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Dominican Republic Travel Insurance

The Dominican Republic is a country of the West Indies located on the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island of the Greater Antilles chain in the Caribbean Sea. Situated just two hours south of Miami, it is considered one of the most diverse Caribbean countries. So, suppose you are looking for a wholesome holiday consisting of pristine beaches, diverse landscapes, luxury resorts, various sports, and many other attractions. In that case, the Dominican Republic should be on top of your list.

With Dominican Republic experience ranging from lively music and nightlife, numerous events and carnivals, unmissable watersports to award-winning golf courses and unique shopping experience, it is a destination like no other. In addition, the warm and hospitable people will make your stay worthwhile and memorable. The Dominican Republic is the second-largest nation in the Antilles after Cuba and the third-largest in terms of population. The country’s official language is Spanish, and Santo Domingo is the capital city.

But while planning a vacation to this postcard-perfect place, don’t forget to have a travel insurance plan. Travelling comes with its share of challenges and uncertainties. Dominican Republic travel insurance can cover you from different types of losses and costs that you might face during travel. From medical emergencies, unpredictable flight delays, loss of belongings or adventure sport glitches, international travel insurance can cover you so that you enjoy your vacation the way you imagined.

Tata AIG’s international travel insurance is a specialised plan to look after you when travelling to the Dominican Republic. With multiple features designed to meet your requirement and prices starting at just ₹40.82 per day, our plans are one of the most looked-up-to travel insurance products. Buying and renewing our travel insurance policies are hassle-free, instant and safe and filing a travel insurance claim is equally convenient.

Dominican Republic Travel Insurance from India

The Dominican Republic does not have any entry requirements regarding Covid-19 norms. The Covid testing for passengers upon arrival in the Dominican Republic has been discontinued. However, the country requires you to complete a free electronic entry and exit form upon arrival and at the exit.

While travel insurance of any type is not mandatory, the Dominican Republic currently offers complimentary insurance to its visitors. This insurance mainly covers medical emergencies, telemedicine, accommodation cost for extended stays due to an infection, and changes in flight due to an infection. The Dominican government finances this insurance.

However, to ensure adequate coverage, buying international travel insurance from the Dominican Republic to India is recommended to protect against the financial investment you made in your trip.

Why Do You Need Travel Health Insurance for Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous for its lush tropical landscape, mesmerising diamond-white beaches, and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. This place is truly a gem and an affordable pick whether you wish to spend quality time as a couple, plan a trip with the family or have a great vacation with friends. Having said that, there are numerous reasons to buy travel medical insurance for the Dominican Republic.

Bad weather: Weather is one of the concerns when you are travelling to the Caribbean. The weather in the Dominican Republic is unpredictable, and many travellers are unaware of the significance of buying travel insurance. Thus, if you plan for this hurricane-prone vacation destination between June and November, ensure you have an insurance policy with sufficient coverage for hurricane and other climate-related travel.

COVID-19: Many travellers are concerned about illnesses related to COVID-19 while travelling. International travel insurance now covers COVID-19, International travel insurance now covers COVID-19, compensating for the medical expenses incurred outside India after being diagnosed with COVID-19. This coverage also provides compensation for trip cancellation or curtailment due to COVID-19.

Medical evacuation: Most of the hospitals in the country are owned by the doctors working there. Thus, they might prolong the treatment process of a foreign national to gain incentives. Many travellers would prefer to return to the country in case of a medical emergency. Therefore, it makes sense to have travel health insurance with a medical evacuation facility so that you can return to your homeland for proper treatment.

Medical need: Apart from coverage for medical evacuation, you would need medical insurance if you get injured or fall sick during your trip to the Dominican Republic. Generally, if you need a healthcare facility in that country, you have to pay for it on the spot. The cost of medical treatment could also be very high. Travel medical insurance compensates for various healthcare-related costs during your trip.

In addition to the points mentioned above, international travel insurance plans cover trip delays for missed connections, trip cancellation and interruption, lost or delayed luggage, lost passports, and more. With the Tata AIG Dominican Republic travel insurance plan, you can get adequate coverage for your trip requirement through an easy online process at an affordable price. Thus, if you are planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic, purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy from Tata AIG is practical to safeguard yourself from challenging situations.

Benefits of Purchasing a Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan for Your Dominican Republic Trip

Consider purchasing a travel insurance policy for the Dominican Republic to reduce the risks of unfortunate incidents during your overseas trip. Here are a few benefits of buying an International Travel Insurance Plan from Tata AIG to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings.

  • Medical cover: Fall sick or encountering an accident while you are on your trip abroad can be a terrible experience. Our policy covers the cost associated with getting medical treatment while on vacation. Our holistic coverage includes medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation and sending home the insured’s remains.

  • Baggage cover: If you lose your luggage or it is stolen in transit or during the trip, Tata AIG Dominican Republic Travel Insurance Plan offers luggage coverage that covers the cost of purchasing essential personal items or provides reimbursement of the cost of the lost luggage.

  • Personal liability cover: If during your trip, you are involved in an accident that causes damage to another person’s property or injures a third party, you need not worry about the expenses. Our insurance cover will cover the medical and repair costs of the third party.

Travel assistance: There is nothing more you need than getting proper assistance if you are stuck in an unknown country. In time of need, if you need help in terms of where to get medical treatment or how to apply for a new passport if stolen, executives are always available to help you.

Other benefits:

  • Travel health insurance for the Dominican Republic from Tata AIG comes at an affordable cost, starting at ₹ 40.82 per day*.
  • You can purchase our policy online by following just a few simple steps.
  • The policy is issued instantly without a need for any pre-policy health check-up.
  • You pay INR for the Dominican Republic insurance cost from India and get insurance coverage in USD. Thus, you get the cover at an affordable price.

Safety and Precautionary Measures to Undertake while Travelling to the Dominican Republic from India

The Dominican Republic is a welcoming and friendly nation, with the vast majority of people being helpful and hospitable. But, from the security aspect, there have been high instances of crime leading to a high crime rate. The weather conditions may also sometimes pose a problem.

Following are some measures you can take while travelling to the Dominican Republic from India.

  • Keep your passport handy
  • Make electronic copies of all your documents
  • Follow local laws and ordinances.
  • Conceal your valuables.
  • Credit card and ATM frauds are common. So take care while using ATMs.
  • Drink boiled or bottled water as Cholera and other waterborne and foodborne diseases are common.
  • Consider using official airport taxis or ride-share services while travelling to the airport.
  • Research and plan your location before visiting.
  • Before your trip, stay informed about the nation’s latest political and economic environment.
  • Maintain easy access to the Indian embassy’s contact details.
  • Buy a reliable Cyprus Travel Medical Insurance policy.
  • Avoid crowded areas and places where there is unrest or protests.

Dominican Republic Visa and Entry Requirements

Let us look at some entry-level requirements and procedures for the Dominican Republic. Visa

The Dominican Republic, a tropical island paradise, opens its door to all foreign nationals. So, learning about the visa and entry requirements is vital if you are planning to visit the country. Many nationals do not require a visa for travelling purposes, whereas a few have an option of visa on arrival (tourist card) to the country. Indians, however, need a visa to enter for any purpose, including tourism.

For Indian nationals, the visa application for the Dominican Republic is easy. Yet, before you start applying for a tourist visa, it is always recommended to check the eligibility and requirements to travel to the country. Once done, you can then proceed with your visa application process.

In addition, a valid Indian passport is mandatory during their stay and departure from the country.

COVID-19 Norms

From April 2022, travellers are not required to present a COVID-19 vaccination card, PCR, or antigen test to enter the country. Also, random testing for COVID-19 has been discontinued. However, these entry requirements and procedures may change as per government instructions.


To fulfil the Traveller’s Health Affidavit requirement, Customs Declaration, and International Embarkation/Disembarkation, the Dominican Republic has implemented an electronic system. All travellers who enter and depart from the country must complete and submit their digital forms.

You can get access to this digital form through the Electronic Ticket Portal. You can either fill out and submit the form before or upon arrival to the country. Travellers arriving in the country on private aircraft, cruise ships, non-commercial vessels, ferries, etc., are not required to fill out the electronic form.

Dominican Republic Travel Documents for Indian Nationals

Let’s have a look at the document checklist for Indian travellers on a tourist visa:

Mandatory Documents:

  • Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. Also, a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp.
  • Visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant.
  • One recent passport-size photograph of dimensions 35x45 mm with a white background must be duly pasted on the application.
  • Hotel reservation and travel Itinerary and hotel reservation. Return air ticket copy is not mandatory.
  • A cover letter that explains the purpose of the trip (tourism in this case) along with a translation in Spanish.
  • Letter from the bank stating the date of account opening, last deposit to the account, and annual average balance during the year.
  • Last three months’ bank statement. Bank statement-last three months.

Optional Documents:

  • Employment certificate, indicating the date of joining, position held, and annual salary earned.
  • Titles of ownership of business, residence, land, or vehicle registration, wherever applicable.
  • Invitation letter, if a friend or relative invites you. The letter must also be translated into Spanish and notarised and legalised by the Procuraduría General de la República Dominicana. You might also have to submit a copy of the invitee’s Dominican ID or residence status along with a specific clause.
  • Police clearance certificate (PCC), at least one year, with a certified Spanish translation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must issue the PCC.

Best Places to Visit and Top Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the most-visited destination in the Caribbean, and why not? The number of attractions it offers is many and breathtaking. Of course, you can spend most of your days lying on the white sand and listening to the beautiful sound of the waves. But the country offers so much more than this that you can’t stop exploring more and getting bowled over its beauty!

Resort Destination of Punta Cana: To begin with, you cannot miss the experience of the endless stretch of beautiful white-sand beach with emerald waters of the Caribbean in Punta Cana. It is considered the Dominican Republic’s premiere resort destination. Relax and unwind at an all-inclusive luxury or family-friendly resort and combine it with thrilling water-based activities.

Zona Colonial: Within the financial and industrial cluster of Santo Domingo, the country’s capital, lies a nearly-perfect 11 blocks of walled archways and cobblestone streets. Also known as Ciudad Colonial or The Zone, it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with several important landmarks. It is one of the most popular destinations with a vibrant cafe scene, busy parks, live music venues and restaurants serving Dominican delicacies. Clearly, you haven’t experienced the country until you have walked these bustling streets.

Whale Watching at Península de Samaná: Every year during the winter, from December to March, thousands of North Atlantic humpback whales enter Samaná Bay to mate and give birth. This is one of the country’s major attractions during the season - to see these beautiful giants up and close.

Visit Puerto Plata & Playa Dorada: Playa Dorada is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. The beach is lined with luxury resorts but is not as busy as Punta Cana, with a beautiful area for swimming or snorkelling. You can explore the city’s colourful streets and historical attractions, which include Pink Street, Umbrella Street, Central Park, and Fort San Felipe.

National Zoological Park: If you are on a family trip with kids, you should not miss this. There are numerous colourful birds, exotic animals, and ultra-rare species, like the endemic Hispaniolan solenodon. The park has a dedicated play area, a cafeteria, a zoo train and other similar attractions.

27 Waterfalls: If you love adventure, The 27 Waterfalls complex is a must-visit destination due to its unique natural setting. It is among the best things to do in the Dominican Republic. The falls are near Puerto and combine various thrills of hiking and canyoning, among others. You climb up a narrow gorge of waterfalls through ladders and then jump into the pools below.

Attend an event: the Dominican Republic conducts various events in arts and culture, music and festivals, food and beverage, industry and trade and sports. You can visit the country’s official tourism website to learn more about the events. The arts and culture events, including the month-long Carnival, are hugely popular and a great way to learn about their culture and diversity.

Indian Embassy/Consulate in Dominican Republic

Address Capitán Eugenio de Marchena No. 6, La Esperilla, D.N.
Telephone 8298934233
Working Hours Monday to Friday, from 0800-1300 & 1330-1630 hrs

Dominican Republican Embassy/Consulate in India

Address Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the Republic of India B-1/20, Ground Floor, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Telephone Telephone : +91-11-43425000 Fax : +91-11-43425050
Working Hours Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Dominican Republic: Fast Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Santo Domingo
Time Zone Atlantic Standard Time
Official Language Spanish
Currency Dominican peso (DOP)
Major International Airports 8 International Airports including, Punta Cana International Airport, Santo Domingo/Las Américas International Airport, and La Romana International Airport, among others.
Climate Tropical rainforest
Average Round-Year Temperature 25°
Best Time to Visit December and March
Best Known for White sand beaches, luxury resorts, music and nightlife and excellent tourism infrastructure


All the information mentioned above is well-researched and sourced from reliable sources. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest travel guidelines and other location-specific information before planning a trip to any location.

*Subject to change based on the nature and extent of the coverage.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. Do Indian citizens need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic?

1. Do Indian citizens need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic?


Yes, Indian citizens do need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic from the Dominican Consulate.

2. What is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic?


The best time to visit the Dominican Republic is in the winter, between December and April. The weather here is less rainy compared to June to October, thus making it less humid.

3. Are there any specific health risks in the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic is considered a safe travel destination. However, being a tropical destination, mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue and malaria are widespread. Also, Cholera and similar waterborne and foodborne diseases are common. Rabies, too, is a high risk here; thus, you should avoid getting in close contact with the animals.

4. Which currency is used in the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic’s official currency is the Dominican Peso (DOP). However, in recent years, many hotels, shops, restaurants, etc., accept Euros and U.S. dollars due to the high number of international travellers. Until recently, ATMs were not accessible to all parts of the country, but the scenario is changing due to the growing tourism.

5. What are the Dominican Republic travel insurance requirements for an Indian national?


While travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting the Dominican Republic, the Dominican government provides back insurance to its visitors upon entry. However, buying your international travel insurance while travelling to the Dominican Republic from India is recommended.

6. How do I get Tata AIG’s travel medical insurance policy for the Dominican Republic?


Buying travel insurance for the Dominican Republic from Tata AIG is very simple. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to our International Travel Insurance page Step 2: Mention the travelling dates (date of departure and date of return) Step 3: Mention the number of travellers Step 4: Select the plan as per your requirement Step 5: Share more details, like your passport number, contact details, etc. Step 6: Make payment Your travel insurance policy will be shared on your registered email address.

7. What is the Dominican Republic trip cost from India?


Your trip cost depends on the type of hotel you look for, the location you wish to stay at, the places you would like to visit, and the activities you are interested in. For example, the one-side airfare from Delhi to Santo Domingo typically starts at ₹75,000.

Based on the expenses of the other travellers, you can expect to spend around RD$6,198 ($109) per day on your budget-friendly trip to the Dominican Republic. On average, you can spend RD$1,721 ($30) on daily meals and RD$287 ($5.05) on local transportation. For previous travellers, the average hotel price in the country for a couple has been around RD$7,820 ($138). Thus, an average one-week trip for two persons in the Dominican Republic can cost you RD$86,777 ($1,528).

8. What is the travel health insurance cost for the Dominican Republic?


The cost of travel health insurance, typically known as the premium, depends on various factors. These factors include the duration of the trip, the number of people travelling (or buying insurance for), the sum insured selected, the type of plan chosen and any add-ons if included in your plan. Therefore, it is essential to consider an adequate sum insured so that you travel worry-free.

With Tata AIG’s travel medical insurance for the Dominican Republic, you get the best insurance coverage options at affordable premiums. You can calculate your estimated premium by using our travel insurance premium calculator.