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Jawa Perak Insurance

The prestigious motorcycle brand Jawa was founded in 1929. It shipped motorcycles all around the world and was widely popular in India. However, with the advent of new bikes bringing new offerings to India, the Jawa lost its demand and eventually fizzled out in India. However, the brand recovered in 2018 after declining sales for many interim years. Jawa currently sells three motorbikes in India that are classified as retro-classic bikes. They are Jawa Perak, Jawa and Jawa 42.

The bike Jawa Perak was instrumental in bringing back Jawa bikes in India as a game-changer. The Perak bikes quickly started becoming the talk of the town after its launch in 2019. The bike is sporty and smart and offers outstanding features. However, you must have Jawa Perak insurance before buying a Jawa Perak.

Having a bike insurance policy for Perak is a must for all two-wheeler riders. It has been made compulsory under the Motor Vehicles Act. If a person does not have insurance for 2-wheelers, they will be seen as a criminal offender in the eyes of the law. This law has been put into place to safeguard the interests of the people of India. Thus, it becomes the duty of every individual to get their bike insurance policy before they can get their bikes on the streets of India.

If you are seeking out the right insurance for 2-wheelers, you should look further than Tata AIG’s bike insurance policy. We offer you a variety of insurance for 2-wheeler plans that you can choose at your convenience. Each plan has something different, so we suggest you compare the two-wheeler insurance plans to find the right fit. Once you find the right bike insurance policy, you can buy your Jawa bike insurance online quickly and easily.

With that said, let us now look into Jawa Perak insurance, Jawa bike insurance price and Jawa bike insurance renewal and purchase procedure.

Jawa Perak Insurance Renewal/Buy Jawa Perak Insurance Online via Tata AIG

When you buy insurance for your 2-wheeler, you might think that your duty is done. You do not need to do anything more where your insurance concerns. It might then interest you that buying Jawa Perak insurance when buying your bike is not enough. Your bike insurance policy has an expiration term. It thus becomes important for you to opt for a Jawa Perak insurance renewal from time to time. If you are driving your bike on the road and are caught with expired Jawa Perak insurance, you will have to undergo a lot of difficulties. Further, if you are repeatedly caught without a valid insurance policy. Purchasing an insurance policy is just as important as your Jawa Perak insurance renewal. Let us look into the process you need to follow to get Jawa bike insurance online.

To buy and renew your Jawa bike insurance online, you need to;

  • Open our official website and click on the Bike Insurance section.

  • Fill in all the relevant details relating to your bike and fill in your personal information as well. You need to click on ‘Get Price’ to see your Jawa Perak insurance price. You will be able to see this price after you have provided a few more details. If you are not here to buy a policy but rather to renew an existing policy, click on ‘Renew’.

  • Fill in the details of every claim you have made in the past. However, if you have not made a claim for a few subsequent years, select ‘No Claim Bonus’.

  • You will now be asked if you wish any bonus covers along with your insurance to increase the protection of your bike. You need to be aware, though, that while these add-ons increase the safety quotient of your bike, they will also increase your Jawa bike insurance price.

  • After you have made all your selections, you will be shown what your Jawa Perak insurance price will be and what you could be expected to pay for your Jawa bike insurance renewal.

  • If you are comfortable with your Jawa Perak insurance price, you can go ahead with the payment.

Once the payment is made, the Jawa bike insurance online purchase or renewal process concludes. You will then receive your policy statement in your email or on your mobile number.

Jawa Perak Insurance Price- Your Premium Amount

Several factors affect the cost of your Perak insurance. The primary aspect influencing this cost is whether you select comprehensive coverage or third-party bike insurance. Different factors apply when you purchase third-party insurance than when you purchase comprehensive coverage for your Jawa bike. The price of third-party insurance for bikes is set annually by the IRDAI, depending on the cubic capacity of the bike.

Again, there are several factors to consider when determining the cost of comprehensive bike insurance. The benefits will improve even if the price of your insurance does. The following factors can affect the prices of comprehensive insurance:

  • The bike's make and model

  • The bike’s cubic capacity

  • The person buying the insurance’s track record

  • If your bike is a normal bike or a sports bike

  • Customisations you may have made to the bike

  • The IDV of the bike

  • The area where you will be driving your bike

Things Covered/Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Perak Insurance Policy

When it comes to choosing the right insurance provider for your bike, you can do so only by putting in the right amount of research to figure out which provider matches your requirements the best. You know what risk factors you may face when driving your bike in the location you will drive your bike or the purpose for which you are buying a bike. You then need to know if your requirements regarding what your provider offers you are included or excluded. It is what will help you make the right decision.

If you wish to know what is included or excluded under Tata AIG’s policy, just look at the table below.

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Perak Bike Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Perak Bike Insurance
Damage to the insured Perak due to a collision involving a third-party vehicle and harm to someone else's property or injury to a third-party person resulting in death or impairment. Personal accidents or own damage will not be covered if the person is under a third-party bike insurance policy.
Any harm caused to the motorcycle from explosions, self-ignition fires, lightning etc. Any damage to the insured bike when not in the confines of the geographical location mentioned in the policy (i.e., outside India).
Any harm caused to the vehicle because of human acts of terrorism, vandalism, riots and more. Damage caused to the Perak because of a war-like situation in the country or an attack from external forces.
Any amount of damage caused to the bike as a result of natural disasters, including cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc. Destruction or loss of the insured bike if the rider is under the influence of alcohol, if they were not using a helmet at the time of the accident, or if not carrying a valid driver's license.
Any customisations made to the policy will be considered when you make an insurance claim.  Any destruction caused when the Perak was being used for commercial reasons. Also, if the damage is a consequence of adventure sports, racing, speed trials, etc.
Personal injury coverage of up to ₹15 lakhs for the insurance policyholder if an accident occurs. If the owner-driver passes away in the accident, the policyholder's nominee will get the sum insured. Any damage caused when the vehicle was used in areas prone to damage, such as a flood or landslide-prone area.
Any damage caused to the bike owing to theft or damages adding up to a total loss. Any loss caused by use over time and normal wear and tear, including mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
Suppose any damage was incurred by the insured bike during transportation by airways, waterways, railways, etc. Any harm was caused to the bike because of  theft in your residence, where the bike was not stolen.

Why Is It Important to Have a Jawa Bike Insurance from Tata AIG?

Tata’s Trust- Tata AIG, which has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance market, makes continuous efforts to win the trust of more than 5 million customers nationwide. People have been able to embrace our brand and stick with us throughout the years because of the trust they have in us.

Easy and Effective Claim Process- Owing to the assistance of 650 insurance professionals located throughout India, we offer a 3-step online insurance claim process that is easy, efficient, and quick. Our ability to rapidly and effectively handle every claim that comes through because of our team and the system in place allowed us to settle 98% of all the claims that came through in the fiscal year 2020–21.

One-Stop Shop- With our assistance, you may evaluate Jawa bike insurance options and select from several plans. We provide everything to you in one location. You may acquire all of it with us, whether you want a custom plan, standalone own damage insurance, an online comprehensive bike insurance policy, or third-party insurance.

Convenience- You can purchase our Jawa bike insurance online from the convenience of your home. We ensure you have a simple and trouble-free experience purchasing insurance for your bike using our online approach.

Cashless Service- We provide you with access to a network of more than 7500 garages that are cashless, where you may have your bike fixed or serviced without having to pay anything

Overview: Jawa Perak

For Jawa, Perak is a famous trademark, and the business has brought it back as a factory-custom bobber. The bike took about a year to be formally introduced in the nation after being first featured during the brand's debut. The Perak is a stunning motorbike since it is a factory-custom bobber. Unlike other Jawa designs, it has a longer wheelbase and a trademark low-slung appearance. It has a gunmetal paint scheme that adheres to a blacked-out motif, and most of its mechanical components are black. The floating seating layout featuring a tan-brown leather upholstery that affords the Perak the traditional bobber stance is the second major selling point of the vehicle. Since the bike has made its way into the market, it has been popular with the masses, especially for those looking for style and speed.

Jawa Perak Prices and Variants

What makes the Jawa Perak even more special is that it is available in only one variant. There are not many models to choose from to confuse a person. What you see is what you get with the Perak, and you know what you will be paying for it upfront. The variant of the Perak that is available in the market is the Jawa Perak STD, and its ex-showroom price is ₹2.07 lakhs.

Unique Selling Points: Jawa Perak Features

The Jawa Perak is propelled by a 334cc BS6 engine that produces 30 horsepower and 32.74 Nm of output. Jawa Perak implements an anti-lock braking mechanism that includes front and back disc brakes. This Perak motorcycle weighs 175 kg and comes with a 14-litre fuel container.

The Perak is outfitted with standard halogen lamps everywhere but the tail lamp, an LED. The instrument panel is a circular piece that features an odometer with a compact digital display taken from the preceding Jawa models. The motorcycle is supported by monoshock mounts at the back and telescopic forks up front. At both ends, disc brakes that are reinforced by dual-channel ABS are used for braking.

Some aspects that make the bike different from the rest are;

  • A 334 cc engine

  • Six-speed gearbox

  • Its matte-black look

  • Gold stripes that run through the bike

  • Its bobber posture

Top 3 Rivals of the Jawa Perak

The rivals of the Jawa Perak in the Indian market at present are;

  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350

  • Honda H'ness CB350

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Will my bike be inspected before a policy renewal?

Will my bike be inspected before a policy renewal?


Inspection of your vehicle before renewal depends on which insurance provider your insurance for a 2-wheeler is from. If you have a policy from Tata AIG, you need not be worried about inspection before renewal.

Does comprehensive coverage cover electrical damage to the bike?


Most comprehensive policies will not cover electrical damages, especially to the engine. For electrical damage, you will need to opt for add-ons that are specific to it.

What documents are required for policy renewal?


To renew an existing policy, all you will require is your policy number, bike registration number and your policy expiry date.

Can I buy my bike insurance policy online?


If you opt to buy your insurance from Tata AIG, you can buy your Jawa bike insurance online in just a few simple steps that are easy to follow and will not take much time.

Disclaimer: All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.