Cyprus work visa for indians

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Cyprus work visa for indians

Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches and historical ruins, which attract tourists from all over the world. But that is not the only reason people go to this beautiful country. Cyprus also offers excellent employment opportunities.

With an employment rate of over 70%, Cyprus attracts various Indian individuals looking for great job opportunities in foreign nations.

However, working in Cyprus requires fulfilling specific requirements and getting permits. That is a Cyprus work visa for Indian citizens. But how do you get a work visa for Cyprus? In this article, you will learn all about Cyprus work visa requirements for Indian citizens, visa fees, and other information.

Cyprus Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

A Cyprus work visa allows Indians to visit Cyprus for employment purposes; however, specific requirements must be met in order to get this visa. These requirements are:

  • The applicant must have a valid Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months

  • The work visa applicant must be of legal age to work and apply for a work visa

  • The applicant must have appropriate academic qualifications, job skills, and some work experience for the opportunity they are applying for in Cyprus

  • The work visa applicant must provide proof of fixed income as per the minimum salary requirement threshold of Cyprus

  • An official job contract from the Cyprus employer must be presented with a stamp from the Department of Labour. It means that the applicant must have an offer in hand in order to apply for a work visa

  • Work visa permit (initiated by the employer) in case the applicant needs to stay in Cyprus for more than 3 months

Work Visa Guidelines and Requirements for Cyprus Employers

Whenever Cyprus companies hire any employee of foreign nationality, they are required to fulfil certain formalities and get permission. For this, the employer needs to make applications to the Department of Labour; the department examines applications for these categories.

  • Local Enterprises

  • Companies with Foreign Investment

  • Local Enterprises

  • Local Cyprus enterprises that are hiring foreign nationals need to submit their applications to their District Labour Offices, which then verify that the following criteria are met for employment:

  • Non-availability of qualified personnel ( European citizens or Cypriot) to satisfy and meet employer’s specific professional requirements

  • Improvement of working conditions at the workplace

  • Saving and better utilisation of the local labour force

  • Terms and conditions for the employment of foreigners should be the same as for Cypriots

  • After securing the initial approval from the Department of Labour for the employment of a certain number of foreign employees, Cypriot employers need to submit applications to the Migration Department and the Department of Civil Registry for the employment of specific foreigners.

  • Moreover, the work permits are granted by the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus.

  • Companies with Foreign Investment

  • Cyprus companies with foreign investment who want to hire a foreign employee for their company need to fill out and submit an application form by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

Types of Cyprus Work Visa for Indian Citizens

Like any other nation in the world, Cyprus issues various visas to individuals from different nations based on their purpose and duration of stay in the country. Here, we will focus on the types of work visas issued by the Cyprus government to Indian nationals who want to visit or stay in the country for employment purposes.

Work Visa: A work visa is a document that allows the holder to enter Cyprus for employment.

Work Permit: A work permit is a document that your employer in Cyprus will submit to the Government and then provide you. It is crucial, as it authorises you to work in Cyprus after you get there.

Residence Visa: Individuals visiting Cyprus for employment purposes and staying for more than 90 days must get a residence visa within seven days or one week of entering the country. It is the final document required to work and stay in Cyprus legally.

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Cyprus Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens: Documents

In order to get a Cyprus work permit visa for Indian citizens, the applicant needs to submit these documents:

  • Application forms signed and stamped by employer in Cyprus

  • Form M.58 (application for Cyprus entrance issuance)

  • Form M.64 (application for issuance of work authorisation)

  • Photocopy of valid Indian passport

  • Certificate of clean criminal record

  • Recently authorised medical certificates clearing you of HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C etc.

  • Your original employment contract

  • Travel and health insurance documents

  • Cyprus visa application fees

[Note: If required, the authorities may ask the applicant to provide some additional documents. To get additional information regarding this, visit the official website of the Civil Registry and Migration Department of Cyprus or VFS Global.]

Cyprus Work Visa Process for Indian Citizens

Here is the step-by-step process for getting a Cyprus work visa for Indians.

Step 1: The first and foremost requirement for getting a Cyprus work permit is that you have an employment offer from any Cyprus employer.

Step 2: Next, your employer in Cyprus will apply for a work permit to the District Labour office on your behalf. It is the employer’s responsibility to get you a work visa.

Step 3: Once your application has been approved and the employer has gotten the necessary documents, then they need to apply for a Cyprus work permit visa at the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD).

Step 4: After obtaining a work permit from CRMD, you (the employee) need to apply for a work visa at the Embassy/Consulate of Cyprus in India.

Step 5: Now that you (the employee) have the work visa and work permit, you are allowed to enter Cyprus.

Step 6: Once you enter Cyprus, you need to apply for a residence permit within 7 days of entering the country. You can connect with the local police department or immigration unit for this.

Step 7: Finally, after obtaining all the visas and permits, you are legally allowed to work and reside in Cyprus.

Cyprus Work Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Here is the list of Cyprus work visa application fees for Indian citizens for various types of work visas.

Type of Visa  Validity Period Approx Fees in (€) Approx. Fees in Euro (₹)
Temporary Residence Permits - For Domestic Work Employment
Entry permit for employment up to 3 months 50 ₹4518.7
Entry permit residence and work permit 3 to 6 months 50 ₹4518.7
Residence and work permit up to 12 months 50 ₹4518.7
Registration in the alien's registry (only in cases of first registration) - 70 ₹6326
Temporary Residence Permits - For Non-Single Permit Employment
Issuance of an entry permit, temporary residence and work permit 1 – 3 years €70,00 ₹63,2625
Issuance or renewal of a residence and work permit 1 – 3 years €80,00 ₹72,3000
Issuance of an entry permit, temporary residence and work permit for the employment of a domestic worker by a beneficiary of the Guaranteed Minimum Income - NIL NIL
Registration in the alien's registry (only in cases of first registration) - €70,00 ₹63,2625
Stamp Fees €2,00 18075

Cyprus Work Visa Processing Time

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the Migration Department to process the work visa application after submission. Moreover, it can take up to 2-3 months to issue work visa documents and a further 3 to 4 months to close the entire application process.

Cyprus Work Visa Check Online

Once you and your employer have fulfilled all the requirements for a Cyprus job visa for Indian citizens, you can use the VFS Global website to track your visa application status online.

You can perform a Cyprus work visa check online after at least one week of application.

Embassy/Consulate Cyprus in India

High Commission Of The Republic Of Cyprus, New Delhi
Address D-64, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi-110021, India
Contact Number +91 11 43586295
Fax Number +91 11 26111160
Email Address
Consular Section
Contact Number +91 11 43586259
Fax Number +91 11 26872076
Working Days  Monday to Friday
Working Hours 10 am to 1 pm 

Consulate General of The Republic of Cyprus in Kolkata

Consulate General of The Republic of Cyprus, Kolkata
Address 3C, Park Plaza (3rd Floor), 71 Park Street, Kolkata - 700 016
Contact Number 091 33 22296000, 22291943
Fax Number 0091 33 22291094
Email Address

Embassy/Consulate of India in Cyprus

High Commission of India, Nicosia, Cyprus
Address No. 3, Indira Gandhi Street, Montparnasse Hill, P.O. Box No. 25544, Engomi-2413, Cyprus
Contact Number 00-357-22351741, 22351170
Fax Number 00-357-22352062
Email Address

What To Expect When You Arrive in Cyprus

Embassy of India in Cyprus

  • Keep your Indian passport and other visa documents with you at all times and present them to the Immigration Department of Cyprus once you land in the country.

  • If you are a first-time applicant, you will receive a physical work visa card and sticker on your visa documents; then, you will be able to start your job.

  • Apply for a residence permit within one of reaching Cyprus; for this, you can visit the Central offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Centre or the local police department.

  • In case of any employment-related issues like late salary payments, terms of employment, or unfair practices, then visit the High Commission of India in Cyprus.

  • Do not give your passport, visa, or employment documents to any individuals whose identity can not be verified. Moreover, if your employer asks you for your original passport and visa documents, make sure that you have multiple copies of them with you.

  • Do not sign blank documents or other employment contracts during your stay in Cyprus. Engaging in ill practices in Cyprus can lead to severe consequences, such as imprisonment or deportation.

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Is a Cyprus visa easy for Indians?

Is a Cyprus visa easy for Indians?


Yes, a Cyprus visa is easy to get. You just need to apply at least 90 days before your visit to the country, as Cyprus does not issue visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens.

Is it easy to get a job in Cyprus?


If you are an individual with exceptional skills that are challenging to find in Cyprus's profession, you could get a job. However, you must fulfil all the employment requirements and have permission to work.

What is the minimum salary for a work permit in Cyprus?


Individuals seeking employment in Cyprus must earn at least € 2,500 per month and provide proof of a € 10,000 balance in their bank account.