Yezdi Bike Insurance

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Yezdi Bike Insurance

If you are searching for the best bike to help you navigate challenging Indian roads, Yezdi is the answer. This brand's neo-retro design, modern headlights, and advanced features are enough to compete with many classic legends. The off-road riding capabilities of Yezdi bikes are something that bike lovers cannot miss.

However, while purchasing this bike, keep in mind to get comprehensive coverage for your Yezdi. The bike insurance policy will protect you financially against damage to your new vehicle caused by natural or man-made disasters. The policy also covers damage caused by fire and losses suffered by bike theft.

Yezdi Insurance Renewal/Buy via Tata AIG

Yezdi bikes are known for making riding in harsh conditions easier. Whether you want to go on a mountain trip or a long ride on a typical Indian highway, Yezdi bikes can be an excellent travel companion. However, if your bike lacks valid insurance, you may have to cancel your road trip to avoid violating the Motor Vehicle Act. This is where Tata AIG's instant renewal can come in handy. Here are the steps involved.

Visit the official Tata AIG website and go to the bike insurance section. You will notice two different options for purchasing and renewing motor insurance on the page.

  • In case you want to renew your Yezdi bike insurance online, simply share your bike's registration information and then click on the 'Renew' button.
  • New customers who are buying insurance for a 2-wheeler for the first time are required to click on the 'Get Price' after submitting the required details.
  • Complete the online insurance form by sharing all the necessary information for receiving a Yezdi bike insurance premium quote.
  • Enter the correct Insured Declared Value (IDV) by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • If, in the past, you have raised multiple claims, don't forget to share the same on the form. In case of a claim-free year, use the no-claim bonus (NCB) to lower your Yezdi premium.
  • Once you are done with the previous steps, your screen will display the applicable premium. If you want to increase your coverage by adding riders, your premium will go up.
  • Pay your Yezdi bike insurance price online using any of the payment methods shown on the screen.

As soon as you finish all the steps outlined above, Tata AIG will mail the softcopy of your policy documents to your registered e-mail ID. If the online process appears to be too complicated for you, you can visit the nearest Tata AIG branch in your city or contact the associate agent for online renewal.

Yezdi Bike Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

The insurer decides your two-wheeler insurance premium after going through various parameters. For example, they look at the make and model, the year of manufacture, the location where you registered your bike, and, most importantly, the IDV. The IDV is the most your insurer will pay you if your bike is stolen or irreparably damaged in an accident. Your IDV is proportional to your bike premium. That is, the lower the IDV, the lower the premium; conversely, the higher the IDV, the higher the premium price.

Selecting the incorrect or lower IDV for a lower premium is never a good idea. If you put across a claim, the coverage amount will be far less than the cost of the damage as the sum insured is calculated on the IDV. If you are unsure how to calculate an accurate IDV, simply subtract depreciation from the bike's current market value. You can also use the Tata AIG premium calculator to find this value.

Add-ons for Yezdi Bike Insurance by Tata AIG

Road mishaps are extremely common in India. Poor road conditions, noncompliance with motor safety rules, and pedestrian carelessness all contribute. In the unfortunate event that your bike is damaged, comprehensive insurance may not be sufficient to compensate you. For example, if your damaged Yezdi leaves you stranded on the highway, you will need roadside assistance to get on-the-spot mechanical assistance.

Tata AIG allows you to pick from eight add-ons to ensure total protection for your Yezdi. However, keep in mind that purchasing additional riders will result in a slight increase in the policy premium. Among the different riders are—

  • Depreciation allowance
  • Return-to-invoice covers
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal accident cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Consumable expense cover
  • Additional coverage for third-party property damage

Whether you have opted for your Yezdi bike insurance renewal or purchasing a new policy, you have to be cautious about selecting the add-on covers. Extra coverage comes with an added premium, resulting in an increase in your Yezdi bike insurance price.

Things Covered and Not Covered Under Tata AIG’s Yezdi Bike Insurance

It is recommended you compare two-wheeler insurance policies before deciding on the best one. Read the fine print to understand the policy inclusions and exclusions. Knowing the scope of coverage will help to expedite the claim process. If you are considering purchasing a comprehensive policy from Tata AIG, the table below will help you understand what is covered.

What is covered under the comprehensive policy? What is not covered under the comprehensive policy?
Tata AIG will cover the cost of repairs if your Yezdi bike is damaged in an earthquake, landslide, cyclone, or other natural disasters. Your Yezdi bike insurance will not pay for damages caused by consequential losses, mechanical or electrical faults, or normal wear and tear due to age.
Yezdi bike insurance pays for the damage sustained by your two-wheeler due to lightning, self-ignition, or explosion. If you ride your two-wheeler outside the area specified in your policy document and it is damaged there, your insurance will not pay the claim.
You will receive a reimbursement for claims resulting from riots, terrorism, vandalism, or other man-made disasters. Any damage to your two-wheeler caused by nuclear war, mutiny, or other war-like situations, then claims that arise from such events are subject to Yezdi bike insurance exclusions.
If your entire Yezdi bike is stolen from your house or other places, rather than just parts, your bike insurance will cover the loss up to the IDV amount. If you use your bike for racing, illegal activities, or speed testing, the damage caused by such activities is not covered by insurance.
You will be compensated for your loss if your Yezdi bike is damaged while in transit to another location. If you ride your bike with only third-party insurance and have not purchased own-damage insurance, any claim related to damage to your bike is not covered by the policy.
Yezdi bike insurance covers the third-party loss. It means that if an accident involving your Yezdi two-wheeler causes property damage or physical injury to a pedestrian or fellow rider, your policy will bear the compensation amount. If the insured motorcycle is involved in an accident while the rider is under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.
If the rider on your Yezdi bike is injured or killed in a road accident, the personal accident cover will pay for the medical treatment expenses or pay a lump sum amount, depending on the situation. Damages caused to the insured vehicle while riding it without a valid driver's licence.

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Yezdi Bike Insurance?

Yezdi is regarded as one of the most dependable two-wheeler brands. The powerful engine, strong body, and ability to navigate difficult Indian roads have made this brand a popular pick among bike enthusiasts. However, it is a strong recommendation that you obtain comprehensive bike insurance to avoid any financial loss caused by repairs and maintenance of the damaged Yezdi bike. The following points will explain why selecting Tata AIG as your insurance partner is a great decision.

  • Tata AIG has been in the insurance industry for a long time and has successfully served over five crore customers. It is constantly expanding its presence to provide better services.
  • Repairs arising from an accident have the potential to put a dent in your wallet. Tata AIG can assist you in this regard by providing cashless repairs at over 8700 garages.
  • You can tailor your bike insurance as per your requirements by selecting from eight riders.
  • Raising a claim with Tata AIG is extremely simple, requiring only four steps. Furthermore, the company's claim settlement ratio of 98% ensures that your claim request is processed smoothly.
  • You can always reduce your premium by 50% when renewing your comprehensive or own-damage policy. The only thing to do here is to avoid making unneeded claims.

Overview -Yezdi Bike Model

Yezdi has returned to the Indian market. But this time with more stylish, powerful, and feature-rich models. Yezdi’s different models' appearances are influenced by its prime rival Jawa. The base model sports a 334 cc engine with a liquid cooling system and twin exhaust ports. In terms of style, Yezdi takes inspiration from retro-styled bikes. It has a round headlight, a split seat, and a basic fuel tank. The headlamp it equips includes a LED light, and you will also notice an LCD instrument cluster in the front.

If you look at Yezdi's base model pickup, it only takes 9 seconds to reach 100 km/h. What else could a bike enthusiast want in a dream bike?

Technical features of Yezdi:

  • ARAI mileage of 28.53 kmpl
  • Engine displacement of 334cc
  • Maximum torque of 29 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Maximum power of 29.7 PS @ 7300 rpm
  • Fuel capacity of 12.5 litres

Yezdi Bike Price in India and its Variants

In India, you will find three different models of Yezdi. The models are classified as cruisers, off-roaders, and adventure tourers. There are no regular commuting bikes in the Yezdi product segment. In terms of pricing, the base model of this bike costs ₹2.01 lakhs, while the top model costs ₹2.15 lakhs. The prices listed here do not include road tax or registration fees, which may vary by state. Refer to the table below to learn more.

Variant Price
Yezdi Roadster ₹2,01,000 – ₹2,09,000
Yezdi Scrambler ₹2,08,000 – ₹2,14,000
Yezdi Adventure ₹2,13,000 – ₹2,15,000

Unique Selling Points: Yezdi Bike Features

Whatever Yezdi bike model you choose, one thing is sure – this brand will not disappoint you in terms of styling and performance. The base model of the cruiser bike has a single cylindrical engine with DOHC technology. So, this much USP doesn't seem to be enough? No worries, just scroll down to the list below.

  • Yezdi has a kerb weight of 184 kg, a seat base of 1440 mm, and a ground clearance of 175mm to provide you with a comfortable ride.
  • In the context of safety, the Yezdi base model has a single-channel anti-braking system and disc brakes at the rear and front, allowing you to easily sail through challenging Indian roads.
  • Yezdi has many high-tech features such as a charging point, LCD display, digital fuel gauge, pass test, and BlueTooth connectivity.

Rivals of Yezdi Bike

Yezdi bikes are available in three different segments in India – adventure tourer, cruiser, and off-road. However, you can easily find a suitable substitute in the form of TVS, Royal Enfield, and so on. The following are Yezdi's top competitors.

  • TVS Zeppelin R
  • Royal Enfield Hunter 350
  • Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • Honda H'ness CB350
  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350
  • Jawa Perak
  • Husqvarna Svartpilen 250
  • TVS Ronin

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to raise a claim for Yezdi Bike Insurance?

How to raise a claim for Yezdi Bike Insurance?


If you have bought Yezdi two-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG, you can submit your claim and get reimbursement by following the four steps listed below.

  • Go to the Tata AIG website and visit the two-wheeler section to fill out the claim application form. Share information related to FIR, policy, and other required details.
  • After you have submitted the duly filled claim form, Tata AIG will assign a surveyor to review the nature and extent of damage to your Yezdi motorcycle.
  • You can tow your damaged Yezdi to a network or other garage once the inspection process is completed.
  • Finally, the claim support executive will go over the inspection report and cross-check the information on the claim form. Your claim will be processed if every detail is found to be satisfactory.

In the event of a reimbursement claim, the claim amount will be transferred to your account within a few working days. However, if you repair your bike at a network garage, the garage owner will receive the repair amount directly from the insurer to their account.

What are the factors that influence the Yezdi two-wheeler insurance premium?


Anything that affects the claim amount influences the premium for Yezdi bike insurance. These include –

  • Yezdi bike model and variant
  • Manufacturing year
  • Place of registration
  • Policy sum-insured amount
  • Voluntary deductible amount
  • Number of riders chosen
  • Mode of insurance (Online insurance is slightly cheaper than offline insurance)

How can I lower my Yezdi insurance premium?


Reducing your Yezdi bike insurance premium is not a difficult task. You can follow any or all of the advice to bring down the premium cost.

  • Install anti-theft devices to lower the possibility of theft-related claims.
  • Accumulate NCB by riding with caution and avoiding irrelevant and small claims. It will assist you in receiving a premium discount of up to 50%.
  • Choose a higher voluntary deductible. However, doing so will result in an increase in out-of-pocket expenses during repairs and maintenance.
  • Never go for aftermarket modifications. It worsens your bike's performance while raising the insurance cost.

Is Yezdi a good bike?


Yes, Yezdi is, without a doubt, the ideal bike for navigating India's challenging roads. Depending on your needs, you can choose from adventure tourer, off-road, and cruiser models. Yezdi also has several smart features and gets around 30kmpl. In order to enjoy a stress-free ride on Yezdi, purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

How can I renew my Yezdi bike insurance with Tata AIG?


Whether you renew your policy with Tata AIG or another insurer, you can do so online or offline. In comparison to the offline process, the online renewal process provides instant coverage and allows you to cover your Yezdi for a lower cost. The offline renewal can be performed at the Tata AIG branch or through a registered agent.

What is the cost of the Yezdi base model?


You will find three models of Yezdi on the market. The base model is the Yezdi Roadster, which is a street bike with a starting price of ₹2,01,000. The price does not include any additional fees such as road tax, registration fees, etc.