Brazil Consulate in India

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Brazil Consulate in India

The Brazil Consulate in India plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between Brazil and India. It promotes trade and investment opportunities between the two countries, which helps businesses and trade from both countries.

The Consulate General of Brazil is also there to assist Brazilian citizens in India and also helps Indians who wish to visit Brazil by offering various services, such as visa processing, passport renewal and consular assistance.

Read on to know more about the Brazil Consulate General in India.

Experience the Rich Culture and History of Brazil

Brazil has a rich culture and history that offers an unforgettable experience to people visiting the country. It has cultural influences from indigenous Africa and Europe.

You may begin your journey from Rio de Janeiro. It is home to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and the world-famous Carnival.

Explore Salvador, a city that holds Afro-Brazilian heritage. Enjoy traditional cuisine, dance, and music. Visit the historic town of Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and baroque churches.

Experience the rhythms of Samba and Bossa Nova in the bustling streets of Sao Paulo. Also, do not miss the Amazon rainforest, where you can learn the unique cultures of Brazil’s indigenous tribes.

Brazil’s rich history is reflected in its diverse festivals, culinary delights, and artistic expressions. It offers visitors a profound and immense cultural experience. Brazil can captivate you with its dynamic and multifaceted heritage.

Brazil Consulate in India: Address, Contact Number and Operating Hours

Brazil Consulate Mumbai

Country Federative Republic of Brazil
Location in India Mumbai
Brazil Consulate India Address Unit 113, 114, Free Press Journal Marg, Free Press House 11Th Floor, Nariman Point
Brazil Consulate India Contact Number Mumbai: +91 22 2283 4467 and +91 22 2283 4469
Fax Mumbai: +91 22 2283 4468
Email Mumbai:
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Honorary Brazil Consulate in Kolkata

Location in India Kolkata
Brazil Consulate India Address Shakespeare Court, 4Th Floor 21 A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, PIN - 700 017
Brazil Consulate India Contact Number +91 33 2287 9752 / +91 33 4001 3880
Fax +91-33-2290 1934
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Other Brazil Honorary Consulates in India

Location Honorary Consul Email ID Phone No
Bangalore Lord Apparao Venkata Mallavarapu +91 80 41436000
Hyderabad Madam Sangita Reddy +91 40 23608850

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

Parameters Embassy Consulate
Primary Function Represents the home country in the capital of the host nation. Offers consular services to citizens and promotes trade and cultural exchange.
Location Situated in the host country’s capital Located in major cities of the host country other than the capital.
Operational Head Ambassador Consul General
Services Oversees political, economic and cultural interests while also helping with visas, passports and other consular services Focuses consular services like visa and passport approvals. Assists with emergency services in case of arrests, deaths.

Functions of the Brazil Consulate General in India

1. Representing Brazil

The Consulate General acts as the official representative of Brazil in India. This includes fostering political, economic, social, cultural, and defence ties between the nations. They also handle any other matter of interest to the Brazilian government.

2. Facilitating Visits of Brazilian Officials

When Brazilian authorities need to visit India for official purposes, the Consulate General of Brazil assists them with entry procedures and provides support during their stay.

3. Issuing Indian Visas for Brazilians

The Brazil consulate general in India manages the visa application process for Indian citizens seeking to travel to Brazil. This involves:

Visa Applications: They receive and verify visa applications submitted online or in person, whether through the Brazilian government website or directly at the Consulate General.

Document Attestation: For long-term visas like resident, employment, or student visas, some documents may require attestation by the Consulate General. This involves obtaining a special stamp from the Consulate, signifying the document's authenticity.

Conducting Visa Interviews: In certain cases, they may schedule interviews with visa applicants to assess their eligibility and intentions for travel.

4. Assisting Brazilian Citizens in India

The Consulate General provides crucial support to Brazilian citizens residing in or visiting India who encounter passport-related issues. This includes the following:

Lost Passport Assistance: If a Brazilian citizen loses their passport in India, the Consulate General of Brazil can guide them through the process of filing a police report and obtaining a lost passport affidavit.

Issuing Replacement Passports: In emergencies, the Consulate General may issue a temporary passport to a Brazilian citizen who has lost their original passport.

Consular Help in Legal Matters: The Brazil consulate can offer guidance and assistance to Brazilian citizens facing arrest or other legal issues in India.

5. Handling Commercial and Financial Matters

The Consulate of Brazil in India plays a role in managing financial and business-related affairs that affect the Brazilian government in India. This may involve facilitating trade agreements, resolving trade disputes and promoting economic cooperation.

Services Offered by The Brazil Consulate in India

Visa Services: Processes visa applications for tourists, students, working professionals, business owners, etc.

Passport Services: Issues new passports, handles passport renewals and also provides emergency travel documents for Brazilian citizens based in India.

Travel Assistance: Offers travel advice, safety information and health-related services to Brazilians residing in India.

Document Notarisation: Offers document notarisation services that legalise documents for use in India and Brazil.

Civil Registration: Registers births, marriages, and deaths of Brazilian citizens in India.

Emergency Services: Provides support in times of emergencies, such as accidents, arrests, lost passports, etc. Also, provides information on legal matters like laws of the country.

Business Support: Assists Brazilian businesses operating in India and also facilitates trade opportunities between the two countries.

Educational and Cultural Promotion: Facilitates student exchange programmes and academic partnerships between Brazilian and Indian institutions. Also, promotes Brazilian culture in India.

Jurisdiction of the Brazil Consulates in India

Jurisdiction refers to the geographical area within which a diplomatic mission operates. Each mission has its jurisdiction based on its location.

  • Consulate General of Brazil, Mumbai has jurisdiction over Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

  • Honorary Consulate in Kolkata has jurisdiction over the States of West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya.

  • Honorary Consulate in Hyderabad has jurisdiction over the State of Telangana

  • Honorary Consulate in Bangalore has jurisdiction over the City of Bangalore

Indian residents can apply to a specific mission based on their state of residence (where they have lived for more than six months), and the mission's duties are determined accordingly.

The Brazil Consulate General in India is one of Brazil's diplomatic missions. Its responsibilities include conducting visa interviews, providing Embassy attestation, and assisting individuals with the immigration process. Brazil's jurisdiction is determined by the state of residence.

Do Indians Require a Brazil Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, Indian citizens do require a Brazil visa for Indians to enter Brazil for purposes such as tourism, business, study and work. There are different kinds of visas required to enter the country, and the specific type depends on the purpose of the visit.

Brazil Consulate in India Visa Requirements: How to Apply for Brazil Visa

Determine the Type of Visa You Need:** Brazil offers various types of visas, such as tourist, business, student, and work visas. You will need to apply for a specific type of visa on the basis of the purpose of your trip.

Check the Visa Requirements:** Visit the website of the Brazilian consulate or Embassy in India to check the specific requirements for the type of visa you are applying for. The primary document requirements are:**

  • Valid Passport

  • Visa Application Form

  • Passport-Size Photographs

  • Proof Of Travel Arrangements

  • Financial Means To Cover Your Stay

Fill in the Visa Application Form: Fill in the visa application form with all the necessary details, submit your application online and print out the receipt generated. You will need to present this at the Consulate. Make sure you print and sign the receipt.

Schedule an Appointment: Brazilian consulates and embassies require you to schedule an appointment to submit your visa application.

Submit your Application: Attend your appointment at the consulate and submit your visa application along with all required documents. You may also be required to pay a visa application fee at this time.

Wait for Processing: After you submit your application, the consulate will process your visa. The consulate will process your application within 180 days.

Collect Your Visa: Upon approval of your visa application, you can collect your passport and visa from the nearest consulate or Embassy.

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How much bank balance is required for a Brazil tourist visa?

How much bank balance is required for a Brazil tourist visa?


To get a Brazil visa, you need to have at least US $150.00 per day multiplied by the number of days you intend to stay in the country. You need to have this amount in your bank account so that you can cover for your daily expenses during your trip to Brazil.

How much is the Brazil visa fee for Indians?


The fee for obtaining a visitor visa for Brazil is ₹8000 and temporary visa (VITEM I, III, IV, V, VII, XI) is ₹10000.

Can I extend my visa while in Brazil?


If you need to extend your stay in Brazil beyond the validity of your visa, you must apply for an extension at the Brazilian Federal Police before your current visa expires. Extensions are granted only in exceptional circumstances, such as for medical treatment or humanitarian reasons.