Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance

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Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance

Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance

The Mahindra Mojo has been one of the unique motorcycles in the Indian two-wheeler market since its launch in 2015. With its distinctive street-cum-touring bike design, it quickly gained a cult following among adventure enthusiasts and long-distance riders. In 2020, the Mojo received its much-anticipated BS6 update to comply with the latest emission norms in India.

If you're considering purchasing the Mahindra Mojo 300, you're making an excellent choice for a versatile motorcycle that can handle various use cases, including long-distance touring, local riding, and everyday commuting. However, when purchasing a bike, it's crucial to consider the risks involved and protect yourself and your vehicle with adequate two-wheeler insurance coverage.

In India, third-party insurance for two-wheelers is mandatory by law, but it only covers damages and injuries caused to a third party in an accident involving your vehicle. Therefore, it's recommended that you consider purchasing comprehensive Mahindra Mojo bike insurance, which covers third-party liabilities and damages and losses incurred to your motorcycle in case of theft, accident, or natural calamities.

When looking for Mahindra Mojo insurance options, it's essential to compare two-wheeler insurance plans online to get the best coverage at an affordable price. Online insurance comparisons allow you to make an informed decision based on your requirements and budget.

Tata AIG may assist you with its well-designed Mahindra bike insurance packages that provide substantial coverage.

With Tata AIG, you may customise your Mojo bike insurance plan. With our Mahindra two-wheeler insurance coverage, you are 360° protected from every side. Also, purchasing or renewing two-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG is straightforward. You may choose a one-year policy and renew it annually or go for a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan.

So, why wait? Contact Tata AIG now and take this alliance forward!

Mahindra Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal/Purchase via Tata AIG

In today's digital age, online purchasing and engagement have become the norm, and the insurance industry is no exception. Tata AIG recognises the shift towards online transactions and provides customers with hassle-free ways to fulfil their insurance needs while saving time and enjoying the convenience of doing everything from the comfort of their homes.

To purchase or renew your 2-wheeler insurance online with Tata AIG, follow these steps:

  • Visit Tata AIG’s official webpage, navigate to the “Bike Insurance” tab, and enter your Mahindra Mojo 300 bike registration number.

  • Click “Get Price” for a new Mahindra bike insurance policy or “Renew” for a Mahindra two-wheeler insurance renewal. For those renewing their bike insurance policies, remember its validity ranges between 1 to 5 years.

  • Fill out the bike insurance form that appears after clicking on Get Price or Renew and enter the requested details. The details will include your name, number, email address, Aadhaar number, PAN card number, etc.

  • You will also have to enter the details of your Mahindra Mojo 300, like its variant, price, and Insured Declared Value (IDV). Enter bike insurance policy-related details like the previous policy expiration date, claim history, etc.

  • You will be eligible for a No Claim Bonus (NCB) of up to 50% if you have not filed a two-wheeler insurance claim or have no claim history. You might also get an additional discount of up to 75%, lowering the Mahindra Mojo 300 insurance price.

  • You can also choose from our seven add-on riders.

  • After submitting the necessary details, you will get a Mahindra bike insurance price.

  • After paying, you will receive a digital receipt/ e-copy of your Mahindra two-wheeler insurance policy on your email ID/number/ WhatsApp.

Mahindra Mojo Insurance Price - Your Premium Account

To do a Mahindra bike insurance renewal or buy a new Mahindra bike insurance online policy, you must make monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly payments called premiums. The premium price depends on various factors, including:

  • Your driving history, age and the geographical location of the two-wheeler

  • The variant, age, and make of the two-wheeler

  • The Insured Declared Value of the two-wheeler. The IDV is the current market or sale value of your Mojo 300, payable under the Mahindra two-wheeler insurance policy.

  • The engine (cubic) capacity of the two-wheeler

  • The type of Mahindra two-wheeler insurance policy chosen – whether comprehensive, own-damage (standalone), or third party. A third-party or own-damage bike insurance policy will cost less than comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers.

  • We give any NCB benefits (up to 50%) or premium discounts (up to 75%) for buying Mahindra bike insurance online.

  • Add safety devices (which can lower the premium cost) or modifications (which can increase the premium cost) to your Mahindra Mojo 300.

We encourage you to use our bike insurance calculator to get a precise estimate of the Mahindra bike insurance cost for your Mojo 300. You can compare two-wheeler insurance as it is free, accurate, and lets you compare multiple two-wheeler insurance policies in no time.

Add-ons for Mahindra Mojo 300 by Tata AIG

Tata AIG's bike insurance coverage is designed to provide extensive protection to today's bike owners and riders. Tata AIG offers riders that go above and beyond the standard coverage provided by third-party or comprehensive insurance policies for two-wheelers to cater to a wide range of possibilities. These riders provide additional financial assistance if an unexpected event impacts your Mahindra Mojo 300.

Consider the following seven add-on riders offered by Tata AIG:

- Personal Accident Rider: It provides a predetermined amount of money to your nominees (selected family members) in case of your death or physical harm due to an accident involving your Mojo 300.

- Roadside Assistance Cover: It gives prompt 24x7 mechanic assistance in case of a Mojo 300 breakdown at a remote or distant place.

- Third-Party Property Damage Cover: It gives a sum in addition to the standard insurance cover for damage caused by your Mojo 300 to a third party, their vehicle, and their property.

- Return to Invoice Cover: It compensates you for the original invoice/purchase price of your Mojo 300 in the event of theft or total and irreparable damage.

- Consumables Expenses Cover: It covers the cost of consumables damaged or lost due to an accident using the Mojo 300. Screws, nuts, bolts, lubricants, bearings, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake oil, and other parts are among the consumables.

- Depreciation Allowance Cover: It compensates the original value of the Mojo 300's bike parts during repair/replacement, thereby cancelling the effects of depreciation.

- Emergency Medical Expenses Cover: This rider provides financial protection in case of accidents resulting in injury or death to you (the rider) and the pillion rider. It covers emergency medical expenses and offers compensation in case of permanent disability or death caused by an accident involving your Mahindra Mojo 300.

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG Mahindra Mojo 300 Bike Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance
Damage caused to your Mahindra Mojo 300 during travel through any airway, waterway, roadway, or railway. Damage caused to your Mahindra Mojo 300 while being used for speed racing, crash testing, and other racing or reliability trials.
Damage and loss to your Mojo 300 from natural disasters like floods, lightning, snowfall, earthquakes, and cyclones, as well as artificial man-made disasters like riots, theft, strikes, self-ignition, terrorist activities, and explosions. and so forth. Damages caused to your Mojo 300 due to your contributory negligence, including riding without a valid and active driving license, riding without a helmet, and riding under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol/ drugs/ narcotics.
Personal accident coverage includes medical insurance up to ₹15 lakhs for physical injuries caused to you by accident. In the eventuality of your death, your family members will receive an insurance payout equal to the medical insurance. Damage to your Mojo 300 due to nuclear perils, mutiny, war, civil unrest, or other operations that create a state of war.
Damage or death caused to third parties, their vehicle and property. Damage (except total theft) was caused to the Mojo 300 during a burglary/ breaking/ entering.
Add-on coverage from 7 bike insurance riders, including depreciation allowance, return to invoice, personal owner-driver accident, third-party property damage, consumables expense, emergency medical expenses, and Roadside assistance. Any consequential loss, general wear and tear, and age-related breakdown of the bike.

Why Is Having Tata AIG for Mahindra Mojo 300 Insurance Necessary?

Tata AIG's bike insurance coverage is designed to protect your Mojo 300 bike against unforeseen events. Our commitment to customer care and consistent claim payouts has helped us establish an unparalleled brand reputation.

Here are some key features that set Tata AIG's Mahindra bike insurance apart from the competition:

  • With over 20 years of experience, Tata AIG has established itself as a trusted name in the insurance industry. Our consistent claim settlement ratios over the last decade speak volumes about our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. In the fiscal year 2020-2021, our settlement ratio was 98%, making us instantly reliable and trustworthy.

  • At Tata AIG, we pride ourselves on being a flexible and adaptable organisation that always puts our customers' needs first. We understand that each of our five crore unique consumers has unique demands, so we have assembled a team of over 650 claims professionals to provide fast, personalised support.

  • At Tata AIG, we have a completely computerised and hassle-free process for purchasing, renewing, and settling claims. However, we have kept in touch with personal interaction, and we welcome you to visit our offices to request any operation you require.

  • Tata AIG has a reliable and flexible network of over 5,000 trusted garages nationwide, catering to customers from tier-1 cities to small towns and rural interiors.

Mahindra Mojo 300: A Brief Overview of the Bike

The Mahindra Mojo 300 is a stylish, powerful touring bike for long-distance rides. It has a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine, producing 26.29 bhp of power and 28 Nm of torque. The bike features a comfortable seating position, a large fuel tank capacity of 21 litres, and a top speed of 155 km/h.

The Mahindra Mojo 300 is available in the standard and ABS versions. Both variants come with a 6-speed gearbox and disc brakes, but the ABS variant offers additional safety features such as an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and tubeless tires. The Mahindra Mojo 300 is ideal for riders seeking a powerful and comfortable touring bike capable of efficiently handling long distances.

Mahindra Mojo 300 Bike Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi (₹)
Mahindra Mojo 300 STD ₹2,00,500
Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS ₹2,11,520

Mahindra Mojo 300 Features: Unique Selling Points of the Bike

The Mahindra Mojo 300 bike has several unique selling points that set it apart. Some key features that make it stand out include:

  • The bike features a comfortable position, with a cushioned seat and raised handlebars, making it ideal for long-distance rides.

  • The Mahindra Mojo 300 has a powerful liquid-cooled engine that produces 26.29 bhp of power and 28 Nm of torque, providing a thrilling riding experience.

  • The bike has a bold and aggressive design, sharp lines, and a muscular look that will turn heads on the road.

  • The ABS variant of the bike comes equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and tubeless tires, providing an extra layer of safety and protection for riders.

Top Competitors of the Mahindra Mojo 300

  • KTM Duke 390

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • Bajaj Dominar 400

  • TVS Apache RR310

  • Honda CB300R

  • Yamaha YZF-R3

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What bike insurance policies does Tata AIG offer for Mahindra Mojo 300?

Tata AIG offers three types of insurance policies for the Mahindra Mojo 300: third-party, standalone own-damage and comprehensive.

2. What is a bike insurance policy's Insured Declared Value (IDV)?

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the maximum sum assured fixed by an insurance company, which is provided to the policyholder in the event of a total loss of the insured vehicle due to theft or an accident. It represents the current market value of the two-wheeler and is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price and adjusted for depreciation over time. The IDV serves as the basis for determining the premium amount for the bike insurance policy.

3. Is it wise to opt for Roadside Assistance cover for my Mahindra Mojo 300 bike?

Opting for roadside assistance cover for your Mahindra Mojo 300 bike is a wise decision as it provides round-the-clock assistance in case of any breakdown or emergency. The cover includes on-site repairs, fuel delivery, towing, and other services.

4. What type of coverage insurance will be better for my Mahindra Mojo 300 two-wheeler insurance plan?

It depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Suppose you want to meet the legal requirements and protect yourself against third-party liabilities; in that case, a third-party policy may suit you. However, a comprehensive policy would be better if you want 360-degree coverage that protects your bike from damage and theft. It's vital to assess your needs and budget before choosing a policy.

5. What is Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance plan?

Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance plan offers extensive coverage for your bike against various risks, including accidental damage, theft, natural calamities, and third-party liabilities. It provides coverage for both own damage and third-party liabilities. It also offers various add-on covers to enhance the policy coverage per your requirements.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to Claim Honda Activa Insurance?


Follow this easy Tata AIG claim process for your Honda Activa Insurance:

  • Go to our Claims page and click on ‘Initiate Claim’.

  • Login to your account by providing the authorised mobile number and clicking on Confirm.

  • Register your claim by providing your vehicle insurance policy number, FIR details, and other basic personal details as required on the form available on the Tata AIG website.

  • We will assess the claim, review the damages and send the vehicle for repair at the closest network garage.

  • Meanwhile, Tata AIG will initiate the claim settlement process.

  • Once the claim process is completed, the vehicle is repaired and returned to you.

How To Renew Honda Activa Insurance?


Tata AIG allows easy and quick renewal for your Honda Activa insurance policy:

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  • The calculator will automatically fetch the necessary details. Input any other details as requested.

  • Add any previous claims history or opt for the NCB discount. Make any changes you wish to the add-ons included.

  • The calculator will display the exact Honda Activa insurance premium cost. Make the payment, and your Honda Activa policy is renewed.

What is the price of the Honda Activa?


Honda Activa comes in two models – 6G and 125 BS-VI. Both models have different variants. The base variant of the Honda Activa 6G is priced at ₹69,080. The base variant of the Honda Activa 125 BS-VI is priced at ₹72,637.

What are the available variants in Honda Activa?


Honda Activa is available in two different models:

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Each model offers different variants and colours. The engine capacity, features, mileage, features, etc., of both models, vary significantly. Irrespective of the variant you choose, it is important you buy Honda Activa Insurance for your vehicle for a safe and secure ride.