Brazil Transit Visa for Indians

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Brazil Transit Visa for Indians

A Brazil transit visa is a document that travellers have to present when they are transiting through Brazil on their way to their destination country. However, it is only required for Indian citizens if their layover period in Brazil is more than 7 hours or if they wish to leave the transit area of the airport.

If you want to explore the city during your layover period, then you need to apply for a Brazilian transit visa. Here, you will get to know how to apply for a Brazil transit visa and its requirements, like a valid passport, international travel insurance, accommodation, etc.

Is There a Brazil Visa-on-Arrival for Indian Citizens?

No, Brazil does not issue visa-on-arrival to Indian passport holders. Thus, any Indian citizen wanting to visit the country needs to apply for a Brazilian visa prior to their trip.

There are several types of Brazilian visas issued to Indian citizens other than visa-on-arrival, such as tourist visas, business visas, student visas, work visas and transit visas. You can apply for any of these visas as per your purpose and duration of stay in Brazil.

Types of Brazil Transit Visa for Indians

Transit Visa Type Validity  Duration of Stay Renewability
Brazil Transit Visa 180 days 90 days  Extendable 

How to Apply for a Brazil Transit Visa for Indian Citizens?

You should note that as per current Brazilian Immigration laws, specific visas for transit no longer exist. So, if you need to leave the international area and go through Brazilian customs at the Brazil International Airport, you will need to apply for a regular visitor visa (VIVIS).

Brazil Transit Visa Online Process

Step 1: Go to the official Brazil Visa website and click on the “Visas” option.

Step 2: Click on ‘online form’ to be redirected to the Brazil Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Step 3: Once there, click on the Foreign Citizens option → Visa → Start New Application. Fill out the visa application form and upload your necessary documents.

Step 4: Now send the duly signed application form along with documents and a passport-size photo to In the email, write the subject - (your visa type) - application number - applicant name - valid phone number.

Step 5: Print out all your documents, including your visa application form, passport photo, etc.

Step 6: Take all your document copies and original documents to your nearest Brazil Embassy or Consulate.

Step 7: At the Brazil Embassy/Consulate, present your printed copies and original documents to the concerned official. They will do the verification of your documents.

Step 8: Once the verification process is complete, you need to pay Brazil transit visa fees to the official. Then, they will provide you with information about your visa status.

Useful Links:

Embassy of Brazil, New Delhi (Official Visa Guidelines and Contact Info)

Brazil Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Online Visa Application)

Brazil Transit Visa Offline Process

The offline process of Brazil transit visa application follows the same **Steps as the above. Instead of filling out the application form online, you can go directly to your nearest Brazil Embassy/Consulate and fill and submit your form directly to the Embassy or Consulate.

Documents for Brazil Transit Visa Requirements for Indians

  • Duly filled and signed Visa Application Form.

  • Indian Passport with a validity of 6 months

  • Copy of your Passport

  • Recent Passport-size photo compliant with ICAO requirements

  • Confirmed flight tickets for your onward journey

  • Confirmed accommodation documents (in case you are staying in Brazil)

  • Bank Statement for financial proof

Brazil Transit Visa Fees for Indians

The only mode of payment accepted by the Brazilian Embassy/Consulates in India is a non-refundable authorised bank transfer/deposit to their RBL Bank account.

Visa Type Visa Fees (in INR)
Transit Visa (VIVIS) ₹8,000

What is the Processing Time for Brazil Transit Visa Application for Indians?

It can take up to 10 to 15 working days to process your Brazil transit visa application. You can also track your application status online through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal to stay updated.

That is why it is recommended that you apply at least 2 to 3 weeks before your trip to Brazil. It will provide you additional time to reapply or seek Consular guidance in case your application gets rejected or delayed.

What to Do When You Reach Brazil Airport?

Once you exit from the plane and enter the Brazil International Airport, go to the immigration counter at the airport.

At the counter present the official your visa documents and details of transit/stay in the country. You need to present your hard copy and original documents to the officials.

Depending on your following flight timings, you can either stay at the airport transit area or, if your layover period is more than 7 hours, then you can head to your hotel for a stay. Make sure to come back on the time of your flight to onboard and fulfil all your other requirements.

Importance of International Travel Insurance

Brazil does not have a mandatory rule of having international travel insurance for tourists entering the country. However, just transiting through the country does not mean that you do not need travel insurance.

Immigration authorities still recommend that you buy travel insurance online or offline to safeguard your interest and peace of mind while travelling.

A Tata AIG travel insurance policy provides various benefits like coverage for COVID-19, delayed baggage, flight cancellation insurance and medical emergency cost coverage.

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Key Takeaways for Brazil Transit Visa for Indians

  • Indian Passport holders do not require a Brazil transit visa unless their layover period is more than 7 hours or if they want to leave the transit area of the international airport.

  • Any Indian citizen who wants to enter Brazil needs to apply for a Brazil visa before their trip to the country. You can apply for the visa directly from the Brazil Visa website or connect with your nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate.

  • A Brazil transit visa is only issued if you submit all the necessary documents like your passport, flight details, accommodation details, bank statements and passport-size photo along with your visa application form.

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What to do if my Brazil transit visa application gets denied?

What to do if my Brazil transit visa application gets denied?


If your Brazil transit visa application gets rejected, you can always reapply. However, before doing so, it is essential to know the reason for rejection; for this, you can connect with Embassy/Consulate officials for information.

Why does Brazil not issue visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens?


Governments make policies regarding visas and consider various diplomatic and socio-economic relations between countries. These policies are changed from time to time, but as of now, Indians need to apply for a Brazil visa beforehand.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is subject to change as per the changes in visa policies and immigration laws. Please verify the information before you move forward with any process.