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Malta Visa

Malta, a little archipelago in the middle Mediterranean fifty nautical miles from Sicily, has yet to properly register in the mind of typical Indian tourists and travellers.

This Schengen country does not have the instant brand awareness of classic tourist destinations like the United Kingdom and France, both of which have drawn Indians for years. And, given the island's remote position, it is hardly the kind of spot you'd stumble into when wandering across Europe on a typical summer vacation.

Well, there are numerous reasons to pay a visit to Malta for your upcoming vacation, as the archipelago often surpasses people's expectations with its astounding UNESCO monuments as well as breathtaking scenery. The country's numerous islands might be small but they never failed to deliver a terrific impact. Your vacation can include wine tasting, mountain hikes, and beach hopping, but do not forget about Malta's fascinating past.

The cities and towns are a diverse bunch. Valletta, Malta's capital, is a must-see for its enormous castle erected by the military orders of the Knight Hospitaller, but it is also brimming with honey-hued bulwarks and sombre art. Then there's atmospheric Mdina, Malta's old capital, and mediaeval Victoria on Gozo. From historic citadels and churches to world-class wines and cuisine, this country will be etched in your memory once you pay a visit.

If you plan on visiting this gorgeous country, you should first educate yourself on the most vital item you will need to enter the country - Malta Schengen Visa.

To enter Malta for enjoyment and tourism, visit friends and relatives, official visits, medical treatment, seafaring and airport transits, cultural and sports events, short-term study, or research work, you must hold a Malta Visa. Malta is one of the 26 Schengen nations that have abolished border controls between themselves.

Furthermore, you must have adequate international travelling insurance to be eligible for a Malta Schengen visa. If certain travel insurance conditions are not satisfied, Schengen nations will not issue travel visas. As a result, all Indian nationals travelling to Malta must get travel insurance. Even if you have a valid Indian passport, you will be denied entry unless you have enough travel insurance.

Also, while paying a visit to Malta may appear enticing and entertaining, it is critical to be informed of any potential risks you may encounter when travelling - be it in Malta or elsewhere on the planet. For instance, you do not want to lose your personal belongings or passport while you're enjoying your vacation, postpone or miss a trip, or be involved in an unanticipated incident which might significantly increase your vacation budget. The sole way to prevent these costs is to purchase a travel insurance plan for Malta.

This is where Tata AIG steps in. Tata AIG's overseas travel insurance policies are intended to protect you in the event of an unforeseeable incident. We offer extensive coverage as well as convenient travel insurance claim and renewal options to our customers. Our Malta travel insurance starts at ₹40.82 per day*. So, what are you holding out for? Contact Tata AIG immediately to book a stress-free vacation to Malta!

Now coming to the main theme of the post regarding Malta visas for Indians.

Malta Visa for Indians: Everything You Need to Know

Every Indian citizen with a valid passport who wishes to visit Malta must get a Schengen visa. A valid Schengen visa must be obtained in advance from the Malta Embassy or Consulate in India since it will not be provided upon arrival at the Malta airport.

You must apply for a Malta Schengen visa based on the purpose of your travel. If you apply for a Maltese visa without first obtaining international travel insurance, you will be denied. All visa applicants must have travel medical insurance in order to get a Malta visa. When applying for a Malta visa, a travel insurance plan is necessary according to Schengen criteria.

Malta Visa Types for Indian Nationals

Based on your reason for visit, Malta Schengen visas are categorised into the following types:

Tourism: The most common sort of visa is the Malta tourist visa. It is provided when an individual needs to visit the country for the purpose of sightseeing, recreation, or several other tourism activities.

Airport Transit: This particular category includes those who must transit through Malta’s international airport without entering the nation. It is important to note that even though you require a Schengen visa to visit a specific country, you may not be required to obtain a transit visa.

Work: Well, the Malta work visa from India is a sort of visa that permits Indian nationals to visit Malta for the reason of working. It's a type of Schengen visa, which is generally long-term in nature (that is more than 90 days).

Transit: This category, like the airport transit visa, is necessary if the tourist must transit through a Malta seaport or swap airports as part of their journey to another country.

Visiting Friends and Family: This is offered to individuals who are visiting relatives or friends residing in Malta.

Medical Reasons: This specific category is reserved for patients seeking medical treatment in Malta.

Business: This particular visa category is provided to visitors entering Malta for the purpose of attending conferences, business meetings, trade expos, or several other business activities.

Study: This sort of visa is granted to those entering the Schengen area of Malta to pursue short-term study.

Film Crews, Sports, and Cultural:** It is provided to those travelling to Malta to attend sporting or cultural events and members of a film crew

Malta Visa Requirements

According to the Schengen visa criteria, the following general Schengen visa documents are necessary for an Indian passport bearer in order to receive a Malta Schengen visa. However, extra papers are required depending on the purpose of your trip to Malta.

Malta Visa: Documents Required

  • The Malta visa application form is correctly completed and duly signed.

  • 2 passport-size photographs (35mm * 45mm) with 80% face size should be uploaded, taken against a white backdrop.

  • The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the return date and have a minimum of two blank pages.

  • Travel insurance that covers expenditures for a maximum of 30,000 Euros across the Schengen region.

  • A cover letter outlining the visit's objective and the itinerary.

  • Flight itinerary booked with evidence of lodging for the entire stay in Malta.

  • Professional documentation is needed.

Additional Papers if You Are an Employed Individual:

  • Previous three months' salary slips

  • Recruiter's original leave letter

Additional Papers if You Are a Self-Employed Individual:

  • Financial records and a cover letter on company letterhead

  • Registration certificate (Proprietorship proof, MOA, Partnership deed, and so on)/Certificate of Incorporation

Additional Papers if You Are a Student:

  • Enrollment confirmation from a respectable educational institution.

  • A note from your educational institution approving your absence from courses is also required.

Additional Papers if You Are a Minor:

  • If accompanied by one of your parents, an original NOC from the other parent and a copy of their passport are required (first and last page)

  • If travelling alone, both parents must provide an original NOC as well as a copy of their passports (first and last page)

Additional Papers if You Are a Retired Person:

  • Previous three months' pension statements

  • Proof of consistent income derived by a business or property ownership

Malta Visa Application Procedure for Indian Citizens

To put forward a way better and more effective service, the Consulate of Malta in India has granted the VFS Global and several Malta visa application centres the authority to undertake all visa-related tasks for Indians. Applications must submit their application forms as well as their Malta visa payments there.

  • Determine where you are going to apply for a Maltese visa first. It could be the Consulate offices of Malta or visa application centres authorised by the Maltese government to handle Indian visa applications.

  • It could be an Embassy or Consulate of another Schengen country to whom Malta has outsourced the processing of India visa applications.

  • You should select a Malta visa category on the basis of the reason for your visit.

  • To meet the requirements put forward by the Consulate in your country of residence, you need to get all of the documents indicated above.

  • Finally, you should be present for your visa application interview at the Consulate of Malta in India.

Malta Visa Application: Eligibility Requirements

Listed below are the Malta visa requirements that you must satisfy:

  • You have to be a permanent citizen of India.

  • If Malta is the only nation in the Schengen Zone you want to pay a visit to, you may apply for a Schengen visa.

  • If you want to spend the bulk of your time in Malta, you may apply for a Schengen visa.

  • If Malta is your first stop before entering the Schengen Area.

Malta Visa Processing Time in India

The processing time for a Malta Schengen visa varies slightly based on the number of entries, the length of stay, the validity, the volume of applications at the particular embassy, and the traveller's past travel history. The Malta Schengen visa usually takes 15 working days to process. However, in extreme cases, this might take a maximum of 30 or 60 days.

Malta Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

Malta Visa (as per age) Visa Fees (in ₹)*
Adults ₹13,378.82
Kids (6 to 12 years) ₹11,722.82

*You may pay for the Malta visa and other additional costs using your debit card, IVR, credit card, or net banking.

Embassy or Consulate of Malta in India

Consulate/Embassy Consulate of Malta, Chennai
Address 10, II Street, Seethammal Colony, Alwarpet - 600018, Chennai
Telephone Number +91-44-4203-1011
Fax Number +91-44-4208-1011
Email Address 

Consulate/Embassy Embassy of Malta, New Delhi
Address N60, Panchsheel Park - 110017, New Delhi
Telephone Number +91-11-4767-4900
Fax Number +91-11-4767-4949
Email Address 

Consulate/Embassy Consulate of Malta, Kolkata
Address AP Fashions (P) Ltd. 227, AJC Bose Road - 700020, Kolkata
Telephone Number +91-33-2280-7240
Fax Number +91-33-2281-8777
Email Address 

India High Commission in Malta

Name India High Commission, St. Venera
Address  Cannon Road, SVR 9037, St. Venera, Malta
Phone Number  +3561-21-222346 +356-21-415626
Fax Number  +356-21-446792

Post-COVID-19 Mandatory Rules and Regulations

  • To set foot in the lands of Malta, you no longer need to present proof of immunisation or a COVID-19 negative test report.

  • You only need to wear face masks in medical centres and care facilities.

Malta Travel Tips for Indian Nationals

= When paying a visit to Malta, keep in mind that the Maltese people live a fairly easy-going lifestyle, which is reflected in their dress. Most of the time, smart casual is regarded as the most formal that individuals need to be. Women must cover their bare shoulders when attending churches, which is one of the few exceptions.

  • When visiting Malta during the summer months, travellers should dress in natural fibre, lightweight, natural fibre clothing to prepare for the dry, hot, sun. As a result, hats and sunglasses are required. Winters may be fairly wet and a little chilly, so a lightweight raincoat is suggested. Most activities in Malta include exploration, so bring suitable walking shoes.

  • A passport is the only trustworthy and generally recognised identifying document that establishes your right to return to your home country. It is extremely suggested that you always travel with a valid passport while visiting any other country. And, make sure you have multiple photocopies of your passport.

The Vitality of a Travel Insurance Plan for a Malta Visa

You will never have enough research while organising an overseas vacation to Malta. This is true for every overseas journey. You won’t even know what awaits you in an unknown location or who you may turn to for assistance in the event of an accident. But, with a travel insurance plan in place, things may improve!

It is important to carefully secure your cash in order to have a fantastic trip to Malta. This way, you'll come back with nothing but wonderful memories! No matter how well-prepared you believe you are, avoiding unexpected incidents in a foreign area appears difficult. Also, with the continuous threat of a COVID-19 pandemic, it's better to be cautious than sorry!

Also, to step foot in Malta, you must get a visa, and medical travel insurance is necessary under Schengen norms and regulations. Visitors must have proper travel medical insurance in order to enter Malta. Foreign nationals must obtain travel insurance with a minimum of €30,000 coverage.

As a result, it is critical that you verify the Malta travel advisory before purchasing your tickets. You should also remember to take all required precautions to avoid any unanticipated accidents during the trip. But becoming sick or having an accident on the road is something we can never plan for. And, God forbid, if anything like that happens, you won't be powerless if you have travel insurance. This is one of the primary reasons for selecting an appropriate Malta travel insurance package with Tata AIG.

Tata AIG puts forward the most cost-effective Malta travel insurance with excellent coverage options. Your travel policy must always contain comprehensive medical coverage, flight cancellation insurance, luggage coverage, trip extension or cancellation coverage, and several other benefits. And with Tata AIG's Malta travel insurance policy, you may obtain all of these benefits and more. Contact us to take this alliance forward.

You can obtain various benefits from our travel insurance coverage options if you have a comprehensive Tata AIG Malta travel insurance plan. The benefits are unparalleled, whether you choose family travel insurance or independent travel coverage. Some of them are as follows:

  • Flight cancellation insurance protects you if your flight is cancelled due to inclement weather.

  • This insurance will cover any diseases or natural calamities that may occur during your stay in Malta.

  • You are covered against coronavirus-related crises if you are tested for COVID+ (positive) and require hospitalisation while in Malta.

  • You might be able to get travel medical insurance without having to undergo a physical exam.

  • You can get Euro coverage if you pay in Indian Rupees (₹).

  • Trip cancellation, luggage delay or loss, passport loss, property damage, and other unanticipated events are all covered.


Information last updated Sep 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What are the eligibility requirements for obtaining a Maltese Schengen visa?

What are the eligibility requirements for obtaining a Maltese Schengen visa?


You must fulfil the following conditions in order to be eligible to go to the nation on a visa:

You should be a genuine tourist or traveller.

You should be able to bear every expense as well as your dependent's expenses throughout your trip to Malta.

You should have a strong bond with India that'll guarantee you'll come back after your trip to Malta.

You should've a crystal clear criminal record. You need to furnish a Police Clearance Certificate for this reason.

You should have a good and gentle character and have moral values.

You need to satisfy the basic health requirements as requested by the authorities.

What's the perfect time to pay a visit to Malta?


The summer month of May is the greatest time to visit Malta for the ideal combination of fantastic weather and low crowds. The daytime temperature in this month varies from the mid-to-high 70s. Furthermore, rain is almost non-existent throughout this period. There are also no local festivities this season, so the crowds are smaller.

How long is the validity of a Schengen visa?


The Schengen visa's validity is determined by the consular officer who processes your application. In reality, the officer will examine the strength of your application, the papers, and the legality of your application. For example, if you have a solid application that demonstrates that you need to enter the Schengen zone for an extended length of time and that you are a regular traveller, you may be granted Schengen visas valid for one year, three years, or even five years. However, keep in mind that the maximum stay period in a half-year is still 90 days.

Is it possible to extend a Schengen visa?


No, according to the regulations, Schengen visas are not extended under normal conditions. However, under exceptional circumstances, such as Force Majeure or other humanitarian concerns, you may be allowed an extension. In all other instances, you must leave the country on or before the expiry date.

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