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Check Italy Visa Application Status

Italy, the land that is home to delectable cuisine and many ancient wonders, is a perfect tourist destination for your next international trip. From breathtaking landscapes to the cultural richness and availability of diverse experiences, Italy is the place to be.

For travelling to Italy as an Indian, you must apply for the correct visa category prior to your travel dates to enjoy a seamless travel experience. Completing the Italy visa tracking in India is easy and quick, ensuring you are well-updated on your visa application status.

If you are planning to visit Italy anytime soon, you need to know how to check your Italy visa application status. Moreover, you need to understand the need to complete an Italy visa validity check to avoid unfavourable consequences during your stay in the new country.

What is Italy Visa Status?

Given that a valid visa is necessary to travel to Italy from India, you must know how to complete an Italy visa check to ensure your travel dates and itinerary can be followed thoroughly.

For Italy visa tracking in India, you need to follow a simple online process that helps you with the most recent status update on your visa application after submission. This is important as it helps travellers plan their travel dates and flight bookings accordingly.

The online method updates you regarding the status of your visa application as directed by the approving authorities at the Embassy/Consulate of Italy in India. The decision and processing time for approving or rejecting any visa application depends on the visa type and supporting documents.

Types of Italy Visas for Indian Citizens

The two visa categories offered by Italy include short-term visas and long-term visas. The short visas are available for anyone looking to visit Italy for a duration of a maximum of 90 days. Anyone looking to visit and stay in Italy for longer than 90 days requires a long-term visa.

Let us discuss them in detail below:

Short-Term or C-Type Visa - The C-type short-term visa is also called the Schengen visa. This visa allows you to stay in Italy for a maximum duration of 90 days within the duration of 180 days or 6 months. Under this category, the visa types covered include the following -

Tourist visa - Travellers visiting Italy for tourism purposes must apply for this visa prior to their travel dates.

Business visa - Businessmen or business executives travelling to Italy for short work trips to conduct meetings, sign paperwork, or any such activity can apply for this visa.

Transit visa - All travellers taking a layover in Italy during their travel plans need to apply for this visa, especially if the layover is for a long duration.

Short-term student visa - Students coming to Italy for short courses or certification programs need to apply for this visa to enter the country.

Long-Term or D-Type Visa - All travellers coming to Italy for longer durations need to apply for a national visa, also called the D-Type visa. The visa type is based on the purpose of the visit and the stay requirements.

Under this visa, the sub-categories include student visas for long-term courses from affiliated universities and institutions in Italy, employment visas for extended contracts, family reunion visas, and religious visas.

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Italy Embassy and Consulates in India

Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, India
Address 50 E Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021
Phone (+91) 11–2611-4355
Email contact 
Official Working Days Monday to Friday 
Official Timing For visa services   10:00-12:00
Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai, India
Address Kanchanjunga, Ground Floor, 72 G.Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai, 400026
Phone (+91) 022–2380-0859 (+91) 022–2380-1071
Email contact 
Official Working Days Monday to Friday 
Official Timing For visa services after appointments  10:00-12:00
Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata, India
Address 5G-REV, Lalbehari Shah Sarani, Alipore, Kolkata, 700027
Phone (+91) 2479-2414 (+91) 2479-2426
Email contact 
Official Working Days Monday to Friday 

How to Check Italy Visa Status Online

VFS Global is the authorised visa partner for Italy visa applications to make it convenient for Indian travellers to apply and complete their Italy visa check online with ease. Here is how you can do it:

  • Visit the VFS Global website.

  • On the home page, locate “Apply for a visa” and click on “Start Now”.

  • Scroll down on the next page till you find “Track your Application” and click on “View More”.

  • As soon as you select it from the information under it, click on “track your visa application status online” to proceed.

  • Enter the reference number, as provided at the time of application submission, in the space provided.

  • Next, enter your date of birth accurately, followed by the captcha code given below.

  • Once done, click on “Submit” to view your Italy visa application status on the screen.

How to Complete Italy Visa Tracking Offline?

The online process for Italy visa tracking is quick and straightforward. However, for D-Type visas, in-person applications are required. For these visa applications, the tracking system is different.

  • You will be required to get in touch with the Visa Application Centre where you applied or the Embassy/Consulate to get your Italy visa application status.

  • Visit the Embassy/Consulate with your application reference number and other supporting documents to receive an update on your application.

  • Visit the Visa Application Centre where you applied for an update. However, please remember that for the final authorisation of visa application approvals and rejections, only the Embassy of Italy, New Delhi, is responsible. No VAC can assist regarding the decision.

  • Write an email to and clearly mention your information, like the passport number, the application reference number, and other information regarding your visa application, to get an update.

Please note:

  • You cannot call the Embassy/Consulate of Italy for Italy visa application status as they do not entertain visa enquiries regarding status on call. You will have to visit them for an update.

  • Always keep your passport number and application reference number handy when enquiring about your visa application status, as they are required for file verification.

Common Reasons Why an Italy Visa Gets Rejected

Incorrect Documentation - The most common reason for visa application rejection is the submission of incorrect documents or false documentation with your application form. The first step of any visa application submission is to validate and verify the documents, as they authenticate your identity and your travel plans.

Thus, forging documents or submitting incomplete documents at the time of application can result in visa rejection.

Incomplete Application - Based on the visa category, the details on an application form can vary. However, adding the correct details is mandatory to avoid facing visa rejections. The application form is the primary document that solidifies your intent to travel to Italy.

Therefore, each detail on the application form is thoroughly investigated before closing on a decision regarding the visa application.

False Information - All the information you submit on the application form and documents needs to match, as any gaps can result in visa rejection. From personal information to past experiences and qualifications, if there are any visible errors, the application is flagged, increasing the chances of rejection significantly.

Past Records of Travel - Another common reason why your Italy visa can be rejected is if your previous travel records indicate overstay in any destination other than your home country. Overstaying in any country after visa expiration can lead to serious consequences and also reflect poorly on your travel history, which can cause visa rejection.

Past Criminal Records - A police clearance certificate is a necessary document to apply for a D-type visa in Italy. Without this document, your criminal history can be questioned, and any gaps can result in immediate visa rejection.

What to Do if Your Italy Visa Application Status is Rejected?

Investigate the Reasons - The first step is to understand the reasons behind your visa application rejection. You need to know the issues with your application to be able to amend them for increased chances of visa acceptance in the future. You can reach out to the supporting agents of the Embassy of Italy to find out all the details.

Make Corrections - Once you have prepared for your next Italy visa application, cross-check all information and ensure all the previous mistakes are corrected before submitting any application. Spend some time to collect all the correct documents as per visa category, and then you are good to go.

Re-Apply for a Visa - The final step is to re-apply for the Italy visa using the VFS Global website or in-person Embassy application submission to travel to Italy hassle-free. Remember to be very careful to ensure no same mistakes are repeated to avoid rejection scare.

Need for Travel Insurance While Visiting Italy

For both C-type and D-type visas for Italy, having a travel insurance plan is mandatory to apply for a valid visa, get approval and enter the country.

Tata AIG offers a range of travel insurance plans that can be customised as per requirements to safeguard your Italy trip with extensive coverage. When you buy travel insurance Italy from us, you can benefit from ample coverage for medical emergencies, flight cancellations or delays, third-party liabilities, and much more.

You can also enjoy local trip assistance throughout your Italy trip with us and extend your travel insurance coverage for a maximum of 7 days in case the trip plan changes. We offer affordable travel insurance policies to cater to different budget limitations to allow everyone to enjoy a stress-free visit to Italy.

Explore our website to compare different plans and buy travel insurance in a few quick steps from the comfort of your home.


Visit beautiful Italy to get an experience to remember. Thus, planning your visa applications in advance helps ensure your trip is smooth and easy-going. Indians require a valid visa to enter Italy, so it is important to understand which visa category suits your travel needs the best.

Moreover, keeping an eye on your Italy visa application status allows you to plan your trip better without the risk of last-minute delays and cancellations due to visa gaps. Stay informed about the ways to track your Italy visa from India for the best Italy experience.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What are the photo specifications for the Italy D-type visa category?


The photo dimensions should be as follows. 35mm X 45mm Plain white or grey background 80% of the photo to be covered by the face The head should be in the centre of the photograph Must be a recent photograph (no older than 3 months) Facial hair is acceptable No additional accessories on hair and face are permitted

How long does it take to get an Italy visa for tourists?


The processing time for an Italy visa for tourists is approximately 15 days. However, delays are possible based on different factors, including application errors, missing documentation, schedules of approving authorities, etc.

Is it possible to extend your tourist visa for Italy after visa expiration?


The Italy tourist visa cannot be extended. You will have to leave the country when your visa expires and then apply for a new one if you wish to stay for longer. Additionally, you can also apply for any other visa category for an Italy trip, but only once you are back from your tourist visa trip.

Where to apply for an Italian visa offline?


You can apply for an Italy visa at any of the Visa Application Centres in India. The VACs are present in New Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. The Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Jalandhar offices are not operational as of now. For more details, always check the official Embassy of Italy, New Delhi website.