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Egypt Visa for Indians

For most of us, Egypt is synonymous with pyramids, sphinx, mummies, the river Nile and everything ancient. This fascinating country, located in the northeast corner of Africa, is home to one of the world's earliest and greatest civilisations. Officially called the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is one of the most populous countries in the Arab world. It is also Africa's third-most populous nation. Everything about Egypt is intriguing, be it its history, culture, geography or cuisine.

For years, Egypt has been a centre of attraction for people interested in exploration, adventure, and archaeology. With enthralling Arabian deserts, beautiful pyramids, and glorious history, Egypt is unlike any other country in the world. Watching and touring Egypt on-screen and through pictures is extremely different from seeing it with your own eyes. You surely do not want to miss the buzzing capital of Cairo, the captivating history of the Pyramids of Giza, or taking a magical Nile cruise.

So, if you plan to experience this exquisite land of pyramids and fascinating culture, ensure you secure your dream destination with a reasonable and adequate travel insurance plan. Whether planning an Egyptian getaway with your family and kids, exploring the country with friends, or wishing to spend quality time as a couple, your travelling insurance is vital.

Egypt's travel insurance plans typically cover medical emergencies, lost or stolen baggage, lost passports, flight delays, trip interruption or cancellation and much more. Travel insurance from Tata AIG is designed to make your trip relaxed without worrying about any unfortunate event. Our comprehensive insurance coverage even covers COVID-19 and flight cancellation insurance. We make sure that when in the country of "Two Lands", your exploration never stops, and you create infinite memories.

Entry Requirements and Egypt Visa for Indians

Egypt is a paradise for travellers, explorers, and adventurers due to its world-famous pyramids, exciting culture, history and beautiful natural wonders. Like many countries, if you want to visit Egypt from India, a visa is mandatory. The Egypt tourist visa for Indians is required to tour the country or visit a relative.

Egypt and India share amicable relationships. Whether you want to explore the country, visit a relative or go on a business trip, you will only be allowed to do so only with a proper visa for Egypt.

The type of Egypt visa required depends on the applicant's nationality, the duration of the stay, and the purpose of the visit. Indian citizens do not qualify to apply for an online Egypt E Visa. Thus, applicants must get an Egyptian visa through the embassy or consulate.

Egypt Visa Types for Indian Citizens

As mentioned above, for Indian nationals visiting Egypt, a visa is mandatory. There are two main types of visas for Indian passport holders:**

  • Business Visa: Individuals visiting Egypt primarily for business purposes must apply for an Egypt business visa.

    The primary documents required for this visa include booked flight tickets, a cover letter from the company the applicant will represent during the business trip, and an invitation letter from the Egyptian counterpart. These documents must be sent directly to the consulate or the embassy.

  • Tourist Visa: The Egypt tourist visa for Indians is required for individuals visiting the country for leisure and sightseeing. This tourist visa is valid for 90 days. However, the trip can be extended for up to 30 consecutive days.

    The tourist visa application process does not require going to the consulate's immigration office unless insisted upon for an interview. If the individual lacks a travel history or, in certain situations, he may be asked to attend an interview with the immigration officer. Thus, the applicant is not required to be compulsorily present in person to submit the application for the visa.

    Some document requirements for this Egypt tourist visa for Indians include booked return flight tickets, a valid cover letter to the consular, and gazette-attested past six-month bank statements.

Some other Egypt visa types include:

  • Transit Visa: If Indian travellers wish to enter the country for transit to another country, a transit visa is necessary. The transit period in Egypt should be for less than 24 hours.

  • Work Visa: A work visa is needed if any Indian national plans to shift his residential base to Egypt for work purposes. This visa has a 1-year valid work permit with an extension of up to 3 years.

Egypt E visa and Egypt visa on arrival for Indian: Indian nationals do have the option to apply for an Egypt E Visa or visa on arrival.

Eligibility Criteria for Egypt Visa

Some of the eligibility criteria for Indian nationals applying for an Egypt visa are:

  • A genuine reason to visit the country

  • Finances to support your stay

  • Meeting health and character requirements

  • Proof of return to your home country

Egypt Visa Requirements for Indians: Documents Required for Application

Different sets of documents are required for business and tourist visas.

For tourist visa:

  • A valid original passport with an expiry of at least six months from the date of return from Egypt

  • Photocopies of the first and last page of the passport

  • Two recent passport-size photographs

  • Duly filled visa application form

  • Income tax return for the past 3 years

  • A valid cover letter or a request letter to the consular

  • Return air tickets

  • Bank statement from the last six months. The bank account should have a minimum of Rs. 50,000.

For business visa:

  • A valid original passport with expiry not less than six months from the date of return from Egypt.

  • Two copies of the visa application form

  • Two recent passport-size photographs

  • Return air tickets

  • A cover letter from the company, the individual would be represented in Egypt.

  • An invitation letter from the business counterpart in Egypt. The letter should be sent directly to the consulate or the embassy.

  • Proof of the applicant's fund, which could be an international credit card or foreign exchange endorsement.

  • Proof of stay in Egypt, like hotel bookings.

  • Income tax returns for the past three years.

For transit visa:

  • Valid original passport

  • Proper outward ticket

  • Entire travelling plan

  • Proof of funds as credit and debit card for fees payment

For work visa:

  • Valid and original passport

  • Seven passport-size photographs

  • Two photocopies of the applicant's (employee's) tax ID card

  • Two copies of the certificates of academic degrees

  • Company's registration copy

  • Two copies of the company's incorporation certificate

  • Profession licence

  • Correctly filled up application form issued by Manpower and Training Facilities at Tahrir complex.

  • A negative result of an HIV test

  • Eligible permit fees

Egypt Visa Application Procedure for Indians

Egypt Visa Online Process:

Indian nationals can apply for an E-visa through Egypt’s official E-visa portal. You simply need to register for an account, sign in and fill out and submit your application form. The fees can also be paid online through the website.

Once your visa application has been processed, you will receive an email from the website informing you of your application status (approved/rejected).

Egypt Visa Offline Process

In-person visa application can be done through embassies, consulates or through recognised visa application centres (VAC) via VFS Global confirming the working days and hours of the embassy or the consulate is always recommended before visiting.

Follow the below - Steps for the Egypt Visa Application:

  • Step 1: Download the application form for an Egypt visa from the official consulate website.

  • Step 2: Take a printout of this visa form and fill it up with all the details.

  • Step 3: Keep the required documents and application fee handy.

  • Step 4: Submit your form with documents at the Egyptian embassy in New Delhi or the consulate in Mumbai or your nearest VAC.

  • Step 5: Pay the required Egypt visa fees for Indians.

  • Step 6: Get your visa stamped from the Egyptian embassy.

Egypt Visa Processing Time in India

The processing time for an Egypt visa for Indian nationals is around 5-6 working days once you deposit the applicable fee at the embassy or consulate. However, remember that any slight error in form or a missing document can delay or reject your visa. Thus, ensure you check all the requirements correctly and provide complete detail in your application form.

Egypt Visa Fees for Indians

Below are the Egypt visa costs for Indian nationals.

Type of Visa Validity Visa Fee (in ₹) Service charges (in ₹) Total (in ₹)
Tourist visa Single entry 3 months 2100 885 2985
Multiple entries 6 months 4800 885 5685
Business visa Single entry 3 months 4800 885 5685
Multiple entries 6 months 6900 885 7785

*The above prices are subject to approval and may change without notification. Check with the embassy for confirmation.

Embassy or Consulate of Egypt in India

City New Delhi (India)
Address Embassy of Egypt in New Delhi, India

1-50 M, Niti Marg, Near Akabr Bhavan,


New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Contact Phone: 9111 - 26114096/7

Fax: 911 - 26885355

Email: ;

City Mumbai  (India)
Address General Consulate of Egypt in Mumbai

Flat No.101 Benhur Apartments,32

Narayan Dabholkar Road,

Mumbai- 400006

Contact Phone: (009122) 23676422 - 23676407

Fax: (009122) 23634558

Embassy of India in Egypt

City Cairo (Egypt)
Address 5, Aziz Abaza Street,
Zamalek, Cairo
Contact Phone: (+202) 2736-0052 / 2736-3051

Fax: (+202) 2736-4038


Safety and Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken in Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country making it a popular destination amongst tourists worldwide. It offers a variety of sightseeing and entertainment options. Be it temples, tombs, the desert, the Nile River or ancient monuments, Egypt is like a gem, exploring which gives you abundant pleasure. However, before planning your trip, you must take all the necessary safety precautions to enjoy it to the fullest.

Currently, travellers are advised to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to this country due to the terrorism threat and volatile security situations.

  • The Governorate of North Sinai is currently a hotspot for terrorist activity and military operations, avoiding travelling to this region.

  • The country's border areas are also unsafe and volatile; hence avoid travelling.

  • Civil unrest, terrorism, and scams have been significant threats in recent years.

  • There is a significant presence of armed forces throughout the country, and curfews can be imposed on short notice.

  • Violent crime rates in Egypt are relatively low; however, petty crimes like purse snatching, pickpocketing, etc., are not common but are on the rise.

  • Travel in small groups, and avoid travelling alone, especially at night.

  • Dress conservatively, particularly while visiting religious sites.

  • Keep your passport handy.

  • Make electronic copies of all your documents.

  • Research and plan properly before visiting any place.

  • Maintain easy access to the Indian Embassy's contact details.

  • Before your trip, stay informed about the nation's latest political and economic environment.

The Need for Travel Insurance to Visit Egypt from India

Egypt is a dream destination for many travellers due to its rich and ancient history, magnificent landmarks, mouthwatering cuisine, and endless shopping experience. However, before you plan a trip to one of the world's most fascinating places, ensure you have everything charted out well.

Even though travel insurance is not mandatory for international travellers travelling to Egypt, having one is highly recommended. The Egypt government does not call for any official minimum coverage requirement, but having travelling insurance for the duration of your stay is recommended.

Below are a few reasons for buying this insurance for Egypt:

  • Medical emergencies: Medical emergencies come unannounced, which is the primary reason most international travellers buy travel medical insurance. This insurance typically covers hospitalisation costs, treatment costs, emergency medical evacuations and minor surgeries.

  • Healthcare situation: The public healthcare system in Egypt is challenged by poor infrastructure, a lack of medical professionals and low quality of care and treatment. However, private hospitals have decent facilities but may charge higher fees and treatment costs to the travellers, thus stressing the need for insurance plans with medical evacuation.

  • Mishandling or loss of luggage: A long-haul trip can lead to mishandling or loss of your luggage. This may pose an additional financial challenge. International travel insurance reimburses the cost of buying necessary personal items. In case of loss of passport, you get guidance and financial help in getting a new passport in a foreign land.

  • Trip cancellation: A last-minute trip cancellation refund is only sometimes possible with your tour operator or airlines. Thus, travellers prefer insurance to protect them against trip cancellation expenses.

  • Flight delays: Sometimes, unusually longer delays may force you to book a stay at the nearest hotel. This unforeseen expense can be worrisome financially; for which travel insurance provides a cover.

Benefits of Purchasing Tata AIG Egypt Travel Medical Insurance

  • COVID-19 coverage: Since the COVID-19 cases worldwide have reduced considerably, countries have removed COVID-19 restrictions, and things are now back to normal. But, precautions, medical help and adequate coverage are still a must. Our COVID-19 cover compensates for the medical expenses incurred if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip. Additional coverage for trip cancellation, curtailment, and automatic policy extension is also included if diagnosed with the virus.

  • Medical coverage: Our policy covers accidents, illness, dental emergencies, minor surgeries, medical evacuations, or accidental death and repatriation. Moreover, if the policy expires while you are hospitalised overseas, we can extend the cover for up to 60 days or until you get discharged, whichever is earlier.

  • Baggage cover: Travelling to Egypt from India is around a 10-hour flight. Loss, damage or theft of baggage can be troublesome. Your insurance policy can help you get compensated for buying essential personal items for an approved sum insured.

  • Personal liability covers: If on a trip, you are involved in an accident that damages third-party property, or a third party suffers bodily harm, our personal liability coverage can come to your rescue.

  • Fraudulent charges: If you, unfortunately, lose your credit or debit card on your Egypt trip and start receiving debit messages, our insurance plan will provide reimbursement for the loss through stolen payment cards for up to 12 hours before you report the first incident.

  • Travel Assistance: We offer travel assistance to help you deal with any issue or provide guidance during your vacation. The assistance may include guiding you to the nearest hospital during a medical emergency or helping out with the passport application procedure if it is lost.

  • Other benefits:

    • Rich experience of 20+ years in the insurance sector.

    • Compare, buy or renew policies online instantly and hassle-free.

    • No need to undergo pre-policy health check-ups.

    • Pay a premium in INR and get covered in USD.

    • Travel health insurance for Egypt from Tata AIG starts at ₹40.82 per day*.

Best Things to Do When in Egypt

Egypt is more than just pyramids, deserts and temples. This country is also home to beautiful beaches, buzzing markets, magnificent desert landscapes, perfect coral reefs, lavish resort towns and much more. Here are a few places to visit and things to do in Egypt.

  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza: This is undoubtedly on top of every traveller's list. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and one of the most iconic sights in the world.

  • Cruise on the Nile River: One of the best memories to have when in Egypt is to sail over the beautiful Nile river. Sailing at dusk or night gives a different perspective to famous tourist attractions. The experience is extremely relaxing and refreshing.

  • Go scuba diving in Hurghada: Hurghada is a town near the Red Sea coast, which offers several fun activities for tourists. The town is famous for its pristine coral reefs, crystal clear waters, and sandy shores, making it a perfect place for snorkelling and scuba diving, especially during December.

  • Visit the famous Egyptian Museum: This museum holds the world's most extensive collection of Egyptian artefacts. The popular artefacts here include the cursed gold of Tutankhamun's tomb and actual mummies. In addition, some 165,000 other artefacts removed from the ruins are on display.

  • Explore Islamic Cairo: Filled with stunning mosques and other landmarks, Islamic Cairo is a delight for history and art lovers. In addition, this place has one of the largest collections of historic architecture in the Islamic world. Islamic Cairo is also home to the world's oldest shopping centre. Go shopping for jewels, leather bags, and the famous Egyptian itra (perfumes).

Egypt: Quick Facts

Categories Specification
Capital Cairo
Time zone Eastern European Standard Time
Official language Arabic
Major International Airports Cairo International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Luxor International Airport
Climate Hot and dry climate
Average Round-Year Temperature 14° C during winter and 30° C during summer
Best Time to Visit October to April
Best Known for Pyramids, River Nile, temples, mosques, mummies, ancient culture and archaeology, and cuisine


Information last updated Jan '22. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Do Indian nationals require a visa to travel to Egypt?

Do Indian nationals require a visa to travel to Egypt?


Yes, Indian citizens must have a valid visa to enter Egypt. The type of visa depends on the purpose of the visit. For example, tourists may opt for tourist visas, whereas individuals travelling for business trips must apply for business visas, and so on. The visa application process typically involves submitting a duly filled application form along with the required documents and paying a visa fee.

Are Indian nationals eligible for an Egypt E visa?


No, India does not qualify for Egypt E Visa. Hence, an Egypt visa on arrival for Indians is also not possible. You must apply for your visa by submitting documents to the embassy or consulate.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to fly to Egypt?


COVID-19 test results are no longer required to fly to Egypt

How to buy a travel insurance policy online from Tata AIG for Egypt?


Buy travel health insurance online from Tata AIG by following the below steps:

  • Step 1: Visit our International Travel Insurance page

  • Step 2: Enter your travelling dates (date of departure and date of return)

  • Step 3: Mention the number of travellers with details (yourself, your spouse, children, etc.)

  • Step 4: Choose a plan depending on your need and budget

  • Step 5: Share additional details, like your passport number, contact details, etc.

  • Step 6: Make a secure online payment

You will receive your policy details at your registered email address.

How to initiate a claim for Egypt travel insurance with Tata AIG?


Initiating a claim with Tata AIG is as simple as buying a policy.

  • Step 1: Visit our Claims page on our official website.

  • Step 2: To initiate a claim, select 'Initiate'.

  • Step 3: Under the Initiate Claim option, choose your product as 'Travel'.

  • Step 4: Complete the details and register your claim.



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