased its relevance among the passionate bikers of our country.

In addition, the bike is available at an affordable rate. Moreover, the bike comes in five exciting colours combined with black colour. If you are fascinated by the Honda Shine 100 riding experience, you can get started exploring different regions. However, ensure to have a two-wheeler insurance plan to safeguard your bike and ensure proper safety standards.

When it comes to purchasing insurance for a bike, you have several options. At Tata AIG, we offer third-party, stand-alone own-damage and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies. In addition, you can customise the bike insurance policy by including add-on options.

Third-party bike insurance provides financial protection against damages or injuries incurred to third parties or their properties. Third-party bike insurance is mandatory according to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. The stand-alone own damage insurance covers the damages incurred to your bike. And the comprehensive bike insurance policy provides coverage against third-party liabilities and own damage.

Furthermore, you can purchase long-term two-wheeler insurance if you want to ensure coverage for a longer term without having to renew it every year. Therefore, there are various options for purchasing and customising bike insurance policies. You need to evaluate your needs, based on usage and affordability, to decide on a suitable cover for your Honda Shine 100.

Honda Shine 100 Insurance Renewal/Purchase via Tata AIG

Purchasing or renewing insurance for a bike online is a simple, convenient, and less time-consuming process. At Tata AIG, we offer bike insurance plans and customisable options online. You can access these products and their features, compare the benefits and choose the most appropriate solution based on your affordability. In addition, we offer the Tata AIG bike insurance premium calculator to help you decide on suitable coverage considering your affordability and financial requirements.

Here are the steps for the Honda insurance policy purchase and renewal online with Tata AIG.

  1. Visit our Tata AIG official website. Find the two-wheeler bike insurance page available under the "All Products" tab.

  2. The system will prompt you to enter the essential details, such as your Honda Shine 100's registration number. Provide the details, and click on 'Get Price'.

  3. If your Honda Shine 100 is a new vehicle, choose the "It's A New Vehicle" option. And if you are renewing your Honda bike insurance, choose the "Renew" option.

  4. Once you have provided the basic details, the system will further prompt you to provide your personal details and other coverage requirements.

  5. If you are renewing your two-wheeler insurance, ensure to consider the No Claim Bonus, if any, to reduce the premium.

  6. On the other hand, if it is a new policy, you need to research and provide the exact and required Insured Declared Value(IDV). The IDV is the maximum amount you will receive as compensation in case of total damage due to an accident or theft. The IDV should be optimal. A higher IDV will increase the premium rate. However, a lower IDV can make the coverage insufficient.

  7. Decide the type of bike insurance policy between the third-party, own damage, and comprehensive bike insurance plans.

  8. Compare and choose the required add-on covers for your bike insurance policy, such as the depreciation allowance, roadside assistance, etc.,

  9. After providing all the essential details, the system will display the Honda bike insurance price.

  10. You can pay the premium using any one of the digital payment options if you feel the premium is affordable.

  11. We will send the Honda two-wheeler insurance document to your registered email ID upon completing the process.

Honda Shine 100 Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Purchasing two-wheeler insurance for your bike is a significant financial decision, and it is vital to get it right by all means. The premium is the most crucial aspect to consider while purchasing the Honda Shine 100 insurance and staying insured for the longer term. It is detrimental to the coverage and your affordability at the same time. Therefore, understanding the various factors that affect the premium is crucial to determine the premium for the Honda Shine 100 bike insurance.

The most important factor that affects the bike insurance premium is the Insured Declared Value(IDV). It refers to the maximum compensation you will receive if your bike is damaged totally due to an accident or theft. The value is determined considering the current market value of the Honda Shine 100 and the corresponding depreciation based on age.

If the IDV is higher, the premium will increase. However, it will provide the best coverage. On the other hand, a lower IDV will have a lesser premium, but the coverage might be insufficient. Therefore, research your financial requirements and ensure to have sufficient coverage.

While the IDV is the most important factor, other aspects also affect the Shine 100 bike insurance premium. Some of these key factors are:

  • Engine cubic capacity

  • Age of your two-wheeler

  • Make and model

  • Add-on covers

  • Type of bike insurance policy

  • Safety devices

  • Geographical location

  • Rider's age and driving record

Add-on covers enhance the coverage of your Honda Shine 100 bike. However, it can increase the premium based on coverage. Therefore, analyse and compare the benefits of each of these add-on options and choose the most appropriate ones based on your usage.

Add-ons for Honda Shine 100 Insurance by Tata AIG

Add -on options are additional covers that enhance basic bike insurance coverage. The coverage provides additional financial support in the event of a specific scenario. Including add -on options can increase the premium. However, it is undoubtedly worth the investment. Therefore, consider the locality wherein you are using your Honda Shine 100 and the purpose of usage, whether regular commute or exploring different terrains and touring, etc., to determine the required add -ons.

Here is a detail explaining the add -on covers available for your Shine 100 bike insurance.

  • Depreciation allowance - Depreciation allowance, also called the zero depreciation cover, will reimburse the depreciation value applicable to your bike during a claim. Depreciation value is the amount that gets reduced from your benefit if you make a claim. You can get this value reimbursed if you purchase the depreciation allowance add -on cover.

  • Return -to -invoice cover - We have seen that the IDV is the maximum compensation you will receive if your bike is totally damaged. However, if you want to increase this benefit equal to the invoice cost of your bike and include the other expenses such as registration fees, road taxes, etc., you can purchase the return -to -invoice cover add -on.

  • Emergency medical expenses - This add -on cover will provide a fund to manage the emergency medical treatment required for you in the event of an accident with your insured Honda Shine 100 bike.

  • Additional personal accident cover - The additional personal accident cover will provide a sum assured to your family in the event of your unexpected demise to help reduce the financial burden.

  • Additional third -party property damage cover - Third -party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance plans cover the damages incurred to third parties or properties. This add -on increases the coverage for such expenses under these bike insurance policies.

  • Roadside assistance - If you are held with your bike at a distance where you cannot find sufficient support to manage the repairs, the roadside assistance add -on will extend the necessary support. Some of the scenarios where roadside assistance is provided include a dead battery, flat tyre, etc.,

  • **Consumables expenses - If, in an accident, the damage results in the loss of consumables such as distilled water, lubricants, engine oil, etc., this add -on will reimburse the cost.

Things Included and Not Included in Tata AIG Honda Insurance Policy

You have to consider several aspects while purchasing a Honda bike insurance plan. One of the primary aspects is the inclusions and exclusions. The inclusions and exclusions help you understand what is covered and not covered under your bike insurance policy. Knowing these aspects will help you make the best use of the bike insurance policy benefits and avoid facing unnecessary claim rejections.

Here is a detail about the Tata AIG Honda bike insurance policy inclusions and exclusions.

Things covered under Tata AIG Honda insurance policy Things not covered under Tata AIG Honda insurance policy
Damages and losses that impacted your bike due to natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc.,  Breakdown or consequential loss that impacted your bike due to general usage and age of your bike.
Damages that impacted your bike due to man-made activities such as riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc.,  The damage that impacted your bike when it was used outside Indian geographical borders.
The damages and the related losses that impacted your bike due to fire accidents caused by ignitions, explosions, etc. Damages that impacted your bike due to war-like situations
The damages that impacted your bike due to transit in railways, waterways, etc., or in an accident The damages that impacted your bike due to racing, speed tests, etc.,
Bike theft and related losses that impacted your bike The damages that impacted your bike due to riding under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, etc.,
The financial expenses owing to damages incurred to third parties or their properties. The damages that impacted your private bike when it is used for commercial purposes
Personal accident cover The damages that impacted your bike due to breaking and burglary and the scenario when the bike is not stolen.
Additional financial benefits under the specific add-ons. The damages that impact your bike when it is used in restricted usage conditions, such as flood-prone areas.

Why Is It Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Honda Shine 100 Insurance?

The best way to ensure timely financial support and the best service for your bike insurance claims is to have a reliable insurance provider. At Tata AIG, we provide different bike insurance plans with customisable features and essential customer service support to choose the best option. In addition, we will ensure to give you the best customer service experience, making your journey with us memorable.

Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing the Tata AIG Honda insurance policy.

  • Online support - At Tata AIG, we offer all bike insurance plans online. You can take the time to navigate through the options, compare and choose the best. In addition, you can research the different add-on covers and opt for the most important ones. If you are sceptical about affordability, you can use our Tata AIG bike insurance premium calculator to make a wise decision.

  • Customer service - We have gained experience of more than 20 years to provide the best insurance experience overall. We ensure to provide timely financial support, address queries promptly, offer wise solutions to your insurance needs, etc. In addition, our claim experts can verify the claim application, process the payment, and ensure it is paid when you most need it. So, get in touch if you have any kinds of questions.

  • Convenient process - We offer a convenient and user-friendly process to purchase, renew or claim 2-wheeler insurance online or offline. We have ensured to avoid the hassle-free paper processes to a great extent. In addition, you can understand our product brochures without the help of an external agent to make a decision.

  • Affordable prices - The bike insurance plans with flexible add-on features are available at an affordable price. You can compare the options to decide on suitable Honda bike insurance.

  • Claim settlement ratio - The bike insurance claim settlement ratio refers to the claims successfully processed and paid against the claims registered. We have registered a claim settlement ratio of 98% for the FY 2020-2021.

Honda Shine 100: A Brief Overview

Honda introduced the Shine 100 bike recently in India. It is considered one of the most affordable 100cc motorbikes in India. The simple structure and enhanced performance make the bike suitable for regular usage and long-trip travel plans. Shine 100 is available in 5 colours: black with gold stripes, black with blue stripes, black with red stripes, black with green stripes, and black with grey stripes. The curvy fuel tank and the single-piece seat add to the elegant classic look.

Here is a detail about the key specifications of the Honda Shine 100.

Engine displacement  100cc
Maximum power 7.61bhp
Transmission 4-speed manual
Maximum torque 8.05 Nm
Transmission type Chain drive
Cooling system Air-cooled
Emission standard BS6
Seat height 786mm
Wheel base 1245mm
Ground clearance 168mm

The bike is priced at an affordable rate, making it a cost-effective option for many bike enthusiasts in India.

Honda Shine 100 is available in one variant and the price is as follows:

Variants On-road price (in New Delhi*)
Honda Shine 100 Standard ₹77, 436

The price will vary based on the city and the dealership where you are purchasing the Honda Shine 100 bike.

Unique Selling Points of Honda Shine 100

Unique Selling Points(USP) of a bike define its precise value in the market. These distinguishing features will enhance the drive experience to stand out amongst their competitors.

Some of the unique selling points of the Honda Shine 100 are:

  • Simple structure - The bike has a single-piece seat that provides a resourceful and simple structure for the riders and the pillions. It provides a good balance making it comfortable for the rider to go long distances or amidst huge traffic.

  • Engine performance - The Honda Shine 100, powered by the 100cc BS6 engine, develops a 7.61bhp and a torque of 8.05 Nm. In addition, the 4-speed manual transmission enhances the drive quality. Furthermore, the OBD 2 compliant, referring to onboard diagnostics, can help monitor real-time emissions.

  • Safety features - The Honda Shine 100 has a combined braking system of both wheels with both the front and rear drum brakes. The conventional dual rear shock, telescopic front forks, and the drum brakes structure mounted on the cast alloy wheels help control the vehicle movements for a safe riding experience.

  • Lights - The headlight, brake/tail light, and turn signal are made of halogen bulbs, making them effective long distance.

Top Rivals of Honda Shine 100

Honda Shine 100 has been providing tough competition for some of the popular bike brands in India.

The top rivals of Honda Shine 100 are:

  • Hero Splendor Plus

  • Radeon

  • Bajaj Platina

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the mileage of the Honda Shine 100?

What is the mileage of the Honda Shine 100?


The Honda Shine 100 has mileage in the range of 55 - 65 km/l.

What is the kerb weight of the Honda Shine 100?


The kerb weight of Honda Shine 100 is 114kg.

How many days before should I renew my bike insurance policy?


You can renew your bike insurance policy 15-30 days before the due date.

What is referred to as the grace period in bike insurance?


The grace period in bike insurance refers to the extension in the due date provided by your insurance provider to renew your bike insurance policy. The grace period is generally 30 days.


Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.