Bajaj Platina 110 Insurance

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Bajaj Platina 110 Insurance

The Bajaj Platina 110 is a commuter motorcycle powered by a 115.45cc BS6 engine capable of developing a maximum power of 8.44 bhp and a peak torque of 9.81 Nm. It is the only bike in its segment to feature the safety net of an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). It has a 240 mm single disc with a single-channel ABS on the front wheel. The rear braking system has a 110 mm drum. The Bajaj Platina 110 comes in two variants and six colours. One of the variants, which is more affordable, has drum brakes at both ends.

But before you set out on the Indian roads to ride your new Bajaj Platina 110, you must get bike insurance. You can purchase bike insurance online. There are many options to choose from at Tata AIG, including third-party bike insurance, comprehensive bike insurance, and stand-alone own-damage cover.

Third-party bike insurance, which covers any damages or injuries caused to third-party individuals or their property by the insured two-wheeler, is mandatory by law. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance provides coverage for third-party liabilities and damages or losses suffered by the insured two-wheeler due to accidents, theft, natural calamities, and other unfortunate events. Stand-alone own damage insurance covers damages or losses suffered by the insured two-wheeler, but not third-party liabilities.

Recently, long-term two-wheeler insurance has gained immense popularity. The policy requires the bike owner to pay a long-term premium in a single instalment. Evaluating your needs and buying long-term two-wheeler insurance is imperative as it protects you financially against any crises arising from accidents.

Purchase or Renewal of Bajaj Bike Insurance Online via Tata AIG

Tata AIG makes buying Bajaj Platina 110 insurance hassle-free. Visiting any branch is unnecessary since you can complete all the formalities online. You can also initiate a claim request from your laptop or smartphone without leaving the comfort zones of your home. With just a few clicks on the website, you can enjoy the benefits of a cashless claim settlement at any network garage.

For Bajaj bike insurance renewal as well, there is no need to submit physical documents. The entire process is paperless. Moreover, you can access policy documents and all other information on a single interface, 24/7.

The steps to purchase or renew Bajaj bike insurance online are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Tata AIG website and navigate to the page for Bike Insurance.

Step 2: Input your bike’s registration number and other required details as prompted on the screen.

Step 3: Press ‘Get Price’ if you are a new customer. You will see the bike insurance cost. If you are an existing customer and renewing your policy online, press the ‘Renew’ button.

Step 4: Pick your bike’s Insured Declared Value (IDV) from the drop-down menu.

Note: IDV refers to the current market value of the bike. It is computed based on the manufacturer’s listed selling price. Make sure you enter accurate information, as IDV influences the premium you must pay for your Bajaj bike insurance.

Step 5: Provide details of past claims, if any. You can select ‘No Claim Bonus’ if you have a claim-free year.

Step 6: Choose the required add-ons to enhance your policy coverage.

Note: Your premium will increase with the selection of add-ons. Therefore, make a wise selection and only pick add-ons that are essential for you.

Step 7: Your Platina 110 bike insurance sum insured and premium quote are on the screen. You can pay for the chosen plan if the premium fits your budget. If unsatisfactory, alter the policy type and the number of add-ons to reduce the premium.

Step 8: Complete the payment using any accepted digital payment method. After successful payment, your policy documents are sent to your registered email address and WhatsApp number.

You should use the online bike insurance premium calculator before purchasing or renewing. It will give you a better idea of how much premium you need to pay for specific coverage. Get in touch with the customer support team anytime you have queries. You can call our toll-free number 1800-266-7780 or send an email to

Bajaj Platina 110 Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

The premium for your Bajaj bike insurance is a crucial factor influencing your purchase decision. Most customers want the right balance between cost and benefit. While the bike insurance premium calculator can help calculate the premium amount, it is a good idea to understand the factors that affect the premium.

Some of the most important factors include:

  • The type of insurance plan

  • Coverage offered by the policy

  • Age of the two-wheeler

  • Bike’s make and model

  • Engine make, cubic capacity

  • Geographical location

  • Chosen add-on riders

  • Safety devices, modifications

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the primary aspect impacting the premium amount. It indicates the current market value of the motorcycle. An insurance company must provide an amount equivalent to the IDV in the event of theft or total damage to your two-wheeler. Therefore, when buying insurance for a bike, always provide an accurate IDV. A higher IDV will result in a higher premium amount. But, a lower IDV will reduce insurance coverage.

The premium for a third-party insurance policy is lower than for a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Always compare the different two-wheeler insurance policies to select the one that fits your budget. If the premium on your screen does not match your expectations, customise the policy by choosing another plan or decreasing the add-ons.

Add-on Bike Insurance Covers You Should Consider to Include to Your Policy

Tata AIG offers seven unique add-on riders that enhance your comprehensive bike insurance coverage. Here’s a brief description of each cover to help you make an informed purchase.

Roadside Assistance At the time of a breakdown, this add-on provides immediate breakdown assistance and on-the-spot repair services.

Consumable Expenses If you lose any consumables because of an accident, the add-on covers the cost of replacement, repairs, and replenishment of the same.

Emergency Medical Expenses If you suffer an injury in an unfortunate accident, the emergency medical expenses add-on reimburses the ambulance cost and medical expenses.

Return-to-invoice Cover This add-on reimburses your vehicle's invoice cost if your two-wheeler is damaged beyond repair.

Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover The comprehensive insurance policy covers third-party liabilities. However, with this add-on, you can receive additional coverage.

Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver Under a comprehensive bike insurance plan, the policyholder receives personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs. This add-on helps increase the accident cover for the owner-driver over and above what is already included in the policy.

Depreciation Allowance When you raise a claim request, the insurance company deducts depreciation from your claim amount. As a result, you receive a lesser claim amount. The depreciation allowance add-on can save you by reimbursing the depreciation amount.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Bajaj Two-Wheeler Insurance

For a better understanding of what is covered and what is not covered in your Tata AIG Bajaj Platina 110 insurance, refer to the table below:

What is included in the Tata AIG Bajaj Bike Insurance? What is not included in the Tata AIG Bajaj Bike Insurance?
The bike insurance policy covers damages caused by accidents and natural disasters like snowfall, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc. It also covers losses arising from fire caused by self-ignition, explosions, lightning, etc.  The consequential loss of the bike due to age, general wear and tear, and mechanical/electrical breakdown are not covered. 
The comprehensive bike insurance plan guarantees the bike’s current market value as a claim in case the bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair.  There is no coverage for the damages incurred while the bike was being used for racing, reliability trials, speed testing, etc.
Under the comprehensive bike insurance and third-party bike insurance plans, there is coverage for third-party liabilities. It means you are covered against damages caused to third-party property, bodily damages caused to a third party, and the death of a third party.   The two-wheeler insurance policy does not cover losses or damages for a private bike being used commercially. 
The owner-driver is entitled to a personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs to pay for medical expenses for treating injuries suffered in the accident.  Under the bike insurance policy, there is no coverage for damages incurred if the rider did not have a valid driving licence, was not wearing a helmet, or was driving under the influence of intoxicants and alcohol.  
The policy coverage can be enhanced with the help of add-ons, such as roadside assistance, zero depreciation, deductibles, consumable expenses, etc.  The policy excludes damages the bike suffers outside the specified geographical boundaries. 

Why choose Tata AIG for your Bajaj bike insurance?

The market is flooded with insurance companies, and selecting the best Bajaj bike insurance online can be challenging. At Tata AIG, we continually strive to make our services better and give you several reasons to buy long-term two-wheeler insurance from us.

  • We offer a 100% online process for bike insurance purchase and renewal, which means there are no inconveniences. Visit the company’s website, proceed to the Bike Insurance page, follow the on-screen instructions, and in a few simple steps, you will be able to complete the purchase/renewal process.

  • Tata AIG stands for trust, honesty, and transparency. We have lived up to the promise of providing customers with the best products and services every day for the past 20 years. Our commitment to delivering the utmost customer satisfaction has helped us build a family of over five crore happy customers across the country.

  • At Tata AIG, you can choose between third-party, stand-alone own-damage, and comprehensive bike insurance coverage. The comprehensive bike insurance plan offers complete protection. Besides, we offer the choice of seven unique add-ons to help you customise your policy and enhance coverage.

  • Our team of 650 insurance experts is readily available to support you at every step of the claim settlement process. We ensure that you enjoy a seamless claim settlement and receive your claim amount in the shortest possible time.

  • During the FY 2020-2021, we are proud to have recorded a high claim settlement ratio of 98%.

  • We have a vast network of more than 3300 garages throughout India. You can enjoy the benefits of cashless claim settlement by getting your bike repaired from any of the garages listed in our network.

A Brief Overview of Bajaj Platina 110

The Bajaj Platina 110 is a premium-looking commuter motorcycle. It features a 115.45cc BS 6 engine which can churn power of 8.4 bhp and torque of 9.81 Nm. It is mated to a five-speed gearbox. It has a combined braking system of both wheels with front and rear drum brakes.

It is available in two variants. The top variant features an anti-lock braking system, making the Bajaj Platina 110 the only motorcycle in its segment to have such a safety net. The bike has a kerb weight of 123 kg in the disc brake variant and 119 kg in the drum brake variant.

The drum variant is offered in three striking colours - ebony black, blue, ebony black red, and cocktail wine red-orange. The ABS variant is also offered in three colour options - volcanic matte red, charcoal black, and satin beach blue.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 11 litres, a wheelbase of 1255 mm, ground clearance of 200 mm, saddle height of 807 mm, and a turning circle radius of 1930 mm.

The styling cues and features list of the Bajaj Platina 110 include quilted seats, knuckle guards, a halogen headlight with an LED DRL, telescopic front forks, alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, and a Nitrox spring-on-spring rear suspension.

The disc/ABS variant has a semi-digital instrument cluster that displays the gear shift prompt and the indication of ABS and gear. It has a starting price of ₹68,544.

Bajaj Platina 110 - Variants and Prices</

The Bajaj Platina 110 is available in two variants. One features drum brakes, while the other features ABS. The drum brake variant is available in three colours - ebony black red, cocktail wine red-orange, and ebony black blue. The disk brake/ABS variant is also available in three colours - volcanic matte red, charcoal black, and satin beach blue. The ex-showroom prices for both variants are as follows.

Variant Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Platina 110 Drum ₹68,544
Platina 110 ABS ₹72,224

Unique Selling Points - Bajaj Platina 110 Features

Here is a detail about some of the USPs of Bajaj Platina 110:

  • The Bajaj Platina 110 has a patented DTS-i engine to deliver unmatched mileage. It claims a mileage of 70 kmpl to 100 kmpl.

  • It is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine capable of producing maximum power of 8.6 PS at 7000 RPM and maximum torque of 9.81 Nm at 5000 RPM.

  • The Platina 110 has long and wide quilted seats to offer a comfortable and effortless daily commute, not only to the rider but also to the pillion.

  • The LED DRLs and attractive handguards are sure to make people’s heads turn.

  • The SnS suspension absorbs the strongest and toughest of jerks to give a smooth ride even on rough roads.

  • With wider footpads, the bike offers better grip and comfort for the pillion rider.

  • The Anti-Lock Braking System provides accurate braking, short braking distance, and better control and stability. The Bajaj Platina 110 is the only bike in its segment to feature this safety net.

  • The digital interface provides real-time information. It displays gear indication and gear guidance for efficient riding.

Rivals of Bajaj Platina 110

The Platina offers outstanding real-world mileage, giving it a competitive edge against the other motorcycles in this price segment. Its rivals in the market include:

  • TVS Sport

  • Bajaj Pulsar 125

  • Hero Splendor Plus

  • Honda SP 125

  • Honda Shine

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How to Claim Bajaj Bike Insurance?

How to Claim Bajaj Bike Insurance?


At Tata AIG, we have a simple and quick cashless claims process that involves the following steps.

  1. Visit our official website and select 'Initiate Claim' on the claims page.
  2. Enter your registered mobile number and click on confirm.
  3. Submit your Bajaj bike insurance policy number, the details of the First Information Report, if applicable, and the other necessary information.
  4. Submit the claim form.
  5. Cooperate with the Bike Insurance Surveyor appointed to inspect the damages to your bike.
  6. Get your bike repaired at the nearest network garage.
  7. Await the completion of the claim settlement process on our end.

At any time during the claims process, should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our 24*7 support team.

How to Renew Bajaj Bike Insurance?


You can renew your Bajaj bike insurance policy in a few quick steps, which are:

  1. Visit the bike insurance page on our official website.
  2. Enter your bike's registration number and click on 'Renew'.
  3. Our bike insurance calculator will fetch the important particulars, following which you must enter details such as your bike insurance claims in the preceding year and your 'No-claim Bonus' if any.
  4. Select the necessary bike insurance add-ons and include them in your policy.
  5. Get a quote for your Bajaj bike insurance policy and make the payment online if the said quote is feasible for you.

What are the Prices of Bajaj Bikes?


Bajaj bikes have varying prices, depending on the model and the variant you select. You can get a Bajaj bike for as low as ₹33,402 (ex-showroom - Mumbai) for the Bajaj CT100 and as high as ₹1.90 lakhs (ex-showroom - Mumbai) for the Bajaj Dominar 400.

What are the Various Variants Available in Bajaj Bikes?


Bajaj Auto have a wide portfolio of bikes and the most popular models are the Bajaj Pulsar, Bajaj Dominar, Bajaj Avenger, Bajaj Platina, and the Bajaj CT 100. All of these bikes come in various variants depending on their engine cubic capacity and other product differentiation.

How does a Zero Depreciation Cover Enhance my Bajaj Bike Insurance?


By adding a Zero Depreciation Cover to your bike insurance policy, you essentially nullify the financial impact of the depreciation accumulated on your bike in terms of a bike insurance claim. This cover allows you to claim the full market price of your bike in the event of a total loss scenario such as theft or irreversible accidental damage. However, you must remember that this cover is applicable only on your first two bike insurance claims and has an additional charge involved.

Which documents do I need to submit to buy a Bajaj Platina 110 insurance online?


When you buy your Bajaj bike insurance with Tata AIG, you enjoy the benefits of a worry-free application process that is entirely paperless. You do not have to submit any physical documents to buy or renew your bike insurance. Simply complete the online application by providing the required details and receive your policy at your registered email within a few minutes.

What are the benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance online?


You should buy your Bajaj two-wheeler insurance online instead of the conventional physical process for many reasons. Some benefits include the following: The process is instant, and you can complete it in minutes by entering the required details. A fresh or renewed policy is generated instantly. Using the online bike insurance premium calculator, you can estimate the premium you need to pay for the insurance policy. You can also compare different plans and evaluate how add-on covers affect the premium amount. The process of buying Bajaj Platina 110 insurance online is straightforward. You can do it from anywhere, at any time, since you do not have to visit a branch during office hours. The online mode is safe and secure. You can access it on your laptop or smartphone at your convenience. Tata AIG keeps all your personal information and payment details private and confidential.

What is the premium amount I need to pay?


The Bajaj Platina 110 insurance premium varies from plan to plan. It is also affected by several other factors, such as the bike’s make and model, the age of the two-wheeler, Insured Declared Value, the city in which it is registered, safety devices, modifications, engine make, etc. The add-on covers you choose also increase the premium amount. So make sure you only add the ones that are necessary.

What happens if I forget to renew my insurance on time?


A two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India. If you are unable to produce the policy document to traffic police during checking, you are liable to pay hefty fines. Therefore, make sure you renew the policy before it expires. However, if you forget your Bajaj Platina 110 insurance renewal date, don’t worry. You have a grace period of 90 days. If you do not renew within the grace period, you will need to issue a fresh policy, and you will lose out on your No Claim Bonus, resulting in a higher premium amount.

What is the No Claim Bonus?


Tata AIG offers its policyholders the benefit of a No Claim Bonus (NCB) if they do not apply for any claim in the previous policy year. In the first year, NCB is 20%. In the second, it is 25%. In the third, it is 35%; in the fourth, it is 45%; and in the fifth year, it is 50%. Policyholders who have not filed a claim for a complete year are eligible for discounts on the own-damage premium amount. The policyholder accumulates the No Claim Bonus in his name. Therefore, when you buy a new bike, you can transfer the NCB discount to the new bike insurance policy.

What are the steps to file a claim on my Bajaj Platina 110 bike insurance?


Filing a claim on Tata AIG is easy. You can do it in a few minutes by following the step-by-step process mentioned below: If you’ve met with an accident, start by filing an FIR with the police. Next, get in touch with Tata AIG’s customer support or visit the claims section on our website to register a claim online. Fill out the details of the damages using the self-inspection form. Our surveyor will visit to inspect the two-wheeler and its damages. Next, choose between cashless claim settlement or reimbursement. This will depend on the garage you select for your bike’s repair. After you submit your claim details, you will get a Claim Registration Number (CRN). Track the status of your claim using the CRN. We will verify the claim details, police report, and other documentation. If the information is validated and verified to our satisfaction, we will settle your Bajaj Platina 110 insurance claim.

**Disclaimer:**All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.