Bangladesh Consulate in Kolkata

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Bangladesh Consulate in Kolkata

An Embassy or a Consulate is a representative of the diplomatic relations between the host country and the home country. They are a representation of the home country’s cultural heritage, history, traditions, and so much more.

A Consulate plays an important role in helping the citizens of the home countries to live safely in the host country and address their queries. They are also responsible for providing important services like visas for the citizens of the host country who want to travel to the home country, passport services and assistance to the citizens of the home country.

Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata plays these roles and offers a multitude of services to its residents. Let us learn more about the Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata, its functions and responsibilities, the services, working hours and much more in this article.

Bangladesh: Explore the “Land of Six Seasons” and its Immense Beauty

Bangladesh, a South Asian country, is a serene beauty. It offers a peaceful trip surrounded by magnificent flora and beaches. It is known for its beautiful and long beaches and is home to the world's third longest beach, known as the Cox's Bazar.

Additionally, the country is home to the largest Mangrove forest- Sundarbans and is known for its rich biodiversity. Moreover, Bangladesh is among the very few countries where you can experience all six seasons throughout the year.

You can experience serene beauty in the arms of nature and embrace its tranquillity. The people of Bangladesh also extend a warm welcome to toursis.

Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Country Bangladesh
Name Deputy High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Location in India Kolkata
Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata Address 9, Circus Ave, Bangabandhu Sheikh, Mujib,
Kolkata- 700017
Contact Number (+91) 33- 4012 7500
Emergency Helpline Number (WhatsApp) (+91) - 9038353533
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 09:00 AM -05:00 PM

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

Embassy and Consulate are often used interchangeably. While they both serve diplomatic functions, Embassies have a broader scope than Consulates. Let us understand the difference between the two:

Parameter Embassy Consulate
Purpose An Embassy is a representation of the country’s culture and politics. It serves a broader diplomatic purpose, offering services to maintain political and economic relations and other consular services. A Consulate deals with more specific requirements by offering services for visa applications, passports, etc., for a region in the country. 
Location An Embassy is located in the country’s capital.  These are located in various major cities, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. For example, the Bangladesh Consulate in India is located in Kolkata.
Size The staff working in an Embassy is more as it offers more services. The staff size is comparatively smaller.

Functions of Bangladesh Consulate India

The Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata serves as an important function to maintain and enhance the political relations between the two countries. It engages in several activities that promote the same and provides services to its citizens in a foreign country.

Improving diplomatic relations: The Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata promotes its country’s diplomatic missions. It represents the country and promotes the union between the countries.

Economic relations: The Consulate also plays an important role in boosting business and trade opportunities between the two countries. It also takes care of the financial and business-related affairs of the Bangladesh government.

Cultural interactions: The Consulate is also responsible for organising cultural events and spreading awareness about the cultural and art heritage of Bangladesh.

Providing important services: The primary role of the Consulate is to provide services to the citizens of Bangladesh living in India. These services include visa applications, issues with passports, assistance with legal and administrative matters, and help in emergencies.

Services Offered by Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata

The Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata plays an important role in helping the citizens of Bangladesh with various issues that may arise by living in a foreign country. It also issues important documents for people willing to travel to Bangladesh and Bangladeshis living in India.

Visa-related Services: The Consulate is responsible for providing many visa-related services for Indian citizens. These duties include:

  • Taking applications for all types of visas that are made online or offline and accepting them.

  • Verification of information filled in the visa application forms before sending for further processing.

  • Document authentication by stamping the documents.

  • Carrying out visa interviews whenever required.

Passport-related issues: The Consulate is responsible for providing assistance to Bangladesh citizens who are in India with passport-related issues such as loss of passport or issuing a temporary passport.

Assistance during crisis: It also provides help to the citizens of Bangladesh in case of an arrest or other legal or judiciary problems.

Trade and investment services: The Consulate offers opportunities to promote trade and business relations between the two countries and maintain economic diplomacy.

For example, the Bangladesh Consulate promotes its garment industry by introducing the “Made in Bangladesh - Dressed for Success” project to Indian and Bangladeshi citizens.

Jurisdiction of Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata

The operational range of a Consulate is different from an Embassy. The Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata is the representative of the Bangladesh Embassy in India and works towards the diplomatic mission.

However, a Consulate does not cover the same broad jurisdiction as the Embassy and usually extends to the state of residence.

Do Indians Require a Bangladesh Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, Indians need a visa to enter Bangladesh, with a few exceptions. Diplomats or officials can travel visa-free to Bangladesh for up to 45 days. There are different types of visas for different visit purposes. The requirements and documentation for each of these visas may also vary.

For example, a student travelling to Bangladesh for further education will require a study visa, while a tourist will need to apply for a tourist visa. The requirements of both vary.

To learn more about visa applications, visit the Consulate or call at Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata contact number.

How to Apply for Bangladesh Visa for Indians

Every passport holder of this country can apply for a visa to visit Bangladesh. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, the requirements and fees will vary. You can apply for a Bangladesh visa online via its Electronic Visa Application portal. Here are the steps to apply online:

Online application for Bangladesh Visa for Indians: E-visa

  • Go to the official visa application website.

  • Before proceeding with the application, go through the instructions and the requirements carefully.

  • Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata visa requirements include an email address, a valid passport, a digital photo with dimensions 45mm x 35mm in JPEG format, and an address in Bangladesh.

  • Note that documents required for different types of visa applications will vary. For example, Bangladesh Transit visa for Indians will have different requirements than Bangladesh Student visa for Indians.

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully, then check the box and click on Next.

  • Enter your email address and captcha to proceed.

  • You may also be asked some necessary security questions, which will help while saving the form.

  • Fill out the online application form.

  • Take a print out of the completed application form.

  • Attach the necessary documents with your application form.

  • Take the form to the Bangladesh Consulate Kolkata and pay the fees.

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