Egypt Consulate General in Mumbai

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Egypt Consulate General in Mumbai

Exploring the pyramids while navigating through the ancient pharaohs in Egypt is an experience to cherish. Regardless of whether you are seeking adventure or historical anecdotes, Egypt is the place to be.

However, to get to Egypt, understanding the requirements of the Egypt visa for Indians and the role of the Egypt Consulate in Mumbai or the Embassy in India is crucial.

Each of these authoritative bodies represents the country of Egypt in India and thus plays a significant role in maintaining the diplomatic missions between the two countries.

Let us look at the role and responsibilities of the Embassy Consulate Mumbai and how to apply for an Egyptian visa below.

Egypt: A Historical Wonderland

Egypt is a land of rich history, breathtaking pyramids, and pharaonic dynasties. As a traveller to this wonderland, you will experience a cradle of civilisation dipped in the golden sands of the Sahara and the vibrant coral reefs.

From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the majestic temples of Luxor and Karnak, there is more to Egypt than the iconic pyramids. One can witness the timeless beauty of the ancient villages along with the bustling energy of Cairo.

For the shopping enthusiasts and the food connoisseurs, explore the souk markets populated with some of the best spices, handcrafted treasures, and perfumes. All this with a side of warm pita bread and hummus, or the authentic Kushari (a pasta dish with lentils).

Indulge in the perfect amalgamation of modernity and age-old traditions. Take a step into the land of Islamic architecture and find yourself inspired by the unique way of life in Egypt. Also read: What is Egypt Famous For?

Egypt Consulate Mumbai and Embassy Details

Egypt Consulate Mumbai: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Country Arab Republic of Egypt
Location in India Mumbai
Egypt Consulate in Mumbai Address Flat No. 101, Benhur Apartments, 32 Narayan Dabholkar Road, Mumbai 400006
Contact Number (+91) 22-2367-6407
(+91) 22-2367-6422
Fax (+91) 22-2633-4558
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Egypt Embassy New Delhi: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Country Arab Republic of Egypt
Location in India New Delhi 
Address 1-50 M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, South West Delhi 110021
Contact Number (+91) 11-2611-4097
(+91) 11-2611-4096
Fax (+91) 11-2688-5355
Operating Days Monday to Friday
Operating Hours 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

The Egypt Embassy in India is the main authoritative body representing Egypt in India. The Egyptian Consulate in Mumbai operates under it to carry out some of the necessary processes for the Indian and Egyptian citizens.

Let us look at the key differences between them below.

Features Embassy of Egypt Consulate of Egypt
Location  Situated in the capital of India, New Delhi. Situated in one of the major cities in India, Mumbai.
Level of Hierarchy  Highest position on the diplomatic representation of Egypt in India. Lower position under the Embassy on the diplomatic representation of Egypt in India.
Scope of Work  Represent Egypt’s overall interest and relations in India.  Citizen Services
Key Functions  It handles the broader economic, military, and political matters between India and Egypt.  It focuses on extending consular services to Indians wanting to visit Egypt and Egyptian nationals residing in India.

Functions of Egypt Consulate General Mumbai

Visa Assistance - All Indians wanting to travel to Egypt are required to either apply online or submit the visa application offline. For offline applications, Indians can submit the same at the Egypt Consulate for visa application processing.

Citizen Support - One of the primary functions of the Egypt Consulate in Mumbai is to assist Indian and Egyptian nationals with visa applications to and from one country to another. The services include informational support and visa processing for Indian nationals, and passport support and medical assistance for Egyptian citizens.

Facilitating Investment and Trade - Another function of the Egypt Consulate in Mumbai is to encourage the cooperative engagement of both countries via investments and trade. This means assisting Indian companies with expansion plans to Egypt and Egyptian companies with expansion plans to India.

Encouraging Cultural Exchange - To promote Egypt as a country in India and increase its awareness and visibility in India, the consulate is also responsible for planning and implementing cultural programmes and activities in India on behalf of Egypt.

Services Offered by Egypt Consulate in India

  • Extending support to Egyptian citizens residing in or visiting India in case of passport damage or loss, medical assistance, missing person concern, etc.

  • Assisting Indian citizens wanting to visit or relocate to Egypt with visa applications, processing, and status updates.

  • Providing proper assistance to Egyptian citizens planning to visit India with documentation, application forms, and other requirements.

  • Extend support to Indian businesses who wish to expand their operations in Egypt.

  • Assist Egypt Immigration Authorities with short-term visa applications of Indian citizens for faster processing of applications.

  • Planning and implementation of business promotion activities of Egyptian start-ups in India to strategise and strengthen the trade ties between both countries.

Jurisdiction of Egypt Consulate Mumbai

The jurisdiction of the Egypt Embassy in India includes all states in the country. However, the jurisdiction of the Egypt Consulate Mumbai is limited to a list of states, including Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh.

Do Indians Require an Egypt Visa to Enter the Country?

Any Indian travelling to Egypt for tourism, work, or study requires a valid visa. The visa categories differ based on the purpose and duration of the trip.

However, for tourist visas, Indians have the option of an e-visa. Moreover, for added convenience, Indians can also avail of a visa on arrival for a trip limited to a maximum of 30 days via a single entry trip into the country.

Both e-visa and visa on arrival are valid for a stay duration of only 30 days within a 90-day period, with the limitation of a single entry.

How to Apply for an Egypt Visa?

Online Application Process: e-visa Portal

  • Go to the Egypt e-visa portal online.

  • From the main page, locate and click on the “Get Your e-visa Now” option.

  • To begin, set up your account using your email address and a new password.

  • Upon account creation, log in using the new credentials to start the application.

  • Carefully fill out all the information on the application form to match your personal and travel details.

  • Once done, submit the application form and pay the required fees.

  • After your visa application is reviewed and approved, an update will be sent to the registered email address.

  • You can print the visa and keep a copy ready with your passport to travel to Egypt.

Offline Application: Egypt Consulate or Embassy in India

  • If you wish to apply for an Egypt visa for Indians offline, you can do so via the Egypt Consulate in Mumbai or the Egypt Embassy in India.

  • To begin, download an application form for an Egyptian visa from the VFS Global website.

  • After downloading the application form, take a clear printout of the form and fill out all the requested information carefully to avoid any incorrect information inputs.

  • Once completed, collect all the necessary documents as per the Egypt Consulate Mumbai visa requirements and attach them to the completed application form.

  • The list of documents includes a valid passport, bank statement, flight tickets, accommodation bookings, and passport-size photographs.

  • Next, book an appointment at the Egypt Embassy or Egypt Consulate in India.

  • Visit the Embassy or Consulate as per the appointment, submit the application form and supporting documents, and pay the application fee.

  • Once you receive the approval, the Embassy will stamp the applicable visa on your passport before you leave for Egypt.

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What documents are required for an Egypt visa for Indians?

What documents are required for an Egypt visa for Indians?


To apply for an Egypt visa, you must submit - Original passport with at least 6 months validity 2 recent passport-size photographs Proof of funds Flight and accommodation bookings Visa application form ITR of past 3 years

When is the best time to visit Egypt?


The best time to visit Egypt is during its winter season, from October to April. This is ideal as the temperatures are lower, giving you the opportunity to explore the country before the peak tourist season.

What happens if my Egypt visa gets rejected?


If your Egypt visa is rejected, the Egypt Consulate or Embassy will clearly state the reasons for rejection. However, you can apply to travel to Egypt after a set period after rectifying the errors from the previous application.