Kuwait Visa Status

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Kuwait Visa Status

Kuwait, also known as the State of Kuwait, is a small country bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The country is packed with rich history and fascinating facts. The country has Failaka Island, Camel Race Club, Souq Mubarakiah and more to keep their tourists engaged.

Every year, many tourists and immigrants come to Kuwait for vacation, work and studies. Kuwait has strict visa guidelines for foreign nationals to enter the country. Individuals who want to visit need to do a proper Kuwait visa enquiry before applying for a visa. However, those who have already applied can check Kuwait visa online and offline.

What is Kuwait Visa Status?

Kuwait visa status is a way to know the applied visa application status. Knowing Kuwait's visa application status allows individuals to plan their travel itinerary accordingly. Visa application has various stages and it takes time for the embassy to process every visa.

The processing times of visas vary depending on the visa application type and submission. It sometimes takes a few days to 30 days to process the application.

Considering this, it is best to make a Kuwait visa status enquiry timely. To help individuals, the embassy has started the service to check the status using the MOI (Ministry of Interior) Kuwait website. Further, applicants check their status by visiting the consulate or embassy office.

If the immigration officials have received the application, the status will be updated as "Received".

If Kuwait embassy officials still process the visa application, it will be shown as "Processing".

The immigrant official will show visa application status as "Approved" if they have qualified it.

Lastly, if the application is incorrect or not up to mark, it will be shown as "Rejected".

Kuwait Embassy and Consulate in India

To do visa or Kuwait visa stamping status enquiry can be done by visiting the Kuwait consulate or embassy in India. Below are the details of the embassy or consulate in India.

Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi, India
Address Marg Tenzing, Chanakyapuri South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India
Phone +91011 2410 0791
Email contact NA
Kuwait Consulate in Mumbai, India
Address Consulate General 9th Floor, Tower A, Urmi Estate, 95 Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel(W), Mumbai 400013
Phone +91 22 2287 1897
Email contact kuwaitcon@yahoo.com

How to Check Kuwait Visa Status Online?

After submitting the Kuwait visa application, applicants can check their visa status online and offline. An application or reference number is a mandatory requirement to do a Kuwait visa status check.

Below are the steps to follow for the MOI Kuwait visa check.

Step 1: To track Kuwait visa application status, open the official e-visa or MOI website.

Step 2: Now click the "e-services" option in the top menu bar.

Step 3: Under that section, head to the "Gen. Dept. of Residency" option.

Step 4: In that section, choose the option "e-visa". Further, select the "Enquire e-Visa Status" option.

Step 5: Select the "Visa Application Status" option, enter the visa application number and captcha text and click the "Submit" button.

Step 6: The portal will display your Kuwait visa status.

How to Check Kuwait Visa Status Offline?

There is another way to check the Kuwait Visa status offline. Following are the steps that need to be followed.

Step 1: To do Kuwait visa application status offline, applicants can contact immigration officials via email, contact no or one-on-one meeting.

Step 2: After contacting the embassy, provide their details, such as passport, application, and reference numbers, to check the status.

Step 3: The official will check the status in their database and provide the exact status.

How to Check Kuwait Visa Status Using Passport Number?

Other than this, applicants can do a kuwait visa check by passport number. For the same, applicants need to follow these steps:

Step 1: To do a Kuwait visa enquiry, head to the official MOI Kuwait website.

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the "e-services" tab section.

Step 3: Further, select the "Gen. Dept. of Residency" option. And under that option, click on the "e-visa" section.

Step 4: Now, choose the "Enquire e-Visa Status" option. Enter the passport number and details and hit the "Submit" button.

Step 5: The portal will display the exact Kuwait visa information.

Common Reasons for Kuwait Visa Application Status Gets Rejected

The Kuwait embassy has a strict visa rejection policy. If the submitted application is not per theory standards, they can reject the applicants.

However, in that case, applicants can reapply for a Kuwait visa again after some time. The Kuwait visa application fee won't be returned in any case. Some of the popular reasons for Kuwait visa application rejection are:

Incorrect Visa Application- The first reason for getting Kuwait visa application status rejection is the Incorrect visa application form. Most individuals are careless while filling out the application form and negligently submit the incorrect form. When processing the application, if the officials find incorrect information, they will reject the application.

Incomplete Documentation- Another significant reason for Kuwait visa application rejection is improper or incomplete document submission. If the applicant does not submit all the asked documents then the application will be rejected by the official.

Delayed Visa Submission- The visa immigration official provides the exact time frame for visa submission. If the applicant does not complete the process in that timeframe, it is automatically rejected.

Failed Interview Process- In most visa types, applicants must go through the interview process in front of embassy officials. If the applicant is not up to mark during the interview process, it will get rejected.

Insufficient Funds- To enter the Kuwait border, individuals need to have sufficient funds in their accounts to suffice their entire visit. The official has already released the fund's record as per the visa category on the official website. Applicants need to provide proof of funds documents at the time of submitting the visa application.

Visa Policy Violation- Besides this, visa policy violation is another significant reason for the visa rejection of Kuwait. The authorities have very stringent visa guidelines. If applicants violate these conditions during their stay in Kuwait, officials can reject their future trip and impose fines and penalties.

Poor Medical Record- Lastly, for some visa categories health checkup is necessary. Individuals need to be fit before entering the country. If the health records come back negative, the officials can reject the visa application.

What to Do If Kuwait Visa Application Status Gets Rejected?

If, for some reason, the Kuwait visa application has been rejected, then instead of panicking, individuals can apply again. However, before reapplying, individuals need to follow proper mechanisms. Below are some ways applicants can do if their Kuwait Visa application is rejected.

Know Visa Rejection Reasons- The first step to take after getting the visa rejection for Kuwait is to analyse the reason. Authorities specify the rejection reason in the document. However, applicants can contact the officials if they have difficulty understanding the rejection reason.

Consult or Seek Guidance from Experts-The next step is after knowing the rejection reason; if the applicant finds the visa process challenging, they can hire a consultant. Various consultants can help in visa related processes. It is best to go with a reputable visa consultant with a high visa approval rate to carry out the visa process.

Correct Previous Visa Mistakes- Now, after knowing the visa rejection reason and way to correct it. Applicants need to note everything so they won't make the same mistake again if they do the visa process independently. However, if they have hired the consultant, they need not worry as the consultant will do all the processes on their behalf.

Apply For a Kuwait Visa Again- Lastly, it is time to apply for a Kuwait visa again. Before applying, gather all your documents and correctly fill out the application form. It is best to verify everything twice before making the final submission. In case you are not sure about anything, then seek guidance. Do not apply until you are sure of everything.

Types of Kuwait Visa For Indian Citizens

Depending on the purpose of the visit, different types of Kuwait visas are offered to Indian nationals. The validity of a Kuwait visa varies depending on the intent of the visit. Further, applicants can also take extensions on their visa in some cases. Some of them are listed below:

Tourist Visa-The very first Kuwait visa category is a Tourist visa issued to individuals who want to enter the nation for tourism purposes. For this visa category, Indian nationals have a visa-on-arrival facility too.

Family Visa- Another popular visa category for Kuwait is a family visa for individuals who have been working or living in Kuwait and want to invite their spouse, children or parents to the country.

Visit Visa- This is another Kuwait visa category where applicants want to visit their friends or relatives in Kuwait. However, to apply under this category, individuals need a sponsorship letter from their friend or relative in Kuwait.

Work Visa- Another significant Kuwait visa type is a work visa, where individuals who are eligible and want to work in the country can apply for this visa. For the same, they need to have a permit from Kuwait's Ministry of Labour.

Student Visa-Individuals or applicants accepted into a Kuwait educational institution can apply for a student visa. An acceptance letter from Kuwait's educational institution is necessary.

Transit Visa- Lastly, a transit visa is issued to the individual who wants to take a stopover at Kuwait International Airport while travelling to their actual destination. With this visa, individuals can travel freely at the Kuwait airport.

Importance of Travel Insurance While Visiting Kuwait

While visiting Kuwait, having travelling insurance is not a mandatory requirement. It depends on the individual's requirements. However, most tourists believe travel insurance offers comfort and security in foreign nations.

We never know what kind of challenges one might face away from their home; it can be a medical emergency, luggage loss, or anything.

Considering all these challenges, travel insurance plans have been launched where travellers can buy plans based on their travel requirements. From flight cancellation insurance to trip curtailments to compassionate visit benefits during medical emergencies, various coverages are offered under travel insurance plans.

However, budget is one of the concerns for travellers. They don't want a travel insurance plan to put an extra burden on their pockets. That's why Tata AIG has a pocket-friendly international travel insurance plan beginning at ₹40.82. Not only this, buying a travel insurance plan is a hassle free process with Tata AIG.


Kuwait is filled with natural attractions and many opportunities for foreign nationals who want to work and study there. But to enter the Kuwait border, individuals must have a proper visa.

There are straightforward processes to apply for a Kuwait visa online and offline. Other than this, those who have already applied can quickly check their visa status. By checking the status, individuals can prepare their travel itinerary.


Information last updated Dec '23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I check my Kuwait visa stamping status?

Can I check my Kuwait visa stamping status?


Applicants need to have their visa stamped once their Kuwait visa is approved. For the same, they need to send their passport to the embassy or consulate offices. If they have already sent the passport for visa stamping, they can check the Kuwait visa stamping status by visiting the official website.

Is there any fee for checking a Kuwait visa online?


There is no particular fee for checking the Kuwait visa online status. However, if the applicant is applying for a visa, they must pay the visa and processing fee based on the visa category. The fee structure of a Kuwait visa as per the visa category is available on the official website.

Can you apply for a Kuwait visa again if the previous application has been rejected?


Applicants whose visa has been rejected earlier can apply for a Kuwait visa again. However, instant submission of visa applications after rejection is not possible. Applicants need to wait for some time after applying again.