Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai

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Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai

Mumbai, a vibrant metropolis, is a magnet for leading economic institutions like the Reserve Bank of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange, solidifying its position as the financial heart of India.

The Canada Consulate in Mumbai serves as Canada's ambassador, representing the nation's interests during political and international events held within the host country.

This article outlines the crucial functions and responsibilities undertaken by the Consulate General body of Canada in India on behalf of its citizens.

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Canada Consulate in Mumbai: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Suppose you wish to know everything about the Consul General of Canada in Mumbai before you embark on your journey to this country. You will find it all here.

Planning a trip to Canada or require assistance with visa applications, travel logistics or other consular needs? Look no further than the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai! This section provides all the essential details to connect with them.

While there is no Canada High Commission in Mumbai, the Consulate General is there to serve you. They can offer guidance on Canada Consulate Mumbai visa requirements, travel information and a range of consular services.

Country Canada
Location in India Mumbai
Canadian Consulate Mumbai Address Indiabulls Financial Centre Tower 2, 21st Floor Elphinstone Road, West, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400013
Canada Consulate Mumbai Contact Number +91 22 6749 4444
Fax 9122-6749 4454
Official Website 
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours Monday to Thursday | 9:00 AM to 5:15 PM
Friday | 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

Parameter Embassy Consulate
Purpose Embassies shoulder the weighty tasks of diplomatic negotiations, fostering commercial ties, promoting cultural exchange and safeguarding the rights of their citizens within the host nation. Consulates, unlike embassies, can be found scattered throughout the host country, functioning as regional hubs to ensure their services reach citizens in diverse locations.
Location Embassies traditionally reside in the seat of power of the host nation. This strategic positioning enables smooth and direct dialogue with the host country's government. Consulates, on the other hand, are scattered throughout the host nation, ensuring services reach citizens in diverse regions.
Size Embassies are like the main office for a country in another country. They have much to do, like talking with the other country's leaders about important issues, helping businesses trade and sharing cultures. Because they have so much on their plate, embassies need a bigger team of people who are experts in different things and have huge building spaces. Consulates are like mini-offices for a country in a foreign city. They help citizens of their home country who are visiting or living there. This might include renewing passports, sorting out visa problems or helping in emergencies. Since they focus on citizen needs, consulates typically have a smaller team and are often in regular office spaces.

Functions of Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai

Represents Canada: The Consulate acts as Canada's voice in Mumbai, taking part in events related to business, social issues, cultural activities and industrial developments.

Helps Canadians in India: They provide support to Canadian citizens living in India with things like passports, visas and other travel documents.

Assists in Emergencies: During crises like earthquakes, accidents, riots or wars, the Consulate helps Canadian citizens in need.

Issues Important Documents: They can issue birth certificates, adoption documents, surrogacy paperwork and marriage certificates for Canadian citizens.

Supports Senior Citizens: The Consulate offers guidance to Canadian seniors residing in India with regard to retirement plans and pensions.

Informs Voters: They educate Canadian citizens about their voting rights and other responsibilities they have while living in India.

Services Offered by the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai

The Canadian Consulate General or the Canadian Embassy in India puts forward a ton of services for its citizens. Some of the major services provided by the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai are outlined below:

-Issuance of Canada Visa for Indians: The Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai is pivotal in issuing visas to Indian citizens. They accept applications (online or in person), verify all information, authenticate documents for long-term visas (work permits, permanent residency) and may even conduct interviews – all to ensure a smooth visa application process for visitors, workers and potential residents.

-Helping Canadian Authorities to Visit India: Canadian government representatives sometimes need to travel to India for various reasons. The Consulate steps in to assist them with obtaining the necessary entry permits and provide support while they are in the country.

-Helping Canadian Citizens in India with Passport-related Issues: The Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai is there for you if you are a Canadian citizen currently in India and facing problems with your passport. Their staff can assist you in resolving these issues and getting you back on track.

For instance, if you are a Canadian citizen in India and lose your passport, head to the nearest police station to file a report. Then, contact the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai to report the loss and inquire about getting a temporary travel document to help you return home.

-Legal Support: Consulates can assist Canadians who are arrested or facing legal issues in a foreign country. They cannot act as lawyers, but they can provide guidance and connect them with resources.

-Business and Trade: Consulates also play a role in supporting trade and financial matters between Canada and the host country. This might involve connecting businesses or offering information on regulations.

Jurisdiction of the Canadian Consulate General in Mumbai

Think of Canadian consulates in India as your one-stop shop for all things Canada-related. Each consulate covers a designated area, so the one you interact with depends on where you live in India (your state of residence for over six months).

These helpful outposts offer a range of services to make your journey to Canada smoother, including visa interviews, document authentication to ensure their validity and even guidance on the immigration process.

Do Indians Require a Canadian Visa to Enter the Country?

Indian nationals typically require an authorisation (visa) to enter Canada, dependent on their travel goals. Most commonly, a temporary resident visa (visitor visa) is needed for Indians visiting Canada for tourism purposes, reuniting with loved ones or attending business meetings.

Individuals with ambitions to work or engage in studies in Canada require a work permit or study permit, respectively. The visa application process involves submitting documentation to validate the reason for travel, financial means, ties to India and any associated fees, ensuring adherence to Canada's immigration policies.

How to Apply for a Canada Visa?

Getting a Canada visa for Indians is easy! The country has different visas for visitors, work, studies, and more. Choose the one that suits your trip.

Canada Visa Offline Process: Canadian Consulate or Embassy in India

Step 1: Obtain the Canada visa application form.

Step 2: Complete the necessary information.

Step 3: Include the required documents.

Step 4: Settle the application fees and biometric charges.

Step 5: Biometrics are mandatory at the Visa Application Centre (VAC).

Step 6: You can submit the application in person or by mail to a VAC. for in-person appointment you can get the Canadian Consulate Mumbai address from the official portal.

**Canada Visa Online Process

Canada's government is going digital! This means applying for a visa is now easier than ever - you can do it all online.

Indian citizens can begin their visa journey on the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) web portal. After completing the online application form, collaborate with VFS Global in India, the Embassy of Canada's designated processing partner, to finalise the application process.

Here is a **Step-by-Step guide to navigating the online application process for a Canadian visa:

Step 1 - Head to the IRCC Website: This is the Canadian government's immigration portal (IRCC stands for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). You will create an IRCC account here.

Step 2 - Choose Your Visa Type: Select the visa that best fits your needs - Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit, Work Permit or Permanent Resident Travel Document.

Step 3 - Fill Out the Online Form: Answer the questions electronically. Remember, handwritten forms are a no-go!

Step 4 - Pay Online Fees: Use your debit or credit card to settle the visa fees conveniently.

Step 5 - Print and Prepare: Print your completed application on high-quality white paper using a laser printer. Double-check that the 2D barcode is clear.

Step 6 - Gather Documents: Refer to the official checklist and collect all the required supporting documents.

Step 7 - Sign the Waiver: Fill out and sign the waiver form, then include it with your application.

Step 8 - Consent to VFS Global: Complete and attach the VFS Global Consent Form.

Step 9 - Book an Appointment: Schedule a visit with your nearest VFS Global Visa Application Centre.

Step 10 - Attend Your Appointment: Show up for your appointment, submit your documents, provide your fingerprints and iris scan (biometrics), and receive your unique tracking number.

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What are the documents needed for a Canada visa?


While extra documents might be needed depending on your visa type, these are the main things you will usually need for a Canadian visa application: Accurately and fully filled out Canadian visa application form. Include documentation showing the settlement of your application fees. Provide clear photocopies of the relevant pages in your passport. Two photographs meeting Canadian visa specifications are required. Submit a photocopy of documents that demonstrate your financial support. Marriage Certificate (if applicable) Provide documentation outlining the reason for your travel to Canada. Immigration Status Verification (if applicable)

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Canada requires a visa for all visitors. It even includes for those who are at the Canadian airport for connecting flights. To steer clear of delays at immigration, you will need the specific Canadian visa that matches your travel plans.

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Tata AIG's travel insurance for Canada starts at ₹60.32 a day. Remember, the final cost (premium) can vary depending on a few things. This includes your trip length in Canada, the amount of coverage you choose (benefit amount) and the number of people covered by the plan.