Yamaha R3 Insurance

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Yamaha R3 Insurance

Anyone who has test-driven the Yamaha R3 would describe it as a stunning amalgamation of versatility and precision — thanks to the fluid steering, exceptional bodywork, and the kind of power that wins championships. Preferred for its potent twin-cylinder engine, contemporary fuel injection system, and ultra-responsive controls, this legendary motorbike hits the bull’s eye in many more ways than one. In addition to the aesthetic and functional specifications of your new ride, you must consider your budget as well as the type of bike insurance policy you will need to ensure a seamless experience on the streets. Yamaha R3 is an expensive bike, and therefore, one must consider Yamaha R3 insurance.

Nonetheless, having two-wheeler insurance is a mandate in India and most countries around the world, simply opting for the most basic plan may not provide you with the protection you truly require.

That’s why Tata AIG strives to offer well-devised insurance for two-wheelers. You can pick from an array of plans and customise the policy with add-ons so you and your beloved bike are safe, secure, and stress-free while travelling. Those looking for something simple in keeping with the letter of the law can choose a third-party bike insurance policy, whereas riders hoping for the most coverage can avail of a comprehensive plan that shields their finances against many kinds of liabilities.

So, as you browse through all the reasons why the Yamaha R3 deserves the top spot on your wishlist, make the vehicle road-ready by getting your Yamaha bike insurance online in just a few simple steps.

Yamaha R3 Insurance Renewal & Purchase Via Tata AIG

A big part of driving a vehicle is accepting the fact that accidents or collisions can happen to anyone, any time, no matter how careful you are. Whether you reside in a small town or a big city, ensuring a hassle-free time on the road means creating bike insurance policies that are practical, efficient, and most importantly, easy to claim. Tata AIG allows you to buy, renew, or upgrade your existing policy with necessary add-ons to make your coverage as comprehensive as possible.

Whether you are interesting in purchasing all-new Yamaha bike insurance or renewing an older plan, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Head to the Two-Wheeler Insurance page on Tata AIG's website.
  • Provide your vehicle's registration number and hit ‘Get Price’. If you're here to renew your existing policy, click on ‘Renew’.
  • Fill out the form and ensure the document is error-free. Click on ‘Submit’ to receive an estimate on your Yamaha bike insurance.
  • Choose the accurate or estimated Insured Declared Value (IDV) that applies on your vehicle.
  • In case you have previously filed a claim on your plan, make sure to let the insurer know about the same. Those who haven’t filed any claims, either that year or ever, will be entitled to a proportionate No Claim Bonus (NCB).
  • The platform will then display your Yamaha bike insurance price along with the basic premium amount you are required to pay.
  • You can now select the right plan with strategic add-ons to shield your finances against various liabilities.
  • Once you pay the premium amount online and it has been verified, a soft copy of the policy will be sent to your registered email ID.

Yamaha R3 Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

The premium amount to be paid for two-wheeler insurance depends on multiple factors — from the type of bike and insurance policy to any design or functional modifications, the driver's experiences, previous claims, and so on. These factors help an insurer measure the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of a vehicle, which implies the maximum amount a bike insurer is liable to pay in the event of collision or other calamities.

If you wish to find out the precise IDV of your new Yamaha bike, you can get in touch with your local auto dealership or use a simple (and free!) online bike insurance calculator on the Tata AIG website. The calculator also helps in understanding the Yamaha bike insurance renewal price.

Your Yamaha R3 insurance price also depends on the number and type of add-ons you choose on top of your comprehensive insurance. Add-on coverage lends an extra layer of protection but they come at an extra cost. So, you must assess your requirements and choose the add-on only when you feel you need them. Otherwise, it will increase your Yamaha R3 insurance price.

Things Covered/Not Covered under AIG’s Yamaha R3 Insurance

Just as you wouldn't purchase a brand-new bike without first understanding its specifications and other important features, you need to know what the motor insurance policy includes and doesn't. These are commonly referred to as inclusions and exclusions. Here's what you can expect from Tata AIG's third-party and comprehensive insurance:

Things covered under Hayabusa Bike Insurance Things not covered under Hayabusa Bike Insurance
Damages to third-party property and third-party death/injury Normal wear and tear due to depreciation
Damages caused by accidents Damages caused during driving without a driving licence
Damages due to natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. Mechanical or electrical breakdown and consequential loss
Damages due to riots, vandalism or strikes Damages caused by commercial usage of the bike
Theft, burglary or housebreaking damages Damages caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants
Damages caused by terrorist activities Damages due to racing activities, speed tests, and durability tests
Fire damages due to self-ignition, explosion or lightning. Damages due to war or nuclear threats
Damages caused during transit Damages caused outside the geographical location mentioned in the policy

Only your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy and standalone own damage cover insurance offer the above-mentioned benefits. With third-party bike insurance, you will not get damage coverage for any of the above-mentioned scenarios except for third-party liabilities. Therefore, if you are considering Yamaha R3 insurance, make sure you choose a comprehensive plan.

Why is it Important to Consult Tata AIG for Your Yamaha R3 Insurance?

Purchasing the right Yamaha bike insurance plan means finding a partner who understands your needs and wants to fulfil them without any hassle. Partnering with Tata AIG will open you up to a world of benefits, the most important of which are speed, reliability, and transparency in the claims process.

Here are some key advantages of buying a bike insurance policy with us:

  • Our competitive prices and discounts help you save up to 75% on premium amounts.
  • We have a team of 650+ dedicated experts to assist you at every step of the buying or claims settlement process.
  • Our extensive network of more than 3,300 cashless garages around the country lets you avail easy and prompt repairs without delay.
  • With eight unique add-ons to choose from, you can personalise your bike insurance to create the exact coverage you need on the road.
  • We follow a simple and stress-free claim intimation process and have a 98% claim settlement ratio, made possible by AIG's customer-centric approach.

Overview — Yamaha R3 Bike

It’s easy to understand why the Yamaha R3 is the manufacturer’s flagship supersport bike. After all, it generates an enormous amount of power owing to its high-revving engine that keeps you miles ahead of city traffic. If you’ve been wondering where the bike gets those sleek, refined looks that are as ergonomic as visually appealing, the design and bodywork are heavily inspired by the MotoGPⓇ YZR-M1, one of Yamaha’s most famous sports bikes in the world.

Giving you advanced suspension abilities with an inverted fork that teams up with a Monocross rear shock, the R3 is a breeze for experienced drivers to handle. This can also be attributed to the careful attention to detail that has wrought a near-perfect 50-50 weight balance, lightweight and nimble form, and adjustable spring and damping settings to keep you zipping through tight spots in the city as well as open-mouthed racetracks.

In addition to being ultra-blessed in the aesthetics department, the bike comes with a modern fuel injection system that ensures smooth handling, remarkable fuel economy for a machine of this stature, and super-responsive feedback in all terrains and weather conditions. It also offers a floating-mount front disc brake measuring 298mm that keeps in tune with the rider’s braking intention and provides flawless stopping power, ensuring complete safety even on tricky roads.

However, the Yamaha R3 is not just a sports bike meant for adrenaline junkies. Being so easy to handle and lightweight to manoeuvre, it’s perfect for everyday travel around the city and across more treacherous landscapes like mountains and valleys.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the R3’s basic features and specifications:

  • 321cc 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine
  • Fuel tank capacity of 14 Litres
  • Overall mileage of 35kmpl
  • Six-speed transmission with multiplate wet clutch
  • Max Engine Output of 42 PS @ 10750 rpm
  • Max Torque of 29.6 Nm @ 9000 rpm

Yamaha R3 Price and Variants

This bike is available in one variant, the STD. The price starts at ₹3.51 lakhs (avg. ex-showroom price) and comes in two colours, Racing Blue and Magma Black.

Unique Selling Points: Yamaha R3 Bike Features

Motorcycles in the 300cc segment tend to be designed with special, high-end specifications that give you an edge on the road and racetrack alike — and the Yamaha R3 is no different at being different. With super-stylish features such as the 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels, potent braking system that prevents wheels from locking up, and a single-shock design that distributes mass evenly along the centre, the motorbike is nothing less than an ergonomic thrillride.

Illuminating every citywide or cross-country adventure are the LED headlights and taillights, so you can drive with confidence without worrying about visibility at night or in adverse weather conditions. There’s a central air duct between the front lights that maximises airflow and keeps the engine cool through long-distance, high-performance journeys. Below are some more bike features that are worth noting for those who value uniqueness:

  • The inverted front fork is designed with optimum damping and spring settings that gives you improved fork rigidity and front-end control.
  • It comes with thoughtfully forged aluminium pistons that makes the bike easy to handle even at extremely low or high temperatures.
  • The fuel tank design and handlebar position are fairly compact, which helps the rider in maintaining traction and grip on the machine.
  • The digital metre is rather sleek and tells you everything you need to know about your position, from gear and fuel capacity to real-time fuel economy, water temperature, and oil change metre.
  • One of its most exceptional features is the near-perfect 50-50 weight distribution on the front and back, which is immensely valuable in challenging racetrack conditions.

Rivals of Yamaha R3

The Yamaha R3 is one of the most powerful beasts on road, with few vehicles rivalling its style, speed, and efficiency. Here are some competitors within a similar price range and specifications:

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300
  • KTM RC 390
  • BMW G 310 GS
  • Keeway K300 R
  • KTM 390 Adventure
  • TVS Apache RR 310
  • Bajaj Dominar 400
  • Kawasaki Ninja 400

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to claim your Yamaha R3 bike insurance?

How to claim your Yamaha R3 bike insurance?


Tata AIG has successfully streamlined the claims settlement process to make it fast and paperless. Filing your claim is as easy as following these steps:

  • In the claim settlement form, fill in your insurance policy number along with the FIR details and other relevant information.
  • After submitting the form, there’s a brief waiting period during which Tata AIG will evaluate the damage and send the bike to the closest cashless garage for repair.
  • Pending verification and final report, our representative will initiate the settlement process.
  • Your two-wheeler will be returned once repairs are complete.

How to renew your Yamaha R3 bike insurance?


To renew your Yamaha R3 insurance:

  1. Open the Tata AIG website
  2. Head to the Bike Insurance page or Insurance Renewal page
  3. Provide all the relevant information and click on ‘Renew’
  4. Pay the first premium amount and click on ‘Submit’

What is the price of a Yamaha R3 bike?


With only a single variant available, the average ex-showroom price of the bike starts at ₹3.51 lakhs

What are the available variants in Yamaha R3?


The bike is available in one variant known as the Yamaha R3 STD. However, it is available in two colours:

  • Magma Black
  • Racing Blue

Is the Yamaha R3 a good bike?


With seamless steering, power-packed performance on various terrains, and high-RPM delivery, the Yamaha R3 promises a thrilling time on the road. It boasts a sophisticated twin-cylinder engine along with a featherlight chassis and superior stylistic details, making it the perfect option for those who like to rule the streets with speed and confidence.

How much is the insurance price for Yamaha R3?


Your premium amount will be decided by a variety of factors, such as the vehicle’s make and model, its Insured Declared Value, your claim settlement history, and so on. Calculating the IDV is easy – you can consult with an automobile dealership in your area or use Tata AIG’s superfast bike insurance calculator to get the closest estimate.