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Check Brazil Visa Application Status

One of South America’s largest countries, Brazil is the land of football, samba and pristine beaches. From vibrant cities and spectacular architecture to rich culture and historical artefacts, Brazil promises an exciting visit.

However, before you pack your bags, you will need to make sure you will not only need travel insurance but will also need to have a valid visa to enter Brazil. Once you apply for the visa, you can check your Brazil visa status online.

Let’s learn everything there is about Brazil visa tracking in India.

What is Brazil Visa Status?

To visit Brazil as an Indian, a valid Brazilian visa is required. Depending on the reason behind the visit, Indians can get a visa for tourism, business, studies, or a different purpose. Once the application has been made, travellers can do their Brazil visa tracking to know the status of their application.

  • When you check your Brazil visa application status, there are one of three possibilities:

  • Your application would either be accepted, in which case you will have also received a confirmation over email and your registered mobile number

  • Your application could be rejected, which means you will have to re-apply for the visa or

  • Your application is still processing and you will have to wait for the next steps

  • Once you check your Brazil visa status, you can go ahead with planning the next part of your trip so you can have a seamless travelling experience. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of visas that Indians can apply for in Brazil.

Types of Brazil Visa for Indian Citizens

There are different types of Brazilian visas that Indians can apply for. Before you apply, it is important to do a Brazil visa validity check to ensure that it is valid for the purpose for which you would be visiting the country. With that in mind, here are the types of Brazilian visas that Indians can apply for:

Tourist Visa: Indian passport holders will need a Visitor Visa (VIVIS) to legally enter Brazil. With this visa, the traveller can engage in sightseeing, visit their family, engage in cultural or leisurely activities, etc. Travellers on a tourist visa are not permitted to work or make money in Brazil. The duration of stay permitted on this visa is 90 days.

Student Visa: Students who intend to study in a reputable educational institute in Brazil will have to apply for a student visa. An essential prerequisite to applying for a student visa is having a letter of acceptance from the institution you are applying to.

In addition to this, applicants will also need to show proof of funds to validate that they have the means to support themselves financially for the duration of their stay. The duration of stay permitted under this visa depends on the duration of the study programme.

Business Visa: Business visa (or work visa) is another common visa type that Indian passport holders can apply for. A work visa for Brazil, more commonly known as a Pre-approved Work Visa (VITEM V) can be procured for Ministry of Justice-approved work activities.

Regardless of the visa type you apply for, it is important to invest in a travel insurance plan to secure your trip against contingencies. For most visa types, travel insurance is an essential requirement without which one cannot get their visa.

Once you know which visa type applies to your purpose of visit, you can raise an application and then do a Brazil visa check online to know the status of your application.

Brazil Embassy and Consulate in India

The Brazil Embassy conducts visa interviews, provides embassy attestation, and helps with the immigration process, among other things.

Brazil Embassy in New Delhi, India
Address 8 Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Road New Delhi 
Phone +91 11 2301 7301
Official Working Days Monday to Friday 
Official Timing 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Brazil Embassy in Mumbai, India
Address No.12B, 12th Floor, Bakhtawar Building, RN Goenka Marg, Opp. Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 
Phone 022 2283 4467/69/77
Official Working Days Monday to Friday 
Official Timing 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

If there are any queries regarding your Brazil visa application, you can have them clarified with the embassy or consulate. They can guide you regarding your application, documentation, interviews, etc.

How to Do a Brazil Visa Check Online?

You can do a Brazil visa check by visiting Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Travellers must note that it is imperative to apply for a Brazil visa on time, as the processing time cannot be rushed once the application has been submitted. When you check your Brazil visa application status, you will be able to see a mark for each of the following completed steps:

Sent: This is after you have successfully filled out the visa application form. You will need to submit all the essential documents along with the application form at the consulate.

Under Review: The visa application package consisting of your passport is being processed by the respective authorities at the consulate

Approved: This means that your visa application has been approved and the stamp for the visa will be printed soon

Retrieve or Ready for Delivery: This means that your visa has now been processed, authorised, and printed. The tracking number on the return envelope can be used to do a Brazil visa check regarding its current status.

Now that you are aware of what each stage of your application status means, let’s see how you can check Brazil visa status online.

Process for Checking Brazil Visa Status Online Using Recovery Code

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the homepage, you can click on the UK flag in the top right corner to change the language to English.

Step 2: Click on the “Check Status” button

Step 3: Enter your recovery code and your last name in the respective boxes as prompted on the screen. Alternatively, you can also check the status of your visa application using your full name (as mentioned on your passport) and your birth date.

Once you enter these details, you will be able to check your Brazil visa status.

How to Check Brazil Visa Application Status Offline?

For individuals who don’t prefer the online method, it is also possible to do Brazil visa tracking in India by contacting the Brazilian consulate or embassy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Applicants can choose to contact the Brazilian consulate or embassy by contacting them over the phone or booking an appointment to visit the embassy.

Step 2: If you intend to call the visa authorities, ensure that you keep all the necessary documents handy so you can easily share the details that they ask for. Conversely, if you would be visiting the embassy in person, you will need to carry these documents with you for verification.

Step 3: At the embassy, you can share your details with the respective authority. They will check their database and share the details regarding your Brazil visa application with you.

Step 4: If your visa has been approved, the official will guide you with the next steps to take. Conversely, if your application has been rejected, you can enquire about further steps and the re-application process.

Travellers can choose their preferred method to check the status of their Brazil visa. Generally, however, the online method for Brazil visa checks is considered more time-saving and convenient.

Common Reasons for Brazil Visa Rejection

Understanding the reasons for visa rejection can help you prevent them promptly. Generally, here are the reasons why your Brazil visa may get rejected:

Incomplete application: This entails missing forms or documents, incorrect or inconsistent information provided in the forms, or concerns about fee payment

Passport issues: It is important to ensure that your passport is valid and is not close to expiry when applying for a visa. Additionally, your passport must have enough blank pages and it should not be damaged.

Proof of funds: If you were not able to show sufficient proof of funds to sustain your trip

Unclear travel plans: You will need to disclose your itinerary and travel plans in detail. If you don’t have a return ticket, your visa could get rejected.

Not meeting visa requirements: If you have failed to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a Brazilian visa

Security concerns: If the applicant has a criminal history

Aside from the above-mentioned, a visa could also be rejected if false information was provided during the application process or if the behaviour of the applicant was unpleasant.

What to Do if Your Brazil Visa Application Status is Rejected?

Here are a few things you can do if your visa application for Brazil has been rejected:

  • Ensure double verification of all the details to ensure you don’t repeat an error you may have made in your previous application

  • Re-apply for a Brazilian visa by fixing the mistakes you made in the previous application form

  • You can speak with the authorities in the Brazil embassy or consulate to understand why your application was rejected

  • Make sure that the documents you have uploaded comply with the specifications mentioned by the Brazilian government

Need for an International Travel Insurance Plan While Visiting Brazil

Travelling overseas is an expensive financial investment. While you excitedly plan to enjoy the unique beauty of Brazil, it is important to consider how you would handle the unpleasant “what-ifs.” In this endeavour, travel insurance can come in handy.

Tata AIG’s travel insurance plan secures you against a host of unforeseeable scenarios, such as flight delays, misplaced baggage, lost passports, etc. Additionally, if you encounter a medical emergency while on your trip to Brazil, your travel insurance stands by your side.

To help you plan a safe and responsible trip, you can get a travel insurance quote online. A travel insurance quote can help you understand how much your insurance would cost you and you can customise your coverage based on your budget.

With Tata AIG, you also get trip cancellation insurance so you stay financially secure against any last minute cancellations regarding your upcoming journey.


When applying for a Brazil visa, ensure that you have shared all the relevant details and uploaded all the documents. Despite this, if your visa gets rejected, you can try and find the reason for rejection from the Brazilian embassy or consulate and re-apply for a visa.

It is easy to check the status of your Brazil visa online by visiting the official visa portal and sharing your application number and birth date. Before travelling, ensure that you do a Brazil visa validity check to know the duration of your stay and get an extension if necessary.

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What is the processing time for a Brazil visa?

What is the processing time for a Brazil visa?


The processing time for a Brazilian visa depends on the type of visa you have applied for. Usually, however, the processing time for a Brazilian visa is 15-20 business days.

How much does the Brazilian visa cost?


Here are the Brazil visa charges: Visitor visa fee (VIVIS) - ₹8,000 Temporary Visa (VITEM I, III, IV, V, VII, XI) - ₹10,000 You should note that these amounts are subject to change depending on immigration laws and currency exchange rates. Hence, we recommend checking official sources before making any payments.

Is there an age criteria required to apply for a Brazilian visa?


While there are no age criteria to apply for a Brazil visa, applicants under the age of 18 will need a no-objection certificate from their parents.