France Transit Visa for Indians

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France Transit Visa for Indians

Heading further toward a Western country, or have a connecting flight from France? Then you might need to get a France transit visa for Indian citizens. This visa authorises passengers from non-Schengen countries to transit through a visa for their connecting flight.

Here, you will learn how to apply for a transit visa in France, its requirements, fees, and much more.

Is There a France Transit Visa Online Available for Indian Citizens?

Yes, as per the guidelines, Indian citizens need to apply for a transit visa to France if they are transiting through the international zone of the French airport to their destination outside a non-Schengen area.

Indian citizens need to get an ATV (Airport Transit Visa) prior to entering France. With this visa, you can enter the France International Airport and wait for your connecting flight to your next destination for specific hours.

Is There a France Transit Visa-On-Arrival for Indian Citizens

No, France does not provide transit visa-on-arrival services to Indian citizens. India is a non-Schengen country. Thus, every Indian planning to travel through France must get a transit visa before their arrival. Moreover, this rule is not just to get ATVs but for every France visa category.

Types of France Transit Visa for Indians

There are three types of airport transit visas, or ATVs, for Indian citizens that allow them to stay at the French International Airport for 24 hours to get on their connecting flight. These transit visas are:

One-way ATV: It allows the visa holder one-way transit through a Schengen country.

Return ATV: This ATV allows individuals to return to airport transit through one or two Schengen countries.

Multiple ATV: It allows the visa holder for several transits through one or more Schengen countries.

Remember that ATV visa holders are not allowed to enter Schengen areas. Moreover, if you have a connecting flight between two airports in the Schengen area or if the airport you wish to enter French territory is closed overnight for the duration of your transit, you need to get a short-stay Schengen visa.

France Transit Visa Application Process

Step 1: First, use the “Visa Wizard” portal to check whether you are required to apply for a France visa for your purpose of visit. It also shows what documents you need for the application.

Step 2: After confirming that you need to apply for a transit visa in France, move forward with your application on the France visa official portal. You must create an account on the portal to apply for a visa.

Step 3: Next, you need to fill in your application form carefully. Read the instructions before filling in your details.

Step 4: Once the application is done, you need to take its printout to submit it to your nearest/designated French Embassy/Consulate in India.

Step 5: When you visit the Embassy or consulate office, bring all the documents mentioned in the checklist along with the application form.

Step 6: Once your application is submitted, you can track its status and know when to collect it from the Embassy or consulate office.

Documents Required for France Transit Visa

Valid Passport: You should have a valid Indian passport issued less than 10 years ago. It should have two blank pages and be valid for at least 3 months longer than the date on which you are planning to leave the Schengen Area. Additionally, make sure to scan all pages of your passport containing stamps and visa entry and exit details.

Photograph: Recent passport-size photographs.

Identity Proof: Identity proof documents, such as an Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, etc., provide proof of your nationality and residence.

Financial Documents: Documents like bank statements and salary slips showing your competency to support your trip.

Travel Details: Detailed information on your travel itinerary, from confirmed flight tickets to hotel accommodations.

Visa or Permit for Destination: Visa or residence permit authorising your entry to your destination country.

France Transit Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

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Visa Category Approx. Rate  Approx. Reduced Rate 
Airport Transit Visa€80 ₹7224€40 ₹3612 (for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years)

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What is Transit Visa France Processing Time?

The processing time for the transit visa application is around 15 days after submission. Applicants need to submit all the required documents and application forms correctly in order to get the visa within the prescribed time.

What to Do When You Reach France?

Once you land at the France International Airport, you need to head to the designated transit visa area. There you need to provide your passport and visa details to the concerned officer.

The officer will verify your transit visa, visa permit for the destination country, flight tickets and other necessary documents. You should keep all your documents ready to provide them immediately.

Finally, when the verification is done, you can wait in the designated area of the airport for passengers with transit visas. Remember that you cannot leave this area until your next connecting flight onboarding.

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Importance of International Travel Insurance

France is a Schengen country, and thus, makes it mandatory for every Indian citizen coming to have adequate travel insurance for France. Even if it is not mandatory, you must buy travel insurance online before your international trips.

Having international travel insurance provides financial stability in case of any travel interruptions or emergencies in a foreign nation.

With Tata AIG overseas travel insurance, you are covered against medical emergencies, lost passport expenses, delayed luggage and flights, and trip cancellation costs.

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Key Takeaways of France Transit Visa

A France transit visa for Indian citizens is mandatory if they have a connecting flight from France and are travelling to a country outside the Schengen area.

France transit visa allows Indian citizens to stay in the international zone of the French airport while waiting for their connecting flight to the next destination.

France transit visas are valid for 24 hours. If your stay is longer than the validity period, you need to apply for a short-term visa.

To get your transit visa, you must fulfil all the France transit visa requirements for Indian citizens, such as completing a France transit visa application and gathering all the necessary documents.

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[Disclaimer: The information and visa fees mentioned in the article are subject to change according to the latest policies and currency exchange rates. It is advised that you verify all information from an official source before proceeding with the application process. ]