Netherlands Work Visa for Indians

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Netherlands Work Visa for Indians

Dreaming of windmills, tulips, and a vibrant work culture? With its innovative spirit and strong economy, the Netherlands beckons ambitious professionals from across the globe, including India. But before packing your bags for Amsterdam, understanding the Netherlands work visa requirements is crucial.

Each work visa category comes with its own set of requirements and application procedures, so navigating the process can be tricky. Don't fret, though! This guide will be your compass, providing clear explanations, helpful resources, and valuable tips to make your Netherlands work visa journey smooth and successful.

Netherlands Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Obtaining a work visa in the Netherlands can open doors to exciting professional opportunities in a land renowned for its innovation, cultural richness and bicycle-friendly lifestyle.

For Indian citizens, navigating the visa process may seem daunting initially, but it can be a smooth journey with proper preparation and knowledge.

To be eligible for a Netherlands Visa, individuals of Indian nationality must adhere to the following detailed criteria:

Documentation Requirement:

Ensure possession of all the requisite documents necessary for the Dutch visa application process. Submit the documents to either the Dutch embassy or your country's consulate.

Embassy Presence:

Verify that your country hosts a Netherlands embassy. If not, identify an alternative location where you can initiate the visa application.

Appointment Booking:

All applicants are required to secure a valid appointment at either the consulate or embassy to proceed with the Dutch visa application.

Language Requirements:

Ensure that all submitted documents are in English, Dutch, Spanish, or French to align with the application process requirements. If the documents are not in the specified languages, arrange for translation services to meet the stipulated criteria.

Additional Requirements:

Depending on the specific visa type, you may also need to provide additional documents such as:

Educational certificates and diplomas

Proof of professional experience

Business plans (for self-employment visa)

Research proposals (for knowledge worker visa)

Work Visa Guidelines and Requirements for Dutch Employers:

To qualify for a resident permit in the Netherlands, you must satisfy the following overarching conditions:

Valid Passport/Identity Document:

Ensure that your passport or identity document remains valid for the entire duration of your stay.

Financial Sufficiency:

Demonstrate sufficient financial means through payslips, salary statements, ownership of company shares, or a letter from a benefits agency.

Travel Health Insurance:

Possess travel insurance Netherlands with health coverage when you travel to the Netherlands initially.

No Threat to Public Order:

Certify that you do not pose a risk to public order, national peace, or national security.

Proof of Purpose of Stay:

Provide evidence of the purpose of your stay, such as an employment contract, documentation from a Dutch educational institution, or a marriage or civil partnership certificate.

Tuberculosis Test:

Undergo a tuberculosis test* within three months of entering the Netherlands. If diagnosed, prompt treatment is necessary. Failure to undergo the test within the specified timeframe may result in the revocation of your residence permit.

*Exemptions from the tuberculosis test include EU/EEA nationals, individuals with a valid resident permit from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, and individuals with an EC residence permit for long-term residents from another EU country and their family members.

[Note: It's essential to note that these are general conditions; additional requirements and restrictions may apply based on the specific purpose of your stay. For instance, a student visa may entail different criteria than a work visa.]

Types of Netherland Work Visa for Indian Nationals

There are 6 work visa types for the Netherlands:

Visa Type Validity Renewability
Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) 1 year, extendable to 3 years Yes. This is for specialists in fields like IT, engineering, finance, and medicine with relevant qualifications and work experience.
Knowledge Worker 1 year, extendable to 5 years Yes. This is for researchers, scientists, and academics with specific expertise and research proposals.
Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) 1 year, renewable for as long as employment continues Yes. This is for employees relocating within a multinational company to its Dutch branch.
EU Blue Card 1 year, renewable for up to 4 years Yes. This is for highly qualified third-country nationals with relevant qualifications and work experience.
Seasonal Work Up to 24 weeks No. This is for temporary employment in specific sectors like agriculture.
Self-Employment 1 year, renewable for as long as the business operates Yes. This is for entrepreneurs seeking to establish and run their own businesses in the Netherlands.

Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) Visa: Experts in fields like IT, engineering, finance, and medicine with relevant qualifications (Master's degree or equivalent) and at least 5 years of work experience should get this visa.

This visa type has a fast processing time and potential for permanent residency after 5 years.

Knowledge Worker Visa: This visa is for researchers, scientists, and academics with specific expertise and research proposals relevant to Dutch knowledge needs.

With this visa, the holders can access research funding and collaboration opportunities, potential for permanent residency.

However, the research proposal has to be accepted by a Dutch research institution, and proof of qualifications and experience, along with sufficient funding for the research project, is necessary.

Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) Visa: This visa is for the employees of multinational companies relocating to the Dutch branch within the same company group.

The benefits of this visa are that the processing time is fast and no job market test is required. An employment contract with the Dutch branch of the company is required, along with a minimum salary meeting Dutch standards.

EU Blue Card: This visa is for highly qualified third-country nationals with relevant qualifications (Master's degree or equivalent) and at least 5 years of work experience in certain fields.

With this visa, you can opt for easier movement within the EU and fast-track residency procedures in other EU countries.

The requirements are a high salary exceeding a specific threshold, proof of qualifications and experience, and an employment contract.

Netherlands Seasonal Work Visa for Indian Citizens: This visa is for individuals seeking temporary employment in specific sectors like agriculture, tourism, or horticulture.

The specific requirements are an employment contract with a Dutch employer, proof of relevant skills and experience, and specific permits from Dutch authorities, which may be required depending on the sector.

Self-Employment Visa: This visa is for entrepreneurs seeking to establish and run their own businesses in the Netherlands.

The basic requirements are a detailed business plan demonstrating financial viability, sufficient funds for initial investment and living expenses, and proof of relevant skills and experience.

Netherlands Job Seeker Visa for Indian Nationals - Documents Required

Applying for a Netherlands work visa from India can feel like navigating a labyrinth. While the specifics vary depending on the chosen visa type, ensuring you have the right documents at your fingertips is crucial to a smooth and successful application.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the essential documents and potential additional requirements to consider:

Employment-related Documents:

Employer's testimonial

Employment contract

Appointment decision

Engagement letter

Hosting Agreement

Work Permit:

Actual work permit or the application for one


Copy of your passport

Work Experience (if applicable):

Work placement or work experience agreement

Civic Integration (if applicable):

Evidence of passing the Civic Integration exam

Antecedents Certificate:

A document indicating whether you have a criminal offence record

Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons:

Copy of your qualification

Evaluation of foreign diploma by EP-Nuffic, including a copy of the credential evaluation authenticating the education level and the foreign diploma's authenticity (For further details, visit

Your employer will specify the requisite documents and paperwork, ensuring alignment with the purpose of your stay. If applying for an orientation year for highly educated persons, the residence permit application form on will delineate the necessary documents.

Additionally, a legalised and translated birth certificate is mandatory to register in the Municipal Personal Records Database in the Netherlands.

For individuals intending to bring their families to the Netherlands, supplementary documents substantiating family ties will be essential. Examples of such documents encompass passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates.

Netherlands Work Permit Visa for Indian Application Process

Obtaining a work permit visa in the Netherlands from India can be exciting, but it's vital to understand the nuances of the application process.

Here's a detailed breakdown to guide you through the process:

Pre-Application Steps:

Choose your visa type: Identify the best fit for your situation based on your profession and employment offer. Popular options include Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM), Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT), and Knowledge Worker visas.

Meet the eligibility criteria: Ensure you meet all essential requirements for your chosen visa, including minimum qualifications, salary threshold, and job market test fulfilment.

Secure an employment offer: Find a Dutch employer willing to sponsor your visa application and provide the necessary documentation.

Gather required documents: Compile all essential documents as listed by the IND website for your chosen visa type. This typically includes:

Valid Indian passport

Passport-sized photographs

Completed online visa application form

Medical insurance

Tuberculosis test result

Proof of financial means

Job offer and employment contract

Job Market Test declaration and Labor Market Integration Assessment (if applicable)

Additional documents specific to your chosen visa type (e.g., research proposal for Knowledge Worker visa)

Application Process:

Apply online: Submit your application and upload all required documents through the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) website:

Pay the application fee: Make the visa fee payment online through the designated methods.

Biometric appointment: You will be required to attend a biometric data collection appointment at the Netherlands embassy or consulate in India.


Case processing: The IND will assess your application and may request additional information if needed. This can take several weeks to months.

Visa decision: You will receive a notification regarding the decision on your visa application. Upon approval, you will receive your visa label in your passport.

Arrival and registration: Once in the Netherlands, register with the local municipality within 8 days of arrival.

Netherlands Work Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

The work visa costs for the Netherlands depend upon the visa type.

Here is a breakdown of the visa fees:

Visa Type Cost* Extension Cost*
Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) 350 350
Knowledge Worker/Researcher Permit 210 -
Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) 350 350
EU Blue Card 350 350
Seasonal Worker 210 210
Self-Employment 350 -

*Note: These fees are dynamic in nature. Make sure to check the latest costs before proceeding.

Netherlands Work Visa Processing Time in India

Once your application is deemed complete, the processing time for a Netherlands work visa in India typically spans a maximum of two weeks. However, it is important to note that this timeframe may extend to seven weeks under certain circumstances.

This extended duration may be necessary if Netherlands immigration from India authorities require additional documents or permits to assess and finalise your visa application thoroughly.

Therefore, while the standard processing time is relatively swift, it is advisable to anticipate potential variations based on the specific requirements of your case, ensuring a thorough and accurate submission to facilitate a smoother processing experience.

Netherlands Job Visa for Indian Status Check

You can efficiently monitor your work visa application for the Netherlands by following these simple steps:

Access the Track & Trace System:

Initiate the tracking process by visiting the designated track & trace system on the official platform.

Country and Language Selection:

Choose the country where you submitted your visa application and select your preferred language for accurate communication.


Click on the 'Submit' button to proceed with the tracking process.

Enter Tracking Number:

Retrieve the reference number received during the application submission process. This tracking number is essential for monitoring your application.

Submission Confirmation:

Enter the tracking number into the provided field and click 'Submit' to confirm the submission.

Check Application Status:

Once submitted, the system will display the current status of your visa application. This information allows you to stay informed about the progress of your application.

Under What Circumstances Can Your Work Visa for the Netherlands Get Cancelled?

Securing a work visa for the Netherlands is crucial for individuals planning to relocate for employment. To ensure a successful application, it is imperative to be aware of potential reasons for visa rejection and take measures to avoid them.

Below are common factors that may lead to the denial of a Dutch work visa, highlighting the need for careful consideration:

Criminal Records:

Individuals with a history of criminal offences may face challenges in obtaining a Dutch work visa. To enhance the likelihood of approval, it is essential to adhere to legal regulations and prevent any involvement in criminal activities.

Falsified Documents:

Presenting false or fraudulent documents can result in a visa application being rejected. To mitigate this risk, applicants should meticulously verify all submitted documents, ensuring their authenticity and accuracy.

Passport Validity:

A valid passport is a prerequisite for a successful work visa application in the Netherlands. An expired passport may lead to visa denial. Therefore, applicants must regularly renew their passports to maintain compliance with visa requirements.

Insufficient Income and Funds:

It is mandatory to demonstrate that the applicant earns at least the minimum wage established by the European government. Failure to provide adequate proof of income and funds through comprehensive bank statements can result in visa rejection.

Prospective applicants should be familiar with the stipulated minimum wage amount before initiating the visa application process.

Embassy/Consulate of Netherlands in India

Address 6/50 F Shantipath Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021 India
Telephone Number 91-011 24 19 76 00
Fax 91-011 24197710
Email Submit Your Query
Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00 hours
Designations Ambassador: Marisa Gerards

Embassy of India in Netherlands

" " " "
Address Buitenrustweg 2, 2517 KD The Hague
Telephone Number070-3469771 (General) 070-3469771 Extn: 208/211/213 (Consular Section)
Fax 91-11 24197710
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 9:00 - 17:30 hours
Designations Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Reenat Sandhu

What to Expect When You Arrive in the Netherlands

  • Ensure you have all necessary travel documents and your work visa. Passport control and customs procedures will be the first steps upon arrival.

  • Dutch airports are well-equipped with facilities. Familiarise yourself with services such as transportation options, baggage claim, and information desks.

  • Plan your journey from the airport to your destination. The Netherlands has an efficient public transportation system, and taxis are readily available.

  • If your employer hasn't arranged temporary accommodation, ensure you have a place to stay upon arrival. Many cities offer short-term housing options.

  • Your employer or a relocation service may provide an orientation program. This could cover practical aspects like setting up a bank account, obtaining a residence permit, and understanding local customs.

  • While English is widely spoken, especially in work settings, learning basic Dutch phrases can enhance your experience and integration.

  • Ensure you have health insurance coverage. The Dutch healthcare system is of high quality, and having insurance is mandatory.

  • Familiarise yourself with local public services, utilities, and emergency contact information. This includes understanding waste disposal, public transportation schedules, and emergency services.

  • Take time to explore your new surroundings. The Netherlands is known for its picturesque landscapes, historic cities, and cultural events. Use your weekends to discover the country.

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Related Articles

**Is it possible to obtain a work visa in the Netherlands without being employed?**

**Is it possible to obtain a work visa in the Netherlands without being employed?**


Certainly, you can apply for a work visa in the Netherlands even if you don't have a job, particularly if your intention is to establish and operate a business as a freelancer. However, it's essential to demonstrate financial stability as part of this application process.

**What are the implications of losing my job in the Netherlands?**


If you find yourself unemployed in the Netherlands as a foreign national, there is a three-month transitional period granted for you to secure new employment.

However, it's important to note that if you are a highly skilled migrant worker and the termination is deemed to be your fault, the three-month search period does not apply.

Conversely, individuals with a regular residence permit for employment are entitled to the three-month search period, irrespective of the reasons for termination.

**What are the steps to take if my work permit application is rejected?**


In the event that your application for a residence or work permit is denied, you will receive an official letter from the government elucidating the decision. If you wish to contest the decision, you must submit a written objection within a four-week timeframe. The letter will provide the specific mailing address where you should send your objection.

**What are the consequences of being caught working without a permit?**


If it comes to the government's attention that an employer has hired a non-EU national without the requisite visas and permits, the Inspectorate SZW has the authority to levy a fine, which could amount to a maximum of 8,000 euros.

Additionally, the employee may face potential rejection in any subsequent applications for residence permits.

**What is the process for changing or renewing a residence permit in the Netherlands?**


If you currently hold a residence permit in the Netherlands and are due for renewal, the process involves submitting an online application. This renewal applies to type II, IV, V, and Type EU/EEA permits. It is advisable to initiate the renewal process as early as 3 months before your current residence permit expires. The application incurs a fee of 69 euros, and you can expect a response within 8 weeks.



Information last updated june 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.