Hong Kong Transit Visa for Indians

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Hong Kong Transit Visa for Indians

Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, is known for its dynamic cultural blend and beautiful scenery. With delectable food and attractions like Disneyland, it is undoubtedly a major tourist magnet in South Asia. In recent years, the footfall of tourists has increased considerably in Hong Kong, with the number of visitors going above 10 Million in just the first half of 2023.

Hong Kong also happens to be a major transit hub for flight routes passing through South Asia for further destinations. Although there is no Hong Kong transit visa for Indians, all Indian nationals are required to obtain a pre-arrival registration before their visit.

In this blog, we will simplify all the necessary details regarding the same.

Is Visa-on-arrival available for Hong Kong Transit Visa for Indian Citizens?

No, as mentioned above, Hong Kong does not currently offer Visa-on-arrival or Hong Kong transit visa for Indian citizens.

However, there are pre-arrival visas that all Indian passport holders, with a minimum of six months of validity, are eligible to obtain before entry/ transit for a stay not exceeding 14 days. This visa is valid only for those who are in direct transit by air or those who will not leave the airport transit area. Travellers who want to explore Hong Kong during more extended layovers are advised to acquire suitable tourist visas to do so.

While planning your trip to Hong Kong, ensure that you have detailed information about the latest updates regarding the visa policies. It is also a smart move to consult your nearest consulate or embassy before planning your trip.

How to Apply for a Hong Kong Transit Visa for Indians?

As mentioned before, due to there being no availability for a Hong Kong transit visa for Indian citizens, there are pre-arrival registration (pre-arrival registration) that are required. There are two ways to apply for the same as an Indian passport holder: online and offline.

While both options are available, online applications are recommended as they are convenient and time-saving. If you are travelling through a travel agency, the process is made easier as they can help hasten the process.

Here's how you can apply for a pre-arrival registration online.

How to Apply for a Pre-Arrival Registration Online

  • Navigate to the official website of the Hong Kong Government

  • Go to the 'Our Services' tab

  • Click on 'Visa/Entry Permits

  • Choose Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals

  • Select ‘Apply now’

  • Accept all terms and conditions

  • Fill in the pre-arrival registration form with all the required information carefully

  • Click on Submit

You will receive a result almost instantly

  • Print it from the website for future reference

For those who are not comfortable with the online application, here's how you can apply for the offline pre-arrival registration for Indians

** Offline Application Process for Pre-Arrival Registration**

  • Download the pre-arrival registration form from the official government website of Hong Kong.

  • Fill the form with accurate details and take a printout of the same.

  • Bring your completed application form and all supporting documents to the nearest Visa Application Centre (VAC).

  • Submit your application for approval and pay the required fees at the VAC.

Hong Kong Transit Visa Requirements

Since there is no Hong Kong transit visa, the following are the requirements for a pre-arrival registration

Your passport – valid for at least 6 months.

Copy of your passport's first and last page of information. (Mandatory for Indian passport holders)

Passport-size photo

Copy of your flight ticket for onward travel to the next or third country.

Printed pre-arrival registration slip with applicant's signature


At the airport screening counter, the authorities may ask you to present copies for your documents on paper, with their originals for reference.

Hong Kong Transit Visa Cost for Indians

As mentioned earlier, Indians only require a pre-arrival registration as there is no Hong Kong Transit Visa for Indians.

Although the pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals is entirely free, there might be a requirement to pay for related services if the application is processed through a VAC or travel agency.

Processing Time for Pre-Arrival Registration

The processing times for pre-arrival registration for Indian citizens will vary depending on the choice of VAC or mode of application. Generally, it takes about 3 - 5 weeks for the processing. Hence, it is highly recommended to apply as early as possible.

What to Do When You Reach Hong Kong Airport?

  • The first thing you must do upon landing is head straight to immigration services. Here, your PRA slip and your flight ticket to the next destination will be checked.

  • Random eye screening and biometric checks for visitors are often conducted by Immigration authorities at Hong Kong International Airport. Here you will also be asked to present a hard copy of your PRA slip and passport if you are selected at random.

  • Depending on when your next flight is, you can either wait at the next gate of your flight or head to your hotel. Make sure you are back at the airport on time if you are staying at a hotel overnight.

Importance of Travel Insurance

If you are planning on taking a trip to Hong Kong to immerse yourself in its dynamic culture and beautiful scenery, you will need a pre-arrival registration before you arrive. Along with this, investing in a comprehensive travel insurance policy is of utmost importance.

While Hong Kong visas for Indians do not require having travelling insurance, it is recommended to verify certain requirements with the airline you are travelling with.

Taking up a comprehensive overseas travel insurance plan ensures a secure and stress-free travel experience. Since travel insurances have various clauses, it is recommended to select one that helps cover not only your journey but unexpected emergencies like flight cancellations or even loss of luggage.

Choosing a reputable travel insurance provider is critical to ensuring peace of mind and enhancing the overall joy of travelling. At Tata AIG, we provide travel insurance packages that are tailored to your specific needs at cost-effective prices!

Secure your travelling insurance for Hong Kong now to enjoy a stress-free vacation tomorrow.

Key Takeaways About the Pre-Arrival Registration for Indian Passport Holders

Since the processing time for the pre-arrival registration for Indian Passport Holders can vary, it is advisable to apply for it well in advance.

The pre-arrival registration for Indian Passport Holders is free, but there may be related costs if processed through a VAC.

All information in the pre-arrival registration slip should be as is in the valid passport; if any information differs from your passport, you can be denied entry and deported.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is subject to change depending on immigration laws and policies. It is recommended to stay updated regarding such changes and confirm the details through an official source before proceeding further.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Are there any Hong Kong transit rules regarding the selling of goods during the short layover?

Are there any Hong Kong transit rules regarding the selling of goods during the short layover?


No, International Passport holders, including Indian nationals, are allowed to sell goods to the public or make any monetary profit by doing so during the layover or under a transit visa.

What is the Hong Kong transit visa cost?


The general Hong Kong transit visa fee is $120. However, standard transit visas are not applicable to Indian nationals.

Is a transit visa required for a Hong Kong visit?


The transit visa in Hong Kong is not applicable to Indian nationals. Hence, they must obtain a pre-arrival registration instead.

What is the penalty for overstaying a visa in Hong Kong?


Any foreign nation who has stayed over the permitted period is liable to pay a maximum fine of HK $50,000 and can be imprisoned for up to 2 years.