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A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

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Yamaha Aerox 155 Insurance

The Yamaha brand of vehicles came to India in 1985 and launched a series of motorcycles that became a household name in the country. Many riders prefer Yamaha bikes because the Japanese manufacturer has a long-established history of making efficient and durable bikes. The brand has seen many sales in India and across the globe because Japanese automobile manufacturers are popular for being industry-relevant, long-lasting, and high-quality.

The Japanese manufacturer is famous for catering to a diverse range of bike tastes and launching various two-wheelers. These include commuter motorcycles, sports bikes, dirt bikes, race bikes, street racers, kids' trail bikes, and commuter and sports scooters. The Yamaha Aerox 155 is one of Yamaha’s recent launches in September 2021 and is built for the rider who wants the convenience of switching between adventure or a quiet ride.

The Aerox 155 is a rare product as it is one of the few maxi-sports scooters. That is why it is in the premium price range bracket. But given it is highly performance-oriented and has state-of-the-art features, including a powerful engine and enhanced safety features, it is value for money.

But despite its updated safety features, the Aerox 155 is not exempt from accidents and unforeseen scenarios, and it needs a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Comprehensive bike insurance from Tata AIG protects you, your scooter, third parties and their vehicle + property against unforeseen perils that threaten damage or loss.

Purchase or Renewal of Yamaha Aerox 155 Insurance

Many buyers now prefer buying their insurance for bikes or cars online. Buying bike insurance online comes with benefits like saving time, skipping long queues, and avoiding unnecessary documentation. But the best part is that it also comes with the added benefits of getting your two-wheeler insurance policy at discounted premium rates. These discounts are up to 50% in NCBs and up to 75% with Tata AIG and can lower your Yamaha bike insurance price. Here are the steps to buy or renew Yamaha bike insurance online with Tata AIG:

  • Visit our Two-wheeler/Bike Insurance page.

  • Enter your Aerox 155 registration number starting with the proper state code.

  • Click on Get Price for a new Yamaha bike insurance policy or on Renew for a Yamaha bike insurance renewal. Fill out the bike insurance form that appears after clicking on Get Price or Renew and enter the requested details. These will include your name, number, email address, Aadhaar number, and PAN card number, among others.

  • Select your Aerox 500x’s IDV (Insured Declared Value).

  • Note: IDV depends on the manufacturer's listed selling price and indicates the current market value of your vehicle. You should choose it carefully. The IDV affects the premium cost of your Yamaha bike insurance policy.

  • Mention your previous claim history (if any). If you haven't raised any bike insurance claim earlier, you can select 'No Claim Bonus'. If you don’t have any previous two-wheeler insurance claim history, you will receive a no-claim bonus (NCB) of up to 50% and an additional discount of up to 75% for buying the bike insurance online which will lower the overall price.

  • Enhance your insurance for bike coverage by selecting from our 7 unique add-ons as per your need and budget.

  • Note that the add-ons come at an additional cost, which increases your overall premium. Thus, it is best if you choose the add-ons wisely.

  • After submitting the details, you will see your Yamaha bike insurance price on the screen. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can pay the premium online.

  • Once you complete your payment, you will receive your bike insurance policy documents and other details on your registered email address or WhatsApp number.

Yamaha Aerox 155 Insurance Price – Your Premium Amount

To buy a new Yamaha bike insurance policy or carry out a Yamaha bike insurance renewal, you have to make monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly payments called premiums. The Tata AIG Yamaha bike insurance renewal price or price for a new bike insurance policy depends on various factors, including

  • Your age, your driving record, and the location of the Aerox 155’s purchase/use.

  • The age, variant, and engine (cubic) capacity of the Aerox 155. The higher the cubic capacity, the higher the premiums, and vice versa. The older the bike is, the less expensive it is.

  • The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Aerox 155. The IDV is the current market or sale value of your Aerox 155, payable under the Yamaha bike insurance policy. For instance, if the price of a brand-new Yamaha Aerox 155 is ₹1,42,800, and two years later, if you make an insurance claim and its market price is ₹1,00,000, you will get the said IDV unless you have a depreciation add-on.

  • The type of Yamaha bike insurance chosen – comprehensive bike insurance, own-damage (standalone) bike insurance, or third-party bike insurance. Third-party or own-damage insurance for bikes will cost less than comprehensive bike insurance.

  • Any NCB benefits (up to 50%) or premium discounts (up to 75%) for purchasing the Yamaha bike insurance online.

  • Addition of safety devices (which can lower the Yamaha bike insurance price) or modifications (which can increase the Yamaha bike insurance price) to your Yamaha Aerox 155.

  • To get a precise estimate of the Yamaha bike insurance renewal price or price for a new bike insurance policy, you can use our free bike insurance calculator. You can also compare multiple insurance policies.

Add-on Bike Insurance Covers That You Should Consider

To cover the maximum possible odds against you and your vehicle, it is wise to consider add-ons with your two-wheeler insurance.

Add-ons provide that extra layer of security to your bike against various eventualities. Two-wheelers are also more prone to accidents, as per several studies. Add to this fact the present-day road issues of potholes, bumpy roads, traffic congestion, delayed construction lines, and others, and the probability gets even worse.

If you’d like to go the extra mile and cater to the maximum possible threats against your Aerox 155, consider the following Tata AIG bike insurance add-on riders.

Personal accident rider: Your chosen family members (nominees) get a pre-decided sum of money in case of your death/physical injury due to an accident involving your Aerox 155 with this rider.

Third-party property damage rider: A third party who suffers from damage caused to them, their vehicle, and their property due to your Aerox 155 gets a sum over and above the base insurance amount with this rider.

Roadside Assistance rider: If your Yamaha Aerox 155 breaks down in a remote or faraway location, you get access to immediate mechanic services available 24x7 with this rider.

Emergency medical expense rider: If you and the pillion rider face injuries due to an accident involving your Aerox 155, you can cover the cost of hospitalisation expenses with this rider.

Consumables expense rider: If the Yamaha Aerox 155’s consumable parts get damaged/lost due to an accident, you can cover their cost with this rider. The consumables include screws, nuts, bolts, lubricants, bearings, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake oil, and other parts.

Return to invoice rider: You get reimbursed the original invoice/purchase cost of your Yamaha Aerox 155 in case of its theft or total irreparable damage with this rider.

Depreciation allowance rider: You get the original value of the Yamaha Aerox 155’s bike parts during its repair/replacement with this rider.

What is Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Yamaha Bike Insurance Online

With Tata AIG, you will have the surety of knowing exactly what you’re signing up for. We are 100% transparent and encourage our potential customers to go through the entire scope of coverage in our bike insurance policy online + offline. Our bike insurance policy will only cover a select set of odds and unforeseen threats and eventualities, but rest assured, these include the most probable scenarios.

We also have a 15-day free look period, in case you have already bought the Yamaha bike insurance online but want to go through the policy terms and conditions without any commitment to paying the premium. Feel free to get your queries resolved at any time with us to make an informed decision and avoid any unpleasant confusion at the time of bike insurance claim settlement.

Here is a table of what Tata AIG’s Yamaha bike insurance covers (inclusions) and does not cover (exclusions).

What Tata AIG’s Yamaha bike insurance covers – Policy inclusions What Tata AIG’s Yamaha bike insurance does not cover – Policy exclusions
Third-party coverage - Damage or death to third parties, their vehicle and property due to your Yamaha Aerox 155.  Any consequential breakdown, general wear and tear, and age or time-related loss/ damage of the Yamaha Aerox 155.  
Damage and loss to your Aerox 155 from natural & artificial (man-made) disasters like
  • Floods
  • Snowfall
  • Lightning
  • Cyclones
  • Earthquakes
  • Riots
  • Theft
  • Strikes
  • Self-ignition
  • Explosions 
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Malicious activities
  • Damages to your Aerox 155 due to contributory negligence like
  • Riding without an active driving licence/carrying an expired licence
  • Riding without PUC papers/ your Yamaha bike insurance policy documents/other essential bike documents 
  • Riding without a helmet/a pillion helmet
  • Riding after taking intoxicants like alcohol/ drugs/narcotics
  • Riding in a flood-prone or dangerous area 
  • Riding for commercial and profit-making purposes
  • Personal accident coverage – You receive medical insurance up to Rs. 15 lakhs for permanent/ temporary physical injuries or death caused to you by an accident. In the eventuality of death, your family members will receive an insurance payout equal to the medical insurance. Damage to your Aerox 155 due to nuclear perils, mutiny, war, civil unrest, or other unlawful activities that create an atmosphere of war.  
    Theft or total damage to your Aerox 155, in the aftermath of which you will get the scooter's current market value or IDV. Damage incurred to the Aerox 155 due to using it outside the geographical limits of India. 
    Damage to the Aerox 155 mid-travel through airways, waterways, roadways, or railways. Damage to your Aerox 155 while being used for speed racing, crash testing, and other racing + reliability trials. 
    Double the protection from 7 bike insurance add-on riders including 
  • Depreciation allowance add-on rider 
  • Return to invoice add-on rider
  • Personal owner-driver accident add-on rider
  • Third-party property damage add-on rider
  • Consumables expense add-on rider
  • Emergency medical expenses add-on rider
  • Roadside assistance add-on rider
  • Damage (except total theft) caused to the Aerox 155 during a burglary/breaking/entering

    Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Yamaha Bike Insurance?

    Tata AIG’s Yamaha bike insurance policy covers as many possible unforeseen and life-threatening scenarios to you, your Aerox 155, and fellow owner-drivers on the road. Here are a few reasons that set us apart from our competitors and why you should consider us for your long-term two-wheeler insurance needs:

    A trustworthy legacy: The ‘Trusted Naam, Fantastic Kaam’ comes from decades of expertise and exceptional business minds of the Tata Group.

    Results-driven: We deliver results instead of making tall claims. We have over 20+ years of expertise in the insurance industry and a consistent claim settlement record. In FY 2020-2021, we had a settlement ratio of 98% - and since our inception, our CSR has not been below 95%.

    Customer-first approach: We are a customer-first company. We prioritise the needs of over 5 crore customers and adapt to the changing trends of the insurance industry.

    Prompt assistance: We have a team of 650+ claim experts ready to provide quick, personalised, and nationwide assistance around the clock.

    Prioritising customer convenience: Keeping your comfort and time at the forefront, we have 100% digital buying, renewal, and claim settlement processes. However, our doors are always open for resolving any in-person needs.

    Far-ranging network: We have a nationwide and trustworthy network of over 5,000 partner garages offering quick services everywhere – from the tier 1 and tier 2 cities to the smaller town and rural interiors.

    Discounts galore!: When you get insurance for bikes with us, you save more than you spend. You can get up to 50% discounts in NCBs, and save on premiums.

    Diverse add-on options: We have 7 affordable and unique add-ons to enhance the coverage of your Yamaha bike insurance online.

    A brief overview of the Yamaha Aerox 155 Bike Model

    The Yamaha Aerox 155 launched in September 2021 and is built for the rider who wants the convenience of switching between adventure or commuter riding modes. The Aerox 155 is a rare vehicle as it is one of the few maxi-sports scooters in India. It is highly performance-oriented and has state-of-the-art features. It has a powerful engine capacity of 155cc that is liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, and 4-valve.

    It gives a maximum horse power of 11.0kW(15.0PS) /8000r/ min and maximum torque of 13.9N.m(1.4kgf.m)/ 6500r/ min. It has a fuel tank capacity of 5.5L, tubeless tyres, a telescopic front fork, and many state-of-the-art safety features. Overall, the bike has an athletic and sporty design.

    Yamaha Aerox 155 Price and Variants

    The Yamaha Aerox 155 is available in two variants – the Aerox 155 Standard and Aerox 155 Moto GP Edition. Both variants are available in four high-shine, HD colours – Metallic Black, Racing Blue, Grey Vermillion, and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP (Grand Prix) Edition. The approximate starting price of the maxi-scooter starts from ₹1,42,800 to ₹1,66,000. The exact cost varies from showroom to showroom based on the city or region. Following is the approximate state-wise price list for the variants.

    State Approximate Price
    Delhi  ₹1,42,800
    Maharashtra  ₹1,43,539
    Gujarat  ₹1,43,539
    Goa  ₹1,42,800
    Haryana  ₹1,43,539
    Karnataka ₹1,42,800
    Madhya Pradesh ₹1,43,600
    Punjab ₹1,43,600
    Pondicherry  ₹1,42,800
    Tamil Nadu  ₹1,43,539
    West Bengal  ₹1,43,600
    Uttar Pradesh  ₹1,43,600
    Bihar  ₹1,43,600
    Chandigarh  ₹1,43,600
    Kerala  ₹1,44,305

    Unique Selling Points: Yamaha Aerox 155 Bike Features

    The core USPs of the Yamaha Aerox 155 are:

    • Excellent power and torque capacity for a scooter

    • A compact combustion engine chamber that boosts combustion efficiency

    • A variable valve action engine system that gives a smooth acceleration

    • A smart motor generation system that eliminates the unnecessary loud gear sound

    • LED headlights, tail lights, and position lights for better visibility

    • Spacious two-level seat for the rider and pillion rider for max comfort

    • Front pocket with power socket for charging digital accessories

    • 24.5L under-seat storage

    • Multi-function key switch

    • ABS with superior control

    • Type-twin shock absorbers

    • Large alloy wheels for better grip

    Competitors of Yamaha Aerox 155

    The competitor scooter bikes of the Yamaha Aerox 155 include:

    • Vespa SXL 150

    • Aprilia SR 160

    • Aprilia SR 160

    • Vespa VXL 150

    • Honda CB 200X

    • Yamaha MT 15 V2

    • Vespa Elegante 150

    • Yamaha FZX

    • Bajaj Chetak (new version)

    • Ather 450X

    • Suzuki Burgman Street

    • Simple One

    • TVS iQube Electric

    Disclaimer / TnC

    Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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    What are the available accessories for the Yamaha Aerox 155?

    What are the available accessories for the Yamaha Aerox 155?


    The available accessories for the Yamaha Aerox 155 include: LED flasher Seat cover Visor trim carbon Sport screen smoke Knuckle guard Body cover

    What does the Y-Connect app do in the Yamaha Aerox 155?


    The Y-Connect app in the digital instrument cluster of the Yamaha Aerox 155 does the following: It helps monitor your daily and monthly fuel consumption. It gives you maintenance and battery level reminders. It notifies you in case of any malfunction. It has a last parking feature that helps you track where you last parked your scooter. It enables you to connect with fellow Yamaha riders. It has a revs dashboard that displays data like engine RPM, rate of acceleration, and real-time fuel consumption. It also showcases the degree of throttle opening and has an eco-friendly riding indicator.

    Why should I buy Yamaha bike insurance online?


    You can buy Yamaha bike insurance offline, but buying it online will be more beneficial. Here’s why:
    The entire process is time-saving and hassle-free. You can get your bike insurance from the comfort of your home and avoid unnecessary lines and waiting times. You can use Tata AIG's bike insurance premium calculator to compare different insurance for bikes and calculate your premium price. It will help you choose a bike insurance plan best suited to your needs. You can get mega discounts with Tata AIG – up to 75% for buying the Yamaha bike insurance policy online. You can trust that the online process is 100% safe, secure, and confidential.

    Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.