Triumph Tiger 900 Insurance

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Triumph Tiger 900 Insurance

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, a 120+ years old British motorcycle manufacturer, is legendary among motorcycle enthusiasts. It is not only one of the largest UK-owned motorcycle brands but also one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The iconic British motorcycle brand offers one of the widest ranges of motorcycles, including sports bikes, adventure bikes, modern classics, and special editions. It is globally renowned for its innovation, quality, precision and style. Triumph launched Tiger 900 in December 2019, and it has also made its way to India. The bike is part of its adventure sports bike family and the successor to the Tiger 800.

With such a legacy, the passion for owning and riding this bike may feel surreal for the owners, riders and fans. However, you must know that having a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India. With numerous insurance providers offering a broad range of insurance for two-wheelers, selecting the best one for you can be challenging.

At Tata AIG, we recommend you choose an insurance plan based on your need, offerings and budget. You can always use our bike insurance calculator to calculate your estimated premium on our desired Triumph bike insurance plan.

Triumph Insurance Renewal and Purchase via Tata AIG

As mentioned earlier, getting a two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory before you can enjoy a ride of this extremely loved two-wheel of fun. Buying or renewing your Triumph Tiger 900 insurance has become convenient, hassle-free and paperless, thanks to the increase in digitalisation. With Tata AIG's online bike insurance process, you can get your Tiger 900 insurance renewal or purchase in just a few minutes. In just a few clicks, purchase or renew your bike insurance and get access to an extensive network of cashless garages. We recommend you renew your bike insurance policy at least 14 days before its expiry.

Follow the steps to purchase or renew Triumph Tiger 900 insurance online:

- Step 1: Visit our official website and select 'Bike Insurance' under the 'All Products' section.

- Step 2: This will lead you to the 'Two-wheeler insurance' page. Below is a section to fill in your registration number and other details.

- Step 3: If you are a new customer, click the 'Get Price' button. This will display the Triumph insurance price (premium) on the screen. If you are an existing customer and wish to renew your insurance, click the 'Renew' button.

- Step 4: Select your bike's appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value), and since it represents your bike’s current market value, you must choose it wisely. Moreover, the IDV is one of the major components that affect the premium of your Triumph bike insurance during the purchase and renewal processes.

- Step 5: In this step, you must mention any applicable claim history. If no claim has been raised yet, you can select 'No Claim Bonus'.

- Step 6: You can enhance your policy coverage by selecting add-ons per your need. An important point to remember is that add-ons come at an additional cost, thus increasing your premium amount. Hence, choose add-ons wisely.

- Step 7: Your Triumph Tiger 900 insurance sum insured and premium quote will be displayed on your screen.

- Step 8: Proceed with your chosen plan and make an online payment.

- Step 9: After successful payment, you will receive your policy documents and other details on your registered email address or Whatsapp number.

[For any assistance, you can contact our 24/7 support team.]

Triumph Tiger 900 Insurance Price – Your Payable Premium

One of the significant decision-making factors while purchasing bike insurance is its premium. You must pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual premiums to insure your bike. Thus, it is very crucial to select a plan that has a perfect cost-benefit balance.

You can calculate your premium amount using our bike insurance premium calculator. This easy-to-use online tool can help you realise the estimated amount you need to pay as a premium. Premium amounts vary from individual to individual based on different factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • The type of plan selected (comprehensive, third-party, own damage)

  • Age of your bike

  • Make and model of your bike

  • No claim bonus discount (for comprehensive insurance policies)

  • Geographical location

  • Age of the insured and driving record

  • Engine type and cubic capacity of the vehicle

  • Any safety devices added or modifications were done to the bike

  • Add-on covers

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) is a critical factor in determining Triumph's insurance price or premium. The IDV signifies the amount you'll receive from the insurer in case of irreparable damage, total loss or theft of your insured bike. Thus, the higher the IDV of a bike, the higher the premium will be and vice versa. However, it must be noted that since depreciation is the prime component for calculating IDV, the IDV decreases with time at the policy renewal time.

Add-ons for Tiger 900 Insurance by Tata AIG

You can enhance the coverage of your Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance by adding one or more below riders.

- Depreciation Allowance

Typically, at the time of claim for your bike insurance, depreciation is deducted from the claim amount, thus reducing the final claim. However, with a depreciation allowance add-on, the depreciation amount gets reimbursed.

- Return-to-Invoice Cover

This add-on covers the difference between the buying price of your bike and the settlement amount if it leads to total loss due to damage. You get the reimbursement which is the difference between the price of the new vehicle and the insurance claim.

- Emergency Medical Expenses

This rider reimburses medical expenses and ambulance costs if the insured faces an accident leading to injury.

- Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver

Personal accident cover in comprehensive bike insurance helps you protect yourself and your family in case of a severe or fatal accident. We offer ₹15 lakhs of cover under this add-on to the owner-rider of the bike.

- Third-Party Property Damage Cover

A basic third-party liability cover is mandatory and hence is included in comprehensive and third-party two-wheeler insurance. However, with this add-on, you can opt for additional coverage.

- Consumables Expenses

If an accident causes a loss of consumables, this add-on will reimburse the cost of replacing, replenishing and repairing them.

- Roadside Assistance

With this add-on, if your bike breaks down, you can get immediate breakdown assistance at your location and an on-the-spot repair facility to help you smoothly continue your journey.

Things Covered – Not Covered Under Tata AIG's Triumph Bike Insurance

To reduce your chances of the claims getting rejected, you must know about the policy terms and conditions and things covered and not covered under a plan.

Things Covered Under Tata AIG’s Triumph Bike Insurance Things Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Triumph Bike Insurance
Coverage for damage caused to your Triumph 900 bike while travelling through any waterway, airway, railway, or roadway is included. No coverage is provided for damages caused to your Triumph 900 bike while it is being used for speed and reliability tests, crash testing etc.
You get coverage for damages and loss to your bike from natural and artificial disasters. Natural calamities covered are earthquakes, snowfall, floods, lightning, and cyclones. At the same time, artificial disasters include theft, riots, strikes, self-ignition, terrorist attacks, explosions, etc. There will be no coverage for damages caused to your bike due to negligence or not following the rules. These may include riding without a valid or driving licence or helmet, driving under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol, drugs etc., riding without important bike documents like PUC certificate which may impose penalties. Additionally, if the bike is used outside the geographical boundaries or in areas where there is a threat to damage your bike, or private bike being used for commercial purposes, no coverage shall be provided.
You can avail of personal accident coverage of ₹15 lakhs offered to the vehicle owner. Moreover, medical expenses arising out of an accident are reimbursed. Additionally, if the accident proves fatal for the owner-driver of the bike, an appointed beneficiary or family member (s) will receive the death benefit. Third-party damages are covered, whether damage to the third-party property or bodily injury. We do not cover damages due to war, nuclear perils, mutiny, civil unrest and other similar situations. There is no coverage for damages (except for total damage) caused due to burglary, breaking or entering and if the bike is not stolen. .
You can enhance your existing coverage by adding add-on coverage from 7 bike insurance riders. These riders or add-ons include depreciation allowance, third-party property damage, personal owner-driver accident, consumables expense, return to invoice, emergency medical expense riders, and roadside assistance riders. Regular wear and tear of your Tiger 900 bike or damage to the parts due to age or mechanical/electrical breakdown of the bike is not covered.

Why Should You Buy Triumph Tiger 900 Insurance from Tata AIG?

With numerous options available, choosing the best bike insurance for your Triumph Tiger 900 can be a daunting task. With Tata AIG, you get multiple benefits, like customisation through add-ons, a large network of garages, and choosing a two-wheeler insurance policy that best suits your requirements.

Here are a few reasons to consider buying Tiger 900 insurance from Tata AIG:

  • Our comprehensive bike insurance policies are designed keeping in mind the needs of our customers. It covers a wide range of risks and provides an option to enhance and customise your plan.

  • We are a strong team of 650 in-house claim experts ready to assist you at every step and provide the correct guidance during claim settlement procedures. As a result, you can experience an instant and seamless 3-step insurance claim process for a successful and swift claim settlement.

  • With 20+ years of professional experience, we are among India's best insurance providers. Our aim to serve only the best to all our customers through our **dedicated customer support **and value-added services has helped us acquire the trust of more than five crore people across the country.

  • We have a 98 per cent Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) for the financial year 2020-21, which is one of the best CSR in the industry today. Hence you can trust us for quick claim settlement policies and procedures.

  • We offer various add-ons to enhance your insurance coverage, like zero depreciation, roadside assistance, consumables cover etc.

  • You can purchase your Triumph bike insurance online from Tata AIG anytime, anywhere. The online purchase, renewal, initiating, and tracking of a claim make the process convenient, swift, hassle-free and paperless.

  • At Tata AIG, we offer you access to an extensive network of more than 5000 garages. This network of garages gives you a quick cashless claim facility.

Triumph Tiger 900: A Brief Overview of the Bike

The Triumph Tiger 900 is one of the company's most popular and highest-selling bikes. The successor to the famous Tiger 800, this new version was launched in Dec 2019. The Triumph Motorcycle brand has always enjoyed strong brand recall, and due to the bike's brilliant performance, exciting features and pricing, the Tiger 900 managed to gain popularity.

The Tiger 900 is available in two variants, namely GT for the road version and Rally, typically for off-roading purposes. Compared to the other offerings from the brand, both the variants weigh lesser, are abundant in features and have a revised design and capability.

The Triumph Tiger 900 is powered by an 888cc liquid-cooled engine with an inline-three-cylinder that can give a maximum power of 95.2PS at 8750 rpm. Due to its triple engine capacity, the bikes deliver superior road-going comfort and a thrilling experience for every trip. In addition, this BS-VI-compliant bike claims to give a mileage of 19.2kmpl.

Triumph Tiger 900 – Variants and Prices

Variant Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Tiger 900 GT ₹13,99,865
Tiger 900 Rally ₹14,64,865
Tiger 900 Rally Pro ₹15,79,865

Unique Selling points: Triumph Tiger 900

  • The Triumph Tiger 900 is powered by an 888cc BS6 triple engine which gives a maximum power of 95.2 PS and a torque of 87 Nm.

  • It has Brembo Stylema front and rear disc brakes, which are lightweight and compact with an anti-locking braking system.

  • Triumph Tiger 900 weighs 194 kg and has a large fuel tank capacity of 20 litres.

  • The Tiger 900 GT is equipped with cast wheels, whereas Tiger 900 Rally versions have premium suspension and spoke wheels.

  • The new Tiger 900 GT and Rally come with four riding modes: Rain, Road, Off-Road, and Sports. In addition, the Rally Pro version has six riding modes to suit your riding conditions.

  • All mid and top-spec variants of this adventure bike are equipped with switchable heated grips, electronic cruise control, slip and assist clutch and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

  • The bike has optimised cornering ABS and traction control which can be switched off when required.

  • The Tiger 900 GT comes with a 7-inch full-colour TFT screen, providing better clarity in all weather conditions.

Top Contenders of the Triumph Tiger 900

Here are the top Triumph Tiger 900 contenders and competitors:

  • Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

  • BMW F 850 GS

  • BMW F 850 GS Adventure

  • Ducati DesertX

  • Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should I insure my Triumph Tiger 900 bike?

Buying long-term two-wheeler insurance is essential for security and financial protection if any crises arise due to accidents. Here are some reasons to buy insurance for your Triumph Tiger 900 bike.

  • It is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance for the bike in India.

  • Insurance can protect you from third-party liabilities.

  • Having valid insurance can protect you from fines.

  • You get financial coverage against theft.

  • It protects against the damages caused due to natural disasters.

  • Buying comprehensive bike insurance can give you personal accident coverage too.

Is purchasing add-ons or riders with my Triumph Tiger 900 bike necessary?

While purchasing add-ons is not compulsory, they provide enhanced coverage and additional features which can be highly beneficial for the insured. For example, Tata AIG offers 7 add-ons for bike insurance, including roadside assistance, zero depreciation, consumables cover, third-party liability expenses etc. However, you must select add-ons carefully, as they come at an additional cost.

Why should I buy Triumph Tiger 900 insurance online?

When you plan to buy a Triumph bike insurance, purchasing it online has more benefits than the offline mode because:

  • Online purchase and renewal processes are instant and may take just a few minutes to complete filling in the details and getting the policy.

  • Using a bike insurance premium calculator, you can compare plans and calculate estimated premiums.

  • You can buy and renew your policy conveniently anytime, anywhere.

  • It offers a high level of security and safety for your data. Every information (personal or financial) that you share with us remains confidential.

How can I benefit from the No Claim Bonus? Is it transferable?

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward for the customers for every consecutive claim-free year. Generally, NCB for the 1st year is 20%; for the 2nd year, it is 25%; for the 3rd year is 35%; for the 4th year is 45%; for the 5th year is 50%. It is a discount given on your bike insurance premium if you have a claim-free previous year(s). The NCB is capped at 50% after five consecutive claim-free years.

The NCB discount is given to the policyholder for being a safe rider; thus, if you buy a new bike, the NCB discount can be transferred to the new bike insurance policy.

How much is the bike insurance premium for Triumph Tiger 900?

Your Triumph insurance price depends on various factors, as mentioned in the above article. However, you can check your estimated premium using a bike insurance premium calculator. How can I reduce my insurance premium?

Here are a few tips that can help reduce your insurance premiums without compromising on the sum insured:

  • Opt for a higher voluntary deductible

  • Choose add-ons carefully

  • Try paying yearly premiums

  • Keep your No Claim Bonus intact by avoiding small claims

  • Renew your policy on time

  • Install anti-theft devices

  • Avoid excessive modifications on your bike

  • Become a Member of Authorised Riding Groups

  • Calculate the estimated premium before buying

What will happen if my insurance policy expires?

A bike insurance policy is mandatory in India; hence you must renew it before expiry. If you fail to renew your policy within the grace period of 30 days, you may lose your insurance coverage and No Claim Bonus leading to a loss of discounts earned.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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