Croatia Citizenship for Indian

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Croatia Citizenship for Indian

Dreaming of sun-drenched beaches, ancient walled cities, and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle? Croatia, a beautiful country bordering the Adriatic Sea, might be your perfect destination. But what if you could turn that dream into reality?

This article explores how Indians can obtain Croatian citizenship, opening doors to permanent residence in this beautiful European nation. We will get into the eligibility requirements, application process, and various paths to becoming a Croatian citizen, empowering you to chart your course towards a new life in Croatia.

So, let us get started.

Croatia PR Vs Croatia Citizenship For Indian Citizens — What’s the Difference?

A Croatia visa for Indians is a must to enter Croatia from India. However, after staying in Croatia for a few years, if you are unsure if Croatian citizenship is the right fit, you need to understand the difference between the two.

Let us explore the key differences between Croatian Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenship for Indian citizens.

Permanent residency allows you to live and work in Croatia indefinitely, but you will not have voting rights or hold a Croatian passport. Travel to other Schengen zone countries would require a separate visa.

On the other hand, Croatian citizenship grants you all the benefits of permanent residency, plus the ability to vote, hold a Croatian passport and enjoy visa-free travel within the European Union. You would be considered a full-fledged Croatian citizen with the freedom to live, work, and study anywhere in the EU.

The application process for citizenship is generally more rigorous than PR, often involving residency requirements and potential tests on Croatian language and culture.

Choosing between PR and citizenship depends on your long-term goals. PR should suffice if you desire to reside and work in Croatia. However, Croatian citizenship is the ultimate path to complete integration and EU mobility.

Croatia Citizenship Requirements — Eligibility Criteria for Croatian Citizenship for Indians

There are several paths to Croatian citizenship for Indians, each with specific eligibility criteria.

Here are the basic eligibility requirements that the Embassy authorities will keep in check while going through your application to acquire Croatian citizenship:**

Residence: This is a common requirement across most paths. You will typically need to demonstrate legal residency in Croatia for a continuous period, usually ranging from 5 to 8 years.

Proof of Financial Stability: You will need to show you can financially support yourself in Croatia. This might involve evidence of income, ownership of property, or bank statements.

Clean Criminal Record: A police certificate from India and Croatia proving you have no criminal background is usually mandatory.

Renunciation of Current Citizenship: In some cases, you may be required to renounce your Indian citizenship to acquire Croatian citizenship.

Now, to become a Croatian citizen by naturalisation, Indians need to meet certain requirements outlined in the Croatian Citizenship Act:

  • They must be at least 18 years old (specific conditions apply to minors).

  • They need to have lived continuously in the Republic of Croatia for 8 years and hold permanent resident status.

  • If they are under 60 years old, they must pass a test on the Croatian language and culture.

  • Minors can also acquire Croatian citizenship through naturalisation under specific circumstances:**

  • If both parents become citizens through naturalisation.

  • If only one parent becomes a citizen through naturalisation while the child resides in Croatia and holds permanent residency.

  • If one parent becomes a citizen through naturalisation, and the other parent is stateless or their citizenship is unknown while the child lives abroad.

Ways to Apply for Citizenship in Croatia for Indian Citizens

There are several paths to Croatian citizenship for Indian citizens, each with its own application process and requirements.

Naturalisation by Residence:

This is the most common route and requires several steps:

  • Obtain a temporary residence permit in Croatia. This typically involves reasons like employment, study, or starting a business.

  • After a period (usually a year), convert your temporary permit to permanent residency.

  • Maintain permanent resident status and reside legally in Croatia for an uninterrupted 8 years before applying for citizenship.

  • During these 8 years, gather documents proving your financial stability, integration into Croatian society, and no criminal record.

  • You can submit a formal application for citizenship at a local police station in Croatia. The application process typically involves interviews and potentially a basic Croatian language test.

Croatia Citizenship by Marriage:

  • This path offers a faster route to citizenship compared to naturalisation by residence.

  • You can apply for citizenship after 3 years of being married to a Croatian citizen.

  • However, you must reside in Croatia with your spouse during this entire 3-year.

  • The application process involves submitting documents proving a genuine marital relationship, such as joint bank accounts, lease agreements, or shared utility bills.


  • You may be eligible for Croatian citizenship by descent if you have one or both parents who are Croatian citizens by birth.

Step-by-step Croatia Citizenship Process

While the application process has some common elements across all paths, the specific steps differ depending on your citizenship eligibility.

Naturalisation by Residence:**

This route involves several stages:**

Preparation Stage (Before Arriving in Croatia):

Research: Familiarise yourself with Croatian citizenship requirements and the application process. For details, read this Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske - Homepage.

Temporary Residence Permit: Apply at a Croatian embassy/consulate in India for a permit allowing you to stay in Croatia for a specific purpose (work, study, business).

Once you are in Croatia,

Convert to Permanent Residency: After a set period (usually a year) with a temporary permit, apply to convert it to permanent residency.

Maintain Permanent Residency: Live legally and continuously in Croatia for eight years.

Gather Supporting Documents: During these eight years, collect documents proving financial stability, integration into Croatian society, and a clean criminal record.

Application: After eight years of permanent residency, prepare a formal application for Croatian citizenship. Submit the application package to the local police department in your Croatian area of residence.

Interview and Testing: Croatian authorities may schedule an interview and potentially a basic Croatian language test. The authorities will process your application and issue a decision via mail or in person.

Marriage to a Croatian Citizen:**

Get Married: Legally marry a Croatian citizen. Then, to establish residency, you must move to Croatia and live there with your spouse.

Gather Documents: Collect documents proving a genuine marital relationship (joint bank accounts, lease agreements, utility bills).

Submit Application: After three years of marriage and residency in Croatia, submit your application for citizenship at a local police station.

Processing and Decision: Authorities may schedule an interview to assess the marriage's legitimacy. After verifying all your documents, they will process your application and issue a decision via mail or in person.


Gather Documentation: This process can vary depending on your situation. Collect documents proving your Croatian lineage, such as birth certificates of Croatian parents.

Contact Authorities: For specific requirements and guidance on submitting your application, contact the Croatian Ministry of Interior or the Croatian embassy/consulate in India directly.

Documents Required for Immigration to Croatia from India

The specific documents needed for immigration to Croatia from India can vary based on the purpose of immigration. However, there is a foundational set of documents that are generally required, regardless of the reason for immigration:

Passport: A valid passport with an expiration date of at least 1.3 years from the intended date of travel.

Police Clearance Certificate: This document certifies that the applicant has no criminal record and is issued by the appropriate authorities.

Certificate of Income and Financial Situation: This is proof of financial stability and ability to support oneself in Croatia, which may include bank statements, employment contracts, or other financial documents.

Marriage Certificate (if applicable): This is required for those who are married and wish to immigrate with their spouse.

Medical Insurance: Documentation of travel health insurance coverage to ensure access to healthcare services while in Croatia.

Receipt for Payment of Administrative Fees: Evidence of payment for any administrative fees associated with the immigration process.

[Note: While the aforementioned list provides a foundational guide, the specific requirements for immigration to Croatia may be subject to change. Therefore, prospective immigrants should regularly check the Croatian embassy website for the latest updates and details regarding required documentation and procedures.]

Benefits of Having Croatian Nationality

Holding Croatian citizenship unlocks a treasure chest of opportunities, enhancing your life in numerous ways.

Here are a few perks that you can enjoy once you achieve your Croatian citizenship from India:

EU Citizenship and Freedom of Movement: Undoubtedly, the most significant perk is becoming a full-fledged citizen of the European Union. This grants you the cherished privilege of freedom of movement within the Schengen zone.

Imagine living, working, or studying in any of the 26 member countries without visa restrictions. This opens doors to a wider job market, diverse educational opportunities, and the chance to explore Europe with ease.

Travel Advantages: The Croatian passport itself boasts impressive visa-free access to over 118 countries worldwide. This translates to effortless travel adventures, eliminating the need for lengthy visa applications for many popular destinations.

High Quality of Life: Croatia offers a remarkable quality of life at a relatively affordable cost compared to other Western European nations. From breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural heritage to delicious cuisine and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, Croatia provides a desirable environment for those seeking a slower pace and a connection with nature.

**Universal Healthcare:**As a Croatian citizen, you are entitled to Croatia's excellent universal healthcare system. This ensures access to high-quality medical care at a subsidised cost, providing peace of mind and financial security regarding healthcare needs.

Education and Work Opportunities: Croatia boasts a well-regarded education system with affordable universities. Croatian citizenship opens doors to pursuing higher education in the country at subsidised rates. Also,

Additionally, with EU citizenship, you gain access to educational opportunities throughout Europe, potentially benefiting from scholarships and exchange programs.

Investment Opportunities: Owning Croatian citizenship can be advantageous for property investment within Croatia. It simplifies the process of purchasing land or property and allows you to participate fully in the Croatian real estate market.

Future Generations: The benefits extend beyond the individual. Croatian citizenship is passed down to future generations, ensuring your children or grandchildren can also inherit these advantages and secure their ability to live, work, and study freely within the EU.

Croatia Citizenship Fees and Processing Time

Obtaining Croatian citizenship involves certain fees and processing times. If your application is approved, you will be required to pay an administrative fee within the Republic of Croatia, which amounts to HRK 1,050.00 or approximately 139.36 EUR (based on a fixed exchange rate of 7.53450).

A consular fee will apply if you are applying from a diplomatic mission or consular post abroad. When submitting your application within Croatia, the administrative fee specified must be paid at a designated post office, FINA office, or bank using a general payment slip.

The recipient will be "Državni proračun Republike Hrvatske" (State Budget of the Republic of Croatia), with the account number HR1210010051863000160 and the reference number HR64-5002-713.

The official handling your application will fill in additional information on the payment slip.

Furthermore, a fee of HRK 105.00 or approximately 13.94 EUR (based on the same exchange rate) is charged for a copy of the decision on admission to Croatian citizenship.

As for processing times, these can vary depending on individual circumstances, such as whether citizenship eligibility is derived through parents or grandparents. On average, the waiting period ranges from 6 to 18 months.

However, it is important to note that each case is unique, and actual processing times may differ.

[Note: The fee amounts are dynamic. Check the Embassy websites for the latest information.]

Croatia Embassy/ Consulate in India

Name Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of India
Address A-15 West End, New Delhi 110021, India
Phone 0091 11 4166 3101, 4166 3102, 4166 3103
Fax 0091 11 4166 3100, 2411 6873
Working Hours Monday to Friday - 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Indian Embassy/ Consulate in Croatia

Name Embassy of India in Croatia
Address Bijenik 152B, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone (00-385-1) 4873239, 4873240
Fax (00-385-1) 4817907
Working Hours Monday to Friday - 09:00 a.m. -16:00 p.m.

How to Check Croatian Citizenship Application Status

There is no publicly available online system to check the status of your Croatian citizenship application. However, here are a few ways to check the status of your application:

Visit the local police department where you submitted your application and speak with someone directly from the immigration department. This might be the fastest way to get an update, but it requires a trip to the department.

Send an email requesting a status update to the Croatian Embassy’s email address. Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and application reference number in your request.

Contact email for Public:

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Croatian Citizenship from India

When applying for Croatian citizenship from India, navigate the process carefully to avoid common pitfalls that could delay or jeopardise your application.

Here are some key mistakes to steer clear of:**

Incomplete Documentation: One of the most common errors is submitting incomplete documentation. Ensure you gather all required documents as per the checklist provided by the Croatian embassy or consulate. Missing paperwork can lead to delays or even rejection of your application.

Incorrectly Filled Forms: Filling out application forms incorrectly or inaccurately can also cause problems. Take your time to complete all forms accurately, providing truthful information and double-checking for any errors before submission.

Failure to Meet Eligibility Criteria: Before applying, thoroughly review the eligibility criteria for Croatian citizenship. Ensure you meet all requirements regarding residency, language proficiency, and other relevant factors. Applying without meeting these criteria can result in automatic rejection.

Lack of Language Proficiency: Demonstrating proficiency in the Croatian language is often a requirement for citizenship. Ensure you fulfil this criterion by taking any necessary language tests and obtaining the required proficiency level before applying.

Not Renouncing Previous Citizenship: Croatia usually does not allow dual citizenship, so it's crucial to renounce your previous citizenship if required. Failing to do so can lead to complications and potential rejection of your application.

Ignoring Updates and Changes: The immigration process and requirements may change over time. Stay informed by regularly checking the Croatian embassy website or consulting with immigration authorities to ensure you're up to date with any procedure updates or changes.

Missing Deadlines: Missing application deadlines can result in delays or missed opportunities. Be mindful of all deadlines and submit your application well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush or complications.

Lack of Preparation for Interviews or Exams: If interviews or exams are part of the application process, adequately prepare for them. Familiarise yourself with the format and content of any tests or interviews to increase your chances of success.

Other Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Croatia Citizenship

Securing Croatian citizenship opens doors to a new life in Europe. Here are some additional tips beyond avoiding common mistakes to strengthen your application:

Learn About Croatian Culture and History: Take an active interest in Croatian culture. Attending cultural events, learning about local traditions, or enrolling in a basic Croatian history course shows genuine interest in becoming part of Croatian society.

Maintain a Clean Criminal Record: Avoid any actions that could lead to a criminal record in India or Croatia. A clean record throughout the application process is essential.

Be Patient and Persistent: The process can be lengthy. Stay organised with your documents and follow up on inquiries politely but persistently.

Interesting Facts About Croatia

Croatia is not just a path to EU citizenship; it is a captivating country brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are some interesting facts to pique your curiosity:**

Island Paradise: Croatia boasts over 1,200 islands! Explore hidden coves, charming villages, and turquoise waters, making it a haven for beach lovers and adventurers.

Filming Destination: Keen-eyed Game of Thrones fans might recognise King's Landing – Dubrovnik's iconic city walls served as a stunning backdrop for the series.

Truffle Trove: Istria, Croatia's western peninsula, is a haven for truffle hunters. The world's biggest white truffle was once unearthed here!

Ancient City Dweller: Wander the historic streets of Split, Europe's oldest operating Roman palace, Diocletian's Palace, lies at its heart.

Nature's Playground: Croatia is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Hike through Plitvice Lakes National Park's cascading waterfalls, kayak the crystal-clear waters, or explore the majestic Krka National Park.

Do’s and Don’ts in Croatia

In order to ensure that you have a pleasant stay in Croatia, follow these do’s and don’ts.


  • While Croatia is in the EU, it uses the kuna (HRK). Exchange your currency beforehand or use ATMs.

  • Croatian cuisine is a delicious blend of Mediterranean and Central European influences. Savour fresh seafood, flavourful pasta, and regional specialities like prsut (smoked ham).

  • A few Croatian words, like "dobar dan" (good day) or "hvala" (thank you), go a long way toward showing respect for the local culture.

  • Venture off the beaten path and discover hidden villages, charming towns, and breathtaking natural wonders.

  • Many shops and restaurants close midday for a siesta break. Plan your activities accordingly to avoid disappointment.


  • While major cities accept cards, smaller towns might rely more on cash. Carry some kuna for emergencies.

  • Dress modestly when visiting churches and religious sites. Be mindful of noise levels and proper etiquette.

  • Bargaining is uncommon in most shops and restaurants. Negotiate politely at open-air markets, but respect posted prices elsewhere.

  • Croatians take pride in their beautiful country. Dispose of trash responsibly and respect the environment.

  • Croatia has strong sunshine. Pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to avoid sunburn during your exploration adventures.

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Pursuing Croatian citizenship from India demands careful navigation of legal requirements and procedures. While the process may seem daunting, thorough preparation and adherence to eligibility criteria can greatly enhance one's chances of success.

It is imperative to stay informed about any changes in immigration policies and diligently gather all necessary documentation. With patience, perseverance, and a clear understanding of the process, you can embark on this significant journey towards embracing Croatian nationality and all the opportunities it offers.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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