Morocco Transit Visa for Indians

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Morocco Transit Visa for Indians

The Kingdom of Morocco, known for its passionate football culture, vibrant markets, and stunning landscapes, is a popular foreign destination. It is even more popular as a transit destination for flights connecting Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions.

If you are planning to traverse through Morocco, you will require a Morocco transit visa. It is required when you have a layover or a short stay in Morocco on your way to another country.

We have provided a detailed explanation about the Morocco transit visa for Indians if that is something you have been looking for in recent times!

Is There a Morocco Transit Visa Available for Indian Travellers?

Yes, Morocco offers a transit visa for people planning a short stay or a layover on their way to their actual destination. The Morocco transit visa application process is also streamlined and hassle-free, granted you have all your necessary documents.

Is There a Morocco Transit Visa-On-Arrival for Indian Citizens?

No, there is no option for Morocco transit visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders. India is not included in the list of visa-exempt countries for travel to or through Morocco.

Therefore, it is important to apply for a Morocco transit visa if you have a layover in Morocco.

However, if you are a holder of a diplomatic passport (diplomatic, official, or service passport), you are exempted from obtaining a visa to enter, transit or stay in Morocco for a period of 30 days for each entry

Types of Morocco Transit Visa for Indians

There is only one type of Morocco Transit Visa. It can be provided for up to 72 hours for the stay in Morocco and applies to one or two transits.

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What are the Steps to the Morocco Transit Visa Application Process?

The Morocco transit visa online process is currently not available.

However, you can apply for an E-Visa through the Morocco Embassy website if your layover lasts more than 24 hours or if you plan to explore the city. It is issued within 24 - 72 hours, is valid for 30 days and can be extended up to 6 months of multi-entry.

Otherwise, you can apply directly at the embassy or consulate. Here are a few simple steps to head towards the application process.

Connect with the Embassy or Consulate - Contact the embassy or consulate (Useful Links provided below) to understand the eligibility criteria, the required documents, and the application process for Morocco transit visa for Indians for any updated information.

These processes can be subject to change and later call for rejection if there is a discrepancy. Hence, it is always best to start with accurate information.

Get the Application Form - Get the application form for the Morocco transit visa for Indians at the embassy or the consulate.

Check Eligibility and Collect the Required Documents - Check for your eligibility based on the transit, the number of transits, and the duration to be applicable, and gather the necessary documents. Take the original documents and copies as necessitated.

Fill out the Application Form - Complete the Morocco transit visa application form with the necessary details accurately. Double-check the information and seek help if you need clarification on the required details.

Schedule an Appointment - Fix an appointment with the embassy or consulate for the submission and related processes for the Morocco transit visa application.

Submit the Application - Submit the application form with the necessary documents at the scheduled time.

Pay the Applicable Fees - Pay the applicable Morocco transit visa fees.

Wait for the Processing Time - The processing time for the Morocco transit visa for Indians can vary for individual profiles. It can take up to 2 weeks or even longer to process the application. Therefore, it is important to wait for the verification process and further communication.

Get the Morocco Transit Visa - Upon successful verification, you will be notified of the approval and further to collect the passport at the embassy or consulate. Collect the passport with the visa stamped on it for your travel. Ensure to verify your details for accuracy.

Adhere to the Rules and Regulations - Upon receiving the passport, adhere to the set rules and regulations concerning the transit to have a smooth, shorter stay or layover on your travel through Morocco.

Useful Links:

Embassy of Morocco in New Delhi, India

Consulate of Morocco in Kolkata, India

Consulate of Morocco in Mumbai, India

Documents Required For Morocco Transit Visa For Indians

Duly filled Morocco transit visa application form - You can get the Morocco transit visa application form at the embassy or consulate. It will need details such as your Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Profession, Purpose of Travel, Type of Visa, Entry permit details to the Final country, Financial means used during your stay, etc.

You can also download the application form here, under the Forms section.

A valid passport - You should provide your original passport, as the authorities will provide the visa stamp on it for your transit. Ensure to have blank pages on the passport for the same. Furthermore, the validity period has to be for a period extending beyond your transit through Morocco.

Passport size photographs - The photographs should be of high quality in colour on a white background. The dimension is 4 cm x 3 cm.

Visa for the destination - You need to have a copy of the visa for the entry permit to the final country of destination with the validity details. It is one of the most important Morocco transit visa requirements.

Proof of residence - Any document, such as the identity card, residence permit, Aadhar, etc., to prove the address.

Flight tickets - You need to provide copies of your flight tickets to the actual destination with the transit through Morocco.

Proof of accommodation - If the layover is for a more extended period and you are planning a stay, you need to provide proof of your accommodation in Morocco. It can be a hotel reservation or any other tourist accommodation.

Proof of visa fee paid - You will need to provide proof with the payment receipt for the visa application.

Travel insurance - Morocco is one among the many other countries which insist on having travel insurance to visit Morocco. Therefore, it is important to buy a travel insurance plan when you apply for a Morocco transit visa.

Note: Please be accurate about the documents required to avoid discrepancies or rejections later in the process. Additional documents may be necessary depending on the application and individual profile.

Morocco Transit Visa Fees

Morocco Transit Visa Fees The applicable fee for a Morocco transit visa is 170 DH, which is approximately ₹3847.88.

Type of Fee Amount (DH)
Chancery Rights 150
Service Fee 20
Total 170

Note: The application fees are subject to revision and can also change due to inflationary reasons. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the applicable fees with consulate or embassy officials before you plan to apply for your transit visa.

Click here for more details.

Processing Time For Morocco Transit Visa for Indians

The processing time for the Morocco transit visa can be up to 2 weeks, i.e., 10 business days. However, it can take longer in certain specific instances, considering your profile, purpose of visit and other reasons, such as the application volume that the embassy needs to handle. Therefore, it is essential to apply for the Morocco transit visa well before your travel plans.

What to Do When You Reach Morocco Airport?

  • After you reach the airport in Morocco, approach the Immigration Department and provide your Morocco transit visa and the flight ticket to your final destination.

  • The immigration authorities will check your documents, including your transit visa, entry permit to the actual destination, and flight tickets.

  • Upon successful verification, you can be at the airport for the layover duration. If the duration is an extended period and you have planned for a stay, you can proceed to the reserved accommodation.

Importance of Travel Insurance

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Key Takeaways About the Morocco Transit Visa for Indians

  • The Morocco transit visa is a must for Indians transiting through Morocco. Visa-on-arrival does not apply to Indian citizens and therefore, you need to apply for and receive the transit visa before your travel plan.

  • The Morocco transit visa can be provided for up to 72 hours and applies to one or two transits.

  • The application for the Morocco transit visa has to be done directly at the embassy or consulate and cannot be processed online.

  • It is important to gather the Morocco transit visa requirements that include documents such as the duly filled application form, a valid passport, proof of entry permit to the destination country, proof of visa fee paid, and travel insurance.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is subject to change depending on immigration laws and policies. It is recommended to stay updated regarding such changes and confirm the details through an official source before proceeding further.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Do I need a visa to transit through Morocco during my trip?

Do I need a visa to transit through Morocco during my trip?


Yes, you must have a transit visa when you are on your way to a third country and need to transit through Morocco.

Can I extend my Morocco transit visa?


No, a Morocco transit visa cannot be extended. If you feel or have plans to prolong your stay, you can apply for a different visa, such as a tourist visa or an E-visa, for an extended period.

Does a Morocco transit visa application get rejected?


Yes, your Morocco transit visa can get rejected for reasons such as discrepancies in the documents provided, incomplete application forms, conflicting background checks, inadequate funds, security concerns, visa violations, etc. In such scenarios, you can contact the embassy or the consulate for clarification, review the rejection reasons, and reapply with the requirements.