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Cyprus Travel Insurance

Discovering Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean, is like a treasure hunt, with each clue leading you to a breathtaking new experience. This nation is the perfect vacationer's fantasy, offering everything from aqua-blue beaches to sea-green submarines, from Bronze Age tombs to luxurious cruise ships. The island nation, rich in Eastern and Western civilisations, has something to offer tourists.

People who desire to relax on beautiful, golden beaches frequently travel to Cyprus from India. True for the majority of islands, you'd assume. However, Cyprus stands out for having various expected and unexpected tourist attractions. Visit the nation to encounter the ideal balancing act of extremes. Whether you appreciate old history or raucous nightclubs, surfing on beaches, or skiing on mountain slopes, this is the place to go.

However, ensure you have enough travel insurance before making your plans. A Cyprus travel insurance policy can protect you from financial difficulties if you become sick while on vacation, have an accident, lose your luggage, or miss your flight. Adversities can happen suddenly, and you might not know who to ask for help. However, if you have travel insurance, the insurance company might quickly pay you back!

However, you should compare travel insurance policies on Tata AIG before purchasing travel insurance for your overseas trip to Cyprus. Plans for our Cyprus travel insurance start at only 40.82 per day*. Purchase and renewing our travel insurance policies are quick, secure, and simple, and filing a travel insurance claim is similarly simple.

Travel Insurance for Cyprus from India

If you enter Cyprus from another country with a Schengen Visa, travel insurance is necessary. The national visa requirements cover up to €30,000 in expenses, the same as a Schengen Visa. Travel insurance is optional but highly advised if you do not need a visa because medical expenses for visitors can be very expensive, especially since you will be responsible for paying for any prescribed medications.

To ensure that you return home with nothing but the best memories, you must prepare a detailed schedule, whether you are travelling to Cyprus alone, with family, or with friends. As a result, you should purchase complete travel insurance before starting your eagerly anticipated trip from India to Cyprus.

The Necessity of Travel Health Insurance from India to Cyprus

No matter how carefully you organise and plan your vacation to Cyprus, various situations can thwart your efforts. Whether it's the political climate in Cyprus or the most recent changes to international travel regulations, there are many factors to consider while making or changing your travel plans.

Additionally, you should familiarise yourself with Cyprus's specific COVID-19 entry and travel regulations. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of travelling abroad, especially in the pandemic-ridden world of today, makes picking a reliable travel insurance policy essential.

A good travel insurance policy can provide financial security against many unfavourable events that might arise while you're on vacation. Your travel insurance will cover care costs, including hospitalisation if you get sick or have an accident while travelling (if required).

In addition to medical emergencies, international travel insurance plans cover lost or delayed luggage, cancelled or delayed flights, lost passports, and more. The Tata AIG Cyprus Travel Insurance Plan affordably offers all the abovementioned insurance. By studying travel insurance plans online and choosing this one, you can ensure that your trip to Cyprus is safeguarded against many potentially challenging conditions.

Benefits of Purchasing a Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan for Your Trip to Cyprus from India

If you choose the Tata AIG Cyprus Travel Insurance Plan, you may be able to acquire the best travel insurance for Cyprus with extensive travel insurance coverage. The following is a list of some of the protections included in this policy:

Medical Coverage: The Tata AIG Cyprus travel medical insurance plan may provide you with medical insurance coverage while travelling. This policy will cover the associated medical costs if you get sick or get into an accident while travelling to and from Cyprus.

Additionally, COVID-19-related hospitalisation during your vacation is also covered by Tata AIG's foreign travel insurance plans.

Luggage Coverage: If you pass through any of the airports on your international trip, there is a potential that your luggage will be delayed or lost. The Tata AIG Cyprus Travel Insurance Plan provides luggage coverage to protect you from such an occurrence. Using this coverage, you can claim reimbursement for items in your checked luggage.

Trip Coverage: Our Cyprus travel medical insurance package offers considerable financial security throughout your journey, covering lost passports, cancelled or delayed flights, and hotel reservations.

Other Benefits: A few more benefits of the Tata AIG Cyprus travel health insurance policy:**

Travel health insurance from Tata AIG for Cyprus costs as little as $40.82 per day*.

On our official website, you can purchase your Cyprus travel insurance policy simply and quickly.

There is no requirement for a medical checkup for Cyprus's Tata AIG travel health insurance plan.

The cost of your trip insurance can be paid in Indian Rupees, and your travel health insurance can be paid in Euro.

Safety and Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken while Travelling in Cyprus

If you choose to travel to Cyprus, you must follow some safety and preventive measures. Following are some of these measures in further detail:

  • Always have your passport nearby.

  • Observe all local laws and ordinances.

  • Keep a watch on your belongings at all times.

  • Only travel to any location after conducting extensive research and planning.

  • Read the news to be informed about what's happening in the nation.

  • Do not stay in Cyprus after your visa has expired.

  • Prepare a plan for when an emergency arises.

  • Maintain easy access to the Indian embassy's contact details.

  • Invest in a reliable Cyprus Travel Medical Insurance policy.

  • Avoid crowded areas and places where there is unrest or protests.

  • Don't act in any way regarded as impolite in front of others.

  • Use safe transportation options such as public transportation.

Important COVID-19 Guidelines You Must Follow

The following are some crucial COVID-19 rules you should remember when visiting Cyprus:

  • When travelling or entering public spaces, especially, cover your mouth and nose with a mask.

  • Always follow the rules of social distance.

  • Respect local customs and laws while following COVID-19 standards.

  • Get tested and isolated if your travelling companions exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. The best travel health insurance for Cyprus will provide excellent financial protection against various unfavourable situations arising during your trip and stay.

Cyprus Visa: All You Need to Know

The first thing you should know is that, although being an EU member, Cyprus is not yet a part of the passport-free zone, despite having started the process of joining the Schengen Area of European nations earlier this year. This means that Cyprus cannot issue Schengen visas at this time. However, holders of a Schengen Visa are not required to get a separate visa to enter, reside in, or pass through Cyprus.

Cyprus Visa Types

Cyprus visas fall into the categories listed:

  • There are short-term visa options for stays up to 90 days.

  • Long-term visas are required for stays longer than 90 days.

  • Teams of individuals who have already decided to travel together and will enter and exit Cyprus together are given group visas. For stays of up to 30 days, it is offered.

  • An airport transit visa is required for travellers who must change planes in a Cyprus airport to a different location (ATV).

  • Foreign nationals with valid visas which must pass through Cyprus to another country can apply for transit visas.

Cyprus Travel Insurance Requirements: Essential Visa Documents

You can enter Cyprus legally and stay there for up to 90 days if you have a student visa. Upon arrival, your visa must be upgraded to a temporary residence permit if your term of study will take longer than 90 days. A student visa is unnecessary for EU citizens or residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland. They will require a residence permit if their anticipated stay is over three months.

The required paperwork for an Indian citizen's Cyprus visa is listed below:

  • Original passport that is still valid for six months (Carry old passports with you if you have any)

  • Two passport-sized photos

  • Official transcripts of academics

  • Statement of Purpose for a visit

  • Filled-out and duly signed application for visa

  • Covering letter with justifications for the trip

  • Updated original bank statements with proper stamps

  • Test results as evidence of English proficiency (if required)

  • Valid medical clearance documents

  • A letter of recommendation from the police in your region.

Cyprus Visa Cost for Indian Nationals

The cost of a Cyprus visa application is determined by the visa's length, validity, and intent. When filling out the application, the payments must be paid in cash. Cash should be used to pay these costs at the consulate.

The charge for the visa application is a mere ₹2810 if it is a single entrance and also for a tourist purpose, with a stay duration of 1 month and a validity of 3 months. The same fees apply for employment, school, and commercial purposes. The other terms, including the period of the stay and validity, are unchanged.

Cyprus Visa Application: The Offline Process

The offline method is most frequently used to obtain a Cypriot visa. Additionally, it's one of the better options for people who find the internet process difficult. Simply locate the closest embassy or consulate of Cyprus.

Before beginning the application process, you should verify the accuracy and validity of your necessary records, such as your passport and other documents. In addition, you must faithfully adhere to all instructions that outline the requirements for eligibility.

The condition of the documents must be taken care of because it is very significant. If not taken seriously, it could lead to a major issue. You don't need to schedule an appointment to submit papers. The properly completed application form and the necessary papers can be submitted at the visa application centre. Remember that the application must be turned in at least 15 days before the scheduled departure date.

Cyprus Visa Application: The Online Process

The E-visa is the right one for you if you're a technology-oriented person who loves to spend as little time as possible on any task. The online method for obtaining a Cypriot visa is called E-visa. Simply go to the E-visa web portal and enter the necessary information. Hold off while you wait because it can take a while.

This is an effective method that requires the least amount of work. You should choose a private company that fills out the application if you cannot complete the internet process. To utilise this amenity, additional fees are required.

Cyprus Visa Status Check: How to Do It?

You must complete the form carefully, ensuring all the information is accurate and meets the standards. The visa application form has detailed guidelines that must be followed. You must enter all the information that is on the passport. There is a strong probability that the application will be rejected if any information is incomplete or inaccurate. One of the most important considerations is that any application form errors could have a negative impact on future applications. So you should get appropriate consultation to avoid all of these.

Cyprus Consulate, New Delhi

Telephone Number +91 11 43586295
Fax Number +91 11 26111160
Email Address,
Official Website 

Cyprus Consulate, Mumbai

Name Cypriot Honorary Consulate in Mumbai, India 
Address Nehru Centre, 9th Floor Discovery of India Building Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli Mumbai 400 018 India
Telephone Number (+91) 22 2492 6655 (+91) 22 2492 6633
Fax Number (+91) 22 2492 6464 (+91) 22 2490 0314
Email Address 
Official Website 

Things to Do in Cyprus for Indian Tourists and Travellers

Some countries captivate people with their natural beauty, while others do so with their architecture. One European nation that provides both is Cyprus, where you'll find the kindest people you've ever met. It is a stunning country that is rich in mythology and history. It is the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and has been home to many cultures, including Mycenaean Greeks, Persians, and Ottoman pashas.

Check out the beaches: Fantastic beaches can be found in Cyprus. There are 160 of them available to choose from. Many are particularly well-liked and have umbrellas and loungers around their edges. However, because of the island's rugged shoreline, there are also numerous undiscovered coves and bays with few visitors. Just unwind and get tanned beautifully.

Visit the historical locales: There are many archaeological sites and ancient ruins to explore. From Akamas to Cape Greco, at the island's southeast corner, use the Aphrodite Route. Visits to the Leventis Museum, Paphos Archaeological Park, and Tombs of the Kings are all required. The Muslim and Christian worlds and the East and West have all met in Cyprus. The impact of the ancient Greeks, Persians, and Romans is obvious. For the castles, go to Kyrenia. look at the famous Famagusta Gate.

Don’t miss out on the religious sites: Numerous stunning mosques and churches exist in Cyprus. Greek Orthodox churches can be found all around. Agios Saranta, located close to Protaras, is a must-see. Also, visit the St. Neophytos Monastery, the Church of St. Lazarus, the Hala Sultan Tekke, the Kykkos Monastery, and the Stavrovouni Monastery.

Go Hiking: Hikers' primary destinations are the Troodos Mountains and the Akamas Peninsula. At the very tip of the northwest is Akamas. This national park cape area features a wooded headland and two peaks you may easily approach. The Baths of Aphrodite and a turtle sanctuary are both present. The magnificent Avakas Gorge is located not far from Paphos in the south of Akamas. Stroll through this 3-kilometre-long, narrow gorge to admire the stunning granite formations on either side.

Go shopping: Bring a souvenir from your trip to Cyprus home. Select from the distinctive pottery, linens, silverware, and renowned handcrafted needlework Lefkaritika.

Cyprus: Fast Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Nicosia
Time Zone Eastern European Time
Official Language Greek
Currency Euro
International Airports Paphos International Airport, Larnaca International Airport
Climate Subtropical
Average Round-Year Temperature 24°C
Best Time to Visit Spring, which arrives in early February.
Best Known for Stunning beaches, exquisite nature, water sports, and hikes. 

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How to get a Tata AIG Cyprus travel medical insurance policy?

How to get a Tata AIG Cyprus travel medical insurance policy?


You can acquire Cyprus travel insurance through our website. Simply select international travel insurance and enter your personal information. The next step is choosing the plan and coverage level you wish to purchase. Get additional coverages like baggage and medical insurance and the best travel insurance for Cyprus. You can complete the purchase process by paying the plan's premium online after choosing the coverage and add-ons. Your email address will soon get your Cyprus travel insurance plan.

What is not covered in a Cyprus travel insurance plan?


The policy will not cover these two things: Medical cover for pre-existing illnesses Any policy claim arising from terrorism, self-injury, suicide attempt, and so on.

What’s the process of COVID-19 testing in Cyprus?


You can get tested for COVID-19 at any one of the private laboratories in the Republic of Cyprus ("ROC"). Pharmacies typically charge between 3 and 5 Euros for antigen tests, and the findings are sent in English via email or hard copy within a day. COVID-19 PCR testing is accessible at designated laboratories in the region controlled by Turkish Cypriots ("TRNC") within one day.

What's the Cyprus travel cost from India?


You should plan approximately €82 ($87) per day for your trip to Cyprus, which is the average daily price based on what other tourists spend there. The average day's meals for previous tourists cost €33 ($35), while local transportation cost €9.82 ($10). Additionally, a couple can stay at a hotel for an average of €75 ($80) in Cyprus. Thus, the average cost of a one-week trip for two people to Cyprus is €1,148 ($1,224). These average travel costs were compiled from feedback from previous travellers to assist you in creating your own travel budget.

How much does travel health insurance in Cyprus cost?


A number of factors, including the duration of your trip and the sum assured you've chosen, will affect the price of the travel insurance Cyprus policy you've selected. To give enough financial security during your Cyprus holiday, it is advised to choose a fair sum covered. It is very important if you are going to Cyprus with your family. With our travel medical insurance for Cyprus, you may get unbeatable coverage options at a low cost. Calculating the cost of your Cyprus travel insurance coverage may be aided by the Tata AIG online travel insurance premium calculator. You can use the calculator on our official website to get the cost.

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