Check France Visa Application Status

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Check France Visa Application Status

France, also known as the French Republic, is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Thousands of people from all across the globe visit the country for different reasons including tourism, work, business, education, etc.

France is famous for its culture, language, fashion, and the world-famous Eiffel Tower. It offers many different types of visas to its visitors depending on their purpose of visit. If visiting France is on your mind for any reason, you must apply for a visa and subsequently do a France visa application track to know the status. You must check your France visa status to appropriately plan the visit.

But before checking the France visa status you must apply for the visa.

What is France Visa Application Status

France visa application status means checking the status of your visa application after you have applied for it with the designated authorities. By checking the status of your visa application you can find out if your application has been approved, rejected, or is in the process.

The official portal through which you apply will update the status of your application as accepted if the authorities have accepted it. In other cases, if the application has been rejected, you will be able to see the status as rejected on the portal itself. Once your visa is accepted you can book your flight tickets and arrange accommodation in France. Every visa application takes a varied time. Know which type of visa can Indians apply for in France.

The Types of France Visas Indians Can Apply For

While applying for a France visa one must know the different types of visas that are issued and which one applies to you. Based on the stay duration, the permit to enter France can be classified as:

Short Stay Visa- Short stay visas allow an individual to stay in France for up to 180 days or 3 months. This type of visa is applicable for the following purposes:

Tourist visa- A tourist visa is issued for those who intend to visit the country solely for tourism. This includes sightseeing and leisure activities.

Business visa- A business visa is issued to those individuals who are travelling to France for business purposes. For this reason, you must provide proof and a link to the visit and your business. For instance, an invitation letter from your business partner in France, admission cards or fairs, trades, conferences, etc.

Visitor visa- This type of visa applies to those who want to visit their family members or friends in France. One can obtain a single entry visa or multiple entry visa as per their requirements.

Student visa- Individuals travelling to France for studies, training, or internships require this type of visa.

Travel visa- If you wish to travel to France repeatedly over time, you can obtain a travel visa.

Transit Visa- Indian citizens passing through the international airport area of France or having a connecting flight to another country will need to obtain a transit visa.

Long Stay Visa- Those who want to stay in France for more than 3 months and up to 1 year require a long-stay visa. Such visas are required for education, work, and family. A long-stay visa allows an individual to stay for an extended duration in France without requiring a residence permit.

In addition to Indians, this visa is required even for those nationals who are not required to obtain a short-stay visa for visiting France. You can obtain long-stay visas for various purposes depending on your length and stay.

Anyone obtaining a long-stay visa must get a France visa validity check within 3 months of arriving to lawfully stay in the country.

Temporary Long Stay Visa- This visa is valid for 4-6 months maximum. It is a temporary permission to stay in France for those who want to visit the country for short courses, to engage in artistic activity, or as a visitor. Holders of this visa cannot apply for a residence card.

No matter what the purpose of your visit to France, for a successful visa application one must submit the required documents.

France Visa Consulate and Embassy In India

Below are the email IDs, addresses, and phone numbers of various France consulates in India.

France Embassy in New Delhi, India
Address André Malraux Marg, 2/50 E Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021
Telephone (011) 4319 6100
France Honorary Consulate in Chennai, India
Address Shri Vaishnavi 33, Kasturi Ranga Road Alwarpet Chennai-600 018
Telephone +91-44-4208 8766
France Consulate General in Bangalore, India
Address 21, Palace Road Vasanthnagar
Telephone (080) 22 14 12 00
France Consulate General in Kolkata, India
Address 21 C Raja Santosh Road Alipore
Telephone +91 33-4016 3200
France Consulate General in Mumbai, India
Address Hoechst House - 7th Floor Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021
Telephone +91-22-6669 4000

Checking the France Visa Application Status Online

You can do a France visa status check online to know if your visa has been accepted or rejected, or is still in process.

You can visit the official website for French visas or directly visit the VFS portal to check the status. Let us give a detailed guide for both methods.

Checking Visa Status Through the Official Website

Step 1: Go to the official tracking page. There are 3 different portals mentioned out of which CAPAGO and TLSContact do not apply to Indians.

Step 2: Choose VFS as your online application centre and follow the link that will take you to a site where you can check your application status.

Step 3: Choose your country as India from the drop-down menu on the page.

Step 4: You will need the reference number and last name at this stage to check your application status.

Step 5: Enter your reference number and last name in the boxes on the page. You must also enter the captcha correctly for the request to get accepted. If you are not able to view the captcha or enter the wrong one, press reset to get a new captcha.

Step 6: Press the submit button to know the status of your visa application.

France Visa Status Check Online Through VFS Portal

You can also find out the status of your visa application by directly visiting the VFS portal. On the website, you will find the option to check the status of your visa online. Follow the steps to know the status:

Step 1: If you have applied for the visa on or after 26th September 2023 choose option 2.

Step 2: It will take you to another link

Step 3: Follow the link and enter your reference number and last name. Write the correct captcha as given and then press submit.

Other Ways for VFS France Visa Tracking

Apart from checking the status of visa applications through the website, one can also get regular updates through the following ways:

Through SMS- You can opt to receive an SMS update on your phone about the visa application status. This facility is useful for those who do not have access to an email ID. One must check the availability of this facility at the centre.

Through Email- One can also choose to receive the visa status on their email. When you choose this option, you receive timely updates on your email about the visa process.

Reasons for France Visa Rejection

The process for obtaining a France visa is simple. However, at the discretion of the issuing authorities, your visa application may be rejected for one or more reasons.

Incomplete application form- One of the most common reasons for visa rejection is incomplete information provided in the application form. One must be attentive and ensure to fill in every minute detail asked in the form for a successful visa.

Incomplete documents- If one or more documents are missing from the form it may lead to a rejection of the visa application.

Late Application- Indians applying for short-stay visas must apply a minimum of 5 days before the departure date. In the case of long-stay visas, one must apply 1 month before the departure. In case of late application, the visa will be rejected.

Insufficient financial strength- If you have a weak financial background you may not be able to cover the stay expenses in France. For this reason, the visa may get rejected.

Invalid Passport- Submitting a passport that has expired or has less than 6 months from the date of expiry.

Lack of Itinerary Proof- Failure to prove the flight bookings and hotel stays.

Insufficient Travel Insurance- Sufficient travel insurance is necessary to obtain a visa for France.

Intentions to Return to the Home Country- Inability in proving strong ties with the home country by submitting employment records, family documents, etc.

Other Reasons- Individuals who have a criminal or offensive history may not be given a France visa.

What to Do if the France Visa Application Status is Rejected?

With the help of France visa tracking if you find out your application is rejected you can take the following steps to make things right:

Find out the reason- To make things right you need to know what went wrong. Do a thorough check of the documents and the application form. One must find out what documents are missing or which proof is insufficient.

Connect with the Consulate/Embassy- Take help from the authorities at the consulate or embassy and understand what is the correct way to go forward.

Rectify the Mistakes- Whether it is an expired passport or an insufficient document, you must carefully correct all the mistakes and ensure that you meet all the criteria for a successful visa application. On completing and correcting the errors you may again apply for the visa.

Importance of Travel Insurance While Visiting France

Whether you are travelling for tourism, work, or studies, it is wise to buy travel insurance to have peace of mind during your stay. If you are travelling alone, and happen to fall sick, lose the luggage, or meet with an injury, it can be devastating and can spoil your itinerary. Additionally, it can drain you financially on a foreign land.

Insurance acts as a protection when you are visiting another country as it also includes travel medical insurance for your safety. Whether it is a sprained ankle while sightseeing or a serious disease like COVID-19, having insurance cover assures you of prompt medical service in France and any other country.

You can even opt to buy travel insurance online, it covers your baggage loss, trip cancellation, delay, and much more. It is advisable to find a plan that covers a wide range of losses and emergencies at the best price. Tata AIG offers a comprehensive travel insurance France plan with benefits covering baggage, journeys, and medical emergencies.


Obtaining a travel visa to France is a hassle-free process if done correctly by submitting the required documents and proofs. You have the option to check your France visa status through the official website or the VFS portal.

The status can also be known through an SMS or Email if you opt for the same at the time of applying. You must remember to have your reference number ready while checking the status online.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is it compulsory for Indians to obtain a France visa for travelling?

Is it compulsory for Indians to obtain a France visa for travelling?


Yes, Indians must obtain a visa to visit the country. You can do so by filling out the application form and then visiting the French consulate office for submission. Citizens of some countries like the EU member, US, UK, UAE, Australia, Japan, and others do not require a visa to visit France.

How can I collect my passport after the visa is approved?


Once the visa application is approved, one should visit the consulate office in your state or the embassy where you applied, to collect the passport. Alternatively, some embassies provide courier services for sending passports to the applicant.

Is it required to do a France visa application check?


Yes, checking the status of your France visa can help you to know if it has been approved or has been rejected. Knowing the status can help you to take the correct steps and plan things accordingly.

Where are the French embassies in India located?


The French embassy in India is located in New Delhi. In addition to the embassy, there are French Consulates in places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pondicherry, and Bangalore.