Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance

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Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance

When it comes to the best off-road bikes in India, the name that everyone remembers is Royal Enfield. This brand is popular among Indians due to its powerful performance, tough body, and high mileage. Royal Enfield has recently launched the Scram 411 in India, adding to its powerful bike portfolio.

If you are planning to buy this model, don't forget to secure it with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. The insurance pays for the loss, repairs, and replacement in the event of theft, natural disaster, man-made calamity, etc. Here is how you can get the Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance online from Tata AIG.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance Renewal/Buy via Tata AIG

Whether you are planning a road trip to Ladakh or just a long ride on the highway with a group of friends, Royal Enfield is the perfect companion. But what if your bike is uninsured? In that case, instead of postponing your plans, go to Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal. Here is how.

  • Visit Tata AIG's official website and navigate to the bike insurance page.
  • You will find two different options for renewal and purchase. If you are an existing customer with a lapsed policy, share your bike's registration details and click the 'Renew' tab. New customers are required to tap on the 'Get Price' after sharing a few details.
  • Fill out the application form with all the relevant details, and you will be provided with a Royal Enfield insurance premium quote.
  • Select your bike’s correct insured declared value (IDV) from the drop-down menu.
  • In the case of past bike insurance claims, mention the same on the application form. If you have any accumulated no-claim bonus (NCB), use it to bring down your policy premium.
  • After completing all the above steps, you will see the premium applicable to your bike. You may boost your policy coverage by choosing the most relevant add-ons for your Scram 411 at this stage.
  • In the last step, pay the premium using one of the many digital payment methods displayed on your screen.

As soon as you complete the transaction, Tata AIG will send a softcopy of your policy to your registered email address, and you will have the insurance for your two-wheeler in a jiffy. You can also buy or renew your policy offline, at a Tata AIG branch or through a registered agent. Not only for the Scram 411, but you can also buy our Royal Enfield insurance for all types of Royal Enfield bikes. For information, Royal Enfield insurance renewal on Tata AIG is also very seamless.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

Your Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance premium relies upon many factors. Among these are the bike's registration place, manufacturing year, and IDV. The IDV is the most important because it is the maximum amount your insurer is liable to pay if your bike is irreparably damaged or stolen from your home or another location. The higher the IDV, the higher the premium, and vice versa. If you share the low IDV for the sake of a lower premium, your claim will be denied.

You can determine this value by deducting the depreciation from your bike's invoice value. You can also use Tata AIG's bike insurance calculator to calculate the IDV.

Add-ons for Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance by Tata AIG

In India, road mishaps are common. Damaged roads, poor drainage, disregard for road safety regulations, and a few other factors contribute to serious road accidents in the country. In such a case, if you do not have comprehensive insurance for a two-wheeler, you will have to bear significant expenses out of your own pocket if your bike is damaged.

Tata AIG provides comprehensive insurance as well as the option of selecting from eight add-ons to assist you financially during unforeseeable road incidents. These include –

  • Depreciation allowance
  • Return-to-invoice covers
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal accident cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Consumable expense cover
  • Additional coverage for third-party property damage

Whether you want Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance renewal or purchase a new policy, it is important to know that extra coverage comes at an extra premium. Opting for add-on covers can increase your Royal Enfield insurance price.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Royal Enfield Insurance

It is advised that you read the fine print of your Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance policy to understand the inclusions and exclusions. It will help you avoid irrelevant claim filings and speed up the claim settlement process in the event of a road accident. The following table details Tata AIG comprehensive policy coverage.

What our bike insurance policy covers What our bike insurance policy does not cover
Your Tata AIG policy covers damage to Royal Enfield by flood, landslide, earthquake, and other similar incidents. Tata AIG does not cover age-related electrical and mechanical breakdown, wear and tear, and consequential losses.
Your two-wheeler insurance covers damage to your bike caused due to explosion, self-ignition, and lightning. If you use your bike outside of India and it sustains damage, Tata AIG will not compensate you.
Tata AIG will reimburse you for the bike damage if it is caused by vandalism, terrorism, riots, etc. Any damage that your Royal Enfield Scram suffers due to nuclear perils, mutiny, or war-like situations, such situations are subject to Tata AIG's policy exclusion.
If your bike is stolen from your home or another location, the loss will be compensated up to the IDV amount after proper verification. Your bike insurance will not cover any damage that occurred while carrying out illegal activities or performing stunts and speed tests.
In case your Royal Enfield sustains any damage while in transit, your loss will be compensated. Tata AIG will not compensate you for damage to your Royal Enfield Scram 411 if your bike only has third-party liability coverage.
If, as a result of an accident involving your Royal Enfield, a third party is injured or their property is damaged, Tata AIG will compensate for such financial liabilities. In case you are found riding under the influence of narcotics or alcohol during an accident, your claim request will be denied.
If the rider of your Royal Enfield is injured or killed in a road accident, your bike insurance's personal accident coverage will pay for medical bills or provide a lump sum, depending on the circumstances. Your bike insurance will not cover burglary or housebreaking incidents where only a few spare parts are missing but not the entire bike.

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance?

Royal Enfield is famous for manufacturing dependable bikes, and Scram 411 is no exception. However, in order to comply with the Motor Vehicle Act and ensure complete protection in the event of an accident, purchasing bike insurance is essential. Here we provide you with the reasons why selecting Tata AIG as your insurance partner is a wise decision.

  • Tata AIG has been serving customers successfully for over 20 years and, over time, has expanded its network to provide the best services.
  • It is not always possible to pay for expensive repairs out of one's own pocket. As a result, Tata AIG has partnered with over 8700 garages across India to provide cashless services.
  • With Tata AIG, you can get personalised protection by picking up the most suited add-on to boost the policy coverage.
  • With Tata AIG, you don't have to worry about claim rejection because this company is known for its quick claim settlement process and for having one of the industry's highest claim settlement ratios of 98%.
  • Do you avoid comprehensive insurance because of the high premiums? With Tata AIG, you can save up to 50% on your insurance costs by accumulating NCB over time. To earn NCB, make sure you are not filing any irrelevant claims.

Overview -Royal Enfield Scram 411 Bike Model

In India, the Scram 411 from Royal Enfield is one of the most affordable off-road bikes. It is popular among bike enthusiasts due to its high-end features, riding capabilities, and comfort. It is outfitted with a semi-digital instrument cluster and smartphone connectivity that supports trip navigation. Even in poor road conditions, the 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel provide excellent balance. Scram 411 only supports self-start. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.41 seconds. The halogen headlight installed in it improves visibility on dark highways.

Technical features of Royal Enfield Scram 411:

  • ARAI mileage of 38.23 kmpl
  • Engine displacement of 411cc
  • Maximum torque of 32 Nm @ 4250 ± 250 rpm
  • Maximum power of 24.31 PS @ 6500 rpm
  • Fuel capacity of 15 litres

Royal Enfield Scram 411 Bike Price in India and its Variants

If you want to buy a Scram 411, Royal Enfield gives you three options to choose from. The base variant, Graphite Series, costs ₹2,03,085, while the top variant, White Flame And Silver Spirit, costs ₹2,11,438. However, the price listed here does not include registration fees or road tax, which may vary by state.

Variant Price
Scram 411 Graphite Series ₹2,03,085
Scram 411 Blazing Black and Skyline Blue ₹2,07,767
Scram 411 White Flame And Silver Spirit ₹2,11,438

Unique Selling Points: Royal Enfield Scram 411 Features

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is one of India's most stylish off-road motorcycles and is well-known for its excellent mileage and smooth performance. Scram 411 comes in three different versions or, more accurately, three different colour variants. Check out the pointers to learn more about its unique selling points.

  • The lighter kerb weight, lower seating position, and 2000 mm ground clearance make this Royal Enfield model suitable for all body types.
  • In the context of safety, the bike has a dual-channel anti-lock braking system or ABS that allows you to brake safely and efficiently.
  • This bike's high-end features include a digital tachometer, trip metre, and odometer. It also has smartphone connectivity features.

Rivals of Royal Enfield Scram 411

Although Royal Enfield two-wheelers are the most popular choice among bike enthusiasts, there are many other bikes that compete with them. This off-road bike is up against the two-wheelers listed below.

  • Yezdi Scrambler
  • Yezdi Adventure
  • Honda CB350RS
  • TVS Apache RR 310
  • KTM 200 Duke
  • Bajaj Pulsar RS200
  • Bajaj Dominar 400
  • Honda H'ness CB350

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

Q.1. How to raise a claim for Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance?

Q.1. How to raise a claim for Royal Enfield Scram 411 Insurance?


If you have purchased Royal Scram 411 insurance online from Tata AIG, you can file a claim by following the four simple steps outlined below. These are –

  • Visit the official website and complete the claim application form online by providing information like policy number, FIR details, and a few more.
  • After submitting your claim request, Tata AIG will appoint a surveying officer. The officer will be responsible for reviewing the extent of loss or damage incurred by your Scram 411 bike.
  • After the surveying officer submits the report, you can tow your damaged bike to the nearest garage and have it repaired.
  • Lastly, Tata AIG will review the surveyor's report and verify the information provided by you on the claim form. The claim will be processed if the details are satisfactory.

The claim will be credited to your account within a few business days following the successful processing of your claim application. If a cashless claim is made, the amount will be credited to the garage owner's account.

Q.2. What factors affect the Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance price?


Various factors determine the Royal Enfield Scram 411 bike insurance premium. These are –

  • Royal Enfield Scram 411 variant
  • Manufacturing year
  • Place of registration
  • Policy sum-insured amount
  • Voluntary deductible amount
  • Number of add-ons chosen
  • Mode of insurance

Q.3. How can I lower my Royal Enfield Scram 411 insurance premium?


Lowering your Royal Enfield bike insurance premium is simple if you follow the advice provided below.

  • Install an anti-theft device on your bike to reduce the possibility of theft.
  • Avoid minor claims to try to accumulate NCB. It can help you save up to 50% on your insurance premium.
  • Raise the voluntary deductible to reduce the insurer's liability in the event of a claim settlement and receive lower premiums in exchange.
  • Try to avoid aftermarket alterations. It raises the premium while adversely impacting performance.

Q.4. Is the Royal Enfield Scram 411 a good bike?


Yes, if you want a bike that is best suited for off-road riding, the Scram 411 is ideal. Aside from smooth performance and comfortable riding, the bike has an excellent mileage of 38.23 kmpl and several high-end features. In order to increase the longevity of the bike, purchase comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Q.5. How can I renew my Royal Enfield Scram 411 bike insurance with Tata AIG?


With Tata AIG, you can renew your policy online and offline. In case of online renewal, visit the Tata AIG website, navigate the two-wheeler insurance page, and complete the required steps. For offline renewal, visit the Tata AIG branch in your city or contact the registered DSA.

Q.6. What is the cost of the Royal Enfield Scram 411 base model?


You will find three different variants of the Scram 411 on the market. The entry-level model is the Graphite Series, which costs ₹2,03,085. However, this price does not include any taxes or registration fees.