Austria Citizenship for Indian

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Austria Citizenship for Indian

Austria, with its high standard of living, is easily one of Europe’s popular destinations to settle permanently in. Whether you are drawn to the country’s stunning Alpine landscapes or the world-class education system, Austria has a multitude of opportunities for those looking to build a new life.

Any Indian national exploring the possibility of acquiring Austrian citizenship will need to understand the comprehensive Austria citizenship process. Let us get into the details below.

Austria PR Vs Austria Citizenship For Indian — What is the Difference?

Parameters Austria Citizenship Austria Permanent Residency
Legal Status Gives full rights and privileges enjoyed by native-born Austrians, including the right to vote in national elections, hold public office and obtain an Austrian passport.  Allows immigration to Austria from India with the right to leave and re-enter the country without restrictions.
Residency Requirement Stricter requirements typically require residence in Austria for a minimum of 10 years. Must maintain a certain level of physical presence in Austria to retain status. 
Rights and Benefits The holder has all the rights and benefits available to permanent residents, with additional privileges such as unrestricted travel within the European Union and consular protection abroad. Lets the holder enjoy many of the same rights and benefits as Austrian citizens, excluding certain privileges. 
Revocation Once citizenship is granted, there are few chances of it being revoked. Unless in rare cases such as fraud or national security concerns.  Permanent residence status can be revoked under certain circumstances.
Integration Requirements Citizenship applicants are required to demonstrate a certain level of integration into Austrian society as well as have a certain level of language proficiency.  No specific integration is required 

Austria Citizenship Requirements — Eligibility Criteria for Austria Citizenship for Indian Nationals

Austrian citizenship for Indian nationals can be acquired through various pathways, each with its own set of requirements. As a result, the specific criteria for obtaining citizenship may vary depending on the pathway chosen.

Hence, the following are the standard eligibility criteria that individuals must meet to qualify for Austrian citizenship:

  • A legal and continuous residence of a minimum of 10 years in Austria, with at least 5 years spent holding a residence permit, is required.

  • There is no history of judicial condemnation, be it in Austria or abroad.

  • No serious administrative violations with an exceptional level of unlawfulness.

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain oneself financially in the form of acquisition, income, judicial claim to maintenance or insurance benefits over 36 months on average within the last 6 years before the time of application. It is mandatory that the last claimed 6 months must be immediately before the time of application. Transfer payments, such as family benefits, child-care support, etc., are considered income.

  • Exceptions are made only when there is no proof of one’s regular earnings in the case that one’s livelihood cannot be durably secured without one’s fault (eg. disability, severe permanent illness).

  • Proof of German language skills through fulfilling module 2 of the Integration Agreement according to § 10 Abs. 2 IntG, unless exceptions apply.

  • Proof regarding knowledge of the democratic system of Austria and the fundamental principles deriving from the same, as well as the history of Austria and each province through a written examination (multiple choice questions) before the Provincial Government or a degree in “History and Social Sciences” at the 8th-grade level of a lower secondary school unless exceptions apply.

  • Exceptions for minors under 14 years of age and persons who claim bad mental or physical health conditions (in particular speech and hearing impairment).

  • Positive attitude towards the Republic of Austria and warranty that there is no danger to the public peace, order and security.

  • There is no pending proceeding regarding the termination of residence.

  • There is no current prohibition of residence or enforceable return decision.

  • No return decision of another EEA country or Switzerland.

  • No eviction order within the last 12 months and no upright entry prohibition.

  • There is no affiliation with any terrorist group or extremists.

  • Principally, the loss of prior citizenship.

  • Due to the acquisition of citizenship, international relations with the Republic of Austria must be relatively unaffected.

  • Due to the acquisition of citizenship, the interests of the Republic of Austria must not be harmed.

Ways to Apply for Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

The following are the best ways to get citizenship in Austria for Indian nationals:

1. Obtaining Austrian Citizenship by Descent:

Children born in wedlock automatically acquire Austrian citizenship by birth if at least one parent is an Austrian citizen at the time of the child’s birth. However, for children born before September 1, 1983, Austrian citizenship is granted only if the father is Austrian.

On the other hand, children born out of wedlock obtain Austrian citizenship if the mother is Austrian at the time of the child’s birth. Since August 1, 2013, children born out of wedlock can also acquire Austrian citizenship if the father of the child is Austrian at the time of the child’s birth, only if an acknowledgement of paternity has been made within eight weeks of the child’s birth.

2. Obtaining Austria Citizenship by Marriage:

An Austrian citizen's spouse of another nationality may qualify for Austrian citizenship under the following circumstances:

The applicant has been legally and continuously a resident of Austria for at least six years.

The applicant has been married to the Austrian spouse for at least five years in a joint household.

An Austrian citizen's spouse of another nationality has to renounce his/her present citizenship if they apply for an Austrian one.

3. Obtaining Austria Citizenship by Investment:

Austria welcomes individuals from all nationalities for residency or citizenship through investment programs.

Austria offers the applicants alternate investor avenues since there are no passive investor visas.

Foreigners can invest in a business or start a business in Austria to qualify for residency or citizenship.

Family members can also join the applicant.

4. Obtaining Austrian Citizenship by Application:

An individual, regardless of nationality, may be eligible to obtain Austrian citizenship under the following conditions:

The applicant has lived in Austria permanently for at least thirty years.


The applicant has lived in Austria permanently for at least fifteen years and can demonstrate successful personal and professional integration in Austria.

Additionally, foreign nationals may apply for Austrian citizenship under the following conditions:

The applicant has at least 10 years of continuous residence in Austria, with a minimum of five years as a permanent resident.

The applicant possesses sufficient financial means or a secure income.

The applicant has no criminal record.

The applicant has sufficient knowledge of the German language.

The applicant exhibits a positive attitude towards the Republic of Austria.

  1. Obtaining Austrian Citizenship by Re-Acquisition

A woman who has lost Austrian citizenship before September 1, 1983, due to marriage to a non-Austrian spouse can regain it within five years after her husband’s death or divorce.

Former Austrian citizens, who were nationals for at least ten years before losing citizenship, can reacquire it through a simplified process if they are present in Austria. However, they must renounce any foreign nationality.

Individuals who were forced to leave Austria before May 9, 1945, due to persecution by NSDAP bodies or Third Reich authorities, or who suffered persecution for defending the democratic Republic of Austria, can re-establish their citizenship through a declaration process.

Step-by-step Austria Citizenship Process

After understanding various pathways to obtain Austria Citizenship for Indian nationals, let us get into the comprehensive process.

Step 1: Contact the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi to book an appointment for the citizenship application. Each applicant is required to schedule a separate appointment.

Step 2: Gather all required documents for your citizenship application. These typically include identification documents, proof of residence and any other relevant paperwork specified by the Austrian authorities.

Step 3: On the scheduled date, visit the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi for your appointment. Ensure that you provide your contact information when booking the appointment to facilitate communication in case of any changes.

Step 4: Upon approval of the application the embassy will pass on the issued ‘Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis’ (citizenship certificate) to the applicant.

Documents Required for Obtaining Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

The following original documents as well as their copies are required for the application process for citizenship in Austria for Indian nationals:

Please Note: All Indian documents must be authenticated with an Apostille.

  • Filled in application form

  • Affidavit Adult

  • Passport or ID card (no driving licence)

  • Birth certificate (Indian certificates with Apostille)

  • Residence permit from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal or Sri Lanka

If applicable: marriage certificate(s) (Indian certificates with Apostille)

If applicable: divorce paper(s) (Indian certificates with Apostille)

  • Additional documents for children:

  • Passports of both parents

  • Birth certificates of both parents (Indian certificates with Apostille)

  • Citizenship certificate of Austrian parent (first application) or child

  • Affidavit Child

  • Affidavit Adult (Austrian parent only)

If applicable: marriage certificate(s) of parents (Indian certificates with Apostille)

If applicable: proof of custody

Fees and Processing Time for Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

Similar to acquiring citizenship in any other country, the government of Austria imposes specific citizenship fees. The fee for a Citizenship Certificate is €48 (around ₹4,100).

Regarding the citizenship application processing time, it can vary depending on the type of application that was made. The maximum processing time under the Austrian Citizenship Act 1985 for a Citizenship Certificate is 6 months.

Austrian Embassy/ Consulate in India

Name Austrian Embassy, New Delhi 
Address EP – 13, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021
Phone (+91/11) 2419 2700
Fax (+91/11) 2688 6929
Email  (Embassy)  (Consular section)
Working Hours Business Hours: Mon - Fri 08.00 - 16.00 hrs Consular Hours: Mon- Thu 08.00-12.00 by appointment
Name Austrian Honorary Consulate General, Mumbai
Address 26, Maker Chambers VI, 2nd Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021
Phone (+91 ) 22 22851734, 22851774
Fax (+91 ) 22 2287 0502
Name Austrian Honorary Consulate General, Chennai
Address Kothari Buildings, 115 Mahatma Gandhi Salai, Nungambakkam Chennai 600 034 
Phone (+91) 44 2833 4501
Fax (+91) 44 2833 4560
Name Austrian Honorary Consulate General, Kolkata 
Address 10, Camac Street, Industry House, 1st Floor Kolkata 700 017
Phone (+91) 33 2283 5660
Fax (+91) 33 2281 8323

How to Check Austrian Citizenship Application Status

The status of an application for Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals can be checked by contacting the nearest embassy or consulate.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

One of the primary reasons for the rejection of Austrian citizenship applications is the presence of incorrect information or incomplete documents. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the necessary documentation thoroughly and ensure meticulous submission alongside the application.

While the specific documents needed may vary based on the chosen citizenship pathway, there are certain common documents required for all applicants. Familiarising with the requirements and submitting accurate paperwork can enhance the chances of a successful citizenship application.

However, to further increase the chances of getting Austrian citizenship, Indian nationals should be mindful of common mistakes to avoid potential complications or rejection of their application.

Having a history of court sentences or involvement in serious administrative offences can significantly impact a citizenship application. It is crucial to maintain a clean legal record and avoid any unlawful activities.

Austrian authorities require applicants to demonstrate sufficient income or secure means of subsistence to support themselves financially. Being a recipient of social assistance without additional income sources may hinder the citizenship application.

Proficiency in the German language is essential for integrating into Austrian society. Failing to provide evidence of adequate German language proficiency or having no proficiency at all can negatively impact the citizenship application.

Any involvement in activities posing a threat to public peace, order, or security can have serious implications for the citizenship application. It is important to maintain a positive and law-abiding attitude in Austria.

Other Tips to Increase Chances of Getting Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

  • Thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and meet all requirements to avoid rejection.

  • Stay informed about deadlines and try to initiate the process early to improve chances of obtaining citizenship.

  • Since the Austrian Immigration Agency prioritises integration into Austrian society, actively participate in community programs, social events and other activities.

  • Collect relevant documents to support the integration efforts that have been taken.

Ensure that a demonstration of German proficiency is acquired.

Benefits of Having a Citizenship in Austria For Indian Nationals

  • Austrian citizens have access to free or subsidised education at public schools and universities. The country is known to have high-quality education.

  • As an Austrian citizen, one can enjoy unrestricted travel within the European Union and the Schengen Area.

  • Austrian citizenship will allow Indian nationals to work in Austria indefinitely without any restrictions.

  • Austrian citizens have access to the country’s comprehensive healthcare system and social welfare programs. This ensures access to high-quality healthcare services and financial support if needed.

  • Austrian citizenship enhances employment opportunities and business prospects within Austria and the European Union.

Interesting Facts About Austria

  • Austria is renowned for its rich musical heritage and is often referred to as the ‘Musical Capital of the World’. It is the birthplace of famous classical composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Johann Strauss II.

  • Vienna, the capital of Austria is famous for its vibrant coffeehouse culture. Viennese coffee houses have a long history and are known for their elegant atmosphere, delicious pastries and extensive coffee menus.

  • The beloved musical ‘Sound of Music’ was based on the true story of the Von Trapp family who fled Austria during World War II. Many of the film's scenes were shot in and around the city of Salzburg.

  • Austria’s Alpine landscapes are of course world famous. The majestic peaks of the Alpine Alps are no less than a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

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In conclusion, the process of obtaining Austrian citizenship for Indian nationals involves meeting specific eligibility criteria, gathering required documents, and submitting a thorough application. Avoiding common mistakes is crucial for the success of the application. Once acquired, Austrian citizenship offers an array of benefits to a citizenship holder.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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