Moldova Embassy in India

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Moldova Embassy in India

Almost every significant country has an embassy abroad. Typically, embassies serve as the initial point of contact between the home country and its citizens in the host country. To put it simply, it symbolises one country in another.

Embassies play an important role in strengthening diplomatic ties and providing a variety of services to citizens of the respective countries. Understanding the functions and services of the Moldova Embassy in India is critical for those planning to visit the Eastern European gem of Moldova.

This blog aims to be your one-stop shop for information on the Moldova Embassy in Delhi, its services, and important travel information for Indians.

Moldova: Experience the Rich Culture and Architectural Marvels

Moldova, a hidden gem in Eastern Europe, welcomes travellers to immerse themselves in a tapestry woven with rich cultural traditions and adorned with architectural wonders. This small landlocked country, often overshadowed by its larger European neighbours, reveals a distinct charm that enchants those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Moldova's allure stems not only from its picturesque landscapes but also from its vibrant culture and historical tapestry, which paints a vivid picture of the country's past.

Chisinau, Moldova's capital, exemplifies the country's historical resilience and evolving identity. As you walk through the streets of this city, you will notice a fascinating mix of architectural styles that reflect Moldova's complicated history.

Chisinau is a city where every corner tells a story, from the Soviet-era buildings that stand as silent witnesses to the nation's past to the neoclassical structures that hint at the city's future aspirations.

The Cricova Winery, also known as the "underground wine city," is a must-see for viticulture and architecture enthusiasts. Descend into the subterranean tunnels, some of which stretch for kilometres, to discover an impressive collection of wine cellars, each with its own distinct personality. Moldova, widely regarded as one of the world's oldest wine-producing regions, proudly displays its winemaking heritage in places such as Cricova.

Moldova is a small country, but its cultural wealth and historical significance make it a worthwhile destination for exploration and appreciation.

Moldova Embassy Delhi: Contact Number and Operating Hours

Having the contact information for the Moldova Embassy in Delhi is essential for smooth communication and assistance. You can contact the Moldovan Embassy in India at the following addresses:

Country Moldova
Location in India New Delhi
Address Bhageria House, 43, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110025
Contact Number +91 11 4950 2068
Fax -5086
Operating Days Monday-Saturday
Operating Hours 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Difference Between an Embassy and a Consulate

The terms embassy and consulate are frequently used interchangeably. While both serve diplomatic functions, embassies are larger than consulates. Let us first distinguish between the two.

Parameter  Embassy  Consulate
Purpose  Primary diplomatic representation of a country; handles political, economic, and cultural relations. Primarily focuses on consular services such as visa issuance, citizen assistance, and trade relations.
Location  Usually located in the capital city of a country. Located in major cities, serving specific regions within a country.
Size Larger in size and staff, it accommodates a wide range of diplomatic functions. Smaller in size compared to embassies; emphasises consular services and assistance.

Functions of the Moldova Embassy in India

The Embassy of Moldova in India serves as the Moldovan government's official representation on Indian soil, performing a variety of functions to foster diplomatic ties, provide consular services, and strengthen bilateral relations. The following are the main functions of the Moldovan Embassy in India:

Diplomatic relations: The Embassy acts as a primary diplomatic channel between Moldova and India, representing Moldovan interests in the host country.

Consular services: Provides consular assistance to Moldovan citizens residing in India, including support for travel documents, notarial services, and assistance during emergencies.

Cultural exchange: Promotes cultural exchange programs, events and initiatives to foster a better understanding of Moldovan culture, traditions, and history in India.

Assistance to businesses: Offers support and assistance to Moldovan businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence in India, contributing to economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Crisis management: Crisis management provides support and guidance to Moldovan citizens In India during emergencies, natural disasters or unforeseen events.

Services Offered by Moldova Embassy in India

The Moldova Embassy in Delhi provides a variety of services to Moldovan and Indian citizens, ensuring a thorough and efficient diplomatic engagement. The Moldova Embassy in Delhi offers the following key services:

Visa service: Processes visa applications for Indian citizens planning to visit Moldova, ensuring compliance with entry requirements and immigration regulations

Passport services: Handles passport-related matters for Moldovan citizens residing in India, such as renewals, replacement, and other consular services related to passports.

Legalisation of documents: Authenticates and legalises official documents to ensure they are fit for use in Moldova or other relevant jurisdictions.

Information dissemination: Informs the local population, government officials, and the media in India about Moldova, its policies, and relevant updates.

Educational opportunities promotion: Promotes educational opportunities in Moldova by facilitating exchanges and collaborations between Moldovan and Indian educational institutions.

Jurisdiction of Embassy of Moldova India

Embassies usually have jurisdiction over a larger area than consulates, usually the entire host nation. As a result, the entire territory of the host nation (India) is under the jurisdiction of the Moldova Embassy there.

The Moldova consulate in India is located in Delhi and serves as the embassy's representative there with limited authority.

Do Indians Require a Moldova Visa to Enter the Country?

Yes, obtaining a visa is generally required for Indian citizens planning to take off on a Moldovan adventure. However, there may be exceptions and visa-free arrangements, so it is critical to stay up to date on the latest requirements.

The Moldova Embassy in India serves as the entry point for this process, guiding applicants through the steps required to secure their visas and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

How to Apply for a Moldova Visa

Applying for a Moldova visa can be done online or offline, giving applicants flexibility based on their preferences and circumstances. Here is how to apply for a Moldova visa using either method:

Online Application

  • India is one of the 170 countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for an e-visa. Let us take a look at the application process:

  • Go to the official website of the Moldova Embassy or the relevant online visa application portal.

  • Select the type of visa based on your travel purpose, whether for tourism, business, or other reasons.

  • Complete the application form. Provide all necessary information, such as travel and passport information.

  • Ensure to upload the bio page of your passport as well as a recent passport-size photograph.

  • Pay for the visa application fee online using the specified method. Make sure to follow the payment instructions on the website.

  • Submit the completed online visa application form, as well as any uploaded documents. Your submission will almost certainly be confirmed.

Offline Application Process Via Embassy or Consulate

  • Visit the Moldova Embassy or Consulate nearest to your location to obtain a hard copy of the visa application form.

  • Fill out the application form manually, ensuring that all details are accurate and match the details in your supporting documents.

  • Collect all required documents, including a valid passport, passport-size photographs, and any additional documents specified for your visa type.

  • Schedule an appointment if required and visit the Moldova Embassy or Consulate in person. Submit the completed application form and all other supporting documents.

  • Pay for the visa application fee at the Consulate or embassy using the accepted payment methods. Obtain a receipt as proof of payment.

  • Wait for the application processing of your visa. Once completed, you can pick it up from the Embassy or consulate. Remember to bring your original passport with you when you go to the Embassy or consulate to pick up your visa.

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Is it possible to schedule an appointment with the Moldova Embassy in Delhi for consular services?

Is it possible to schedule an appointment with the Moldova Embassy in Delhi for consular services?


Yes, for certain consular services, you may need to schedule an appointment. It is advisable to check the embassy's website or contact them directly for appointment-related information.

What should I do if I lose my passport while in India and I am a Moldovan citizen?


In case of a lost passport, Moldovan citizens should contact the Moldova Embassy in Delhi, India immediately for assistance. They will guide you through the necessary steps for obtaining a replacement travel document.

Is it mandatory to have travel insurance when applying for a Moldova visa?


While it is not required, having travel insurance is strongly advised. It can cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events that occur during your stay in Moldova.