Armenia Citizenship for Indian

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Armenia Citizenship for Indian

Armenia, which is located in the Caucasus region between Europe and Asia, provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Indians seeking to expand their global footprint. People from all over the world wish to relocate to Armenia for a variety of reasons, including a higher quality of living, free education, and a stronger emphasis on work-life balance, as well as stunning landscapes and pleasant weather.

Armenia's citizenship laws are reasonably basic, with various options for foreigners to become naturalised citizens. Whether you're drawn to Armenia for its commercial potential and cultural history or simply looking for a change of scenery, gaining Armenian citizenship for Indians could lead to a variety of new options.

In this article, we will lead you through the entire citizenship in Armenia for Indian procedure. We will also address several crucial topics, such as how to obtain Armenian citizenship, fee processing times, and so on.

Armenia PR Vs Armenia Citizenship For Indians — What’s the Difference?

Armenia offers two primary pathways for Indians looking to establish legal residency or citizenship: Armenia Permanent Residency (PR) and Armenia Citizenship. The distinction lies in the level of rights, privileges, and responsibilities accorded to individuals under each status.

Armenia Permanent Residency provides foreigners with the right to live and work in the country indefinitely, albeit without the right to participate in elections or hold public office. On the other hand, Armenia Citizenship grants individuals full participation in civic life, including voting rights and the ability to hold public office.

Both options offer opportunities for Indians seeking to establish a legal presence in Armenia, each catering to different needs and aspirations. Understanding the variances between the two statuses is important for making an informed decision based on individual circumstances and long-term goals.

Armenia Citizenship Requirements — Eligibility Criteria for Armenia Citizenship for Indians

While Armenia has its own set of criteria and regulations for citizenship, the process can be particularly intriguing for Indians seeking to expand their global horizons. Here's an overview of the eligibility criteria for Armenia citizenship for Indians:

  • The candidate must have a legal and stable permanent status in Armenia, such as a long-term visa or a residency permit.

  • The applicant's minimum age is 18 years.

  • The applicant must not be currently involved in a criminal case or serving a prison sentence.

  • The applicant must offer genuine and authentic identification verification.

  • Anyone who is 18 years old and does not currently hold Republic of Armenian citizenship may apply to be granted citizenship if they have lived on Republic of Armenian territory for the last three years in accordance with legal requirements, speak Armenian fluently, and are aware of the Republic of Armenian Constitution.

  • If the candidate was born in Armenia to foreign parents, they may be eligible for Armenia citizenship under certain circumstances.

Ways to Apply for Armenia Nationality

A person without citizenship in the Republic of Armenia may be accepted into citizenship without the condition of the length of residency if he or she:

  • Individual can get Armenian citizenship by marriage if he/she marries a Republic of Armenia citizen or has a child, father, or mother who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia

  • Born in the Republic of Armenia, or with at least one parent who held Armenian citizenship in the past, and sought for citizenship within three years of becoming eighteen

  • Is Armenian by origin and has resided in the Republic of Armenia territory.

  • If the applicant compromises public order, state and social security, public health and tradition protection, or the rights, freedoms, dignity, and good name of others by their actions, their petition for citizenship in the Republic of Armenia may be denied.

  • The individual who accepts Armenian citizenship must administer the following oath and swear to uphold the Republic of Armenia's laws and Constitution, to defend the country's independence and territorial integrity, and to honour its official language, national culture, and customs."

  • Once it's done the person accepting Republic of Armenia citizenship must read and sign the oath.

Procedure for the Application of Armenia Citizenship Process

A person may apply in person for Armenian citizenship through the Republic of Armenia, the Passport and Visa Department, the Republic of Armenian embassy in India, or a consular service by submitting the necessary documents and the application form. It is important to ensure that the documents submitted for this should be in the accordance with the Republic of Armenian government

Documents Required for Immigration to Armenia From India

Indian individuals seeking citizenship in Armenia must provide particular essential documents with their application.

The required list of documents contains the following:

  • Application questionnaire

  • A valid passport that is issued by the foreign state, as well as its copy

  • 6 colour photos, 35x45 mm in size

  • Original birth certificate and its copy

  • Original marriage certificate along with the copy (in the case the applicant is married and holds the last name of the spouse);

  • Original spouse’s passport along with the copy (in the case the applicant is married and holds the last name of the spouse);

  • Valid document confirming the residence status or the legality of residence in the territory of the Republic of Armenia during the last 3 years;

  • The receipt confirming the payment of state duty.

Benefits of Having Armenian Nationality

Cultural heritage: Armenians have a vibrant cultural heritage spanning thousands of years. From ancient traditions to modern-day customs, being Armenian means being part of a community with a deep sense of identity and pride in their heritage. This includes language, cuisine, music, dance, literature, and art, which are all integral parts of Armenian culture.

Free education: One of the most significant advantages of being an Armenian citizen is the right to free education. The Armenian government prioritises education, providing tuition-free education from primary to higher education levels. This allows individuals to pursue their academic goals without financial restraints, fostering equitable opportunity for all citizens to succeed and contribute to the nation's progress.

Healthcare benefits: Armenian citizens are entitled to state-provided healthcare benefits. The government provides access to vital medical services, including preventive care, treatment, and medication, via public healthcare facilities. This ensures that residents can maintain their health and well-being without incurring excessive medical costs, resulting in a healthier and more productive society.

Employment opportunities: Being an Armenian national improves work opportunities in the country. Citizens have access to a variety of career options and are eligible for government-sponsored employment programmes and initiatives. Furthermore, Armenian nationality may grant preferential treatment in some areas or businesses, helping persons improve their careers and achieve economic stability.

Freedom to travel: Armenian citizenship allows persons to travel more easily to numerous nations across the world. Citizens who hold an Armenian passport can enter several countries without getting a visa or with a visa on arrival, making it easier to travel for tourist, business, or personal reasons. Furthermore, Armenia's advantageous geographical location between Europe and Asia provides access to a variety of travel experiences and opportunities.

Armenia Citizenship Fees and Processing Time

You will need to submit your application and pay the applicable fees. Citizenship applications usually cost around AMD 1,000 (approx. ₹212.43)

A citizenship in Armenia for Indians application might take around 15 days or more, depending on a variety of criteria such as the type of application, your home country, the workload of the Armenia administration, and so on.

Note: Applicants can increase their chances of having their citizenship application accepted quickly by following the proper approach and submitting the proper documents.

Armenia Embassy/ Consulate in India

" " " " " "
Name Armenia Embassy in Delhi, India
AddressD-133, Armenia Street, Block D, Anand Niketan, West End Colony, Block D, Anand Niketan South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India
Phone +91 11 2411 2851
Fax -5183
Working Hours 9 am– 6pm
Working Days Monday-Friday
Head of mission H.E. Mr. Armen MARTIROSYAN
Name Armenia Consulate in Chennai, India
Address149, Poonamallee High Rd, Aminjikarai Chennai 600029 Tamil Nadu India
Phone +91 44 2836 2460
Fax +91 -44 -4266 1073
Working Hours 09:00 am-06:00 pm
Working Days Monday-Friday
Name Armenia Consulate in Mumbai, India
AddressMehta Mahal, 15, Mathew Rd, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon Mumbai 400004 Maharashtra India
Phone 91 22 6665 0158 
Fax 91-22-2363-1670
Working Hours 09:00 am-06:00 pm
Working Days Monday-Friday

Indian Embassy/ Consulate in Sweden

Name Embassy of India
Address 50, 2 Dzorapi St, Yerevan 0019, Armenia
Phone +374 10 539173
Fax (+374) 10 533 984
Working Hours 09:00 to 17:30
Working Days Monday-friday
Head of mission Nilakshi Saha Sinha

How to Check Armenian Citizenship Application Status

To check on the status of an Armenian citizenship application, contact the Armenia immigration office or the department in charge of processing citizenship applications. You can inquire about the status via phone, email, or in-person visits.

Prepare relevant details, such as the application reference number, the applicant's full name, and any other information provided throughout the application submission process.

In addition, if you hire legal representation or consultants to help with the application process, they may have access to information about the status. Reach out to them for updates.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Armenian Citizenship from India

Incomplete documentation: One of the most common errors applicants make is not providing all the necessary documentation. Ensure you have all the required documents, such as birth certificates, passports, proof of residency, and any other specific documents outlined by the Armenian government.

Failure to meet residency requirements: Armenia typically requires applicants to fulfil certain residency requirements before being eligible for citizenship. Make sure you understand these requirements and have the necessary proof of residency before applying.

Ignoring dual citizenship regulations: Some countries, including India, may have regulations regarding dual citizenship. Before applying for Armenian citizenship, ensure that doing so won't jeopardise your Indian citizenship status. Seek legal advice if necessary.

Incomplete or incorrect application forms: Filling out application forms incorrectly or incompletely can lead to delays or rejection of your citizenship application. Take your time to fill out all forms accurately and provide all necessary information.

Not seeking professional advice: Immigration laws and procedures can be complex. It's advisable to seek advice from immigration lawyers or consultants who specialise in Armenian citizenship applications. They can guide you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Overlooking criminal record checks: Many countries, including Armenia, require applicants to provide criminal record checks as part of the citizenship application process. Make sure you obtain these checks from the relevant authorities in India and submit them along with your application.

Ignoring changes in immigration laws: Immigration laws and policies can change over time. Make sure you stay updated on any changes to Armenian immigration laws that may affect your citizenship application.

Other Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Armenian Citizenship

  • Familiarise yourself with Armenian culture, traditions, and history. This not only allows you to adjust more readily to your new surroundings, but it also demonstrates respect and appreciation for the country's legacy. Engaging with local communities, attending cultural events, and visiting historical sites might help you gain a better understanding.

  • Consider making investments in Armenia, such as starting a business, purchasing property, or investing in local industries. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to the country's economic development, but it may also provide you with additional avenues for demonstrating your eligibility for citizenship through investment programs.

  • A clean legal record is essential when applying for citizenship in any country. Avoid any involvement in criminal activities or legal disputes that could jeopardise your application. Be transparent and truthful in disclosing any relevant information during the application process.

  • Obtaining citizenship can be a lengthy and sometimes challenging process. Exercise patience and persistence throughout the journey, and be prepared to overcome any obstacles or setbacks along the way. Stay focused on your goal and remain committed to fulfilling the requirements.

  • Demonstrating proficiency in the Armenian language not only showcases your commitment to integrating into Armenian society but also fulfils one of the requirements for citizenship. Consider enrolling in language classes or utilising online resources to improve your language skills.

Interesting Facts About Armenia

  • Armenia boasts a history that stretches back over 3,000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Its capital, Yerevan, is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth.

  • Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD, predating the conversion of the Roman Empire. This significant event occurred under the rule of King Tiridates III and was influenced by St. Gregory the Illuminator.

  • Mount Ararat, located in Turkey but visible from much of Armenia, is culturally and religiously significant to Armenians. According to legend, it is where Noah's Ark came to rest following the Great Flood.

  • Armenian is one of the oldest written languages in the world, with its own unique script. The Armenian alphabet was invented by Saint Mesrop Mashtots in the early 5th century AD. This alphabet played a crucial role in preserving Armenian culture and literature.

  • Armenia has a strong tradition in chess and has produced several world-class players. One of its most famous exports is Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian, who was the World Chess Champion from 1963 to 1969.

Do’s and Don’ts in Armenia

To make the most of your visit and show respect for local customs, it's essential to be aware of certain do's and don'ts:


  • Armenia has an abundance of old churches, monasteries, and historical sites. Dress modestly and avoid loud behaviour or obscene gestures when visiting these venues.

  • Armenians take toasting seriously, often utilising it to honour guests or commemorate noteworthy occasions. If you're invited to a toast, make eye contact and participate by clinking glasses and exchanging well wishes.

  • Armenian markets are bustling centres of activity, selling fresh vegetables, spices, crafts, and more. Take the time to explore these markets, connect with merchants, and sample local cuisine.


  • Armenians are known for their generosity, and it is considered disrespectful to say no to food or drink supplied by your hosts. Accepting their hospitality is a method to express gratitude for their compassion.

  • While haggling is typical in markets, be cautious not to engage in too-aggressive negotiating. Respect the vendor's pricing and conduct fair discussions.

  • Always seek permission before photographing individuals, particularly in rural regions or during religious rites or rituals. Respect their privacy and cultural sensitivity.

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